Handstand Combo Upper Body Workout Challenge

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Handstand Workout


Hello my Lovies,

Today I have a very fun Upper Body Workout Challenge for you guys. From time to time I like to switch thing up with my structured workouts and I like to do something fun instead. To always do the same thing can get a bit boring even with the most creative routines, so I come up with workout challenges that wont take too much time but will give you a great burn for your body and a good training for your mind as well.



Workout Explanation


For this workout challenge all you need is your Gymboss Timer and a wall or a chair if you are a beginner.

Set your Gymboss Timer as a stopwatch and complete 20 reps of the Handstand Combo Challenge.

So, this whole thing counts as 1 rep:

Pike Position, walk your feet up the wall, walk your hands closer into a handstand position. Do 4 handstand hand switches. Walk your hands forward. Walk your feet down the wall into the pike position. Walk into a push-up position. Do 4 twisted push-ups, lower your body in one straight line down. Do 4 back lifts, push-off and walk back into the pike position.

I know that sounds like a lot of words but if you watch the video you will understand it very easily.

Let me know how you did 🙂

I’m taking off for 5 days into Paradise, but I will still have my computer with me and will continue to do some work. I will be doing this challenge tomorrow in my hotel room and I will let you guys know how long it took me.

Hugs and kisses,


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  • steffi_dk

    Have some great days in Paradise and don´t work too much 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m gonna try, that’s gonna be hard cause I’m always used to doing something.

  • Enjoy your time off.

  • taltul73

    Tati…you did not tell me what time to meet you in Paradise…hahahaha
    wish you a beautiful vacation.

  • TessuCroft

    This was supposed to be fun?! Haha hah haa, I was not laughing! =D Dear lord that was hard. That handstand switch thingy is my enemy, and I had not done any handstands for awhile, so it felt like a turtle. Could´t touch my butt more than couple of times, then I had to do just that row thingy. This challenge took forever from me to complete. I´m too shy to even tell my time, ´cause I´m sure there are these Rockhard Loving Fitters who nailed this w/o in 10 minutes or something. But I´m glad I did this! Yeah! Did not give up. It is so funny, I am like, yeah, I´m such a strong girl… until I do Tati´s newest craziness. =D Thanks for the challenge, dear Tatianna!

    • 🙂 please tell us your time… I am thinking the same as you at the moment “I’m strong, I can do this” but also know that Tati’s workouts are very deceiving when just watching them and she makes everything look soooooo easy. So, I am very frightened to give this one a try because her workouts are always killer and I am coming off a long hiatus. So, once again, pleeeeeeease share 🙂

      • TessuCroft

        Okey… Almost 29 minutes… Yeah. I´m a rock star. =D

        • That is awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing. You started and finished one of Tati’s routines and you’re alive to talk about 🙂 In my opinion, that makes you a rockstar. Cheers.

          • steffi_dk

            Lol…I totally agree!! This is about survival!

          • TessuCroft

            I kinda thought I would never do this w/o again, because it was one of those w/o´s which basically destroyed me… =D However, I can very proudly tell that I did this w/o again today – I think I was feeling a little crazier than normally – AND I actually beat my old time over three minutes. Hurray! Also, I could do the handstand switch (the same way as Tatianna does on the video) properly the whole twenty times. The last time I could do like that only a couple of combos… Sometimes it feels like that am I any stronger than before, but then a w/o like this can prove that “yes my lady, you are a bit stronger.” =D And, even though this is still REALLY hard challenge, I was not nearly as beaten today (after the w/o) than I was before.

  • Jeanne

    Love that it doesn’t need any equipment! I am going for a holiday in February, will take 1 week off and the 2nd week I will have to do my workouts without equipment. I am saving this one for that week. Vacation is great, but I don’t want to lose strength though! I think I will have to use a chair though.. it looks pretty tough.

  • oberlee

    Great stuff, Tati! I didn’t fall on my head, but I almost did, LOL!!! 21:59 for me. I managed to do the first 10 rounds without breaking. Well, I lay on my stomach for a few seconds, but I didn’t get up, etc. I wanted a little more time burnt up, so I finished with 10 min AMRAP/countdown of:
    10 tick tock shoulder presses
    10 push back/pull up burpees (burpee to plank, push back push up, jump up, 1.5 pull ups)

    20 vertical leaps

    Loved this! The time flew by. 🙂 have fun on vacation!!!

    • Glad to hear you did good, yes, falling on your head could be a side effect LOL – just kidding 😛 I need these kinds of workouts from time to time 🙂

  • osteodh

    Enjoyed this challenge so thanks again +++++ I ‘m wondering what is best ; doing beginners modification and never taking breaks ?. Because i tend to go for advanced and taking a 20” à 30” break every 3 reps. That makes it less cardio and more strength ? Or how do i have to see this???
    XXXXX Have a great time on the islands !!!( sounds so tempting to me now b/c days are rather dark and grey over here and as usual winter is getting loooong)

  • Michelle_G

    HOLY!!!! Time of 25:58 advanced version, however, I only lifted my hands a few inches off ground in handstand. Wasnt until last round that I got brave and realized I could lift and touch my leg like Tati does. Thanks for the great workout! Looking forward to what you come out with next!

  • Michelle_G

    What was your time Tati?

  • I just finished this challenge. It took me 16 min 19 sec for 20 rounds of the beginners variation. It was just what I needed. Thanks Tatitat!

    • WOW everyone is so much faster than me!

  • I was surprised how uncomplicated the challenge was…folks don’t be scared by it.
    Warm up: 3 minutes skipping, 20 reps knees push up, 3 minutes boxing drills & 3 minutes dynamic stretches.
    I competed 30 reps instead of 20… 32:59 to complete.
    Then took a 2 minutes break before doing some HITT
    Cardio: 10 esc rest / 30 sec max for 16 rounds
    1. Push-off & half burpees: 6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6
    2. Side to side jump over mat: 22-17-19-19-19-16-19-18
    Cool down & stretched for 10 minutes.

    • oberlee

      Mmmm…I like your idea of doing it for 30 reps instead of 20! I liked this challenge, but it is on the shorter side. 🙂

    • oberlee

      I did this again tonight, and I wanted to follow you, Lv and do 30, but after 20 reps I was afraid I’d fall on my face! So I kept it at 20 and added UB/C. Took 20:15 this time, and I think 22 min last time.

  • Michelle_G

    redid this today, but with the full hand lift to thigh touch, holy crap! I need to work on my handstands, by the end i was shaking so bad! Time for today was 1 second shorter than first time I did this workout, but used easier variations the first time.

    Great workout!

  • Rosalmeida

    Hey there Tat, I did this challenge this morning and it was an absolute killer; pretty demanding and I was gasping the whole time and my heart rate was up! I couldn’t even do a set from head to toe without having to pause 🙂 The hardest parts were hand switches (keeping the strength of the handstand on one hand only) and going from that directly to the pushups! I did the advanced version the entire time. The 20 sets took me 17 min. What was your time, by the way?! Thanks so much for another great workout 🙂

    • Good job! I believe I did it in 23 minutes or so, maybe it was 25, but it was hard for me as well, I was struggling also.

      • Rosalmeida

        ‘WoW’! Thank you Tati 🙂 Absolutely, I was totally underestimating the workout at first; could never guess how hard it actually is. New fave though 🙂

  • it’s so a challenge…

  • Michelle_G

    Did this again yesterday – same time exactly as first time i did it of 25:58 – but i did the whole thing the advanced way this time! YAHOO for Strength gains!

    Thank you again!!! 🙂

  • Olga Tihencaia

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  • oberlee

    Did this again last night. It was a great one for when you don’t feel like working out, because it seems like a game. Plus, handstands always remind me of childhood. 🙂 I blasted my earlier time, coming in at 17:25. Finished with some weighted bridges. <3 to you!

    • Tracey Middendorf

      i plan to try this since i am working on my wall stands and shoulder taps. i can walk chest to wall now and out a couple times but i can not lift my hands to tap my shoulders. one side is also harder than the other. any tips?

      • oberlee

        Why not practice with shoulder presses, even elevated ones? It’s also using the shoulder muscles but it’s not as difficult.