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Booty Workout


Greetings my Lovies,

First Lower Body Workout of 2014 is here! In this routine we are really going to focus on your booty, but your legs will get an amazing burn as well. The key to each exercise really targeting your butt is the proper form which I explain in the video. There is always a lot more to each exercise than the way the look on video, that’s why you have to pay close attention and WATCH THE FULL EXPLANATION first, prior to jumping into the workout ( cause I know some of you sneaky poohs don’t watch the explanations and rush to get it done, you know who you are 😉 )



Workout Explanation


This workout is broken down into 2 parts. First part is Bodyweight Only ( weight is optional if you like, but I explain in the video why you should do it bodyweight and not add any extra weight to it ). In the second part of the workout i was using a 40 lbs sandbag and a balance ball. Of course you will also need your Gymboss Timer.

There is also a bonus :), which I always add at the end of my lower body workouts, and I switch variations of it from time to time, it will really help you to tighten up your booty muscles, look at it like a cheery on top.

Part 1

Set your Gymboss Timer as a stopwatch, remember GOOD FORM is always number one, so the time is there not so you can watch it go tick tick tick and try to rush through your movements, but for personal record. If you can do your workouts with great form at all times, then you can begin to focus on speed, but the truth is, it’s quite hard to do every rep with good form, it takes a lot of practice, so don’t try to run till you learn how to crawl then walk.

Complete 3 rounds of the following:

  • Twisted Side Step Lunge & Side Lunge Jump Up Combo – 12 reps/side ( each combo together counts as 1 rep )
  • 3 Jump Lunges & 2 Pistols Combo – 10 reps ( full combo of both exercises counts as 1 rep )


Part 2

Set your Gymboss Timer as a stopwatch ( same rules of GOOD FORM apply to each part ). The first exercise will be done in a style of Explosive Pyramid, second exercise is going to be same reps each rounds.

There is 3 rounds total:

  • 1.5 Pick-Up Squat – 20/40/30
  • Leg Lifts on a Balance Ball – 20 reps + 10 Count Additional Hold



Complete 100 reps of Thrusts on a Balance Ball. Always pause at the top, don’t just go through the motions, don’t rush it’s not a race, QUALITY WILL GET YOU FURTHER THAN QUANTITY.


My Time:

Part 1 – 22:58

Part 2 – 21:36

Bonus – 5:39

Enjoy your workout Lovies!



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