Hot & Short Weekend Burn Workout ( Uncut )

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10 min tabata workout


I really love to finish my last workout of the week with a super short and intense interval training routine. Today’s routine was focused on the lower body and it was a resistance training workout, and it will only take you 10 minutes to complete.

As you can see in my video I was using a cool new toy I got 🙂 and this toy is 40 lbs heavy. It’s called a VersaFit bag it’s made by Power Systems and it resembles a Bulgarian Bag, but it’s a bit more sleek if you drop it on your shoulders. You can make your own very easily how my friend Troy from Cube Dweller Fitness did, he has a video with full explanation on how to make this bag your self.  You can also use dumbbells or kettlebells.

This workout was uncut so you can follow me along with my timer. I also do an explanation for beginners and variation at the end of the workout, so make sure you fast forward for that.


Make sure you do a good warm-up before beginning this or any other workout.




Workout Explanation


This workout is done in Tabata interval training style. In this routine besides for my new VersaFit bag I was also using my timer, ( you don’t need one you can just follow me along ), and my Pink Lebert ,( you can use two chairs and a broom stick for pull-ups, or a pull up bar with a chair underneath, and for dips you can use either a counter in your house, or the two chairs ).

I set up my timer for two intervals, the first interval is 10 sec ( rest interval ), the second interval is 20 sec ( max effort ) for the total of 20 rounds.

There are 5 exercises in this routine and you will go through them 4 times.

  • Right Leg Back Lunge with resistance of your choice
  • Left Leg Back Lunge
  • Constant Tension Pull-Up
  • Squat with resistance of your choose
  • Side To Side Abs ( your knees don’t go back down, you will hold your abs contracted throughout the full 20 sec interval )

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