Making Exercise Fun Again – 3 Game Apps To Get You Started

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3 Game Apps To make Exercise Fun


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Making Exercise Fun Again: 3 Game Apps to get you Started


For those who aren’t true “exercise” enthusiasts, going to the gym on a daily basis can get really old—fast. In fact, fitness experts claim that almost 75 percent of all budding fitness buffs quit their healthy lifestyle within the first three months. While there are different reasons why the momentum to get-in-shape fizzles out, many just simply get bored with the same old routine. A great way to make things interesting once again however is to download a plethora of game-apps designed to get your heart rate up in a “fun” way. To make sure you go well beyond the 3- month expiration date, consider downloading these interactive apps listed below.


Zombies, Run!

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse requires strength, speed and agility. Makers of Zombies, Run! aren’t exactly sure if a hoard of brain eating monsters will overtake the world one day—but if they do, users will be prepared to utilize their fit bodies to escape. What this neat app does is combine music and professional voice-overs to get you motivated to run faster every time a zombie gets too-close. You also need to run to get crucial supplies imperative for your survival. If you don’t pick up speed, you get eaten and the game is over. This app is currently available for iPhone and Android operating systems. Price: $7.99


Fit FreeWay

Those who loved playing classic car racing arcade games will love Fit Freeway. This is because users are transformed into racing cars. The time it takes to complete a lap through a level depends on how fast a user cycles on a stationary bike, how hard the user works on the elliptical, or how fast he or she runs on the treadmill. It’s very similar to Kintect since it uses motion detection. The best part? The app is free to use for both iPhone and android users.



Our last pick isn’t exactly a “game” like the two mentioned above, but it’s still a really fun, interactive app that can allow you to create fitness games/challenges with friends and family.  How so? Nexercise, similar to popular app-games like Draw Something and Scramble with Friends, allows you to add friends and communicate with

them. Those added to your list can then compete with you—who ran the longest distance? Who lifted more weights? etc— for a friendly game.  Other users can then “nudge” you if you’re slacking off of your workouts so you’re reminded to work harder. Similar to the Nike Fuel Band, the app also monitors fitness analytics so you can keep track of your progress. This app is also free to use for iPhone and Android users.


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