VLOG: Free Your Self From Ego & Pride ( Pride Caused By Ego )

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Hello My Lovies,

I have a Vlog for you today :), I subtitled the whole thing but I also would like to write about this a little more. Miguel aka the camera man aka my hubby is in Vegas on his vacation, in Cirque they have vacation every several months and the poor thing finally got a break he so deserved!

And now I would like to say a few words in addition to the Vlog:

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that I am a big believer that Fitness is not only about how good we look or feel, because looking and feeling good is not gonna get you anywhere if your inner world doesn’t match your appearance. We always have to work on our selves from the inside first, then our beauty will shine through on it’s own. If you are really young, these words might sound very boring and not have a lot of meaning, but trust me as you grow older, you will understand the meaning of these words clear as crystal.

A lot of people are very physical, everyone is obsessed with stuff, fashion, appearance, fame etc, not very many work on things that matter the most. But the truth is, we cannot ever find peace and true confidence if we don’t bring the both of our worlds into harmony, our inner and our outer. This is the true beauty.

I believe that one of the very important and just a beautiful quality any human being can have is the capability to be humble and modest, and so many people now days seem to be polishing their crown.

Sometimes I would put on a TV and watch some of the celebrities and how they talk to people, how ignorant and rude they are to their fans. These celebrities seem to be forgetting that people, their dear fans made them who they are, this just makes me shake my head. You know why some people are like that? Because their Ego and Pride is controlling them, these people actually believe that they are better than others, pretty ridiculous isn’t it? I personally believe that in this world we are all equal, nobody is better than anyone else, a persons looks or status or money doesn’t make them better than somebody who doesn’t have those things, we are all equal and we are all here on earth to learn how to love and help each other.

Most people’s ego & pride is in control of them, this makes me very sad, because people by nature are all good, but their Pride makes their inner world rotten. Do you know how we can get rid of pride from our heads and hearts? By nurturing love and kindness in our hearts at all times instead.

The more we work on our inner world, the more beautiful we will become on the outside, with that we can inspire other people around us to be the same, we cannot change people but we can inspire them, because positivity is contagious. This is how we can change the world.

Working on our selves from the inside, is Fitness for your inner world, and this is what I want Loving Fit to be, more than just a place where we work on our physical bodies, but a place where we work on our inner body as well.



Now here is the video 🙂




My darlings,

What I am referring to in the video is Pride caused by Ego.  Just wanted to make this clear, I don’t think that I express my self clearly at times.  It is OK and it’s good be proud of things, and love your self.  I’m gonna work on expressing my self better.


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