Food Diary Wednesday 2

Dec 6, 2012 by



Hello My Sweets,

Another food diary Wednesday is here :). After taking pictures of what I eat, I realized how boring I am when it comes to eating. Anyways, here is what I ate today.


Breakfast – Just Coffee


I didn’t really feel hungry when I woke up, so I never force my self to eat if I don’t feel hungry.  But coffee is mandatory for me every morning.




Breakfast Snack – Raw Organic Cashews and Pomegranate 




Lunch – Chicken Portobello Soup with Fresh Arugula ( I will post the recipe for it tomorrow ).

For snack I’ve been obsessing with my apricot rolls, I’ve been eating them every day for the past 2 weeks. I have this thing, I go through certain foods obsessions stages, now it’s the apricot rolls.




Mid Day Snack – Raw Cashews, Organic Apple, Organic Tangerine 




Post Workout Dinner and Snack – Salad ( Organic Spinach, Arugula, Sprouts, Tomatoes, Turkey, with Walnut Oil ) and Apricot Roll 🙂




This was my fun day of eating,


What did you guys eat today?

OHH here is the picture of my new baby, he’s been homeless so we picked him up and now he lives with us. I called him Neo La Rabbit. The reason I called him Neo is because lately I’ve been having a lot of interesting synchronicities happening in my life so it was natural for me to call him Neo La Rabbit, he is a Rabbit after all LOL :).



Tomorrow we are filming a New Lower Body Workout!! Get Ready 🙂







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  • how adorable the rabbit is 🙂

    • Thank you girl :), he is such a cutie pie and he already knows his name 🙂

  • That’s such a huge and cuddly bunny!!! Oh so happy for you!
    And I love your mug!
    And by the way, enjoy reading as usual….. always inspires me to eat healthy 🙂 Love you!

  • Evaleen

    Aw, what a sweet baby 😀 from my experience, there’s nothing softer than bunny ears lol. I really wonder though how he ended up in your back yard, sounds like he was domesticated once. But happy he’s in safe hands now, is a lucky bunny. 🙂

    And I love natural fruit snacks, but I’ve never seen any as thick and rich looking as that apricot roll (am curious about it’s ingredients). Anyway, great pictures! Your nutrition looks “beautiful”. :p

    • Hey girlie :),

      I didn’t find him in our backyard, I’ve been seeing him around the neighborhood for month’s now, I would always try to give him food but he would run away. And the other day I came home from my walk and he was by my door, and this time I gave him food and he didn’t run away, he let me pet him so I took him in 🙂

      The apricot ingredients are apricots and sugar, but there isn’t that much sugar, that’s what I like about it, it doesn’t taste as sweet as other apricot rolls. This on is European, I love it cause my grandma used to get it for me when I was little.

      • Evaleen

        Aren’t nostalgia foods great. 🙂 I found a homemade recipe for it (very simple, just apricots and water), will post if it’s good… if not, at least I have these Stretch Island fruit snacks– all natural and sweetened with fruit juices 🙂 but they’re called fruit “leather” for a reason lol.

  • Maria

    I was expecting a whole chicken today or a whole some other thing! lol. this is great bc its not everyday ppl make elaborate meals. simple basics are the yummiest. plus that soup sounds really great. lOVE soup. gonna try this one out. p.s. what a cutie this new friend is… he looks soft and plump… he needs a waistcoat 🙂

    • I will have a recipe of the soup tomorrow, it was truly divine!

  • LanaSar

    Hi Tati! What a cute rabbit))) Why don’t you call the new workout after him? Something like ‘Neo Workout’ ?

    • Thank you :), sounds like fun NEO Workout!

  • steffi_dk

    Looking at what you eat makes me realize, that I eat way too much!! Your breakfast looks sooo good:-) I also have obsessions with certain foods, sometimes I´m lucky and it´s something healthy:D

  • I thougth eating a portion of protein with most meal was necessary…just wondering about your protein intake.
    Cute rabbit! You wanted a cat, now you’ve a furring kid of a different kind.
    I’m in the same boat with 2 cats at the farm. They were left behind by the previous owners (couldn’t catch them to take during the move). The orange stays at the barn, but the black &white cat is coming to the house. Strange cat, the moment she see a person she walks to them and starts rolling on the ground. She lets you pick her up, once she’s on you she start sucking on your skin…does that to everyone.

    • Evaleen

      I’ve had a cat or two like that, still in the ‘suckling’ stage… I think it’s from being weened too soon or too abruptly. But they did eventually drop the habit, cute as it was lol.

      And about protein with every meal, I’ve come to believe that really isn’t necessary either as long as there’s no calorie deficit, and you energy is gotten from a variety of healthy fats and carbs– as well as protein. Here, all the nuts and one good portion of meat would’ve probably supplied all the protein she truly needed, especially if this wasn’t a workout day.

      Here’s an article I linked to before, when someone asked a similar question (protein consumption related to building/preserving muscle).

      • Thanks for answering the protein question. Everything I read before this article was preaching a lb of protein to a lb of bodyweight. I’m glad to for this new information because I was never able to do the lb for lb ratio.

        I husband said the same thing about the cat sucking habit. I’m not sure how old Lily is…we inherited her. She’s a very loving cat.

    • Hey girl, yes I used to always obsess with protein consumption, now I just eat intuitively.

      I want a kitty so bad, but with 2 dogs and now a rabbit it’s definitely on the never going to happen side 🙁

      ( Yes Matrix is real ), I’ve had my own awakening to it.

  • What a cute bunny! 🙂 I used to have two bunnies, they were supposed to be both boys, well then this two boys made a lot of baby bunnies 😀 After this it was kind of hard to keep all of them in control and they were running away…

    • I think this one probably ran away from someone, because he is very friendly

  • Karen Yasikov

    I go trough “obsessive sugar sweet cravingsstages” …then it goes away, I went last wk. to MExico DF, N i tasted for the 1st time lemonade made with sparklin water instead of regular water, n i felt in luv with it, now i try to make it but substitude the sugar with splenda. N also another obsession lately, cashew nuts with dried cranberries -_- … I had a bad wk. end when it comes to food, I did eat alot of junk foood, i guess its that time of the month :(…..N i tend to crave sweets then salty stuff then sweet then salty.. its an endless chain. I will for sure next time share my FOOD DIARY 🙂 Best of luck in everythign u do, xoxo <3 .. ps..I have never tasted the roll u eat 😛 but they have one here its called ,"rollo de guayaba" ( guayaba is a fruit) its delicious, but i dont really crave it..but i to eat the guayaba alone 🙂 If u ever have a chance u should totally taste it.

  • Zivenaberry

    Tati, you inspired me to try sprouts. I was amazed at how cheap they were! I really love them, they give such a good crunch to my salads! Right now i am having a salad of organic baby greens, tuna, cucumber, red pepper, tomato, sprouts, and a dressing I made from dijon mustard, honey, rice vinegar, and just a very small touch of sesame oil.