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Fat Loss & Abs Workout


Hi everyone,

This week I am doing a themed week ” Fat Loss & Abs Toning “, so you can strengthen your core, lean out your abs and loose some fat in the process.

I am very happy that the cooler season had already started here in FL, but some days I just feel like the weather is tricking me, one day it’s nice rainy and cool, the next day it’s back to hot as hell and humid. I feel like my moods have been exactly the same way, but my workouts always help me to keep that in check.

For today’s workout I was using a jump rope, a mat, My Pink Lebert ( which you can substitute with two chairs ), non bouncy medicine ball ( you can use your own bodyweight if you don’t have the ball ) and my timer Gymboss Max. With this workout I realized how much better Gymboss Max is then the original Gymboss timer, because I am able to save my intervals I don’t have to keep on resetting them, saves me a lot of time so I can just move on with my workout.

I explain all of the exercises at the end of the video.


Workout Video



If you are having a hard time viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.

Workout Explanations

This routine is broken down into 3 parts and 2 different intensities. Before each sequence of HIIT I was doing moderate jump rope skipping. When we combine moderate intensity and high intensity together, it results in faster body fat loss.


Part one


Set your timer ( I am using Gymboss Max ) for one interval of 2 minutes. You will do moderate skipping in this order, going back and forth:

  • 20 low knees
  • 10 high knees


Set your timer for 2 intervals of 10 seconds ( rest interval ) and 25 seconds ( max effort interval ) for the total of 8 rounds. There are 2 exercises:

  • 1. Side Plank Jump & Climber
  • 2. Leg Lifts, Butt Lift & Roll over


Part 2


Another set of 2 minutes skipping, the same as part one.


The intervals stay the same 10 sec and 25 seconds for the total of 8 rounds.

1. Lebert Abs Circles ( you can use two chairs for this exercise )

2. Reptile on a medicine ball


Part 3


Another set of moderate skipping, the same as part one and two


Another set of interval training, the intervals stay the same as in part one and two.

  • 1. S&M exercise
  • 2. High Abs Kicks
To see results with all of the workouts I share with you, you have to follow good clean diet.  That means no processed foods or sugars and no stuffing your self.  I think it is ok to have to foods you love once in a while, but only when you get to your goals first.  Once you are at your goal then you have to only maintain, that means indulging a few times a week with the foods that you love is not going to kill you ;).  You can read more about my Nutrition Approach here.


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