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What I ate On Wednesday


Hello My Lovies,

Welcome to another Food Diary Wednesday :).  I didn’t have a very large appetite today so I finished my food intake early, around 7 pm with just a small snack.  I think it’s because I had such a large lunch and I am still quite full from it.  As you know I never force my self to eat if I don’t feel hungry, I just listen to my body and eat when I feel the need too.  This is what my eating diary looked like today:



You already know my morning starts with a big cup of black coffee, I do not like cream in my coffee and my actual coffee intake had became a bit smaller, so now it’s about half of m big Buddha cup.  I did my workout fasted today, and we will be recording that workout that I tried out today on Saturday.  Tomorrow we are filming a new upper body routine :).

After my workout, I don’t eat right away, I waited about 40 minutes till I got hungry and I had my breakfast.

This is what I had for Breakfast


What I ate On Wednesday


Organic tomatoes, 3 organic eggs, and fresh basil leaves.  Susu was actually the one who inspired me to start eating fresh herbs and now I have one plant of organic basil in my house and one plant of mint.  I am planning to start a small garden of herbs too :). I cooked my eggs using organic coconut oil.  I also had some pineapple, my mom brought me 3 huge pineapples the other day so I’ve been eating it daily.



I have my lunch usually 2 hours later, or sometimes 3 hours, depending how hungry I feel.  This is what I had for lunch:


What I ate On Wednesday


Organic tomatoes with Himalayan salt, organic baby arugula ( I love arugula ), lot’s of potatoes the Russian style and chicken breast.  I was actually quite the greedy Totem and I ate some more potatoes out of the pan after I finished my plate :P, oink.


After Lunch Snack


What I ate On Wednesday


This has become one of my favorite desserts, I’ve been eating this almost daily as well. It only has 90 calories per bar ( not that I’m counting but I just wanted to let you know so you have an idea ). It’s Non Dairy.


My Dinner Snack

As I said I wasn’t very hungry at dinner time, and after I finished this serving I got more berries and peanut butter, so I ate more than what’s on the picture:


What I ate On Wednesday


This is organic blueberries and organic peanut butter.

This was it my darlings :), tomorrow we are filming new upper body routine, get ready because it’s gonna be very hard!


What did you guys eat today?




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  • Zivenaberry

    I had my protein oatmeal for breakfast. Bob’s Red Mill thick cut oats only! Added spices, vanilla protein, blueberries, and banana. Topped it all off with coconut milk.

    Lunch was a bowl of leftover bean soup. It was northern beans, onion, carrot, celery cooked in stock with oregano and basil.

    Supper I had two beef tacos made with local beef with the works on soft corn tortillas. Avocado, tomato, lettuce, salsa. 1/4 cup of pinto beans on the side, and about 5 mini round tortilla chips to scoop up my beans.

    • It’s been a long time since I’ve had oats and protein, but I used to love it, quite the amazing breakfast you had!

      • Tati are you still using cacao or maca powder in your meals?

  • Kate_M7

    i have either corn flakes for breakfast with sliced banana and rice milk or oats with almonds and dates, then today was pesto (gluten free, wholemeal) pasta and tuna bake for lunch (left over dinner) and i think we’re having chicken and salad for dinner…. breakfast and lunch have kind of gone out the window the past few weeks. I’m 9 weeks pregnant so i’m eating whatever i can stomach as i’ve had terrible nausea. LOTS of carbs (i don’t normally eat many at all, very much a protein and veg kinda gal normally) but that’s all i can stomach! vegemite and cheese on toast, pasta, rice, crackers the LOT 🙁

    i’ve maintained most of my training except skipping as it’s uncormfortable, i’ve replaced that with walking but still starting to feel a bit blah… s’posed i should get used to that 😛 if i don’t feel up to working out i don’t, very much trying to listen to my body for a change!

    • Hi Kate! My best wishes for you and your baby 🙂 I want to have a child in the nearest future and to keep my shape during pregnancy (as far as it possible, of course). So, i have a question for you about your workouts: do you maintain tempo and intensity of a regular Tati’s workout or not? i’ve heard that too much sweating isn’t good during pregnancy, that’s why I’m asking about your experience 🙂

      • Kate_M7

        Hi Tatyana. Thanks, it’s been a long time coming this baby (long history of eating and exercise disorders so I’ve had some fertility issues) so it’s very exciting, these first 12 weeks are the hardest I think, i just keep praying for it to hold on 🙂

        in terms of my workouts i’ve scaled back a little bit. i’m using lighter weights (for instance i used to use a 16kg sandbag, now i will use 2x5kg DBs or a 3kg medicine instead) as everything stretches and becomes looser in pregnancy so it’s easier to injure yourself. plus because there’s more blood pumping through the body so i get tired faster so i’m definitely moving slower (that was one of the first signs i was pregnant before i got the positive test… workouts were taking longer than the last time i did them but i’m in a better shape, i couldn’t work it out :P)… workouts are now taking probably 10 minutes longer than normal to allow for breaks etc, sometimes longer… it’s important not to overheat, they say use the talk test, so as long as you can hold a conversation you’re fine. Jumping has become very uncomfortable (due to certain body parts growing larger :P) so skipping is totally out now as are some jump lunges etc depending on how i’m feeling, but there’s LOTS of walking which the dog loves 😛

        as long as you were active before falling pregnant you are fine to continue with modifications as needed i’ve heard and my doctor advised. obviously when you hit the 2nd trimester there’s no lying on the back etc. when you get bigger do push-ups off knees etc, common sense kind of stuff 🙂

        apparently energy levels return in the 2nd trimester so i’m looking forward to that. between being exhausted all day and morning sickness some days it’s a struggle to do anything but i try not to beat myself up about it like i normally would, it’s not about just me anymore 🙂

        also looking forward to some normal eating returning… i’ve never eaten so much bread in my life…. not like me at all! 🙂

        hope this helps a little 🙂

        • Dear Kate, thank you so much for this info! It really helps me to understand what kind of changes will show up during pregnancy and how training should be modified. My friends who already have babies don’t bother themselves with workouts and they don’t understand my wish to keep up training mode being pregnant. Therefore, i appreciate you’ve shared your experience 🙂 In return, I want to wish you all the best and I’m sure everything will be ok and you’ll give birth to a cute and healthy baby 😉 Hope your morning sickness will soon be over 🙂

  • Jeanne

    Hi Tati! I am like you in this sense: I am not hungry at all after my fasted state workouts (I workout before work in the early mornings). But is it ok not to eat anything after a wrokout? You know, they say how important it is to have something to replenish your muscles and help muscle growth. So, I forced a isolate protein shake in me (wish I didn’t :)) and had a cup of coffee 2hrs after the workout. Not sure if it is good from the nutritional point of view.

    That omelette looks great! I add basil and garlic to almost everything! Love the mix of tastes. And hey, you had such a small dinner.. I wish I could do the same. Come evening, and my appetite is HUGE!

    Have a great day!

    • Yes, I know about the rule of eating within 30 minutes after a workout, but to be honest I don’t think it’s true. I’ve read that our body only begins to burn muscle if we don’t have food for 48 hours, I think it’s the supplement companies who started the rumor about needing to eat right away after the workout. I think they were the one’s who also came up with the 5-6 meal a day myth. That’s why I stopped taking protein shakes, cause I don’t trust them.

      • Jeanne

        I am also strating to think that protein is not the miracle cure for everything when it comes to working out, and seeing you in a great shape just proves it. I will finish my protein and I don’t think I will buy any more. I don’t take it often, just when I know I will miss a meal or something, but I am not a huge fan of the taste.. So, it is better without so long we don’t lose the muscle.

  • Hi Tati! I would like to ask some advice from you, I recently had a new job and a totally new schedule, my work starts at 5pm and ends at 11pm. I used to eat the same way what you are eating now and it was perfect for me, I ate my last meal around 8pm and after that I didnt put anything in my mouth and next time I ate about 16 hours later. Well now I am at work at my dinner time and I usually have some snack around 7pm when we have our break, but it isnt enough to keep me full, bc after I get out from work I’m already feeling very hungry and I eat my dinner when I get home around 12 o’clock. Do you think it is too late to have my dinner at that time? I’m still trying to lose some body fat and I feel having my dinner so late isnt helping me to get my goals. Thanks for your time and help 🙂 Did yesterday one of your upper body workouts and I am feeling sore today!

    • Try eating your dinner at 7pm instead of a snack at work.

    • How come you only have a snack at 7pm? Have you tried having a bigger meal? Just switch your eating schedule around a bit, it will take a few days to get used to it.

      • Yea i thought that but its kind of hard to have a bigger meal at work, but maybe i will work something out.

        • tee_w

          Hi Marjut, I work from 2:30 – 10:30, what I do is eat at a big lunch at 1 pm with lots of proteins and good fat, then I eat my dinner around 8 pm and then have a smaller snack when I get home. So my fasting isn’t quite 16 hours but it works, I find it really hard to not eat after work, because it gives you an appetite!

          • Yea exactly! Even if I eat my dinner at work I still feel hungry when I get home. But I will try to take some dinner with me to work or eat bit heavier at break time. Its just sad that we dont have kitchen to use at work, you know for warming food. well I’ll just have to take some salads with me 🙂

          • But i think I will start to try not to eat after work, maybe just drink some green tea. I really loved the 16h fast and my body also loved it. But I guess it will take some time get used to it again, bc work really gives appetite! Especially bc Im always standing and walking at work and using a lot stairs.

          • take some boiled chicken and add it to the salad, also u can make patties from, shredded tilapia with shredded brocoli

          • Thanks for the advise 🙂

          • tee_w

            Could you buy a thermos, they have those fat ones that are good for chili or stew or soup, it would keep it warm! They say if you get hungry while adjusting to IF that you can eat fat, I have a cup of coffee with butter or coconut oil or cream in the morning so I can wait longer in the morning, you could do something after work like almond butter or a glass of full fat coconut milk or put the butter or oil in your green tea

          • Yea thats a good idea, maybe I can go shop for a thermos to keep my dinner warm till the break at work. This is my fifth night of fasting, couple of first days I was feeling so hungry, but yesterday and today I’m not feeling at all that hungry. 🙂 Today I put some coconut oil to my vanilla chai tea, that was a good idea too, thanks!

  • SuSu

    Your basil leaves look great! I cut a bunch of parsley from my plants yesterday! Yum! I had 1/2 apple, 1/2 banana, 1/3cup dry oats, 2 Tbsp flax meal, 1/2 Tbsp chia seeds, walnuts topped with milk and local, raw honey for breakfast. It is one of my favorites. It is very filling and has healthy fats, and a lot of fiber (over half of daily requirement)!

    For lunch I had a spinach salad (no arugula bc I’m out, but it is also my favorite leafy green by far), with mushrooms, tomato, broccoli, and chicken. Yummy!

    For dinner I had fish with fresh parsley and some wheat noodles on the side.

    • How big is your garden Susu?

      • SuSu

        You will be shocked that it was not that big. Last year I was apart of an organic community garden and I had a 12ft x 12ft garden. But it was shocking at how much I grew in my plot of land. There was also a large garden that was for everyone to pick from if there was something we couldn’t fit into ours and for the hungry in the community. However, I have since moved, so I only have a very small garden right now. Growing up thou, my parents garden was HUGE. It was the size of a basketball court and we pretty much only ate what we grew. I LOVED it and am blessed to have not been fed junk food growing up in USA (which is rare here).

  • Yummy…breakfast looks so good.
    Breakfast was leftover quinoa salad with kale, red peppers and 2 scrambled eggs.
    Lunch…2 slice of pizza and a beer
    Dinner…mix salad with grilled sardines

    • I have’t had pizza in a while, gonna have some this weekend :)))

      • I usually have homemade pita with pizza fixings but I wanted the greasing stuff on Wenesday.

      • yummyy

  • All of this is just looking soooo delicious *___* today I am even hungrier than usual, I just don’t know why… yesterday someone said to me, I have the latent eating-disorder (or however it is called), because I eat HEALTY. by the way, the person eats a lot (tons of fat and carbohydrates in the evening) and is still skinny
    hugs 😉

  • Grain Free Paleo granola with home made almond milk for breakfast, Grilled fish fillets and cauliflower mash for lunch, leftover chicken soup with LOOOTS of veggies and pork-paprika meatballs. As a evening snack with my coffee I had my home made Raw Nut Bar (recipe on my blog). :))) Whole30, day 29 is over now 🙂 One more day and then guess what??? I AM GONNA MAKE THAT FROZEN BANANA FILLED WITH ALMOND BUTTER AND COVERED WITH CHOCOLATE!!! I can’t wait!!! 🙂

  • U eat very little i woudl be HUNGRY LIKE A MONSTER -_- If iwas u. LOL

    N-E Ways idk why but im so small & pettite im 4’11 weight 102 lbs.and 24 yrs old. im always hungry!!! ugh so annnoying.

    Today i trained fasted I did shoulder workout, With a 20 min body weight drill exercise ( i use that as cardio) I sweat this way more than being on the treadmill ( i hate the treatmill), weve never been friends Ne ways jiji

    POST WORKOUT A.M Breakfast: 1 scoop of vanilla protein shake& 1 cup frozen berries
    SNACK: 1 apple dices with lettuce & 1 tbsp natural pb. YUMMM =)
    FIRST LUNCH: 1/2 cup white beans, 3 oz. of a pattie i made of red extra lean meat & a side salad ( cabbage lettuce and tomato) with free caloric dressing from Walden’s Farm. ( im addicted to it)
    SECOND LUNCH: boiled shredded chicken with 1/3 cup of oatmeal with cinnamon
    DINNER: ( today I stop eating at 6pm) I will have some soup, boiled cabagge, boiled carrot, boiled mushroom, boiled small piece of red potatoe with boiled chicken, I will add some chicken low odium brooth with 1 tbsp of tomato paste 🙂 EASY TO MAKE U just gave out t he recipe. & if im still hungry ill have a fruit or mayb ill go shopping for a sugar free ice cream or so . So this is my day 🙂 XOX TATI!

    • I ate a lot when I was 24, I remember when we would go out to eat sushi and I alone would eat 5 big rolls, plus a few hand rolls and some single pieces of sushi. Now I can barely eat 2 rolls, I guess when we are younger we tend to want to eat more.

      • 😉 Hopefully As I age, I get fuller sooner . lol ..

  • How could you managed to eat many meals instead of 2-3 big a day!?it´s just practice? I´m looking forward to your question-answer game part 2 🙂 it will has the most interesting answers I want to know..hehe

    I ate 1 piece of pineapple this morning and 1 avocado + mixedsalat +baby spinach this evening. because I end up with peanutbutter (200g),almonds and 1 apple yesterday my hunger wasn´t so big today :P. I knew that it was a mistake by buying it…xD

  • jt

    Mhmm how do you cook “Russian style” potatoes!??? 😀 I love your creativity in the kitchen!!