Food Diary Wednesday #17

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What I ate on Wednesday


Hello my Sweeties,

I’m having a beautiful day and I hope all of you are as well!  I posted my last week’s Food Diary Wednesday on my Facebook cause I didn’t have time to write a post.  Some of you guys always tell me that I eat so little, but trust me I make up for it on the weekends.  You see during the week I like to eat extremely healthy because I train, so when I train I don’t have as much of an appetite for anything else then extremely healthy food.  But on weekends I cheat, quite a bit.  This is what my weekend of eating usually looks like:

On Fridays, me and Miguel love to go to the movies, and I always get my popcorn with full on butter, I mean such absurd amounts of it that Miguel can’t even eat my popcorn, he things it’s too much.  Saturday I usually eat quite clean as well, but occasionally I will have some chocolates.  On Sunday we always go to all you can eat buffet ( sushi buffet ) and I eat lot’s and lot’s of sushi rolls, I definitely never hold back on my sushi rolls.  Then sometime after dinner, I love to go to a frozen yogurt place where I always have ton’s of toppings ( lot’s of dirty foods, cause I don’t like to hold back on my toppings ) and then just a little bit of frozen yogurt on the bottom.  If I don’t go there, then I go to the chocolate truffle place.  So to sum it all up, I like to live to the fullest on my weekends, because I want to enjoy life.  If I ate super clean 7 days a week and didn’t cheat 2 days minimum and relaxed, I would soon end up in one of of those places where they put a white shirt on you and tie your hands behind your back to keep you calm – you get the picture :).

This is what I ate today:

Morning – I had a regular coffee, no sugar, milk or anything else.


What I ate on Wednesday


Also, after my dinner, I had 6 more tangerines, because I wanted to.


How do you guys eat on weekends?


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  • ? FitLover ? Beth ?

    “I would soon end up in one of of those places where they put a white shirt on you and tie your hands behind your back to keep you calm” -LoL wish I knew what that means?

    • daybelis garcia

      In the hospital for mental patients, psychiatry lmaoooo Tati is sooo cute and funny

    • Violet said it’s called a straight jacket 🙂

      • daybelis garcia

        Lol it is called that:) you’re still so adorable Tati , I love how humble and down to earth you are

  • daybelis garcia

    I am exactly the same way Tati, what a confidence. I eat superrrr good mon thursday saturday, but on sunday it’s a dne deal lol. I eat whatever my body craves and it’s usually lots of peanut butter and chocolate. My cheat day maintains me lean and sane hallelujah haha

  • eliza

    I don’t like to cheat at all! makes me feel bloated and affects my performance with workouts for days…for me eating clean 100% is ok because honestly i love fruits and veggies, and pigging out on more satisfies me but without the guilt and side effects. obviously your cheat days work for you because you are gorgeous! keep up the work

    • I pig out on fruits quite as well :), but several times in my life I tried to eat perfectly clean for several months, and the longest it was over a year, then I went crazy, it kind of snuck up on me.

  • Karmalife

    Hi Tati! I just started cheat Sundays again and am loving them. When I started cheat days back in 2000, I would gorge myself all day on all things- bagels, sweets, pizza. I had no problem getting back on track on Monday and the evident bloat would actually push me in the right direction. However, over the years I realized that didn’t work for me since my body is so extremely sensitive to sugar, wheat and excess carbs. SO…my latest cheat days are a healthier version.

    I eat relatively low fat during the week, and don’t use oil or snack on nuts. I might add a teaspoon of tahini in my salad dressing but that’s it. Then on Sundays I allow myself more fats, usually in the form of nuts and almond meal. Last weekend for example, I made banana muffins with homemade almond meal. The Sunday before that I made a cauliflower crust pizza with almond cheese for dinner- the crust was made again with almond meal. I am not eating chocolate right now for lent but once Easter comes, I will allow myself chocolate on Sundays. I realize I just can’t do the junk food anymore- it makes me feel terrible the next day. Plus, I am going through such positive changes with myself as a whole and revamping myself spiritually- I don’t feel those foods I used to eat have any place in my body anymore. Having said that, I would probably get popcorn at the movies but without the butter (I’m vegan and also I’m pretty sure that butter is made with all sorts of chemicals which I avoid ).

    I love cheat days though- it gives me something to look forward to.
    I don’t think I would consider eating sushi as cheating!! You are so cute. They don’t have any sushi buffets around here but if they did I would go nuts. I never fill up on my veggie rolls..

    • For the most part I try to have good cheat meals, when I buy my chocolates ( like my chocolate raising ) Organic, and I absolutely love vegan desserts, so if I have desserts I go to whole foods and find them there.

  • Tati, if the way you eat works for you, that’s what counts. What people need to realise is that the way you eat might not work for them. Personally, I like to spread my bad meal (not so clean food) throughout the week.

    • Agreed! It’s always best to listen to our own body!

  • I totally agree with Lvette, whatever works for you. I too believe, in fitness and in eating, one should do what works for them. Everyone is different and that’s just how the world turns 🙂 I eat quite similar to you during the week and have been confronted by individuals but they soon realize that I am too old to be analyzed and told what to do and they need to back up on out of here 🙂 Happy, blessed and pretty much healthy 🙂 what more can a person ask for, right 🙂

  • Oh btw the word you are looking for is “straight jacket” 🙂

  • tee_w

    Their coming to take me away ha ha! Their coming to take me away hee hee!
    Love this post!
    When I was a kid my mom would make a huge bowl of popcorn on the stove, then my dad would take his plain(yuck!), then she would melt a cup of butter all over it and I would take mine, then she would pour salt all over hers(also yucky!). Funny thing was my Dad was a bit heavy then and my Mom & I were skinny! Still makes me believe the eating fat does not make you fat! Lol. I can’t even imagine eating popcorn unless its almost soggy with butter! Lol

    • Thank goodness there is another person like me who likes their popcorn soaked in butter, that is the only way I eat mine, dry popcorn is definitely not my thing.

  • It is so easy to eat 6 tangerines in one setting. They are so good and so small. Great fiber too! And you do eat a lot. I love salads so much and it takes a while to chew and eat all that and it does fill you. I love your foods.

    • Thanks Susu 🙂

      Yes it is so easy to eat many and many tangerines, sometimes I can eat 10 in one sitting, but I don’t stress about it, if I crave it I just eat it.

  • Do you put any salad dressing or olive oil on your salads? Or do you eat the greens and chicken? Just wondering. I want to eat like you do! 🙂

    • Sometimes I make my own dressing from squeezed orange juice, olive oil, green onions, a bit of vinegar, salt. And sometimes I eat my salads just the way they are, I’m not too much into dressing cause now days it’s hard to find something without some kind of chemical in it.

  • I always eat more or less the same, I don’t do cheat meals or cheat
    days because I follow the Paleo diet so it’s a matter of health on one
    hand and on the other, I’m really intolerant to both lactose and gluten.
    Also, I’m trying to avoid all sugar even if it’s for a piece of chocolate
    that meaning, I want to start to eat as cleaner as possible, as a
    lifestyle and also as a support to my training, healthy lifestyle overall,
    by returning to the basics, natural, primal and original way of eating,
    eating only the foods that one’s intended to, the foods that our
    digestive system and metabolism, Biology etc. recognizes as safe and
    knows how to process and take the best advantages out of, in terms of
    nourishing us and keep the machine functional at its best. So, I
    prefer, by far, to eat as much as I want of this
    foods during a regular meal and feel completely satisfied (full many times, and sometimes
    after a little while I realize that I just ate too much for my stomach :)) to
    the point that I don’t have any cravings at all (like one’s supposed to!). I
    don’t want to feel like a natural, original diet is a sort of a curse
    or sacrifice so that I have to take set days or meals in order to sort
    of “shove myself” on processed altered food (humanly manipulated), like I’m experiencing some kind of abstinence
    side-effects, personally *-); happily, I really don’t feel that need
    because I really love all the natural, reals foods I eat everyday on
    every meal *-) Of course I’m a social animal as well and I still have
    old habits stuck in my head, and some addictions but that’s our
    education, habits and social culture’s fault so I really want to get rid
    of all that. That meaning: sometimes I do miss a donut, and for
    instance, but I can still have some sugar-free chocolate, some

  • (Sorry as I was saying, and to finish): * I still can have some lactose-free ice creams once and a while, and sometimes I do even have (this particular great restaurants chain / corporative) apple pie (which dough is made out of wheat, of course :)), but I mean, I don’t have and don’t want to have any ritual where I do have / feel the need / urge to eat those (processed) foods, you see. So daily, I eat a lot of baked sweet potato along with homemade natural mayo (only olive oil, herbs & spices, and lemon or vinegar, and a full egg so: no cream, no vegetable oils, none of that c*ap)- I do eat a lot of this mayo too – and I call this sweet baked potato I do, my dessert because I absolutely love it and i have it on almost every meal, mostly as for a dessert so, on the end of it XD; and like, 3 pieces of fruit (one with each main meal, too, on the beginning of it so the fibers can start acting right away and I can feel a little fuller already); I eat a lot of matured cheese as well (so, no sugars in it so therefore, is lactose-free); I always have a meat meal a day (and I eat a lot of roasted chicken just because I can and I love it XD), and finally, if I feel hungry (or gluttonous :)) at night I try to have another main veggies meal / dish (instead of shoving myself again on potato, enough! XD). Then on the days I’ve worked out, right before bed I just started having a cup of lactose-free milk, along with a slice of the cheese, so I can have my casein intake for the sleep-muscle recovery night) – I would prefer to have isolated casein / protein than for milk (which is full of antibiotics and hormones residues, etc.) but unfortunately I can’t, so 🙁 So these are just some a few examples 🙂