Food Diary Wednesday #18

Apr 18, 2013 by

What I ate On Wednesday


Hello my Lovies,

One more Food Diary entry is here.   I started yesterday quite early and when I start my days early I have more meals than usual.  I’ve discovered this new cereal a little while ago, it has Chia, Buckwheat and Hemp, this version also had cranberries and almonds in it.  Now, I’m gonna tell you a funny story:

When I first discovered this cereal I ate it how it was in it’s dry for, while sipping on my hemp or almond milk.  I’ve been eating it like that for a while till one time I took a quick looksie on the back of the package, where it clearly states in the directions that the cereal needs to be soaked for 5 minutes in milk of your choice.  Imagine how dumb I felt?  I just stood there thinking, that’s what I get for never reading directions on anything, LOL.


Anyways, I’ve learned my lesson this time, and let me tell you soaked in milk this cereal was quite amazing and soft.

Now, let me show you what I ate yesterday:

  • Breakfast ( Big Large Coffee as usual ) and my now favorite cereal with organic raspberries and unsweetened chocolate almond milk :

What I ate On Wednesday


  • Lunch # 1


What I ate on Wednesday


( Everything Organic )  Greens, Sprouts, Red Pepper, Chicken with skin ( as usual ).  Tea and an Iced Oatmeal Cookie ZBar ( it’s amazing ).


  • Lunch #2 ( this was also my post workout meal )


What I ate On Wednesday


Organic Greens, Organic Chicken and Organic Brown Rice with Pumpkin Seeds.  After I ate my meal I snacked on Pineapple.


  • Dinner


What I ate on Wednesday


Organic Greens, Organic Chicken and Organic Apple, at this point I wasn’t very hungry but I just wanted to eat something because I like to workout fasted in the morning.


What did my Lovies eat?




PS – New Real Time Cardio #5 is coming early tomorrow.


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    • Da, ya polnositu soglasna! Obichno ya toge delau batonchiki sama doma, no inogda pokupau etu firmu tak kak tam prosto otlichnie ingredienti.

  • saretta

    Hi Tati, in almost all of your Food Wednesday posts I notice you eat a lot of chicken. Do you eat chicken every day?

    • Yep I do :), it’s my favorite source of protein. I ate this way since I was little, chicken daily ( before I always at 1 whole chicken per day ). But now I cut down on my meat intake and eat much less of it, try to get my protein from other sources as well.

  • Lili Suke

    nice Tati, thank you for sharing…I love you cup and plate 🙂 its a very nice design 🙂

  • I love your plates and cup 🙂 We use a similar style in my country. I also love oriental tea cups.
    Today, I plan on eating what I usually eat – lots of iceberg cabbage, cauliflower, an egg, some olives, chicken and bread. I’ll eat less fruit because I plan on eating ice-cream 🙂 I haven’t eaten oats in a while because I’ve been craving bread a lot lately, and I would often eat it as a snack. I decided to eat bread instead oats in the morning, for a while, until I get bored and go back to oats again 🙂 I wanted to ask about “Stevia”. I plan on using a little in my recipes and I was wondering what’s your opinion. Maybe you’ve written on this subject before, I can’t seem to remember. Here is the recipe for the muffins I plan to cook tomorrow 🙂

    • Thank you :), it’s my new ones. Too bad I only got 2 plates and 2 cups, gonna try to go back to that store on Monday and hope they still have more of them, I now want the whole set. I’m gonna go take a look at that recipe now.

      Edit: That recipe looks amazing! I need a food processor, I don’t know much about them and I have to look at different models. But lately I’ve been finding more and more recipes that would just be amazing and all of them require a food processor.

      • Guest

        I chopped the plums with a knife and mashed them with a wooden spoon. After that, I put all the ingredients in a blender. The structure of the muffins was not so smooth and they didn’t get a very defined shape, but tasted great 🙂 Glad you liked the recipe 🙂

        • Sorry about the huge image. I tried to delete the post but it stay as a guest post after.

  • jt

    Well if you liked the dry cereal who is the package to tell you otherwise 😛 Hahah well but I assume that it’s better digested in its soggy form.

    I’ll never get tired of looking at your BEAUTIFUL CHICKEN LOL… I’ll induce myself to dream about it so that happens somehow. The other day I was obsessed about macarons and I ended up dreaming about eating one 😀 (it was a very strange variation though, walnut macaron with very finely crushed walnuts around the filling, delicious though!). So I’ll eventually dream about your chicken with its salad 🙂

    I haven’t eaten very healthily in the last few days, that hadn’t happened to me in quite a while. It was from a couple of days before my, erm, “lady days” and 3 days after it begun, but I forced myself back on track because I had started to feel physically bad (bloated, hungry for no reason, etc). It’s funny because those days I didn’t work out, but as soon as I resumed it, it was actually easier to eat as usual.

    So far today I’ve had fresh whipped cheese with müsli and sunflower seeds and then my big yerba mate cup with a couple of oatmeal cookies (these cookies are trans free, they are made with high oleic sunflower oil). It’s my “lazy” kind of breakfast now, but serves me well.

    I am looking forward to have a couple of sunny side up eggs this noon, as my dear lady neighbour has brought me some yesterday. She’s the same that brings me lemons 🙂 In return, I give her dry bread for the hens and marmalade whenever she brings me like 3 kg of sour oranges or plums 🙂

    Have a nice day!!!

    • Nice, you are eating some delicious foods too MMM :)))

  • TessuCroft

    Thanks Tati for your Food diary!

    You´re the one who “introduced” me to eat spinach and aragula salad with chicken, apple and peanutbutter, and it is so delicious! It´s one of my favourite meals at the moment. So good. I had never used peanutbutter with salad, now I freaking love it. =D

    • OMG I’m so happy! I know it sounds so strange but it tastes soooo good, glad you like it!

  • I started cooking again this week, eating was more balance and regular the past 4 days.
    Wednesday meal..
    Breakfast: Homemade rye toast, poached egg and spinach slaw.
    Lunch: Minestrone soup
    Snack: Homemade granola, banana and goat milk.
    Dinner: Griiled wild Salmon with tossed salad.
    I miss eating a really tasty and jucing pineapple…the ones here are so blah.

    • Wow homemade rye toast mmmm good! I just bought some German style organic rye bread ( I need to make it homemade one of these day ). You just reminded me it’s been a long time since I’ve made a homemade granola as well.

      • I ate such wonderful rye breads in the Nederlands, I decided I needed to make some at home., I made some changes to the recipe..
        Replaced white flour with 2 cups of stone ground whole wheat flour plus 2TBS gluten flour
        Cut molasses to a 1/4 cup.
        Use 1TB organic coconut sugar instead of white sugar
        Omitted the caraway seed.
        I shaped into loaves (baked in bread pan) rather than oval.

        • Wow I am definitely going to give this a try. Thanks for posting your changes to the recipe. How many loaves did you manage to make?

          • 2 loaves, and 4 buns. Next time I’ll try and freeze half of the dough. I want to see if I can make fresh bread with the frozen dough once defrost.

    • My husband keeps talking about how he grew up on goats milk, I soooo wish I could do that for my family. I need to find someone who has goats and see if I can get some regularly.

      Love your meals btw.

      • Save-on foods and superstore sometime carry pasturized goat milk. We use ours raw.

        • Thank you lvette, I will check that out

  • I went looking for that cereal and, to be honest, I was very surprised to find the Nature Path brand. I didn’t find that one in particular but I did find some cereal that I am interested in trying. But the thing that surprised me the most is that it is labelled NON-GMO project verified. Being in Canada you don’t find too many things labelled this way. It is great that there are companies taking it on themselves to label their products. The government keeps trying to tell us that labelling this way is just going to scare the public or it is just going to be too expensive to carry this out, in my opinion it is just wrong. Sorry, I just went off on a little tangent there, kind of off topic 🙂
    Btw Tatianna, I love how you keep inspiring each and everyone of us. Keep up the great work, you are truly an amazing individual.

  • tee_w

    We have a cereal here that is similar! It’s called Holy Crap! Lol. Made in beautiful BC all organic I believe. i used to eat it quite a bit. :). I used to add the milk the night before and let it soak overnight in the fridge. The chia seeds get all gelatinous reminded me of eating tapioca pudding

    • Lol interesting name for a cereal 🙂

    • Holy crap is the bomb…it is delicious and organic.

    • Holy crap :)))

      Yes, chia do remind me of tapioca, except they are smaller and much more nutritious.

  • dea32

    Hei Tatianna=)) I like your page and your articles, and especially your view on life=)) because you seem to have a lot of experiences I would like to ask you for advice on how to gain weight in a healthy way. I eat quite a lot but my upper body is still bony, I know I need to gain some muscle but I would also like to gain some fat to have a feminine look. If you have any advice on what tipe of exercise and diet should I chose to have that results I would really appreciated it=)) thank u for your answer and have a reat day=)))

    • Hi sweetie,

      Well, first I would like to ask you, how old are you? I need to know this because I can give you a better answer on how you can gain the weight.

      Second question, what kind of foods do you eat daily per meal, be specific.

      • dea32

        I`m 21, I actually eat three larger meals and snacks in beetwen, for breakfast I usually have some cereals or some whole grain bread, than for lunch and dinner I eat meat or fish with potato, pasta or rice and a big salade, in between some fruits, yoghurt, I have a sweet tooth too =S. I`m a student and sometimes I just don`t have time to prepare meals so I have to eat outside. In general I just try to eat healthy and home prepared food, I think I eat quite a lot but I`m still skinny. I would like to gain some weight but in a healthy way and I thought to ask you=))

        • dea32

          sorry I hope that helps, or should I give you more information?

          • You seem to eat quite a bit, looks like you have an overactive metabolism. To gain more muscle and more fat you will have to eat even more than what you’re eating right now, do only weight training and completely skip on cardio.

            I suggest you doing 4 weight training workouts a week, also for breakfast you need more than just cereal, you need complete protein like eggs for example.

          • dea32

            thanks for your answer=)) …..yea probably it really is my metabolism=/..I`ll try that yes and hope it gets better.have a nice day;)

  • I started my morning quite early today too, approx. 4:45am. Had breakfast of Kashi high protein cereal with frozen mixed berries and 1/2 a banana and milk. 31/2 hours later I had a slice of organic hand made multi-seed bread topped with one cooked over easy egg, 1/2 slice cheddar cheese, 1 slice of lean ham and a 11/2 cups of spinach, tomatoes slices. 3 hours later I had a fruit smoothie with 3 tbsp. plain whey protein powder, 1 simply bar (only 14 carbs, 16g protein, only 7 ingredients). 11/2 hours later 1 apple. Two and half hours later 4 oz. skinless roasted chicken breast, 2 cups salad with heirloom carrots, broccoli, peppers, cucumber, baby greens, 1 cup of pasta with 1 oz. of grated reduced fat cheddar cheese. I am 7 weeks pregnant so I’ve been needing to eat every three hours to help ease my nausea which is so annoying. I am completely turned off by the foods which I couldn’t imagine not having i.e. coffee. The smell or look of coffee makes me want to barf…….so sad:( I haven’t been able to keep up my work outs due to my less than thrilling constant nausea. I am hoping it doesn’t last much longer I really miss my workouts!!!