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Happy Monday my sweeties,

I have a really cool trick that I my self have been using to break apart my usual workout routine and to make my training a bit more intense ( I know you guys think I’m crazy, Tatianna what?! You want to make things more intense LOL ), but yes, for those of you guys who have been training with me for a while, this little trick will be a nice addition to your regular routines. This will also help you if you’ve hit fat loss plateau or you just want to spice things up with intensity so to speak.

I’ve tested our this little method my self for the past month or so and let me just tell you that extra 3 minutes in your workout can make a huge no HUGE difference in intensity as well as fat loss.

I had to test it out in a way where I personally don’t lose any more fat ( cause I don’t want to be too lean otherwise I start looking to boyish ) so I had to eat a lot more daily to see if this trick works, not that I had a problem with eating more oink oink :).
This definitely worked because not only my workouts got more intense, but I haven’t gained any extra weight ( and I ate A LOT MORE than usual ).


This is what you’re going to do


Every workout that you already do daily will be split in half and in between you will add a very short and very intense 3 minute HIIT session, but you have to really push to your max effort in this 3 minute mini session. Pretty much, you will take one of my usual workouts, do half of it, then do the 3 minute HIIT session, then finish the other half of your workout.

I’m not gonna lie, this is going to look easy but it’s quite tough, I personally have had a hard time and I’m somewhat advanced level.

You can also add this session at the beginning of all your workouts, but I found adding it in the middle more effective and a bit less challenging mentally.

Here are the intervals you’re going to use, they all add up to 3 minutes:

  • 10/10=9
  • 15/15=6

In these intervals you will do 2 exercise back to back, so the intensity will be quite high. ( because you will have these 5 seconds of rest you will need to up the challenge of the max interval a bit. To do that try adding a little amount of weight to all the lower body cardio moves, not more than 5-10 lbs a bit more if you are a guy. )

You can also use the following intervals with 5 seconds rest between exercises:

  • 5/15=9
  • 5/10= 12

The exercises you chose have to be explosive and work both upper and lower body within the intervals. Here are the examples of the exercises you will chose:


Lower Body:


  • Vertical Leap
  • 180 Twist Jump
  • Low Squat & Jump Tuck
  • Diagonal Squat Jump
  • Star Jump
  • Jump Over and object ( make sure you land in good form at all times and not on your toes )
  • High Knees ( no jump rope. Having no jumprope you can do high knees much faster )
  • Sumo High Knees
  • Front Jump Kicks


or you can come up with something of your own, get creative, don’t let me limit you only to the moves I’ve named.


Upper Body:


  • Side to Side Plank Jump ( In a push-up position jump your feet together to one side, jump back then to the other side )
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Oblique Climber
  • Side To Side Pike Jumps
  • Regular Pike Jacks ( in a pike position, jump your feet apart, then back together )
  • Half Burpee ( in a push-up position, jump your feet forward without rounding your back, jump back )
  • Isometric Push-up Jacks ( Do a push-up, stand in an isometric position, jump your legs out, then back )
  • Dynamic Push-ups ( While doing a push-up, simultaneously jump your feet out, then back in as you’re pushing back up )


At first I wanted to make a video with all this info, but I figured you guys already know all these exercises, but if you guys still want me to make this video and show you all the exercises, let me know in the comment section and I will do that .


Video that explains better


Try this out and let me know how you’ve liked it :),

Have a beautiful week, hugs,


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