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Today’s workout was another full body workout, with especial focus on legs, glutes and abs ( 😉 as always ). The intervals I used in this workout were much longer than I usually use, and trust me 15 seconds of extra maximum work, will give you that extra burn you need. This workout is 27 minutes long ( including the 2 minutes break ) . I will be sharing my scores 🙂 as always at the bottom of the post.

I am also wanted to share that I started doing a mini workout of 8-10 minutes ( HIIT ) right after I wake up and before breakfast. The intensity level I created for my morning routine is about at 70% ( in my actual workout I use about 95% max ). I don’t make super hard exercises, just enough to give you a bit of a challenge and wake your metabolism.

Now let’s get back to today’s workout!

ABSolute Workout Video



Workout Explanation

In this workout you will need a mat, a chair or something you can step on, a dumbbell ( I was using 10 lb, because I don’t want my legs to get bigger ) or a kettlebell, and a medicine ball. If you are a beginner just use your own body weight.

Set your timer  Gymboss Max for 2 intervals, the first interval will be your rest and it is 15 second’s long, the second interval is your maximum effort and it is 1 minute long, for the total of 10 rounds. You will complete the full round, take no more than 2 minutes break and you will repeat the whole round again.


There are 8 exercises in this workout, but 2 of them you have to do on each side.

  • 1. Half Pistol Squat Slide & Jump Tuck ( 2 half pistols and a jump tuck counts as one rep )

Notes: Start in a regular squat position, from here you will do a half pistol move on each side staying low the whole time, then a jump tuck. To get the full potential of this exercise you have to stay low the whole time.
If you are a beginner, you can modify this exercise by doing a simple jump squat ( not tucks for you 🙂 )

  • 2. Two walk over’s & Elbow Plank

Notes: Keep your abs tight the whole time. Start at which ever side of the mat you like, walk over to the other side and do an elbow plank.

  • 3. Side Jump Lunge & Knee Up

Notes: In this exercise it is very important the use of arms, when your arms go back, squeeze your triceps.
On the knee up, squeeze the glutes of the leg you are standing on. And of course use your abs to pull the knee up.
If you are a beginner, just do a regular side lunge ( no jumping ).

  • 4. Wide Grip Push-up & Close Grip Push-up ( both count’s as one rep )

Notes: If you are a beginner, do these push-ups off your knees.

  • 5. Dive Bombers

Notes: This exercise is great when it is followed by other excesses, because it gives you that overall shape to your arms. The movement is done almost like a wave.

  • 6. Step – ups

Notes: At the top of the steps squeeze your glutes. I did this exercise for quality not speed, so don’t rush with those step ups.

  • 7. Medicine Ball Pass
Notes:  When you are passing the ball to your feet, squeeze the ball, this way your inner thighs will be working as well.
  • 8. Myostatic Leap

Notes: I called it myostatic leap because of how I used my arms ( like in a vertical leap ). Squeeze your triceps and your abs.


My scores:

Half Pistol Squat & Jump Tuck – 9, 8

Side Jump Lunge & Knee Up – Right Leg – 9, 10 – Left Leg – 9, 9

Wide Push-ups & Close grip – 7, 7

Dive bombers – 11, 10

Step-ups – Right Leg – 22, 21 – Left Leg 21, 23

Ball-pass – 12, 12

Myostatic Leap – 22, 20


PS – If you are having trouble viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.


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