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Today we have another guest post.  Once in a while I love to invite other bloggers to write for Loving Fit, because I think it helps people to learn more information from different sources.  Today’s guest post  has some great exercise tips for all of you who is a complete beginner and would like to start a healthy life style.


5 Exercise Tips for Complete Beginners


Exercising, along with eating a balanced diet, are the essential building blocks of living a long and healthy life. We know this intuitively, we’ve been told this since we were young, yet still, despite this knowledge, so few people prioritize exercising and eating well. And that’s because it’s hard. It takes discipline, something I’ve lacked for most of my life. Now you may have friends who are fitness fanatics, but you don’t necessarily know how to be like them. You want to exercise but you don’t know where to start. I was that person one year ago. Exercising, however, does not have to be complicated. Here are some tips for absolute beginners to the world of exercising.


Schedule your time–consistency is more important than rigor

Especially when you are first starting to exercise, the most important obstacle you’ll have to overcome is the temptation to put it off, to exercise once and never do it again. As such, it’s absolutely essential that you start out by setting a small amount of time every day to establish a routine. Thirty minutes of light to medium activity is a good starting point. If you do too much for too long when you first start, you’ll only get discouraged.


Buy yourself a pair of good running shoes, not a gym membership

Many people who just begin exercising think they need to purchase expensive gym memberships or exercise equipment. While these things may be a good idea in the future, when you’ve developed a genuine interest in exercising, to accrue health benefits from working out, all you need is to move around. A solid pair of running shoes, and maybe a set of light weights, is really all you need to get started.


Start out small

The best way to achieve an optimum level of fitness is to start small and gradual increase the time and rigor of your workout. For example, you can start out by jogging for fifteen minutes and walking for fifteen minutes around your neighborhood. Each month, add a few more minutes of higher-intensity work so that you can easily adjust to more rigorous workouts.
Find an exercise buddy.
For beginners, staying motivated is the most important part of establishing a consistent exercise routine. Sometimes, it helps tremendously to have a fellow exercise buddy who can get you out of the house and running when you’re feeling lazy and want to save your workout for another day. Friends, coworkers, spouses, even your children can serve as great motivators. You’ll also be great motivation for them!


Do activities you enjoy

For many who are new to exercising, it’s the lack of stimulation that keeps you going. Sometimes, just running around outside or trudging along on a treadmill is enough to make you want to quit. When you first start, consider just doing any physically-demanding activity you enjoy, like gardening, joining a casual adult softball or basketball league, or playing in the park with your dog.



This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for accredited online colleges.  She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99


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