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Hello My Lovies,

I come baring gifts with a new upper body workout routine. This is a very short routine, it took me under 17 minutes to complete it. The first part of this routine was a time challenge and the second part was 10 minutes of high intensity interval training. Before my workout I did the “ Sharper Abs Challenge “, which was quite a struggle for me and I wanted to give up every rep, but I finished it!

Few words about food and cravings:

Yesterday I was really craving potato chips and the craving was so intense that I couldn’t think of anything else devouring a bag of chips. Β So I walked to the store ( yes I walked ) and got my self a bag of my favorite kettle cooked chips. On my way home I ate half of the bag and it felt great, now I can’t even look at potato chips for a while. Β The moral of the story is, if you are really craving something don’t deny it to your self, don’t feel guilty about it, you are only human and it’s OK to allow your self to eat things that you’re craving. We always eat healthy, we work really hard for the health and body that we have but it does’t mean that we also can’t have fun.

The thing is this, if you deny your self things on a regular basis you will end up craving it in a much higher quantities, and when you keep on denying it to your self you will become moody, grumpy and depressed, and all of that leads to binging and guilt. I want you guys to be fit and happy LovingFitter not fit and grumpy Gnome. What do you think?

Now let’s get back to today’s training, before you begin don’t forget to do a warm-up and practice the proper form.



Workout Explanation


All I was using in this routine is a pair of furniture sliders and my Gymboss timer.

This workout is divided into 2 parts, first part is a time challenge, but it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. Second part is 10 minute long interval training.


Part 1

Set your timer as a stopwatch, there is only one exercise.

Sliding Press & Push-up Combo – 30 reps ( don’t rush, quality over quantity )


Part 2

Set your timer for 2 intervals. First interval is 5 seconds ( rest interval ), second interval is 35 seconds ( max effort ), for the total of 15 rounds. There are 3 exercises and you will go through them 5 times.

Don’t worry about running to write down your reps, cause you only have 5 seconds rest so get straight into the position of the next exercise.

Beginners can extend the rest interval to 15 seconds.


  • Outward Palm Diagonal Push-up
  • Diamond Power Bomber
  • The Sun Exercise ( make sure you watch the workout recap for the proper explanation of all the exercises ).


My scores

First part took me 6 minutes and 37 seconds

Part 2

1) 10, 8, 8, 7, 7

2) 4, 4, 4, 4 4,

3) 9, 9, 9, 9, 9


Have fun training darlings!




PS – My Friday’s article at ” Advanced Home Workout Plan For Women

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  • Christian

    Oh another tough WO, can’t wait to do it on Monday! Love how you said it “I want you guys to be fit and happy LovingFitter not fit and grumpy Gnome.”
    If i have a craving i never deny myself,will have it and enjoy every bite!

    Have a wonderful weekend all!

    • Ha Ha Ha, yep, no grump gnomes here lol,

      Have a wonderful weekend as well!

  • Looking forward to this one too – pencilled in for tuesday – my upper body day πŸ™‚ mo farah is my new fitness inspiration – he just won another amazing race at the olympics. ps the sour cream & chive or cracked pepper kettle chips a amazing and so hard to not finish one of those huge bags πŸ˜› even better with guacamole or humous x)

    Thanks again Tati – have a faboosh weekend πŸ™‚

    • Hey Zari,

      Thank you, have a fabulous weekend as well :)!!!

    • Esal1

      Hi Zarinda, I am not sure we have ever “talked” on Disqus. Well always nice to see you, and yes Mo kicked butt!

  • daybelis garcia

    You are so beautiful Tati, your body looks better every day… I wish I looked like you lol. I don’t know why it takes me so long to see my abs if I eat so healthy, I train with you, and I’ve cutting night time eating πŸ™ I can’t wait to do this Tuesday… Love the new exercises!

    • Hey sweetie, I think you are probably not having enough carbs in your diet, we need a certain amounts of carbs and sugar to build muscle, I’ve found our about this little trick to help to grow muscle faster and I can say I like it. Mollasses !!! This is a perfect recipe for after workout treat that will help you build muscle:

      1.5 frozen bananas

      3 egg whites and 1 egg yolk ( I save other yolks for breakfast )

      2 tablespoons of molasses

      cinnamon to taste

      Blend it all on whip

      Try this out for a few weeks after your workout πŸ˜‰

      • daybelis garcia

        I’m actually allergic to molasses:(what if I just want to eat my meal, should I do chicken with a sweet potato or can I make your shake and replace the molasses?maybe I just have to lose fat order to see my abs

        • Hey you can definitely replace the molasses for raw honey, but put 3 table spoons. The thing is that molasses have lot’s of potassium so do bananas, and potassium is exactly what we need more of to build muscle.

          • daybelis garcia

            Thanks love as always, I definitely need to stop fearing my carbs… I just feel as though my workout is useless after eating carbs:( them I hear others saying maybe my body fat is not low enough and I need to do more cardio

  • tee_w

    wow, I’m trying really hard not to be angry right now. I thought maybe it would be some friendly banter about paying more attention but you just called me by my name a “know it all” for the whole world to see! ouch!
    I’m hoping that maybe I’m just overreacting. I think I need to take a breather!

    • Hey sweetie,

      I was just joking, I didn’t mean to upset you… OMG are you really mad? I feel terrible :((((

      • tee_w

        I’m sorry but yes, very mad and very hurt. I understand you were joking but I don’t see how having any youtube viewers see you calling me a “know it all” as being funny.
        I’m just glad I don’t use my real name or this would be even more humilitating

        • Honey I am very very sorry if I offended you, It was not my intention at all, If I knew it was gonna upset you this bad I wouldn’t of ever said that. I didn’t call you know it all, it was not like that at all. I am just lost for words… I feel terrible…

        • Esal1

          Hi Tee, go ahead and be mad for a little bit. But as one of those “viewers” I did not take it that way. I have known you for a long time on here like many others and my opinion of you (very high) did not change at all. The only reason she talked about you at all was probably because she likes you and considers you a friend. Friends fuck up and friends forgive.

          Have a great day Tee!!

          • tee_w

            thanks ethan, forgiveness was immediate as I understand she was joking, but as it’s permanent it upsets me to be here!

        • I’m sorry you’re upset… I know Tatianna thinks the world of you, as I do, and many others here. She’s said herself she can have a very sarcastic sense of humor. Well, I hope you come back! I love reading your posts!!

          • tee_w

            thanks! I’ve been playing around with my old P90X dvds, putting them into intervals ha ha! been fun, and I’m sore! did zuzana’s zwow today, all my worst exercises!

            sorry about your job, that really sucked, not even knowing that was your last performance! and an e-mail! geez
            I like what you wrote about your back! I noticed mine was looking pretty good a couple of months ago, just waiting for the front to catch up! lol

    • I thought Tati’s comment was so cute and shows how comfortable we are with each other here to banter this way. The fact that your reaction is negative and you feel humiliated does matters. I hope you guys can get pass this eventually.

    • Kalin

      tee_w, if it’s any consolation at all, when I heard it I thought, “Oh how cool that tee gets a shout-out!” And that was only because I even knew who Tati was referring to. If I didn’t see your comment here, I would not have made the connection. I took it as a very friendly nudge. I am so sorry that you feel so offended by what I interpret to be a nice gesture of familiarity, but like Lvette_1 said, your feelings are important too. I hope your mind is eased by the fact that Tati, as we all know, absolutely does not intend to bring any ill-will or any type of harm at all to any of us — in fact, she goes out of her way to be just the opposite – super helpful and welcoming. I hope you feel better about this soon. I’m also pretty sure that barely anyone in youtube land even noticed πŸ™‚

      • Evaleen

        Very first thing you said, I thought exactly the same thing lol. The nice part of it though, can see the affection on Tati’s face and in her smile when she mentioned Tee, πŸ™‚ so couldn’t imagine that even a stranger might think it something other than a playful tease.

  • Hey Angelica,

    We all need a break and proper recovery, so it’s OK to take a break when we have to. If we don’t take enough breaks we become frustrated and lose motivation. We can train hard and also take breaks and still get results.

  • Kate_CZ

    What a burn in such a short time!!! Thank you for that express delivery πŸ˜‰

    My arms were on fire already after the first part…

    I couldnΒ΄t do Diamond Bombers properly, so I placed my hands normally. Even like this I had to go on my knees soon… Also the Sun Exercise?! What did you say? “recovery”? Hahahahaaaa!

    1) 30 x Sliding Press + Push Combo (=60 PU in total) – 04:44 (lots of breaks needed!)
    2) intervals – 15 x 05/35
    – Outward palm Diago PU – 12, 9, 8, 7, 8
    – Power Bomber – 4, 3.5, 3, knees – 5, 4
    – The Sun Exercise – 11, 11, 9, 9, 10

    I had to shoot myself to be able to know how many reps I did. The only 5 seconds rest was killing me!

    • I couldn’t write my reps down, so I just counted them in the video, it’s a nice perk when we film. The diamond bomber really works the triceps, mine are still sore. The Sun is somewhat a recovery exercise but it is still challenging, my arms did get tired during.

      • Kate_CZ

        Haha, your arms got tired and mine got totally burned ;D I made sure I really squeeze my back and it was hard. ouch ouch.

        I think that it is mainly the killer 5sec rest that makes this short routine so intense. IΒ΄m glad that I didnΒ΄t prolong the rest interval like I wanted in the first moment…

        I tried few of the Diamond Bombers but my triceps is too weak for it by now. But by the normal ones I still feel the triceps a lot. So I hope I did modify it ok…

        • Hey Kate, next time just do the diamond bombers off your knees, that’s how you will build strength in your triceps πŸ™‚

  • Sdravstvujte :),

    Vot ssilochka na urok pro pistoletiki –

  • Hello @tee_w:disqus

    I hope you are feeling a bit better.

    I have seen and read your comments for a while now (even in

    and let me tell you that I enjoy reading you.

    It is very hard to be able to express feelings through the internet, you make me smile

    every time, you seem like a very nice person.

    I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way towards you, because that’s the happiness you radiate.

    People have feelings and I am not trying to change the way you feel, this is not my purpose.

    I believe there are other sides to see this misunderstanding, so far I have not receive any feedback from a fitness blog than here, someone that actually reads our opinion it is a big deal,

    someone that cares about our form and does not want us to get injure.

    What I saw (I can only tell you how I see it) in the video was someone that doesn’t want you to get hurt, and only wants to help you.



    • daybelis garcia

      Milly I appreciate your kind comment towards Tati… I think likewise

      • Katerina

        I totally agree. I personally feel like Tati cares about us as readers and as friends as well.

  • Aaaanyway, I did this workout today.
    I enjoyed it very much, I think because it was fast.

    Part 1: 4: 30 (I could not go all the way down in the push ups, I think that is why the timing was nice)
    Part 2

    1) 9-9-9-8-8
    2) 4-3+1-2+1-2+1-2+2
    (What I meant here was 3 normal + 1 off my knees, triceps stronger :D)
    3) 6-6-5-7-6 (hard for my shoulders)

    I add some little tiny abs and my 15 rounds with 35s and 10s for skipping rope.

    Tati, It is very hard for me to jump rope, I get bored, I get tired, I hate it!! I donΒ΄t know why,
    I donΒ΄t want to sound horrible, I mean I am doing it though because I know I need it in order to lose fat. I donΒ΄t do it everyday, I tried to do it after every workout, but sometimes I just skip it.
    I think this is mainly because I am bored of it πŸ™

    • Hey sweetie,

      It’s ok to not like things, I have my own share of little things I don’t like so much. You don’t have to do the skipping, you have other options, you can go for a brisk walk, very light job, hula hoop, bike ride, or just light bodyweight exercises.

      • Thanks, yes I think I have to find a hula hoop soon. I have never tried it so it might be fun, who knows πŸ™‚

  • Lovely back shot girlie πŸ™‚ oh oh, please, don’t tell me backs like this are made from pull-up:((( cos then I’m so f….
    Warm up: 5 minutes
    Part 1:
    8:33 I felt this in my lower ab, chest, biceps, triceps & forearms
    Part 2:
    1. 9-7-7-7-6
    2. 5-4-4-3-4 (all done off my knees)
    3. 8-6-7-7-7
    This routine was a total upper body blaster. My guns are saying thanks Tati.
    See you all at the mingle tomorrow.
    ps: I’m coveting all your tops lately. I like how they fit and look on you.

    • Thank you sweetie :), you know I’m pretty sure that my back is like this from pull-ups, I didn’t even know it had that many muscles until I saw the picture we took, I use to do trapeze and aerial tissue I think it might of came from all of that. I want to start making my own workout clothes, cause I use to saw all of my own show costumes, right now I just look for fun looking stuff thats has good deals :).

  • Rachel

    I did this workout yesterday and it was so intense. There I am watching your demonstration and explanation of the sun exercise. I’m thinking, oh good, a break from these killer push ups. Something easy. Boy was I wrong! I’m about to do another workout right now and am stretching out my obliques and side muscles. Wow!! I’m not going to lie, Tati, that move looked easy and wasn’t very difficult during the workout. But boy do I feel it now!

    • He He He, don’t they always look easy πŸ™‚

      • Rachel

        So deceiving! πŸ˜›

  • Sdravstvujte Elena, ya budu ego delat no chut pozdge. U menya est statia pro nego –

    • elena

      Ok Tati , spasibki, ja ne widela ety statju!

  • marienchenkaefer

    Hey Tati, it is so great to read that you do not try to be *perfect* meaning never eat anything that will rather not support training all the time. I always get a little freaked out when people say “you should never..” and “training can not make up for what you eat”. Of course that does not mean one can expect to eat fast food etc on a regular basis and compensate with workouts. Yet it is just human and so important to once in a while indulge and enjoy. In my opinion if you cannot allow that to yourself you have probably already crossed the line to some eating disorder. It’s not always about discipline.
    Happy to read someone else was nasty this weekend ^^ I visited some old friends, celebrated a birthday and we practically ate all sorts of tasty meals for 48 hours πŸ™‚
    Today I tried this workout, 1. part took me 5 minutes and 25 seconds, needed 3 breaks though.
    Second part: 1) 9, 8, 7,7,7 2) 3,5 3 2.5 3 2.5(man those were killers and I switched out of Diamond already during the second repetition.) 3) always 7.
    Thanks for this amazing workout, another one that looked so easy watching you, but wasn’t easy at all πŸ™‚ Wish you a great start into the new week!

    • Hey sweetie, glad you enjoyed the workout, I’m about to do the Sharper Abs Challenge :).

      Yes, always eating healthy and obsessing about what we eat can lead to eating disorders, I wrote this article a little while ago, if you have time take a looksie –

      • marienchenkaefer

        Thanks for the link! I will read the article tomorrow and still look very much forward to your IF review! I follow through with the Sharper Abs since last week, too worked my way up to holding the L up to 7 seconds (starting at 4-5), proud of me πŸ˜‰ next week I hope I can master 9-10s hold. Btw really enjoy the Sixpack Abs & Core HIIT Workout too. I cannot thank you enough for all the work you put into this page! Have found you just a few weeks ago, and with every day happier I did πŸ™‚

  • Vivi

    It has been several days since I did any arm exercises, and so the first part of this routine felt fairly easy. I completed it in 4:06. However, the second part was much harder, especially the Diamond Power Bombers. My arms are super pumped right now.
    Scores for Pt 2:
    1. 11-9-8-8-8
    2. 5-4-4-4-4
    3. 10-10-9-10-9

    • Thank you for sharing girlie :), I actually just came up with 2 more cool variations of a Dive Bombers πŸ™‚

  • Katerina

    Hi Tati,
    I did this workout today. I didn’t feel like working out because I think I might be catching a cold, but it just looked like so much fun, so I reminded myself how I feel after one of your workouts and I went for it πŸ˜‰ I did the abs challenge before the workout, I hanged for as long as I could and after that I used my home-made equalizer.
    The first part took me only 5 minutes, because I can’t go all the way down on the pike press, so I added extra 10 reps.
    I could barely feel my arms during the second part, but I didn’t give up. I thought about doing the beginner variation of the diamond power bomber, but instead I took my time and managed to do 3 reps. I did about 7 reps of the other two exercises in the second part.
    Thank you for another awesome workout πŸ™‚

    • Hey sweetie,

      If you think you are getting a cold I have just a solution for you on how to fix it before it starts. Get some of those emergency C ( vitamin C packs 1000 mg each packet ). Mix 5-7 packets in a glass of water and just drink up. This vitamin C kick will kick that cold right out. Repeat in 12 hours. Always help me, I haven’t had a cold in years.

      • Katerina

        Thanks, I’ll definitely do this πŸ™‚

  • Oh my shoulders are shaking, just finished this workout and I am feeling it! The Diamond Power Bombers were killer. Here are my scores.
    Part 1 – Sliding Press & Push-up Combo, 30 reps completed in 6:02. Shoulders were really feeling this at the end, I feared part 2 but pushed forward.
    Part 2
    1. 8, 8, 7, 6, 7
    2. 3.5, 3, 3, 4, 3
    3. 7, 7, 8, 9, 10

    I set my timer to do 10 minutes of moderate skipping just as you said you were going to do but accidently set it for 1 hour. 13 minutes in I decided to check it because I was thinking this is seems to be a long 10 minutes.

    Thanks for another amazing workout Tatianna:)

    • OMG imagine an hour later you are like, hmm this is the longest 10 minutes ever! πŸ˜›

  • midimidi

    okay part one 4: 16
    5,5,6,6,5 modified to knees last two rounds holy cow
    thanks tati!

    • Everyone is so much faster than me!

  • taltul73

    hey… so i do not think this routine its even legal!!!!! πŸ™‚
    wow, Tati… it was brutal…. in a good way of course… but hard… in the 3 round of the second part… i wanted to stop.. i told myself “ok, tali.. one more round and i will be done” in the end of the forth round i told myself the same… finished all the 5 rounds!!!!! yessss….
    here are my numbers:
    part one: 6:10
    part 2: 10-8-8-7-6

    now i hope to be able to do my ab routine….

    have a wonderful and blessed day..


    • Thank you for sharing Tali sweetie πŸ™‚

      Yes this routine was hard, it’s all because we shortened the rest interval. I figured since all of you guys are now quite advanced we can shorten the rest πŸ˜‰

  • Naomi

    Short and hard! I used 5 mins on part 1 – it was hard on the shoulders, but I could feel it burn in my abs as well. In part 2 I especially loved the Diamond Power Bombers, it got hilarious when my arms gave in during the 3rd round and I literally dived into the mat in a very unflattering way. πŸ™‚ My arms were shaking during the Sun exercise, so hard to keep the contraction! No cardio or abs because I have a plane to catch! Tomorrow is rest and I will be back Thursday for the lower body.

    1) 10, 8, 7, 7, 5
    2) 4, 4, 3, 3, 3
    3) 9, 8, 8, 8, 8

    • Naomi

      Revisited this workout today! Today I used 4 mins and 5 secs on the first part, an improvement although it was just as painful as the first time. However, my scores for the second part – ta dam!

      1) 12, 11, 8, 9, 7
      2) 5, 5, 4, 4, 3 (I dived into the mat again)
      3) 11, 10, 10, 9, 10

      Massive improvement! I am so happy and giddy about it. I would see some progress on other programs as well, but suddenly I would hit plateau and sometimes my scores would even get worse… The problem was, I didn’t rest. Not even while sick. I would work out with a fever and a cold. Nowadays I take a day off when my body tells me to. Like yesterday, my booty was so sore (Quest for Booty) that I had to take a day off. It was good for booty and soul! I probably don’t express my gratitude enough, so Tati, thank you a thousand times for promoting healthy fitness!

  • yboog

    Good evening Tatiana,

    I did this w/o tonight and it was so deliciously hard!!!

    Plank warm up 10/40×6= 5min

    I started with elevated but had to come down by round 3.

    Part 1: 4:36

    Part 2

    Outward Palm Diagonal Push-up: 11,11,11,10,9,8

    Diamond Power Bomber: 3,3,3,3,4 WHAT THE FUDGE?! THAT WAS SOOOOOO HARD!

    The Sun Exercise: 8,10, 9,9,10

    THEN I DID MY FIRST TAC (Tatiana’s Aug. Challenge)!!!! It was challenging and took me about 10 min!

    30 min yoga

    THANK YOU!!!

    • Good Evening Y :), I love TAC – so cute!!! You have some great scores with those push-ups, the diamond bombers were pretty hard for me as well, the workouts always look easier then they really are, aren’t they?

      Have a wonderful night Y πŸ™‚

  • lmnop1090

    I really didn’t think I would be able to do this but was able to get through it because of the sun exercise and I did the dive bombers on my knees….now I feel awesome!

    • Yes, I added the Sun exercise as recovery and to help even out the back muscles. I am glad that you finished the whole thing πŸ™‚

  • sedindriuke

    oh sh…. i did first part wrong yesterday … Just normal push up and forgot about pike push up… but i think i would not have been able to do 60 push ups..:) then second part was really insane for arms but today i do not feel sore.. i was able to do dive bombers on my knees the last two rounds.. oh i see this workout gonna be in my list again in day or two with cardio .. πŸ™‚ Thanks for great wo πŸ™‚

  • Elena Kozlovsky

    This “simple and short” routine is so deceiving! Part 1 was already a killer, but the Diamond Power Bombers felt like an enemy I had to fight. Thank you for this great workout, Tanya. My arms and shoulders haven’t hurt like this in a while. Finally, I feel I worked this part of my body. Did the abs challenge before this workout. The challenge is progressing very well. I can lift my legs higher and higher.

    • Yes it always does look deceiving doesn’t it? I was thinking that too, cause when I watch the video it does look like it’s gonna be easy, but it’s so much harder.

  • Christian

    I did this on Monday, was a short and effective WO!
    Part one was a killer, took me exactely 7 Min.

    • We finished almost same time πŸ™‚

  • sedindriuke

    without modifications sometimes i could puke during workout how hard it is πŸ˜€ always i do my best (maybe not so always. :D:D) to do full exercise and then start modifications πŸ™‚

    I like reading your comments Daybelis Garcia in Facebook, and Disavowed rockers group (nice team!! in fact :))

    Have a nice day πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ™‚ Yes this one was very hard even for me. Are you doing the Abs Challenge too?

      • sedindriuke

        i do challenge of course πŸ™‚ and in the morning before breakfast i will start to do it – to warmp up the body for the day πŸ™‚

        • sedindriuke

          on FB i am ‘Indr? Ε ed’ in the coomments πŸ˜€

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    ok, that was very shoulder intensive !!!!!I feel it most in my traps for some reason

    part one took me 3:09

    part two I put my journal on that mat beside me and managed to scribble down my reps

    1/ 13-10-10-10-9
    2/ 6-5-5-5-5
    3/ 9-9-9-8-9

    I followed this up with 25 reps per ab move
    – hands in air sit up
    – heels to heaven (hip thrust )
    – froggie
    – left side crunch
    – right side crunch
    – dip station knee raises

    I can feel my upper abs right under my ribs from day one of the ab challenge yesterday

    and 5 rounds of 1:00 / 1:00 high knee jog in place / jumping jacks for cardio

    • daybelis garcia

      wow such a great workout!

    • YOu are a machine Gerri!

    • sus

      I did the same. I had my paper and pen right next to my mat to record my reps.

  • sedindriuke

    im not new in sport and sport at home. Im in sport almost 8 years but doing sport at home 1 years ard monnth πŸ™‚ Started with BR and now following lovely professional TATI πŸ™‚ sometimes some different workouts from other sites just for a change as today 6pack and love handles workout of old BR (where was Zuzka)… πŸ™‚ after day off wanna to move all the body πŸ™‚ and abs challenge before wo of course πŸ˜‰

    • daybelis garcia

      lol ohhhh look at you.. well that’s really good.. you are experience. Personally, I’ve tried BR and Zuzka but I am addicted to tatianna lol… its like its the only way I feel I worked out

      • Girlie, you are always so sweet to me, thank you so much)))

      • sedindriuke

        addicted? me tooo ! do you hear Tati ;)?:D

        • You guys are just too kind πŸ™‚ <3

          • sedindriuke

            i know how nice it is to get nice comments and appreciations of what you do and when you write a blog πŸ™‚

          • You guys are so good to me, I feel very blessed that you guys come every day and comment and share your scores and other details of your life with me, it is the most amazing feeling in the world to know all of you. :)))

  • Evaleen

    Haven’t posted too much lately cause I’ve been so bad with my workouts. πŸ™ I’ve gotten a few in each week, but still very inconsistently. I also have no excuses for this… I just suck lol.

    But on to the workout. The first part I completed in 6:13, though I didn’t go that deep for most of the shoulder presses– it felt hard enough just keeping my balance and core straight (this combo was insanely hard on my abs). And I made the 2nd part easier by extending the rest to TEN seconds, and going through the exercises only FOUR times through…

    1. 10, 9, 8, 8
    2. 5, 5, 5, 5
    3. 8, 8, 7, 7 (“recovery” me arse– my arms wanted to fall off and die, haha)

    Afterward, did 10 min of cardio/semi-strength training: 15/45 interval rounds of (20lb) sandbag clean-&-press followed by (15lb) dumbbell swings– 5x times through.

    • Hey girlie, I did noticed you’ve been MIA, but I also remember you told us you had some difficulties, so don’t worry so much about not working out, you definitely don’t suck. It’s ok to take a break if you need to. You did have some great scores in this routine!

  • Very excited to do this tomorrow! I have to tell you, I was trying on some sports bras the other day and I must have been the most vain person in that dressing room because I got a look at my back and was ASTONISHED. I hadn’t really looked at my back in the last several months, and especially being one that stores her fat below deck (hee hee) all the work I’ve been doing shows! Tee hee I was flexing in the mirror and everything and then had to show my boyfriend who was like, “yes, honey…” (not as in he’s annoyed, but he wasn’t as surprised because he sees my back all the time).

    So, that happened, and that was super awesome, and now I want to buy a bunch of backless clothing. This is not to be mistaken for my midriff-baring clothing that I am starting to don in public because of the abs challenge. By the end of the month I’ll probably be mistaken for a 50cent hooker…oh well, at least I’ll have rockin’ abs. πŸ˜‰

    • That is so awesome girl congrats!!! Trust me I know the feeling, it’s so great to look at your self and be like wow, all the work I’m doing had payed off, that feeling is amazing, especially when trying on clothes!!!
      Have fun with this one tomorrow!

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      hahahaha Kendra, I know the feeling…I love summer because I wear as little as possible, lots of short shorts, sun dresses, stappy kind of tops…I love my muscles and am proud to show them off…it feels great to be confident wearing clothes….gonna post a picture soon?????

      • Mayyybbbbee…I don’t know how… I log in through Facebook, but I don’t want to post pics of myself on Facebook… We’ll see! Someday! πŸ™‚

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          you could do a headless one on the DR page……hottie…lol

    • Show it off! Show it off! You need to give yourself more credit…with the back muscles and washboard stomach I think you can pass for a $5 hooker. Happy to read about your successes. Just try not to walk into glass doors as your stare at your image.:)))

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        hehehehe…walk into glass doors

      • LOL!!! This made me laugh…$5 hooker! πŸ™‚

    • MariaBjΓΈrgJepsen

      That’s awesome, Kendra πŸ™‚ Be PROUD, because you worked hard to earn it!!!
      Love, Maria

  • daybelis garcia

    Wowwww another great workout lol.. Doesn’t shock me Tati. I was pouring sweat.. N such a short amount of time. Loveeeeee the dive bombers and the outward palm pushups. my time for part 1 was 7:35…. I really focused on form not time. Part 2 scores:
    1) 11,9,10,9,8
    After I did a bit more arms. Though they felt like they were going to fall off and 15 min of straight skipping .
    Thank you love πŸ™‚

  • Grrreeeat workout! I love love love variety in everything, and I love that you ALWAYS switch up the workouts. I love that this one is fast and bodyweight. It’s harder to find great bodyweight upper body workouts. This one was basically just a bunch of awesome push up variations, but they all worked different parts of the upper body. Loved them all. Fantastic!

    I managed to write down my reps. I used tupperware lids for sliders. πŸ™‚

    part 1: 5:22
    part 2:
    outward palm diagonal push ups: 10-8-8-10-9
    diamond power bomber: 4-4-4-4-4
    sun exercise: 8-7-7-7-7

    Finished up with a ZWOW for some cardio and Abs Climber Uncut. I kept it the intermediate level, but it’s already much easier because of the ab challenge…tomorrow’s day 3 of week 2 for me! πŸ™‚

    • I am so happy you liked all the variations, I want to create more upper body body weight only workouts, so you guys can have more variety πŸ™‚

  • sus

    I am part of your “Proper Form Fetish Soldiers” lol. You are hilarious and always make me laugh TatiTat. I just did this workout. I am not sure how I missed this one.
    Part 1: 8 min 31 sec (my core was hurting more than my arms)
    1) 6,6,5,6,6
    2) 3,4,4,4,4 (beginner variation bc the triceps)
    3) 7,8,9,8,7

    The time challenge was especially hard to do after the “sharper abs challenge.” I thought I was going to die. Going to do some cardio now. Thank you for another amazing upper body workout. You know how to torture your army.

    • He He He, I am so glad to have more and more Proper Form Fetish Soldiers :), we are gonna have an army soon!

      • sus

        Yes we will!

  • Gwyneth

    Just getting over this ridiculous summer cold, so while I put in a good effort, I think I will do much better the next time I tackle this workout. I really loved the upper body burn, though, and it was actually a perfect workout as I get better from this cold. I think had I done a bunch of cardio I’d be hacking up a lung right now, but instead I feel really good. Other than my arms shaking and feeling like they just pulled a car up a hill, that is;)

    • Be careful,

      I think you should let your body rest until you fully recover, but only you know if how you feel.

  • Elena

    priwet Tanjush! Y menja k tebe est 2 waprosika.

    Ja sechas dlja menja delaju takoi challange , bes malochnix prodyktax 2nedeli.xochy posmatret ja poxydeju ot etogo ili net!
    Mogy ja w mesto moloka pit risowoe moloko ili owsjanoe moloko organicheskoe konechno! Mendalnoe moloko ja sama delaju potomyshto ono y nas dorogoe sdes!
    I wtoroi woprosik, ja sebe wsjala bolshuju banky l carnitina i na banke stoit sto w swoi day off shelatelno ego pit pered snom!? Eto prawelno???? Bolshoi Priwet , Lena

    • Privet :),

      Ya sovetuu pit mindalnoe, risovoe ono osobo ne poleznoe sovsej, takge ovsyanoe toge mogno pit.

      L-carnitin eto 12 chasovoj vitamin, poetomu ego gelatelno pit tolko utrom, tak kak esli ego pit vecherom to potom budet trudno spat.

  • MariaBjΓΈrgJepsen

    Upper Body Death!!! Haha. I really feel like I lost a bit of my strenght up there. I guess I should go back to my “Push-ups-Day” once every 1-2 week. I really felt it working good on my chest, arms and abs when I used to do it.

    Part 1: 03:48.

    Part 2:
    1) 16-15-14-13-12.
    2) 4-4-4-3Β½-3Β½ (EVIL!).
    3) 11-12-12-11-11.

    Thank you, Tati.
    Love, Maria

  • MariaBjΓΈrgJepsen

    WOW, I’ve never felt such a fantastic muscle soreness in my whole back, shoulders and obliques from doing this workout yesterday. Not even after lifting weights. Thank you, Tati!!! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, bodyweight can be pretty hard on their own

  • Normal push ups are still very difficult for me, but getting easier the more i try, I’m only lowering myself a little bit – but it’s a lot more than I could do a month ago. This workout killed my shoulders, feels amazing though!

  • Jos

    For part #1: do shoulder press & push up count as 1 rep or each of them count as 1 rep?

  • Jos

    So hot and humid and my own mistake for procrastinating this workout all the way to late afternoon. Part 1 took me 8:17 using cloth as my sliders on the tile floor. I didn’t count my reps for 2nd part…I just wanted not to feel “guilty” for skipping today’s upper body agenda. Have a nice Sunday!

  • Enjoyed this WO!

    first part took me 9min + 20 seconds. (!!!)

    2nd part: I did the dive bombers from my knees since I am not able to do a regular DB.
    R1: 7/5/9

    R2: 6/4/7
    R3: 5/4/6
    R4: 3/3/6
    R5: 4/3/4

  • amber*loving2BfitwithTati*

    Great workout! Was perfect for a day when you need a quick workout but still want a good burn.
    I have seen such an improvement in my body since I started focusing on form over speed. Thanks for the message Tati!

  • Mary Lou

    I just revisited this one and was I shocked! I took 2:14 off the first part but I don’t see how that is possible. In total I did 2 more diagonal p/u’s, 3 more power bombers and 5 more sun exercises. My shoulders are on fire and I can still feel my butt from yesterdays Strong Confidence. Maybe I should let my schedule get messed up more often???

  • I did this one a couple of days ago because we had the whole family here and I wanted a short one. It was great as always, and my sides are sore from those sun exercises today. I love that this one is intense but bodyweight and fast. Great one for under 20 min.

    For part 1, I decided to push to 40, but at 30 my time was 4:15. At 40 reps it was 6:31.

    part 2:
    outward palm diagonal push up: 12-10-11-10-10
    diamond power bomber: 4.5-4-4-4-4
    sun exercise: 8-8-8-9-8

    Finished with the part 2 that’s cardio from push and pull workout and Simply Cut Abs. Amazing! Thanks as always!!! πŸ™‚

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    Love, love, love this upper body workout!!! the first part is amazing and make me feel very strong! This are my scores
    Part #1 done in 5:35
    Part #2

    Started with a 10 minute warmup, 2-1minute plank variation sets, then the workout, finalized with another 2-1minute plank sets. Finished with Real time Cardio #4!!!! Amazing πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much Tati and Miguel!!!

  • This routine is all about the upper body…it looks easy but the you do feel each exercise.

    Warm up: 5 minutes skipping; 5 minutes boxing drills & 2 minutes of dynamic stretched.

    Part 1: I increased the reps to 60… 13:16 to complete the reps
    Part 2: 5 sec rest / 45 sec max
    4-4-4-3-3 (I couldn’t do the press hold at the bottom)

    Finisher: 4 rounds of 1 minute wall supported handstand switches

    Cardio: 15 sec rest / 1 min max for 4 rounds
    -10 high knees, drop down & 3 push off
    – burpees with push up

    Cool down & stretched for 15 minutes.

  • Olga Tihencaia

    1 ????? 7.45 ????????? 4 ???? ? ?????
    2 ?????
    1) 7 7 6 7
    2) 4 4 4 3 4 (? ????? )
    3) 8 8 8 8 8
    ? ?????? ??????))

  • Olga Tihencaia

    part 1 06:13
    part 2
    10 8 9 8 8
    4 5 4 4 4
    8 8 7 8 8
    ? ???? ??? ???? ??????? ?????, ?????? ?? ?????????, ?? 2?? ????? ?????? ????????? ????????