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Happy Monday my Lovies,

Wishing you a beautiful week! Today I have another question from a reader. This question addresses issues with post Anorexia and I will try my best to share my point of perspective and advice.
Here is the actual question:


Dear Tatianna,

first of all I want to thank you for your great work, your blog and your workouts have inspired and helped me a lot.

Now I have a question to you and I really hope you can help me, I am so desperate.?I am a 24 year old Russian girl and I had anorexia, but now for about 2 month I have a healthy weight and I began to train again.?From the point when I felt that I reached something “ideal” for my height, I started to do weightlifting and bike riding for hours to make my self feel a little bit “protected” from obesity. Maybe because of the overtraining I got stuck in this vicious circle, in which I overeat, and later try to compensate on the calories with the huge amount of sports… I wake up every night really hungry, now it became HORRIBLE. When I wake up, I feel a kind of invincible hunger and in these periods I could eat a tons of cheese, nuts or dried fruit, sweets, nut butter….

My stomach became huge and beside the discomfort feeling it is quite painful for days… I am totally devastated, I feel I will never find the control on my diet… What do you think, what should I do? Am I really overtrained? Or this is a normal symptom of former anorexia sufferer?
I hope you can help me out a bit, how to manage the nutrition and amount of sport, and avoid the overeating and overtraining. I need to lose some weight too, since these periods at night throw back on me… I can’t tell you how thankful I would be!


I am going to try to give you my best answer your question, but I want you to know something very important first. I want you to know that others such as my self, or your friends, relatives etc, can give you advice and show you the way from their point of perspective, but in the end, you are the only person who truly knows how to overcome this completely.

When our physical life begins showing us misbalance, it’s a sign that there is something going on with us internally which we are projecting physically by being stuck in a cycle, it can be any destructive cycle, but in this case it’s overhearing then trying to compensate with exercise.  In each individual case, only the individual can truly get to the bottom of what is boiling over from within.

In order to help overcome what you are going through physically, you have to be ready to do some deep digging within your self, and then body always follows the mind.

To figure out why you struggled with Anorexia in the first place, and continue to live in fear of it, you have to find the root of the problem. Because what is happening with you now, which is ovetraining because you feel that you are overeating, is just the symptoms of a problem, something you are just trying to put a lid on.

I am going to give you some suggestions on what would I do and what I actually did to help me overcome some of my own deeply rooted things and fears that I struggled with.

First thing that I suggest you to do daily is 15 minutes of deep breathing and finding peace within your self. Daily practice of deep breathing and silence connects us to our true self. Within several days you will notice that conscious thoughts will begin to quiet down while your inner deep seeded thoughts will begin to come up to the top. This is the first step that will help you understanding why you are struggling.

I suggest that you keep a diary, write down all the thoughts that you are thinking about your self at the moment, then go over each of the statements separately. For example, if you’re thinking a thought such as: I’m afraid of gaining weight or I always feel unhappy about my body etc, write down this statement then, ask your self, why do you feel this way? Do this for 2-3 months ( just writing things down but not reading it right away, you will go over everything your wrote in your diary 2-3 months later.  This will help you gain a better perspective of your self and it will help you get to the bottom of why it is you are struggling.

Become more aware of your thoughts and why you feel the way you do about your self, instead of thinking on autopilot and letting your thoughts control you.  Every time you catch your self thinking a negative thought about your body image, in that moment ask your self where do these thoughts originate and why they are coming to the top.

Remember, If your mind is healthy, your body and your habits will become healthy as well.


I really hope that this helps,

Have a wonderful week my Lovies,

If any of you guys have some advice or thoughts to add, I would really appreciate all of your help.



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  • Hi there!

    I think I can give you some advice from my perspective. I, too, am a former a. sufferer and am SO happy to be free of it.

    First of all you must understand that the disease itself has very little to do with food and exercise. Sure these are the simptoms, but what truly makes the disease is your way of thinking, percieving yourself and others, your mindset in general. Second, it takes TIME. Sometimes a lot of time. I was suffering for 5 year and it took me 3-4 years to come to terms with my new body composition, accepting myself as an individual (that I’m completely fine, worthy of living and thinking my own way, having my own opinions), repositioning myself amongst people (home, friends, school etc.) and gaining the courage to speak and be heard (I matter, in short).

    What helped me get all this is (besides psychotherapy): moving away from my family (esp. mom) and living on my own – the MOST crucial move I made in terms of recovery (we sufferers tend to have unhealthy symbiotic relationships with our mothers – they do everything instead of us, even thinking sometimes), I got into a healthy relathionship with my current boyfriend (we TALK and talk and talk a lot about our feelings, struggles, are prepared to overcome it together and wait for each other if one of us is “stuck”), started a new job (creating my place amongst work colleagues) and started working out and eating the way I felt most comfortable with (I am following paleo diet with my own twist). 🙂

    Until you realise that only YOU have the power to create your reality (until it’s just wonderful words written), you will struggle and suffer. But that’s OK and completely normal. Sometimes I thought that I’ll be this “f***ed up” for ever and was desperate because of it, even to the point of thining of suicide (the cycle was UNBEARABLE!), but then the right person came (my cousin) and said I could go sailing with her friends for a week. The only thing I had to do was to say YES! And I did. It all started there – met my current boyfriend, started getting the feeling of acceptance etc. You can be sure that when you’re ready, something (or someone) will come and offer you a hand. What you have to do is to take it (or not). In the end, we are our own creators.
    I wish you all the best ith recovery, don’t be afraid to fall deeply, you will for sure come out of it stronger and wiser. What I realised in all these years, is “the deeper the s**t, the higher, wiser and stronger we get afterwards”. 😉
    Hope my advice helped you at least in some way.
    Hug, Maruša

    • denisehendrickx

      Happy for you that you are free from it now !!

  • I think the answer from Tati is right on…the over-training and over-eating are symptoms, they are not the issue. From the little I know about anorexia, how you see yourself may be distorted from the reality of your body. I’m not sure if you’ve access to medical care, seeking therapy as was mentioned by “mesage” is another great tool to have as your deal with this. Also, getting trusted family and friend to support you when you need them is necessary…try not to suffer in secrecy. Be kind, nurturing and loving to yourself even if it’s hard to do. It does not matter if you’ve over-trained or over-eat one day; just remember the next day is a completely new day…the slate is clean to do something different. Best of luck; and I wish you well.
    Be kinder to yourself…you are so worth it.

  • How many suffer silently from this dreaded disease? It is a product of the west’s culture and need for the girls to be of certain size, shape and weight. Why can’t people accept girls as they are. God made them that way. I feel for the young Russian woman. People like Tati helping out these young women are really a blessing to society.

  • denisehendrickx

    I also think that recovery comes from the inside. My thought on this is that a shift in personal awareness , self acceptance is needed. From very young age society puts enormous pressure on us. we are compared to one another starting at birth. That gives a wrong image of the reason why we come on this planet. . We are still the perfect magnificent being we were when we were born. Only our surroundings ( society expectances etc) make us feel not good enough – not self worhy enough. Nobody needs to be judged! Once you realise and you see that you are perfect the way you are , you can breahte relieved. I’m fine as I am! I hope you will come soon to that self-acceptance and awareness.
    That said; excessive training and drastic bloodsugar changes work counterproductively on this issue as they stress out your adrenals. And we can miss stress on the adrenals like the plague because calm adrenals = calms your hormonal secretion ( in the brain as well)
    Good luck to you!