Being Healthy Is A Life Style!

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Let’s begin by saying, everyone can lead a healthy or at least healthier life style. People who grew up eating well, like me 🙂 learn it as a habit.  It comes naturally to me, I drink tons of water and eat tons of fruits and veggies because my parents taught me that since I was a baby. That is why I always encourage parents to give their children a foundation to a great nutrition, because kids eat what you give them.
But not all people end up lucky, with the health foundation they wish they had, how can they make a change? It is easier said than done, it is a lot harder for a person who all their life ate only pizza and hamburgers, and downed two cups of soda with along with it.

So how do you start being more Healthy?

Getting results from your nutrition program,  you will have to start out by making small changes.  Drastic changes only get you so far, and then we end up giving up and becoming more miserable.   Most of us don’t really look at the big picture, we think now, now and now. Most people also don’t know that our nutrition has a huge impact on our future illness, as well as illness of our children. But if we start out making those small changes, they will eventually turn into bigger changes and then it just changes your life.

Yes,  I am not going to tell you it is going to be easy, but I am not going to tell you it is going to be hard. It is up to you.

Try changing just a few things in your diet, just a few,  like cutting down sugar,  or eating more fruits and see for your self how much better you will feel.  That will motivate you to make those changes a bit bigger.
I heard people tell me ” I don’t know how you do it, how do you eat so well all the time, I could never do that” ,  the reason those people feel like that is because they are use to the bad eating habits, and they never seen better, and when they get sick and stay sick for weeks instead of a couple of days they wonder why.

To be healthy is a commitment, it is something that you will have to do for your health for the rest of your life! It’s like marriage, you have to be married to being healthy. Think of the big picture, the healthier your body is, the longer and the happier life you will have. The better chances you will have in preventing illness of any kind. Isn’t that worth the small price that you pay?

Make a change today!

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