Creative Push-ups Variations & A Workout Challenge

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Creative Push ups


Hello my Lovies,

I am finally getting this post up for you guys. As many of you already know, I’ve uploaded a video on my YouTube channel several days ago, but haven’t had the time to write a post here on my blog and share my results for the challenge that I gave you in the video. So, make sure you are Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you’re always receiving the videos first, even if they are not yet posted here.

In this video, I’ve shared with you 9 creative variations of push-ups. As I mentioned on the video, this is not for beginners, if you are a beginner you need to stick to basic variations of push-ups, and with time you can work your way up to these very advanced variations.

My Time

I timed my self separately for each variations, instead of the whole thing. That way I know which variations were the hardest for me, and what I need to work on. So, here is my time for each:

  1. Falling Bomber Push-ups – 3:36
  2. Two Way Push-offs – 3:06
  3. Elevated Push-back Push-ups – 3:03
  4. Side Plank Push-ups ( I did 30 per each side ) – 5:48
  5. Isometric Spiderman Run & Push-up ( each 3 side knee tucks & 1 push-up counts as 1 rep ) – 8:03 ( I struggled with this one )
  6. Explosive Side Push-ups ( I counted as 1 rep at a time ) – 3:35
  7. Staggared Explosive Spiderman – 2:59
  8. Outward Palm Stretching Spiderman – 3:01
  9. Inward Palm Twisted Body Push-up – 3:07



Share your time below, but remember, the only person you are competing against is the one you’re looking at in the mirror. It’s nice to be aware of others, but your focus should only be YOU and your own progress. 



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