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Fitness Trackers


Hello my Lovies,

Today I would like to discuss a subject of tracking our fitness progress, and different ways to do so with our current technological advancement.

Fitness is nothing but the general state of well-being and health. It can be achieved by following a proper nutrition regime, right exercising and proper amount of rest. Sure, we need certain tools to attain our health and wellbeing goals but due to advancements in technology, the tools needed have totally transformed over the past few years. From Smartwatches to Smart Scales and from fitness bands to Google Glass, newer terms pop up when you search for fitness tools on Google.  Even the concept of health monitoring and tracking has come a long way.

There are a host of fitness based technological products in the market, all aimed at helping you reach your personal health goals and to get in shape. While some of these products help to count the calories you eat or lose, others measure your heart rate, speed, distance, sleep and other parameters to tell you how your health is.  To know more about such products, read on:

  • Wearable technology like fitness trackers help you track or monitor your health and physical well being every day, with each physical activity that you do.  For example, if you are starting a weight loss program, then these devices can help you know the number of steps you have walked and how many more you need to walk in order to lose the desired calories or weight that particular day.
  • Such wearable devices act like personal coaches or health instructors who help you stay motivated, stay on your health goals and do that extra bit of hard work which you sometimes avoid doing on your own.
  • There are a host of fitness trackers for health conscious people which can help count the amount of calories that you eat per day ( for those of you who is counting ). Also, these apps help you calculate the number of calories you lose by doing a certain physical activity.
  • Another thing about these devices or wearable technology is that these can also help to assess how you sleep. These apps have an inbuilt feature which can help to track your sleep. Sleeping well is integral to your health and how well you sleep determines other tasks of your day as well.
  • Heart rate monitoring is another major feature which these devices support.  By monitoring your heart rate during a workout can help you know whether you are working out too slow or too fast.  This will either help you to slow down in case you are doing things too fast or too much.


Various fitness products to opt for:

There are a variety of products which come within the bracket of fitness products and wearable technology.  Some of the examples include:

  • Smartwatches-Smartwatches are amazing wearable technology products which can be worn on the wrist and help monitor the heart beat and measure other parameters.
  • Bands – bands are specifically those devices which are worn around the wrist and help to monitor speed, distance, steps and time while walking, jogging, running and swimming etc.
  • Tracking apps – tracking apps can be paired with all the fitness tracking gadgets and products and help to keep us close to our goals These apps customize our physical activity routine and regime and send us reminders so that we stay on our defined path.


If you would like to share some of your favorite fitness tracking devices, apps and what helps YOU with tracking your progress, please do so below in the comments.

Stay Healthy my Lovies and Track Your Progress!

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