Bounce On It Workout

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Circuit Training Workout


The workout I did today was a circuit training done for time. I took all of your requests for consideration and created one great routine! This workout is for abs, upper body, butt, legs and a great overall resistance training. The only thing I was using for this routine is a mat and my 8 lb medicine ball an of course my Gymboss Max.

I separated the workout video and workout recap & variations for beginners, so make sure you watch all the exercise explanations. I will share my time for this workout at the end of the post.


Bounce On It Workout Video

Bounce On It Workout Recap & Variations For Beginners Video


Workout Explanation

Set your timer ( I am using Gymboss Max ) as a stopwatch. Your goal is to complete the following circuit for the total of 3 rounds as fast as possible, without sacrificing your form.

  • Glute Activating Jump Lunges ( with a medicine ball ) – 16 reps each leg
  • Explosive push-ups on a medicine ball – 12 reps
  • Leg Lifts and Butt Lift & 2 toe touch combo with a medicine ball – 12 reps ( 1 leg lift and butt lift plus 2 toe touches counts as one rep
  • Dynamic Push-ups & Sumo Dive Bomber Combo – 12 reps


My time for this workout was 28 minutes and 32 seconds :), beat me!


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