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What I ate on Wednesday


Hello My Sweeties :),

I’m back with my Wednesday food log and I had lot’s of delicious things today, oink. Last week we were out of town so that’s why I didn’t post my food diary. We went back to the haunted city St. Augustine that I love so much, I made a post about it last year. I just love St. Augustine so much and I’ve missed my little ghost buddies.

Anyway, this week I’ve been trying to eat quite healthy, I’ve been craving lot’s of salads and coconuts. This is what I ate today:


You know my huge cup of coffee, I’ve had that before today’s workout. I did a full body workout, it was very light and only 20 minutes long. I took 5 days off from training and I really needed it, so today’s workout I did fasted ( I feel more energy with fasted workouts ).

After my workout Lunch:


What I ate on Wednesday


Here I have lightly cooked peppers with garlic, bok choy and chicken.  Usually I wait about an hour after my workout to eat, but I was very hungry and when I feel so hungry I just eat.

1 hour later snack:


What I ate on Wednesday


Whole Grain Brown Rice Crisp ( No GMO ) Organic and Organic Peanut Butter ( Crunchy ).


2nd Snack – 2 hours later 


What I ate on Wednesday


I’ve been really obsessed with coconuts lately and I’ve found an amazing farmers market by my house that’s open all the time, they have coconuts for 2 dollars each, so I bought everything they had and now I’ve been eating a coconut every day.

My other snack is a fiber bar, these bars are very delicious and I’ve been getting different flavors.  It contains 48% of your daily fiber and has perfect ingredients. If you live in US you can find these bars in stores like Marshals and TJ Max, they are much cheaper than getting them at Whole Foods.


What I ate On Wednesday


I’ve had a salad with baby kale, avocado, 2 eggs and tomatoes. I make my tomatoes on the pan with my eggs.  I salted everything with Himalayan Salt. I’ve had pineapple for dessert :).

That was my feast :), What did you guys eat today?

We are filming new abs workout tomorrow :),  Hugs,


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  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    hey beautiful ; ))))

  • Zivenaberry

    Today was day two of doing IF. I have about a 6-7 hour window that I have been eating with how my schedule works out.

    Breakfast – 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites cooked with organic baby greens (kale, mustard, spinach) in 1/2 tsp coconut oil seasoned with onion & garlic powders. I topped it with 1/2 tomato, 1/2 avocado, and hot sauce. Jasmine green tea to drink.

    Lunch – (on the run) several dried apricots, not sure how many, I didn’t count/measure. Then I had a mocha protein smoothie. I used instant coffee, almond milk, and protein powder all blended with ice.

    Supper – I made this: I didn’t use any cheese though. Used some local beef and kale instead of cabbage. Some of her recipes are pretty heavy, but I love her flavor combos so I often healthify them and sub out non dairy ingredients.

    Snack – two clementines and some oolong tea with honey, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.

    Sipping on some herbal peach tea right as I type 🙂

    • OMG I love the pioneer woman blog, I’ve seen here reality show too, her food looks amazing, but OMG sometimes she uses so much butter I don’t think I can even handle that much.

    • jt

      mhmm that recipe looks delicious!! added to my bookmarks, thanks!

  • dani

    How did you open that coconut? It looks like you tore it open! Also, when you say you have been eating a coconut a day, I’m curious to know…so you drink the water and eat all the meat? That’s a lot of coconut and a lot of fiber isn’t it? I’ve always had trouble separating the meat from the shell. Or for that matter, cracking the thing open

    • It’s quite funny how I open my coconuts, you’re gonna laugh, I use a hammer 🙂

      I do eat all the meat and drink all the juice, since it’s a young coconut the meat quite easily comes off, I use a spoon.

  • This rice crisp look soooo yummy 😀 And that peanut-butter *_*

    I wanted to tell you a little story. Two of my friends asked me if I could make a workout-plan for them to prepare for the prom ball( in Germany it is actually called abitur-ball). I told them, in order to see progress the have to eat cleaner. So I introtuced to them superfoods. One said shewoul be too lazy or whatever to eat them, so she would stick to her usual nutrition 8I think you can’t call this nutrition). I recommended to eat some nuts on a daily basis. “Oooh I don’t eat almonds or paranuts or walnuts or whatever. I just don’t like them.” (you should know she eats crap all the time). “And everything is just soooo expensive..” I said she could substitute her super-dooper yummy delicious choco-granola or whatever it is called with usual oatmeal with a banana. “I just have to eat this chocolate thing in the morning blabla.” Hmmm, I thought. Then you shoul drink enough, 2 -3 litres a day. “Whaaaaaaaat then I would have go to the toilet so often.” You can’t lose weight if you’re not drinking enough. “I think I will just do the workout, thats enough for me. And they only last 30 minutes. -.-” I know I shoulden’t bother about this, but unfortunately I do.
    Hugs, Tati (I missed your workouts so much)

    • You’re so adorable sweetie 🙂

  • haha..everytime I read here I can find some similarities :)..Lately I´m obsessed with coconuts, too and had 1 each day. (price here: 2 for 1 € ). And like I said it´s best fatloss food ever and a super recovery food, too (muscle grow, joints,..);)

    • Yes I did hear that coconuts are the best weight loss foods, I just love how they taste and I always go through my phases of things, for a while it was pineapple, I at 1 per day, then it was a bag of chocolate covered raisins ( that one was bad but I couldn’t stop my self from eating it, every time I saw them I became hypnotized ), now thankfully it’s coconut 😛

      • yeah..phases with things are like the season creep! 🙂

        Over the year I´m in love with this and that and include it more often.
        When I noticed it´s not got for me I make a cut..
        oh girl let me tell you, I had bought 3 peanut butter jars in stock. It was such a bad idea. I didn´t know to get such obsessed with it. same with oats… 😛 … I remember coconutmilk, too. But fresh coconut makes a huge difference. perhaps it´s truly a sign that processed food can make addictions!?

        • Yes processed foods can become very addictive, I have a conspiracy theory that companies add some kind of chemical to processed foods so people crave them more, I know junk food chains do that, I bet regular food companies do that as well.

          I don’t know how you can keep all that peanut butter at home, I go through peanut butter super fast.

  • jt

    Tati, how do you manage to have chicken so often? How often & how do you prepare it? 🙂 It looks so delicious!!!

    Ah the other day I saw coconuts for 1 euro at the supermarket, really cheap! But I should look up for a tutorial on how to cut without destroying them LOL
    Once I tried to make peanut butter but it ended up as a grainy, not so yummy thing. It looks so delicious, perhaps I’m going to try it again, because I can’t find PB here…

    So far I’ve had a greek yoghourt with a mashed banana and whole cereals on it, nothing else, so good morning everyone! 🙂

    • Ha Ha Ha, I love chicken so much, I think I eat 90% chicken, it’s been my favorite since I was a kid.

  • For breakfast I had a “cake” made of mashed bananas, eggs and nut meal. We do this once a week to have also a sweet breakfast between all our eggs and bacons :))) For lunch we had a Chocolate Chili. Dinner is still in the making – gonna be oven roasted chicken with loads of garlic and sauerkraut. Paleo here! :)) Currently on Day 22 of Whole30 challenge :)))

    Love watching what you eat, my Fitness Queen :)))

    • Wow chocolate chili sounds so good, I’ve never tried that before

      • I use ground beef (about 1kg), 3 big tomatoes diced, 4 bell peppers diced (different colors) and one small butternut squash peeled and diced, 1 big chopped onion, 5 cloves of garlic, coconut oil or ghee, 2 tsp paprika, 1tsp salt, 1tsp pepper,1-2 tsp chili and unsweetened cocoa powder (about 2 heaping teaspoons on this amount of stuff) and I boil this all for about 90 minutes. Serving without any rice or pasta or bread, since we are on a paleo diet and do not eat any grains, pastry or dairy, but it is delicious on its own, or with rice (very occasionally) :)))

        • SuSu

          Woah!! Sounds amazing.

  • Break fast: berries shake & pumpkin loaf
    Lunch: bowl of lentil soup & grilled eggplant with brie…99% of the time my lunch is the previous night dinner.
    Snack: large apple & banana
    Dinner: chicken, avocado, mixed green salad.

  • Da eto ya na nedele tak kushau, no na vihodnih ya kushau raza v 3 bolshe. Ya sdelau post s fotkami pro eto na etih vihodnih.

  • Alice

    Tatianna, you should write an article about intermittent fasting! I wanted to give it a try last year and I’ve read a lot about it – but it would be nice to know your experience with it, I like how you keep your approach to nutrition simple and reasonable.
    I usually eat every couple hours so it wouldn’t be easy to adapt to intermittent fasting, but I’m still curious to try…

    This is what I’ve had today:
    breakfast: quinoa, half an apple chopped and a grated carrot, mixed in a bowl with cinnamon and a bit of honey; one egg and a cup of black tea
    lunch: cauli-rice with tuna, one orange and half a banana
    snack: the same apple-carrot mix as breakfast, no quinoa this time and I added a bit of dark chocolate to the mix
    dinner: spinach and fish (sorry I can’t find how that fish is called in english!), some peanuts
    Plus, I have a cup of green tea with every meal (except breakfast) and more cups between meals… Uhmmm I know green tea is good but I think this is too much.

    • Yes I’ve been wanting to write about it, I think it’s time because I’ve been doing it for many months now. It was very easy for me to adopt to because I like to eat big portions, the small portion thing had never worked for me, I’ve always been 2-3 times a day big meal kind of person. I just like to eat until I get full, then I’m not hungry for a while, but works so good for me, I love it.

      • it´s interesting that you do both: IF and the 5-6 meals a day. It´s kind hard for me to eat so often in the more or less 8h window. I like to eat 1-2 times a day.

        IF is a great thing when it comes to cut down stubborn belly fat and give your body time to rest. also your energy levels are even great or better than before.

      • SuSu

        Tati, I am the same. Because I always eat a really big breakfast to keep me going, I don’t get hungry until later, I tried the 5-6x a day and it wasn’t for me either.

  • SuSu

    I don’t blame you for buying all those coconuts. That is an excellent price!!! When I saw the picture of the rice cake I was thinking I sure hope if it non GMO…and it was! Your day looked great!

    • Thanks you SuSu 🙂

      Yep, I now make sure I buy everything non GMO :). You also inspired me to get a real Basil and Mint Plants ( organic 🙂 ). I bought a dill one as well but it died on me, but the basil and mint have been living with me for a while and I’ve been using it in my salads, just love it. Gonna get more of those plants.

      • SuSu

        Ooo that is great!! Fresh basil and mint are wonderful! Try the mint in one of your soups when you add your greens! It is amazing!

  • Did you eat that in a 4 hr. open window? I wanna have a better understanding of I.F. so i can have an aprroach to this lifestyle. And how often do u fest, DAILY? I started working otu fasted.. which mostly happens when i stop eating b4 night and when im asleep, adn in the gym.

    • I eat in the 8 hour window, I suggest you check out, it’s everything IF

    • steffi_dk

      IF is great! There are a lot of different ways to do it. I tried almost everyone of them. I had the best results with Brad Pilons “Eat Stop Eat”, but I´m on the Warrior Diet now, because it´s easier for me. Last week I didn´t do IF and I felt so sluggish all week, so now, I´m back in the game 🙂 You have to try, what works best for YOU and give it time! It´s not easy to adapt to fasting, at least for me it wasn´t.

  • Evaleen

    Well I’ve forgotten what I ate last Wednesday, :p it probably wasn’t so good lol. Also didn’t know those stores even sold food (just clothing/accessories) but I LOVE those fiber bars so it’d be great to find them cheaper– so thank you lots for that bit of info! 😀

    And I wish I could do fasted state workouts more often, but unless they’re really short/light I get so dizzy. 🙁 As it is, I can barely lean over and stand back up without my head spinning :/ so prone to that, it’s ridiculous.

  • That peanut butter looks so good. I’ve been craving some the last 4 days and I think I’m going to go buy some. Normally it’s something I’d have in my house anyways but, both my darling boyfriend and I can go very, uh, “oinky” over the stuff.