Is Kick Boxing a Good Weight Loss Workout?

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Kick Boxing


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I hope you having a wonderful week, we are filming a new Upper Body workout tomorrow, it’s gonna be amazing – get ready!  But today we have another guest post from Robert Lobitz.


Is Kick Boxing a Good Weight Loss Workout?


We are all on a constant quest to find the perfect routine for our lives, bodies and energy levels. Today I would like to take a look at kick boxing and show you why so many people love it as a sport for maintaining and improving health and weight.


It’s an all around full body workout


The main reason that kick boxing is a great workout and a great choice of physical activity is that it’s an all-around full body workout.  If you are training properly and have a good routine set out in front of you, you’ll be sweating and burning calories like you never would have imagined. To properly throw a punch and deliver a kick, you need to activate your entire body. You will work on and perfect your balance, which is something everyone can benefit from and doing this will activate muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Have you ever looked at the body of a boxer and seen muscles you didn’t think existed?  You are going to find them and feel them burn with every kick boxing workout.


It’s much more than just punching a bag


There is a lot more to kick boxing than kicking and punching a punching bag.  You will likely start with cardio and light weight training before you even step up to the bag. There is no way to turn a boxing bags into a total gym and any good trainer will have you running, weight training and doing exercise to improve your flexibility. You need speed, balance, flexibility and strength to properly perform the moves demanded of a kick boxer and this is the true strength of this martial art.


Kick Boxing Relieves Stress


The kicking and punching movements that you do in a kick boxing workout allow you to relieve stress.  With traditional workouts our moves are limited, with kick boxing the body moves without limits and this is very beneficial to your overall fitness and  your mind.

In conclusion, a workout routine based around the goal of becoming proficient in kick boxing will do wonders for weight loss and toning the body. On top of that, you gain self-defense abilities and learn the mentality of a martial artist, both of which are things I think everyone should have.


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