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Hi everyone,

Today’s workout was a follow up to Tuesday’s BootyWorks And More Workout, that means today we were focusing on the upper body and abs. This routine was about 20 minutes long and it was done in an interval training style. The intervals were a bit shorter than usual, but the exercises were definitely hard. This workout was a total torture for me, in many different ways.

I had a bit of a difficult time pushing my self because I only had a few hours of sleep ( very bad I know ). Normally I wouldn’t recommend anyone to workout on only few hours of sleep cause it’s pretty hard on our body. When we don’t sleep we actually gain weight and our body tissues swell up as well, so on the day that you don’t sleep you will actually weigh more and look like you’ve gained 5 pounds, seriously ( I am not joking by the way ).

Today I definitely stuck it out even though I felt like today everything was against me filming my routine, because it just seemed like there was an airplane every 2 minutes, then there was a lawn mower people outside that seemed to cut the grass for over 45 minutes for the total of 3 times all morning, it just went on and on. But I still kept pushing my self , and so should you, no matter what comes in your way, stick with your training and your discipline.

In today’s workout I was using a pair of 10 lbs dumbbells ( 10 lbs each ), my timer, half of My Pink Lebert , a medicine ball ( but you don’t have to use a medicine ball at all if you don’t have one ) and a weighted jump rope.

Remember to always do a proper warm-up before starting your workout session.



 Workout Explanation


Set your timer for two intervals of 10 seconds ( rest interval ) and 40 seconds ( max effort interval ), for the total of 24 rounds. There are 8 exercises and you will go through the sequence 3 times.

Fast forward the video for ” Workout Recap and Beginners Variation ” part.

  • Push Back Push Ups
  • Crane Crunch
  • T-Push Up
  • Diamond Legs Lifts & Butt Lift
  • Power Jump Rope Jacks ( watch the workout recap video for proper explanation )
  • Shoulder Presses ( with feet on a medicine ball )
  • 2 Way Pull Up
  • Elbow Plank Jumps


My scores

1) – 11, 9, 8

2) – 18, 17, 14

3) – 8, 9, 7

4) – 13, 12, 10

5) – 29, 24, 26

6) – 8, 9, 8

7) 10, 9, 9

8) 19, 18, 17

Share your scores!

I also wanted to thank all of you for being so active on Facebook and sharing your scores with me :).


Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener


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