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Ringling Mansion


Hello My Lovies,

Happy Happy Monday!  Sending you guys love and positive energy for a beautiful beginning of the week!  Today I wanted to share with you guys some really cool pictures I took when we visited The Ringling Mansion on our day off.  We went to the whole Ringling Museum and also visited his mansion, saw a lot of great art.  This is a mansion of one of the original creators Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus, he passed away many years ago and donated his everything he had to the state.

Today I’m only going to show you some pictures of inside and outside his mansion, it’s very cool 1920’s style.  We spent all day there, just walking around and enjoying our day.

When we first got there, we went out to eat at the Restaurant that they had right before you enter the actual museum.  I was quite surprised because this restaurant was amazing, and the all the food was from local farms and organic.  This is what I ate:


Ringling Museum


Yes I was naughty and I had bread while dipping it in oil!  But it was warm and homemade, so I cannot ever resist a bread like that.  I actually ate quite a bit more, this was the last piece of this bread.  I also had seared tuna salad, it’s one of my favorite dishes.


While we were eating, this snake was just chilling in the grass:


Ringling Museum


This is a normal thing in FL, snakes, lizards and bugs are everywhere.  And this is actually not that scary, because some places have crocodiles here.

Then we went to look at art, but we were’t allowed to take pics there :(, but let me assure you, the art was beautiful!  That Ringling guy spent some seriously crazy money on art and decoration of his mansion.  Even the silverware in his house was amazing, just like art.


All of the trees by his mansion, looked like fairy tale trees, the whole place was just beautiful.


Ringling Mansion Museum


One of the trees grew the branches right on this statue, I thought this was pretty cool:


Ringling Museum


This is the actual mansion from the side:


Ringling Museum


Below, you see a couple of rooms on the inside, and the back yard, as well as the view from the balcony, these picture don’t show the whole beauty, it was truly beautiful place:


Ringling Museum


Here is the ceiling in the mansion:


Ringling Museum


And here is some pictures from their Rose Garden.  I’ve never even knew that there is so many different roses, I was like crazy bee running around this garden and smelling all the roses, they all smelled different and divine!   I truly dream of a rose garden like this one someday.  I’m actually going to attach this picture onto my “Poster Of Dreams”.


Ringling Mansion Rose Garden


What I really enjoyed about this mansion is the symbolism it had throughout.  This place was full of historical symbolism that to my knowledge only secret societies are aware of especially back then.   At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, but as I looked through the house, I found more and more of that symbolism.


What did you guys do this weekend?


Have a Happy Week!



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