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Hello My Lovies,

Today I have the first video post for the newly added Fashion & Style Section. This was my outfit I wore for the New Year’s night. This is not how I dress every day, but when I go out I like to wear very interesting things, at times very unique things. I never follow any kind of trend or style, seasonal colors or anything that I see in magazines. I only wear things I like, things I’m comfortable and things that show off my body ( that I work hard at, so I have to take it for a spin once in a while LOL ).

When I’m not going out I wear things that draw the least amount of attention and I love to be very comfortable.


My Favorite Stores to Shop

I only have a few, and they are pretty much 90% where I get all of my clothing, fitness clothing as well as casual or going out clothing. I actually don’t like shopping for clothes, I cannot stand trying things on.

If you like in US you will know these stores. My favorite stores for clothing are ( in this order ) – Ebay, Marshals, TJ Max, Bebe. My favorite store for shoes is Burlington Coat Factory and Ebay.

I never ever spend lot’s of money on clothes or shoes, because I like to invest more in my health and my skin care. So, most of my money go to organic produce, vitamins, skin care and a really good perfume. Perfume I believe should be unique and incredible, on clothes you can easily cut corners and still look like a million bucks.


What I wore in today’s video

The dress I got at Marshals for 17 dollars. I should of went for size XS but I got an S, which only few days later turned big on my waist ( seems like I lost a little more weight in just 4 days ). If you go to Marshals now, I bet you can still find that dress.

The jacket was made by my incredibly talented friend Yulia. She can literally do anything, you name it and she can make it happen, she can even makes furniture pieces. She is a stylist ( she makes the most amazing clothes her self ), she is a make-up artist and a hair artist ( she went to school for it ). She decorates, and the designs she comes up for the house are incredible, she also does everything in her house by hand.

So, she made this jacket and if you look at it, it’s made with such perfection that you can’t even believe that it’s not a store bought.

The shoes I got years ago at Burlington Coat Factory, I believe they were under 30 dollars. I keep my shoes in boxes so they last and last. Burlington has the best shoes at best prices, but lately they have let me down, last time I was there I wasn’t too happy with shoe selection.

The tights I wore are a few years old, but I believe I got them in Target. If you live in US you know Target, they have pretty big selection of tights with nice designs.

Enjoy the video!





PS – We have changed our schedule of workout shooting, so now I will be making workout videos at the beginning of the week instead of the end of the week like I used to .

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