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Abs Workout


Today I did workout in a stappers manner circuit, where you set your time to count down, and you do as many cycles of the given exercises. Usually it’s best if you only do 3 to 4 exercises with not very high repetitions. This way you don’t completely hit muscle failure, but get a great burn.

This workout seemed pretty easy when I set it out, but by the 5th round I was getting pretty tired, the humid weather and the lamps I was standing on didn’t help either. When that timer finally beeped the end of the interval I was the happiest person in the world :). My rounds are at the end of the post, after the workout explanation.


Sweat Ur Abs Off Workout Video



Workout Explanation


Set your timer Gymboss Max for one interval of 20 minutes. Your goal is to complete as many rounds of these 3 exercises as possible.


  • 1. Diagonal Lunge with dumbbells – 12 reps per leg

Notes: If you are a beginner, don’t use the dumbbells.

  • 2. Triceps Push-ups ( using dumbbells as your grip ) – 8 reps

Notes: If you are a beginner, you can do this push-up off your knees.

  • 3. Elevated leg reptile exercise – 10 reps

Notes: This exercise is actually pretty hard if done in proper form. The right way to do it is, using your abs to pull your leg as close to your body as possible, holding your leg as high as possible. After 10 reps your abs should be burning, if they’re not, you are not doing it correctly.


I finished this workout with 8 full rounds, and my timer beeped as I was doing a second triceps push-up.


PS – If you are having trouble viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube



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