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Abs Workout


At first I was going to make several workouts for complete beginners, but later I decided to film the workouts that I do my self ( because it was really tough for me to keep my workout schedule and film extra workouts, my body was not liking it at all, and we always have to listen to our body).

These workouts are not for everyone, because you should already be working out for a while to try these. But you can modify them to fit your fitness level.

My workout today consisted of 3 parts. First part is High Intensity Training ( longer interval periods ). The second and third part is High Intensity Interval Training ( much shorter intervals ).

I will share my scores for this workout at the bottom of the post.

For this workout you will need Gymboss Max Interval Timer, a workout mat, and a set of dumbbells.  The dumbbells are only for the first part, for the second and third part of the workout you will only need the timer and a mat ( it is going to be bodyweight only ).

I’ve been using 10 lb pair of dumbbells for a over a year. Since I always switch up all of my exercise, I don’t have the need to get more weight, and I don’t want to get any bigger than I already am. I do enjoy a lot of really intensive bodyweight workouts, because they keep me lean and toned without adding anything extra

Notes: Always do at least 10 minute warm up before doing any type of exercise. Regular warm up followed by specific warm up. This type of workout will take a few days for your body to recover, make sure you are eating plenty of protein ( 1g or more per pound of bodyweight ), and drinking a lot of water.

The workout will take 21 minutes in total time. I only take about 1 to 2 minutes break in between the parts, then it will take a bit longer.


The Burnout Workout Video



Workout explanation:

Part one

Set your Gymboss Max timer for 6 rounds of 10 sec and 1 min for the total of 6 rounds. Ten seconds will be your rest period, 1 minute you will be doing a side lunge with dumbbells at your maximum effort, with proper form. You can also use just your own bodyweight ( only if you are a complete beginner ).

The trick to a proper burn is to keep your form throughout the whole time. Make sure your back is straight and the weight is tight in your hands ( not dangling ).


Part 2

Set your timer Gymboss Max for 12 rounds of 10 sec and 25 ( 10 seconds is rest period, and 25 seconds is max ).

You will be doing 3 exercises, and you will go through this routine 4 times.

1. The seven roll ( this is the first time I tried this exercise, so I am still mastering it )

2. Elbow Plank Jumps ( beginners can do a regular elbow plank )

3. Push Off combo ( beginners can do it off their knees )


Part 3

Set your timer for 12 rounds of 10 sec and 25 sec. You will be doing 3 exercises for the total of 4 rounds.

1. Lunge Tuck & Twist Right Leg ( beginners cad do a regular lunge jump )

2. Lunge Tuck & Twist Left Leg

3. Half Pike Press ( This exercise is in between a push-up and a pike press )


Here are some of the pictures of the exercises:


Side Lunge With dumbbells – in this exercise you have to remember to keep your back straight.  This is a completely controlled movement, that should be done slowly.  It looks like this:


Butt Workout


Butt Workout


The Seven Roll

This was the first time I tried this movement, and I called it the seven roll because the starting position of this exercise looks just like a number 7. In this exercise you are using mostly your core to manipulate the body to turn. You are NOT using your legs, just your toes to lightly help your self with the turn.

I couldn’t quite explain this exercise in pictures. So make sure you look at the video several times to see what I was doing.


Abs Workout


The Push-off Combo

The starting position for this exercise is on your belly, your hands are by chest. Like this:

Abs Workout


From here you will lift one of your lets straight up while simultaneously pushing up with your body. Like this:

Abs Workout


Lunge Tuck & Twist

I don’t recommend beginners trying this exercise, you can just do a regular jump up instead of tuck.

Watch the video to see how I properly position my arms. This helps with balance and the movement it self.

This is the how the starting position of this exercise looks like:


Abs Workout


From here you will jump up and do a tuck ( I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but you can watch the video to see it ).

After landing, you will do a twist with your knee almost touching your elbow, like this:

Abs Workout


Half Pike Press

This exercise is between a regular pike press and a push-up. The wider you place your legs the easier the movement will be.


Abs Workout


My scores for this workout:

Side lunge With Dumbbells

Right Leg – 16, 14, 15 Left Leg – 16, 15, 15

The Seven Roll

8, 8, 7, 7

Plank Jumps

19, 14, 13, 13

Push-off combo

6, 6, 6, 5

Lunge Tuck & Twist

Right Leg – 5, 6, 5, 5

Left Leg – 5, 5, 4, 4 ( looks like my left leg is weaker )

Half Pike Press

9, 7, 8, 8


Next time I do this workout, my goal is to increase my scores and better my form in plank jumps ( cause my back was a bit rounded as you can see on the video, and that’s not good at all ).


PS – If you are having trouble viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.


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