Exercise & Skin Health Together

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How to improve your skin exercising

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Today we have another guest post by freelance writer and a health fanatic Jem.


Exercise & Skin Health Together


The popularity of working out and keeping fit through numerous fitness programs have become a refreshing way to keep not only yourself feeling good but also keeping yourself healthy with sculptured muscles. However, while you are doing your fitness programs did you know that you should be taking precautions on keeping your skin healthy while keeping your body healthy. Maintaining not only your body in shape but preserving your skins health in the process is significant as a dermatologist was heard saying that “ When you are doing any exercise you should do it without wearing makeup and if you are outdoors while exercising, sunscreen should be worn with an SPF of 30, and is sweat and waterproof”.


Dermatologist comments what to do to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Sandy Skotnicki from Ontario, Canada continued to say, “Washing off all makeup before working out will help to stop the makeup from causing clogged pores or aggravate the acne on your face if you should already have acne. The sweat can cause further acne and even clog up more pores if your makeup is still on”. Before going to work out whether from work or home, you should find some time to wash your face then when you finished your workout wash your face again, as dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki recommends.

Keeping your skin healthy means more than just facial skin it also includes taking care of all the skin on your body. Taking care of your skin is essential as it will keep the skin healthy including refreshed, younger looking, less wrinkles, and vibrant. After you finish the workout, you should wash off or take a shower immediately after the workout as the pores open up allowing more dirt to enter into the pores. Causing blackheads, pimples, and then your skin could become dry from the water loss while sweating, additionally; drinking at least six 8oz glasses of water keeps the skin hydrated and healthier.


More than Just Makeup that causes clogged Pores

As mentioned above it is not only makeup that can cause havoc to facial pores, as there is some skin care products used and some of those products have ingredients that also clog pores. It is important to know what is in your skin care products. For instance, while taking a shower and after washing your hair, some of the hair care products including certain shampoos or conditioners can also get into the pores. Especially if you are using any leave in oils, conditioners, or wax to style, your hair can cause clogged pores.

Not Necessarily Clogs Pores while Working out
The oils and or wax used in your hair can get into your pores before you even work out as sleeping with these in your hair at the end of the day could easily clog pores especially if your hair is not put up in a bun, or ponytail then it will lie in your face while sleeping. This is when you need to shower or simply rinse off your hair and the styling products before going to bed to help keep your face clear of blackheads and pimples.


Healthy Skin While Keeping your Body in Shape

Knowing the importance of paying attention to what skin products you are using is important and what is in them. You can ask a beauty specialist and even a trainer from a gym if you should hire one and they will be able to tell you the best products to use and which products you should be aware of before you work out.


Be sure to cut back on acid based skincare if you do Cardio exercises. Dr. Skotnicki agrees with these findings as skin products that have the acid base can cause skin damage. The salt from sweating could cause your face to sting where you have placed the acidified skin care product. If you do use the product and if you experience the burning while starting to sweat you should wash your face immediately as well as any other skin that is affected and discontinue using the product.


This article was writen by freelancer and health fanatic Jem. He writes on a range of issues favouring health and lifestyle topics. You can find out moer by following him on Twitter at @writerjem now.


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  • AlishisPhillips

    Interesting article.  I already knew about the hair care products causing skin problems (I’m an esthetician) but I never thought about what it does to your skin if you workout in full makeup!  Good thing I’m not working out in front of a camera! 🙂

    • Hi Alishis, 

      I always wear minimal make-up when we shoot videos, I’ve tried wearing eye shadow but I think I look terrible so I stopped, Most of the time I stick to only bronzer, lipstick and concealer cause I don’t like foundation dripping off my face.  I’ve been wanting to try raw chocolate powder as a bronzer, I heard it really works, I think I will give it a try today :).

  • taltul73

    Hey Tatianna, i think  you will like this. what do you think about it???

    • Hey girlie, 

      I want to check out this movie, it looks similar to Food Matters and I love food documentaries :).  I watch it and let you know my thoughts. But I can already tell it’s gonna be good.

      • taltul73

        can you took more about a daily nutrition ? how much carbohydrate , protein , fat… and more. how many meals a day…you said no dairy… i love dairy and in my country they are low fat and so part of every day life. i eat very healthy do everything at home, no process food AT ALL.  and still cannot lose few more kilo i need to, fruit and vegetables we eat a lot, lean meet whole grain, lots of water NO SODA what so ever …. and still… its frustrating

        thank you.

        • Hi Tali, 

          This is what your plate should look like every meal except dinner: there is a ratio of 1-2-3.  1 stands for the amount of fat, 2 stands for protein, and 3 stands for carbohydrates.  Every time you eat there should be more carbs and protein then fat.  Now for dinner this ration turns in to 1-2-2, that means your carb intake for dinner should be low.  

          To loose that extra few lbs I recommend you do a couple of things, 1) Try to eat your dinner 5-6 hours before sleep.  2) When you wake up, before your breakfast, do 10-15 minutes of moderate cardio.  Because when you first wake up and your body has no carbs in your system, the first thing it will use for energy is fat, that’s how you will burn those extra few lbs.  

          Another great thing is to add a cup of green tea with every meal, this will help your body to flush out fat.

  • taltul73
  • l-p-r

    Just checking in! 


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    plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal
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    • Hey darling, thank you for stopping by :), how have you been?

  • Yes, even when I workout I don’t use foundation on my skin just concealer and raw cacao as a bronzer, that way I don’t clog my pores.