How To Get Rid Of PMS Symptoms Naturally

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Happy Monday my Lovies,

Today I have a video for you guys that I’ve recorded a couple of weeks ago but had no time to open until now. In this video I’m going to share with you a natural method for complete PMS relief, which can work for anyone, not only that but it will help you get rid of sugar cravings.

This has been tested by me, my friends and relatives with totally positive results and no side effects, because it is natural.

You can watch the video to find out my other little secret 🙂



Now, I also would like to go over other PMS relief methods, some of which you already know, but some may not. All of these methods are natural and can also work together if you have severe PMS or you cannot find the tea I’m talking about in the video.

1) Good Nutrition, Exercise & Sleep

This is a no brainer, all three combined will have a huge impact on how your body acts while you are having hormonal changes. If you eat good whole foods, no processed sugars ( especially sugars ), exercise daily and get at least 8 hours of sleep, you’re PMS will be much lighter and less noticeable. Your body will not swell up as much and you will not retain as much water.

2) Organic Raw Maca Powder

This is a truly miracle powder for balancing hormones, the effects are almost immediate and all you need is 1 table spoon a day to mix either with tea or smoothie. But there is a down side, THE TASTE. I literally want to vomit when I taste maca powder, no joke, vomit is the perfect word to describe how it tastes. I’ve taken maca for a while with such great effects on my overall health, but the taste I just cannot get over.  ( Read more about benefits of Maca Powder )

3) Mexican Wild Yam Cream

If you get the natural version of this cream, this is an amazing product to have for balancing hormones, PMS and stomach or back cramps. If you have any kind of cramps, just a teaspoon of this cream rubbed on the pain spot will take the pain away within minutes. It also helps with mood swings during the PMS and it’s a good product to always have in your house, I always have a tube of it at home. ( Read about Wild Yam Benefits )

So, if you’re taking your broom our for a ride every time you’re going through PMS symptoms, It’s time to pull out my bag of tricks and give them a try!



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