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You would think what a simple question to answer. Many people think of being fit and healthy in some sort of a liability.   An average person would tell you,  well,   I don’t have time for things like that,  I have a job,  I got kids, I don’t have time,   plus I hate diets,  I can’t imagine living my life and watching what I eat,  or exercise,   I’m too old etc.,  pretty much these types of things I hear all the time.  And let me just say,  yes,   it is just easier to not care about your health,   or care about how you look.  Most people do just that.  They believe the tales about when you get a certain age,   or if you didn’t hit a genetic lottery,  you are doomed.   I can tell you from my own experience,  you are in charge of what you look like and your future health!

So where do I start in pointing out all of the importance in the world that being fit and healthy can bring into your life?   Let’s begin with the first and for most important thing that we all have in this physical world:

Your Body

Our bodies are very complex,  it is the most beautiful piece of machinery ever created.  They work like computers,  the details are so amazing that our science is not even close to completely figuring out everything about our bodies.  To me, our body is our vehicle.  Roughly speaking,  let’s say,  you go out to bye a new car,   beautiful perfect new car.  And you love this new car so much,  that you are constantly taking care of it.  Washing it,  changing the oil,   taking it for regular check-ups,  etc.  And they always tell you,  take care of your car and it will serve you for years.  What happens if you never change the oil?  What happens if you never take your car for checkups?  What do you think happens?   Eventually,  sooner than later,  it stops working.  Your body is exactly the same way.

Normally,  our aging process begins around the age of 25.  I see so many healthy and well taken care of people and then as they hit 25 it all seems to be going down the drain.  Poof,  just like that!  The weight is piling on,  the bones are crackling and we get cranky,  sick and old.  Because right around that age,  your body,  gets tired of accommodating you,  working day and night by digesting processed foods,  putting up with lack of sleep and exercise.  Most people just give up and blame it on their metabolism and genetics.

I’ve also seen the other kind of people,  at 45 they seem to be beautiful, vibrant,  healthy and full of energy.  And everyone around them would always say,  wow,  what do you do?   Do you have a secret?   Ohh,  you’re just lucky I hate you!   And this kind of people just give up on the other kind and say nothing,   because they know it’s useless.  You either know what’s going on or you don’t.

The secret is nutrition,  sleep and exercise.

A good face cream helps a bit as well ;).   That’s it.  Plain and simple.  Genetics do play a role,  but you have the power to change that.  The sooner you start taking care of your body and your health,  the more your body will take care of you in return.   It is a win win situation.  Being sick,   is your body’s way of communicating with you,   it is telling you,  please help me  :0,  look at what’s happening to me,  you are making me sick!  And what do most of us do?  We go to the doctor and the doctor usually gives us some nice prescription for the symptoms to go away and tells us to take a rest.

When you start changing your life style,  you are changing more than just your looks or your health,   you also begin to inspire people around you to make those changes.   And that is what make an even bigger difference.

Now let’s take a look at some amazing things that can happen to your body when you start getting some exercise into your life:

Ten reasons to love Fitness

( some of it might sound boring if you are 15 -35, but if you are older than that,  it will become quite useful information right away 🙂 )


1.  Your over all metabolic rate increases,  lean body mass increases.

Let’s face it, faster metabolism,  who doesn’t want that.   There is a few people in the world that are born with faster metabolism,  but if you are not one of them,  you can become one of them.

2.  Your muscles start to shape and grow stronger.
Stronger means you become more empowered over all,  and maybe just a little cocky 😉   LOL

3.  With proper nutrition and exercise,  your bones thicken,  reducing risks of fractures.

And again,  it might be boring but bones are important part of mobility 🙂

4.  Your joints become more stable with strength training,  also with flexibility training the mobility of joints increases.
Flexible joints,  less injuries!

5.  Your brain creates mental alertness,  also reducing your anxiety and depression if you have one.

Let’s just put it this way,  we live in a society who is always anxious and depressed about something,  so some exercise will help you cope with that a little better.

6.  Your blood volume increases,  the total volume of red blood cells increases improving oxygen transport.

Blah Blah Blah I know,  but again,  if you start working out today you will have a longer and healthier life all together.

7. Your heart muscle enlarges and becomes strong improving the ability to pump blood.

Your coronary blood supply improves,  reducing the risk of heart attacks.  When we are young we don’t really give a damn about our heart,  but as we get older that little things that is pumping inside our bodies can actually get really sick,  but by then it is too late.   So exercise now!

8.  Exercise helps reduce muscular tension and stress,  elevating insomnia.
More sleep and less stress is just a perfect cocktail of life that we all can use :).

9.  Exercise reduces poor circulation and blood oxygenation,  bad posture and poor breathing habits.
A lot of people think they know how to breath right,  but that is a whole other article,  most people don’t.

10.  Your overall state of being changes,  you become more self confident and more empowered!
When we exercise our brain releases endorphins,   endorphins makes us happy,  and happy people enjoy life a lot better than grumpy people.

Here are just a few things, there is so much more.   I can be sitting here all day typing away about all of the amazing things fitness life style can bring into your life.   Overall,  what you put into it is what you get out.  By taking care of your body and your health,  you are going to become a completely different being.  I speak for my self and I am sure for many others who choose to have a fit and healthy life style.   And those things we will be learning every day here at Lovingfit.com 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment,  I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions if you would like to add something extra to my post!


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