5 Things To Keep You Motivated

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It’s not always easy to keep motivating our selves every day and stay positive.
These are a few things that always help me to keep going and stay positive. I though it was a great Idea to share it here on my blog :).


1. Read Motivational Quotes

It might sound like a cliche but it works really well. Other peoples thoughts can help us see things a bit more clear. Have you ever felt down and then saw a quote that just brought everything back up? We are all interconnected remember?


2. Meditate in the mornings or Write Morning Pages

Meditation and inspiration have a lot in common. They both make your watch your thoughts. When we quiet our mind, the world begins to talk. If you are not a person to Meditate, write Morning Pages instead. Morning Pages is 2 or 3 full pages every morning, it’s a form of release, it helps you to let go of all the useless things that are clustering your head and makes room for inspiration to enter.


3. Listen to  a Motivational Speaker in your car

When we drive we automatically pay more attention to our surroundings. If you are listening to a pounding music all the time, that can cluster your thinking. I am not saying, it’s not occasionally a fun thing to do, but I’ve noticed when I listen to words of wisdom while I’m driving, it motivates me to create a better world.


4. Socialize on blogs

I’ve noticed when I read other people blogs and I interact with them, it always inspires me on one level or another. Just think how cool it is to meet people from different walks of life and connect with them on a belief. When you follow a blog for a long time and you socialize, you make timeless friendships and that is very inspiring to me.


5. Understand the Law of Attraction and Passion as One

My grandma use to say, there is no such thing as passion there is only hard work. I always tell her – ” Grandma, we don’t live in Communist world anymore, we live in an era where Law of Attraction and Passion play the biggest change in our lives”. I think she is finally starting to believe me.

Without passion, our lives are empty. Do what doesn’t feel like work, but it’s a lot of work – that’s your passion. The Law of Attraction will work naturally, as soon as you find your passion.


What is your advice on Motivation? Share it 🙂



PS – Ironically I ate the Happy Orange, to get some of my daily intake of Vitamin C 😉


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