Food Diary Wednesday 10

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What I ate On Wednesday


Hello my sweeties,

I had a very busy crazy busy last few weeks, we are doing renovations in our house and it’s been a mad mess around here.  But the good news are is that our house is looking so much better now.  Today they were changing our carpets because  they were quite terrible, as you know we have 2 dogs and now Rabbits Stinky Feets, even though I stopped letting everyone except Lulu upstairs ( cause she is a spoiled mama’s girl 🙂 ) my dog Luie had already managed to filthy up that carpet by him self before we locked him out, he has a huge talent when it comes to peeing everywhere.  Sometimes I think he does it on purpose just to make me mad :).

Anyway, I’ve been eating quite healthy except for the weekends. On weekends I’ve been indulging in chocolate covered raisins and other treats ( I keep forgetting to make Food Diary Weekend Post, but I promise I will do that ).  But during the week I’ve been good with what I eat.

I’ve been adding a lot more veggies to my daily intake, because we crave what we eat most of, and as weird as it sound the more veggies I eat the more I crave them.

OK, this is what I ate today:



I had a cup of black coffee, the cup you see above, it’s my new artsy cup :P.  I’ve cut down on my coffee by half, not because I don’t think that it’s not good for me, but because I started to get antsy if I drink more than that.  I remember the good old Sturbucks days 6-8 years ago where I would do my 4 shots of expresso per drink, now I can barely handle 1 shot of expresso if that.

2 hours after my coffee I had my Breakfast 


What I ate On Wednesday


Organic Baby Kale, Organic Tomatoes, Sprouts, Toasted Oats 🙂 and 2 Organic Eggs.  If I ever eat oats I only eat them toasted because I just can’t stand the taste of boiled oats, it reminds me of poop ( not that I know what it tastes like but I imagine it tastes like boiled oats LOL )


3 hours later I had my Lunch 


What I ate On Wednesday


More Baby Kale, Organic Tomatoes ( did you know tomato is a fruit not a veggie? ), Organic Raspberries, Chicken ( no hormones or antibiotics while raised ) and there was also some Fresh Basil Leaves underneath 🙂 .

It’s incredible how veggies fill you up and keep you full, after I had this salad I was stuffed.


Dinner – 3 hours later


What I ate On Wednesday


So, Tee had been posting on Facebook that she had been eating Borch and I was like, wow it’s been forever since I’ve ate Borch, so today I made some, and not to blow my own horn but whoot whoot 🙂 but I perfect my Borch with each time I make it, and this one turned out to be so good that I couldn’t even believe it that I could make it this good.  Borch is a Russian soup and it’s one of my favorite Russian soups ever.
Instead of potatoes I used Yuka ( it’s a root ), I love love love Yuka and now all of my Borches will have Yuka in them, this stuff is tastes much better than potato, if you’ve never tried it I seriously recommend it.

And of course I’ve used my Russian traditional spoon with my Borch.


1 Hour After Dinner Snack


What I ate On Wednesday


Organic Raw Cashews, Persimmon and Organic Apple.  I think Persimmon is such a funny name, because Miguel came up with a nick name for me, he calls me Pursie ( because I can be a little bratty sometimes ), so now every time I see Persimmons I always have to say – Persimmon for Pursie, and then I make a funny face LOL.


That was my food for today :),

What did you guys eat today?



PS – I will post the answers to your questions Part 2 tomorrow.

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  • SuSu

    FIRST!!!!! I LOVE your artsy cup. Where did you get it? I want one! Your meals look so good today. I love salads especially with berries and chicken.

    • He He He thanks love :), I got my cup at TJ Max :), I already have 3 of them, all different colors, I’ve been taking a trip there every other day and keep finding more of these artsy cups, they even have matching tea pouring thing that I also want to get.

      • SuSu

        NO WAY!!!! I must get to my local TJ Max. I really love them and a matching teapot?! I already am addicted to tea, but your cup is so pretty and it looks spanish style (which is my favorite).

  • tee_w

    Your meals are so pretty! The toasted oats with your eggs is a cool idea! So I’m assuming your borsch is much heathier than mine, you don’t have a stick of butter and several cups cream in there? Lol in the recipe I was reading I discovered that they cook it with one beet in there, then they discard it! Shocking!

    • I use the whole beet :), I definitely have a good amount of fat in there because I boil the chicken with skin on to give it that good fatty taste, I also put fresh cabbage every time I eat it, I don’t like the cabbage to soak in there and get all mushy.

  • tee_w

    Oh and maybe you should put a link up to your recipe, I’m sure someone will ask! Hmm where is that, going to look!

    • Yes I was thinking about doing that, but now I’ve changed my recipe a bit, I might make a new one then link it.

  • jt

    I-WANT-YOUR-CHICKEN!! (and soup) 😀

    Now I know that the English name for “caquis” is Persimmon 🙂 I’ve tried it like twice but not my bowl of fruit 😉

    So far I had this type of fresh cheese (it’s like some sort of acidic yoghourt with no fat and lots of protein) with whole cereals mix and strawberry chunks (delicious!!). And half a cup of coffee with a very healthy chocolate biscuit I happened to find at the supermarket.
    My body somehow can’t tolerate coffee very often too, and if I already had it in the morning, I don’t feel like having anymore in the same day. People here usually have coffee after a meal but I’ve grown not to like it. I also get antsy or nervous… Yerba mate or some kind of tea are a lot better for me.
    Today we’re going to have veggies + eggs cooked in the wok with some feta cheese on top.
    Have a nice day everyone!!!!

    • SuSu

      My body cannot handle coffee either. I stick to my tea and I love Yerba mate tea.

  • Jeanne

    Awww, I wish I could make all of this at work! Your Borsh looks very nice, I love beetroot. And this Yucca-thingy sounds so good. Wanna try it!!! But I don’t think they will ever sell it in Norway… As many other good and tasty things we can’t get here 🙁

  • What a beautiful cup to drink your coffee from….I <3 it. I like pretty pictures of food and these pictures are making me salivate.

    Here is what I ate:
    Breakfast: Teff porridge with raisins, banana, goat milk and 2 boiled eggs.
    Lunch: leftover seafood curried coconut soup.
    Dinner: Bison steak with sauteed spinach.
    Snack: I was hungry around 7pm so I had a cup of coffee and half an avocado.

    • 😀 I have made in the past the shrimp curried coconut soup, I had forgot about it, I think im gonna make it soon =) yummo

  • Today I woke up in a strange Mood :/ , & i tend to workout in the mornings b4 work, I workout fested. But lately i havent done much in my apt when it comes to cleaning. Its just a weird wk. for me . I dont feel like doig anything , yes Im bored out of my mind… IDK.. But i wanna get on track again!!!

    I plan to go workout after work today!!!! SO I CAN GET TIRED N go to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!! basically this wk. has been forcing myself to g to bed cuz im not sleepy, So i need to get physically exhausted, Workign out has helped my insomnia.

    MORNING: so since i was in a kinda bad mood today, I had for breakfast a sandwich: 2 whole wheat bread, 1 piece of ham, tomato lettuce, n a bit of mayo. after that i was craving chocolate, so i got a medium starbucks frapuchino mocha, with skim milk, & no whip cream.

    Luch 2 work: 2 chicken drumsticks with a salad ( tomato, cucumber, lettuce, with my free calori sun dried tomatoe dressing) mmmmm & 1 orange.

    SNACK @ WORK: 1 scoop of vanilla protein shake.

    WORKOUT TIME!!!! =)

    Post workout: 2 hwole eggs, 2 slices of turkey reduced fat bacon, n more salad just like the one i had at work in lunch. n thats it. FOR ME

  • Ive never seen a persimmon, im guessing its a fruit?