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Readers Questions Part 2


Hello my Lovies,

This is part 2 to the questions you’ve asked me last week on my Facebook. I broke them down in 3 parts, that way I can answer each in detail.  You can find the first part of the questions by clicking here.


  • Tee – What is the best way to lean out? I seem to be stuck, how much cardio after a workout? Can I add another session later n the day or is it too much? I would love to ask how to go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier but somehow I don’t think you’re the best one to ask that? LOL

Tee, your question had inspired a whole article that I’ve wrote for called just like that ” What is the best way to lean out ” But to answer your question in short, yes good old cardio after a strength training session works like magic. I suggest adding 25-30 minutes of moderate to light cardio. I personally don’t recommend adding another workout session later during the day, it’s best to have 1 good intense training session. In order to get more lean we also need to let our body rest, it’s definitely a misunderstanding when people think the more they workout the faster results will come. But without proper rest our body can’t burn fat efficiently.

One thing I also would like to recommend which had helped me to lose some weight last year without overtraining your self is, instead of doing another workout session go for a long walk 1 hour or more. The walk should be brisk but not where you’re feeling tired.


  • Nina V. – What do you think about supplements? ( protein powders, fat burners, meal replacement shakes ). Because I’m 100% against that and I believe you can get ALL nutrition your body needs from good clean diet. I personally only take fish oil for omega 3’s. I would love to know your opinion. It makes me sad when I see an add for fat burning pills where they say: You don’t have to workout and you can eat whatever you want, just eat these twice a day and the fat will melt away. Because there are people out there who believe this and IMHO ruin their bodies with it.

Well, let me tell you right off that I am COMPLETELY AGAINS fat burners of any kind, I also don’t take any protein powders or meal replacements, but I used to before, only to find out they were useless ( at least for me ).

Now, as far as meal replacement go, It’s not my thing either, I prefer real food. I also believe that you can get all your nutrients from real food, and I’m pretty sure it’s the best way. I know that nobody can be in a hurry that much that they can’t grab a handful of nuts and dried fruit, or fresh fruit, or boiled eggs, so being in a hurry definitely isn’t a good excuse to need a meal replacement.

Protein shakes ( this is my personal humble opinion ) – are pure marketing. I’ve actually done some research a while ago and I found out that the myth of 5-6 small meals a day was created by the supplement companies, who want you to drink meal replacements or protein shakes in case you don’t have time to eat a meal ( and in the real world who wold have time to be constantly eating every few hours ). Another thing that I figured out is, a lot of supplement companies sponsor some of the nutrition schools ( if not all ) here in US ( I can’t speak for other countries ), to promote 5-6 meals a day as the right way of eating.  So, once I catch someone in a lie or two, I don’t trust them. But again, just so I don’t get tomatoes thrown at me, I have to mention that for some people 5-6 meals a day works, just not for everyone and definitely not for me.

Meal replacements sometimes can be useful to people who are sick and are unable to eat solid food, only then it can be good depending on the ingredients. But then again, you can use a blender to blend food and give it to people who can’t eat solid food.

There is a double edge sword to this whole thing, because here in US ( and in some other countries as well ) food is grown using pesticides, kettle is shot with hormones and kept in tight spaces without light, and this kind of food is very depleted in nutrients. Unless a person is able to buy fresh organic food and meat, it’s most likely they will be depleted of nutrients. This is where I believe vitamins are crucial now days. So I am not completely agains all of the supplements ( vitamins are also supplements ).  I do eat only organic meat, simply because I want to support farmers who raise animals humanly.  All of the veggies and fruits I eat are organic as well, but even organic produce if it’s not completely fresh loses it’s nutrients daily if not eaten right away.  So by the time the food get’s to our table from farms and supermarkets, it’s already 50% depleted in nutrients.

I’m sure you guys already know that I take L-Carnitine, I also take some basic vitamins for my skin, hair, nails, and a B Complex. I take L-Carnitine because now I don’t eat as much red meat as I used to when I was growing up ( for personal reasons ). I’ve tried to completely cut it out but when I do I feel very sick, low energy and my hair falls out. When I take L-Carnitine it helps to to replace somewhat red meat in my diet. But once in a while I still have to eat it.

So as you see it’s quite the double edge sword, but if you can always eat fresh organic produce there is no need for supplements.


  • Rose Marie S. – What is the secret to be consistent? How can we avoid the stop/start over again over and over process?

The secret is not to overwork your self and not to do more than you should or can. This is why I always make a huge emphasis on REST PERIOD. If you feel tired, listen to your body and take time off, as much as you need without beating your self up and feeling guilty. Lack of motivation mainly happens when we push-over our limits.  If you’ve been training for a while and all of a sudden you lost your motivation, this is the first sign of overtraining. Also, periodization in training is very important, periods of hard intense training needs to be mixed inn with lighter low key training. Another thing is being to strict with your diet, going for long periods of time being too strict and always under eating is another quick way to loss of motivation. Balance with everything is the key to always being consistent.


  • Jana P. – Alcohol vs Fitness, what are your thoughts, do you drink or are you completely abstinent?

I personally don’t drink a lot, a glass of wine here and there but thats about it. Just as I answered the question above, it’s all about balance in life and everything. If you like to go out once and a while and have fun, it’s definitely OK and even good to do. But you can’t be drinking alcohol daily ( maybe a glass of red wine ) but not other things such as vodka, martinis, long island ice tea etc., that is definitely not good all the time, not just because these drinks loaded with sugar and empty calories, but because alcohol weakens your immune system and it has a negative effect on your brain. It also makes you hungry and can give you cravings for junk food. So balance is key.


  • Anna. C – Spiritual Question – Do you believe in Karma? And if so, what’s your opinion on plant based diet like most of the gurus do in their life style?
  • Fitness Question – What means building strength in fitness term for you?
  • Personal Question – You’re going on vacation, which thoughts you left behind?
  • Beauty Questions – Gold, Silver or Diamonds?

1) I think Karma is definitely something a lot of people misunderstand. I believe it exists only in physical plane.  What is Karma? Karma is only Action and Reaction, whatever you release will comeback to you once it makes a full circle. It’s not something you can believe or don’t believe in, kind of like oxygen. We can’t see it, but we’re breathing it and it’s there. Based on the belief of Action and Reaction, I believe Karma is a choice.

2) That’s a very interesting question, building strength in Fitness term to me is definitely Mind Strength First, then Body Strength Second. Because body only follows the mind and not the other way around.  So in Fitness you need both, if we only train our body to be strong and not train our mind to lead the body and be disciplined, pretty soon we’ll lose motivation and hit our limits.

3) I take my thoughts with me, that’s how I always work on my creativity ;).

4) Silver and White Gold, I don’t like diamonds.


  • Jim T. – Nutrition Question – You always seem to have chicken for your meals, do you prepare a large quantity then store in the fridge, or is it always fresh? Do you roast it, boil it? What other ingredients do you use ( herbs, spices ). In short, how do you prepare it?

Mainly I always eat fresh chicken, there are a few occasions where I store it for 1 day, and very rarely 2 days, but usually between me and Miguel we eat the chicken within a day. Unless the chicken is in a soup, I don’t like the taste of it being in the fridge for a few days, so we try to finish it. We never throw away food.

I prepare my chicken with few different spices, you gonna laugh at this one but I love my chicken with Cinnamon :), this is my favorite spice. I also use rosemary, dill on occasions, black pepper, sometimes I buy the spice pack of already mixed spices. Tumeric is another spice I love using, yellow curry is another one I love.


  • Martine D.I’m a late afternoon workout girl ( 4pm ) and now I need to change my schedule because of work, but I know that it’s very difficult for me to workout in the morning, because I am weak and can’t give my max, any suggestions?

Yes I know what you mean, it’s hard for me to workout in the morning as well. I suggest to workout afterwork. Don’t think too much about it cause you’re just gonna get lazy, just knock it out ( as my husband says ).

Everyone can definitely work things out as far as schedule goes, you just have to develop discipline in your mind.


I hope I was able to clear some things up for you guys.



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