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How To Stop Being Jealous


Happy Monday my Loves!

May this week bring you all the joy, love and happiness in the world!  Today I wanted to talk about a very requested subject that a lot of people seem to struggle with – Jealousy. I had several letters about this subject, and I knew I wanted to share my probably very nontraditional thoughts about it.

When a person is experiencing the feeling of jealousy, they are experiencing it because they feel less of than someone else, deep down they have a belief that they are not good enough, because another person has what they want and they do not. I believe that a true nature of such feeling is a lack of self love and true acceptance of one self.  So the problem of jealousy therefore lays within ( as all problems do ), the outside really has nothing to do with that feeling, it’s your thoughts about the outside that cause you to feel in such way.

Ask your self why do I feel jealous towards that person?  Now, Let’s say your answer is: I feel jealous because I think it’s unfair that she/he gets all she/he wants and she/he didn’t even have to work for it, but I work so hard and I have so much less.

So this answer would indicate that deep down you don’t feel like you are deserving enough to have what the other person is having , because your true focus is more on the other person than on your self.  So how do you think you can have  more if your focus is not on your self? With this pattern of thinking you will be attracting more lack into your life.

In order for someone to stop feeling jealous they have to start working on their self confidence and create a new belief about them selves that serves them in a positive way, and that belief would be, that they are worthy of having everything they dream of, because each of us is worthy of everything we want and desire, we are born out of that worth.

Next, you have to focus your thoughts and actions on creating the things you want. But there is a trick,  you have to adopt a belief that there is enough to go around for everyone, and that everyone can be a winner, competition is only an illusion that derails people from the real truth.  The real Universal Truth is, our Universe is a place where everyone can have everything they can THINK of, we know this truth when we are born, but we begin to forget as we adopt to physical reality.  If you believe that one person has to lose in order for another to gain, you will always attract things into your life that are based on this belief. This Universe was designed for everyone to have enough, the only reason someone has less than others is because they believe into the mentality of lack, and by the Law Of Attraction what ever you believe in must show up in your reality.

The way we achieve our dreams are: Thought, Focus and Inspired Action.  All three things have to coexist together in your world in that exact order, if you shift your focus, thoughts or actions onto other people you cannot ever create your dreams for your self.

Another big problem that causes the feeling of jealousy is comparison to others, we often tend to compare our selves to others out of pressure. This pressure can come from parents, friends or just people around us. When we compare our selves on a regular basis that’s how we lose our self worth in the first place.
If you always compare and compete with others and always try to be the best at everything, or prettier than everyone, soon or a later there will still be someone who is better, prettier, smarter etc, and you will end up going crazy ( I actually known a few people like that  in my life ).  So the best thing to do is to only compete with your self, and your self only, thrive to become the best version of your self you can be, and then you will always be happy, because you will see your self progress over the years and trust me you will be amazed how much you’ve achieved.

In order to create what you want in your life, you have to also be happy for others, truly happy, from the bottom of your heart. When you are happy for others you create an energy of abundance around your self, and this is how you will attract your own desires and abundance into your life.

So to sum it all up, this is what it takes to stop being jealous of others and start living out your dreams :

Love for your self ~ Self acceptance ~ Self Confidence ~ Focus on your self ~ Positive Thoughts ~ Inspired Actions towards your goals ~ Happiness For Others = Abundance in your own life

One, last and I think quite important thing I’d like to add is, try not to use the word jealous or say that someone is jealous of you.  I always get a very uncomfortable feeling when someone tells me that another person is jealous of them.  I personally would never ever say that someone is jealous of me or someone else, I find it very silly.  For example, when I get really mean comments on YouTube, I never think they are saying that because they are jealous, my first reaction is that this person doesn’t understand me, or maybe they are having a bad day, that’s why they say the things they say.  Pretty much, it’s the way you look at things, if you feel that others are jealous of you, than it’s your self that you need to work on and why you feel this way.


What is your experience and advice on this subject?


Have a happy and beautiful week my Lovies,




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