Talkchology: How Thoughts Create Your Life

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Hello my dearest Lovies,

Today is going to be my last post this year, so I wanted to finish the year off with a Talkchology video. In this video I’m going to share with you guys, exactly how is it that our thoughts, create our life.
About a year ago, I shared a blog post with you guys about a Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto, who had done experiments with water and proved that water has memory and changes it’s shape, frequency depending on what’s around. He’s written several books on this subject, where he detailed his experiments.

About 12 years ago, I became more aware of my thoughts, and the concepts of how the Universe works. About 3 years ago, I’ve experienced something that was so out of this world, that I cannot even find words to describe it, the only way I can somewhat describe it, is that my spiritual journey prior to that event, triggered a memory within my self, a memory of choosing this life and being a soul stream prior to becoming physical.

At first, I wanted to share this whole experience on my blog, but I just couldn’t find words to explain it, or describe it. How do you describe something outside of the physical realm, with physical words and expect others to understand it, I don’t think you can, so I dropped the idea of trying to, which for a while made me feel very lonely. Till one day, not so long ago, my husband Miguel explained to me something, which I didn’t understand before, or thought about.
He told me that some things are given to us alone, to experience it in our own space and mind, because certain things are meant only for ourself, and we need to keep them private. His words really hit a home, and I realized that the experience I had in that time, was for me alone.

Ever since I’ve been expanding on my knowledge, my awareness, and my life had completely changed. Now, I’m completely conscious how I personally created events in my life, I can literally trace back every single event I created, this gave me a tremendous power over my life. I personally, don’t want to feel helpless, or feel that someone or something is creating my destiny for me, or how people love to say “thing are just meant or not meant to be”, I believe YOU create them how they are meant to be.

When I share my ideas, thoughts or experiences with you guys, I always have the best intention because I want help others to think and live outside the box, which society had constructed for us. That box became too small for me, that’s why I started exploring deeper within my self, within my mind, I started questioning everything and everyone.
And that’s is what I would like for you guys to do, question everything! Don’t just accept information, because somebody tells you thats how things are, period, or because thats how things have been for centuries. We cannot blindly accept information, because evolution is about constantly evolving, and to do that we need to step outside of our comfort zone, outside of all of our beliefs and clear the space for more things to come.

I also want to wish all of you happy holidays and an amazing New Year, I love you guys!

Now enjoy the video 🙂



Many hugs,



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