Bounce On It Workout

Oct 20, 2011 by

Circuit Training Workout


The workout I did today was a circuit training done for time. I took all of your requests for consideration and created one great routine! This workout is for abs, upper body, butt, legs and a great overall resistance training. The only thing I was using for this routine is a mat and my 8 lb medicine ball an of course my Gymboss Max.

I separated the workout video and workout recap & variations for beginners, so make sure you watch all the exercise explanations. I will share my time for this workout at the end of the post.


Bounce On It Workout Video

Bounce On It Workout Recap & Variations For Beginners Video


Workout Explanation

Set your timer ( I am using Gymboss Max ) as a stopwatch. Your goal is to complete the following circuit for the total of 3 rounds as fast as possible, without sacrificing your form.

  • Glute Activating Jump Lunges ( with a medicine ball ) – 16 reps each leg
  • Explosive push-ups on a medicine ball – 12 reps
  • Leg Lifts and Butt Lift & 2 toe touch combo with a medicine ball – 12 reps ( 1 leg lift and butt lift plus 2 toe touches counts as one rep
  • Dynamic Push-ups & Sumo Dive Bomber Combo – 12 reps


My time for this workout was 28 minutes and 32 seconds :), beat me!


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  • inmotion

    Do you mean there is such thing as 10 lb “bouncy medicine ball” :O ? What for, extreme volleyball? Suicidal soccer? Just kidding :).

    • Ha Ha Ha, for the extreme sports ;). What I meant was the hard version of a medicine ball, cause my 8 lb is very squishy :).

      • inmotion

        I get it :-). You are in good shape, if that’s not enough resistance for you… especially the first exercise looks tough as it is.

        • He He it was a bit tough, but I am ready for a little more weight. I have dumbbells, I will be using them in today’s workout ( 10 lbs each ), but I love the medicine ball for some reason more than any other resistance.
          I am actually not in the best shape right now, I want to get stronger and a bit leaner, but just a little bit nothing crazy.

          • inmotion

            That’s the point, to always keep improving. Some people more than others… and you seem to be doing well both with strength and appearance. Well, I should say endurance instead of strength, because you don’t use heavy weights.

            I was thinking of trying your workout, but decided not to risk it, as there was a good chance of my butt being kicked by a girl :-).

          • Ha Ha Ha, It would be cool if you try it :). I bet you can beat me, I have a feeling you are being modest about your skills 😉

          • inmotion

            Lol, thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m going to do it and find out if I am modest (I don’t think so). I’ll let you know how it went, some time next week, because now I have a few other activities in the pipeline.

          • OK, I can’t wait 🙂

          • inmotion

            I am sick :-(. I hope you don’t mind if I postpone it until next week – I didn’t give up on the idea though!

          • I totally understand, cause I haven’t been feeling too well either. But next week :), I will be waiting 😉

          • inmotion

            OK, it’s a promise then :-). Hope you feel better soon.

          • Thank you :), I actually do feel better. I did a great workout yesterday and feel so much better, it always puts me in a good mood.

          • inmotion

            Hi Tatianna,

            I promised you this workout last week, so…

            I guess you were right about my having some skills after all, I did it in 21:57. But, I used a lighter weight and I myself must be a lot heavier than you. Because I don’t have a medicine ball or light weights, I used a 6.5 lb water jug for lunges / leg lifts and a box for push-ups. Even so, I was drained!

            Thanks for the workout!

          • I am glad you dropped some sweat :)!

          • inmotion

            Dropped some sweat? Lol, I wish it were that easy. A couple of times I thought I couldn’t do it… Those interval / full body workouts are not my playing field, as I mostly do strength training, with heavier weights but fewer reps and longer breaks. I just thought I’d give it a try :-).

          • Well, at least you tried it.

  • Anonymous

    Another good workout I had to use 5kg medicine ball so it was weeery chelanging for me +
    I did A6W with medicine ball .Exhausted but what the feeling

    • I know, it’s incredible feeling right after a workout! I love a good burn followed by my body being sore from it 🙂
      I want to get a heavier medicine ball, maybe 12 lb or more ( 5 – 8 kg ), I am ready for more resistance!

  • Laura Dias de Almeida

    I did this workout yesterday with a 6lb ball and it took me 26 minutes 11 seconds and a lot of willpower to finish it as it was really hard. But I enjoyed it a lot and was not sore today: I must have been working out well enough this week ^_^

    • A lot of times when you do these workouts on a regular basis you start to recover faster as well, it also depends on your diet too. If you eat very healthy you will not always get really sore ( it’s a good thing ). As long as when you workout and it feels challenging then you are getting results.

      You totally beat me though 🙂

  • I tackled this one today. I felt like I was dancing the jig with glute activiting jump lunges. I used a 6lb ball, then a balance ball for leg lift & butt lift…did not think I would be able to lift legs up with a weighted ball.
    Warm up: 10mins; Dynamic stretching: 5mins.
    3 rounds: 33:17.
    Day 2 of week 3 Bum & Thigh Challenge.
    Cardio: 6 rounds of 10/35 Twisted toe touch excercise from excercise archives.
    Cool down & stretch for 10 minutes.
    Whoot! one more routine to go for the week….hello Hot Morning Burn.

  • It was wrong about this workout.It was a real killer routine. My time was 31 minutes. I followed with a Yoga/cardio workout from Fitnessblender.

  • Lindsey Shepard

    Deceptively easy looking on paper! Whew, my legs were burning! I had to modify a bit bc of a growing belly. I just did regular instead of explosive push ups. In place of the abs I did standing front, side and back leg lifts (12 of each on both sides). Can’t do dive bombers so I just did shoulder press and went back and forth between those and the dynamic push ups. I took a quick bathroom break after each round (hehe, those jumps are killer on my bladder!) and would pause the timer but it still took me 31 minutes! Great workout even with all the modifications. Thanks, Tati!

  • denisehendrickx

    Well well 29 ,60 minutes . this one’s a keeper for me ! Loved it!!