7 Interesting Facts About Me and Happy Monday

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Meet Me On Monday


Hello my beautiful Lovies,

Happy Monday! May your week be filled with positivity and happiness! Today for the beginning of the week I wanted to post something fun, so I decided to make a post of 7 interesting facts about me ( 7 is my favorite number because it’s my birth number ). I would also love if you guys post 7 interesting facts about you selves :), it can be anything you want. So, here are 7 interesting facts about me:


When I was a kid I only ate meat and sausages, my breakfast always consisted of 1kg of beef sausages with nothing else. I hated any other food, and almost never ate things like veggies, or even candy or ice cream. My mom used to call me by a nick name ” Kolbaska “, which in Russian mean little sausage.


I don’t like phones and I don’t have a voicemail. I almost never use my phone to talk to anyone, because I don’t like the idea that anyone can get hold of me so fast. I also cannot stand it when I used to have a voicemail where the message was: Please don’t leave me a voicemail because I never listen to them. But people still left them to me, so I took down their ability to do so. Call me crazy, phones are just not my thing, but letters are :).  When I really want to talk to someone I write them a letter.


I do not follow trends or fashion. I do things the way I do them because I like it and want to do it, but never because something is in style or it’s a hot trend. If fact, when someone tells me in a store that something is now in a trend, I run the other way.


If I ever have a son I want to name him Antuan-Napoleon ( to which Miguel strongly protests, he thinks it’s stupid, I think it’s brilliant 😛 ).


I am a big kid, I love dolls and plush toys. I would pick a new doll over jewelry as a present at anytime. Antique dolls are my favorite, and the weirder the doll looks to others the more I like it.


I am allergic to my own sweat ( this is a bit personal but funny ). Every time I sweat too much and if its’ dripping on my body for too long without me wiping it off, I start getting severe hives unless I wear clothing that absorbs it.


I do not own a wrist watch, I’ve never liked watches. The idea of time running makes me feel imprisoned.  But I do have a very accurate internal clock.


I would love to know all the interesting facts about you my sweet Lovies,

Have a wonderful week and I hope that all of you guys are going strong with the Abs and Core Challenge!



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