Food Diary Wednesday 1

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What I ate on Wednesday


Hello My Sweets!

So the other day Tee ( thank you Tee 🙂 ) gave me a really great idea and today I am happy to make it come to life, a lot of you guys have been asking me to post things that I eat but I wasn’t sure how to go about it.  Now, we have a separate page for Food Diary Wednesday under the “Nutrition Section”.  Every week I will be posting what I ate on that particular day.  Welcome to the first edition!

Today I didn’t really eat that much because I’ve been sick since Saturday, this is the first time I’ve got a cold in many many years.  Probably because I’ve been eating a little to much chocolate lately.  At the moment I don’t have any special body composition goals, I’m pretty happy with how I look and I’m just maintaining my results.  The way I eat always depends on my goals, when I am at this stage of only maintenance I definitely allow my self to relax and not always eat so perfect, especially on weekends.

This is only how I eat, I am not saying this is right or wrong or this is how everyone should eat, I am just sharing my food diary.

As you know I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for the past 6 months or so, and my take on it is – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS EATING APPROACH, IT’S DEFINITELY FOR ME!   I’ve never really been a small portion 6 times a day kind of gal, I love big plates of food to feel full and satisfied.

As I already said this week I’ve been sick and when we are sick we naturally don’t want to eat much.  I also haven’t worked out in several days because I’ve been feeling too weak, but tomorrow we are filming a new routine for you guys and I’m sure by tomorrow I should be ready for a workout.


My Morning Routine and Breakfast 


When I wakeup,  I always always drink a huge glass of water, this is how I start my morning all the time.  Then I take my liquid L-Carnitine, followed by a huge cup of coffee.  The brand you see below and above is the one I discovered in a European Store, I completely fell in love this this coffee because it is cardamom flavored:


What I ate on Wednesday


About an hour later, I ate my breakfast, which included this German cereal ( almonds, oats, raspberries ), I also added  a handful of raw organic cashews and a handful of mulberries ), I used almond milk.


What I ate On Wednesday


My Lunch Snack

For lunch I had some more raw cashews, mulberries and Kambucha tea, the reason I drink that today because this stuff strengthen the immune system and it truly works, I love how I feel after I drink it. Then, I snacked on some dried apricot roll, it was quite a bit piece, this one is very unique and I also get it at a European store, it is exactly the one my grandma used to buy for me when I was a kid. You cant find similar one in US stores. Normally I eat a salad for lunch, but today I just wanted snacks.


What I ate On Wednesday


Today’s Dinner


I alway stop eating around 8 pm, today it was 7:30.  I go to bed at 3-5 am so this give me a really good time to digest my food.  Since I am doing the intermittent fasting, my fasting time is 16 hours.  My dinner is always quite large because I don’t want to feel hungry later.

Today I had, organic spinach with fresh basil, wild salmon, buckwheat and orange lentils ( I’ve been obsessed with orange lentils lately ), I added some coconut oil to my buckwheat and lentil mix, I really love the taste of it.

Then after my meal I had some more of the apricot roll, as you can see it’s a pretty big piece, in the last 3 days I ate 3 huge packages of it already, just love it.


What I ate On Wednesday


I also always drink lot’s and lot’s of water after and during my meals. Before bed I always have an herbal tea.



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  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    hahahahaha….first !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I was just about to run over here but I wanted to give you a head start 🙂

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    looks good Tati, hope you feel better soon….don’t push through a work out if you are not up to it…we can wait, I would like to see you get better first…hugs…GL

    • Ahhh you are such a sweetheart :))) HUGS

      I think I am going to be better tomorrow for sure, cause I took the last 5 days off and have been recovering.

  • GraceThalia

    I’m curious about your sleep schedule. You say you go to sleep between 3-5am. What time do you get up?

    • I always get up around 11-12, on weekends it can be later. I always do my work at night, I think better at night.

      • I was curious about your sleep schedule too. I also always wake up around 11-12, but i always feel i have kind of missed my breakfast and i sometimes eat lunch after waking up. what time do you usually eat your lunch? I have always thought missing your breakfast isnt good for your digestion and I always thought breakfast should be eaten around 9-10am…

  • Dinner looks yummy. As GL already mentioned, please get better first before shooting a work out…plenty of routine to choose from on the site. Get some rest! <3.

    • You guys are so sweet to me I just want to hug all of you, thank you so much for your support girlie girl, I am so lucky to have you.

      I will definitely feel better tomorrow, I’ve been resting and I’m ready for a workout 🙂

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    I saw that you posted on the site and got a very nice response back….nice to see the good trainers supporting each other

    • I have to check it out, I didn’t even saw it yet, thank you for letting me know 🙂

      You know how I am, I’m always about unity and support)))

  • SuSu

    I love this! Thank you for taking the time to do all these posts for us…mingle, workouts and now a Wednesday food diary! We are spoiled for sure! Get well before you film a workout for us. We have a lot we can go knack to and do or redo! How do you do your buckwheat and lentil? Are they already cooked and you just mixed them and combined with the coconut oil? Dinner looked amazing!

    • Hey Susu :),

      So happy to do this for you guys :)!!!

      I always buy raw buckwheat ( it’s green in color not the the toasted kind, even though I do love how the toasted tastes as well ), and I get organic orange lentils. I add both equally in amount, wash them really well, then soak for about 1 1.5 hours. Then , I cook them on medium heat for 7 minutes, sometimes 8. Add some sea salt, and pour a spoon of coconut oil on it after I serve it on the plate.

  • SuSu

    Oh and another thing…that coffee sounds amazing! Cardamom is one of my favorite spices. It is too bad coffee has always hurt my tummy. It doesn’t matter if I have it with or without food. 🙁

    • Ohh no, that is not good, my husband sometimes says it hurts his tummy as well. I love it so much, and this Arabic cardamom is so delicious.

  • Jos

    That apricot fruit roll looks so delicious!!! 😀

  • tee_w


  • I had to give up on my super clean eating style, similar to yours above. It created a build up of ‘sludge’ in my gallbladder resulting in symptoms similar to that of a gallbladder attack…..very, very unpleasant. I guess it’s the luck of the draw, we’re all different just like how some of us get a sore tummy from coffee while others can drink it on an empty stomach. Love that your sharing this with us, Thanks so much:)

  • I got it at a European Store, they sell it in these really huge packs, the coffee too. US stores don’t have goodies like that 🙂

  • Hi Tati… very inspiring. Question, you start your day at noon time and stop eating by 8PM, yes? I remember reading your post stating that you wake up at noon. 😀

    • Yep, I wake up around 11 and by 12 I usually get hungry 🙂

  • Lili Suke

    Hello Tati, I love this new blog, thank you for sharing :))I hope you are healthy again :)have a nice day

    • Thank you Lili 🙂 Have a nice day as well !

  • Annebel Wind

    Nice to see this.. Well I must say this intermittent fasting method does not sound for me.. I allways wake up hungry allready.. So to have to wait for a few hours before I could eat will make me sick. I know that.. So I could try not eating after 8. That should be doable..It is good to see some things here I could eat.. Like the cerial.. I have some of these thing in my home right now.. Thanks for sharing!

    • steffi_dk

      I also had breakfast first thing in the morning. Now I don´t eat until 12.30pm. It´s quite easy, once you´re used to it, I don´t miss breakfast anymore.

  • I´m a big snacker, too 🙂 and like to eat until I´m satisfied. Normally I eat twice a day. Never thought of a thing like IF before. A lot of things are only mindtricks society tell us. You can run mountains or do your workout without having any pre workout snack etc. It´s quite simple : Load up your tanks (hormone status, waterlevels, muscleglycogen) day/hours before by sleep, water, sugar and you are ready to go! 🙂

    The last couples of days I ate one time a day. I choose a good variety of food to have all the nutriens my body needs. (lot of fruit, veggies and rare times starchy carbs like lentils, sweet potatoes, quinoa, black beans…). I eat when I´m hungry and don´t when not.
    Yesterday I read an article about IF :

    When Tati is doing this for 6 month she is one of the example that works ! :).
    In my opinion IF works for men and women!. The danger of getting ED or hormone crushes depends on the food choices! Too much coffee, stimulants of cause is bad for your system. I not afraid of getting cravings for fastfood etc. because I don´t miss it! The only craving I would have is naturally hunger for the food I love. (fruits and veggies) .I learned it with time by eating raw vegan food and skipping system destroying food.


  • Hi, really appreciate your time spent doing this. this is sooo great…it gives more and more ideas what to eat and how to combine meals. you mentioned green buckwheat. I have never seen green buckwheat in my life , only brown everywhere..

  • kate_cz

    To catch a cold from eating chocolate? Impossible! Or otherwise I would be dead already 😉

    The cardamom flavored coffee must be really delicious and the dried apricot roll looks yummy as well.

    May I ask you why do you drink L-Carnitin?

    I hope you are feeling better and strong again!

    • steffi_dk

      Sugar weakens your immune system, so it´s possible that chocolate causes a cold. L-Carnitin helps burning fat, I take it too:)

  • TessuCroft

    Very interesting post! But I could never stop eating hours before going to bed. I go to bed around 12 p.m and I have my last meal around 10 p.m. And when I wake up, (8-9 a.m) I´m hungry. =D

    That apricot thingy looks good although I´m not sure what it is. =D

  • Mary Lou

    I’ve been doing the IF too and it does work wonders! I just started having Bulletproof Coffee ( for breakfast after taking a long break from it and it is fantastic. I love the kombucha too, my favorite is Gingerberry or Trilogy, the kids love it as well so that’s an added bonus. Can’t wait to see more, thanks Tatianna!

    • tee_w

      I enjoyed my bulletproof coffee this morning! I added cinnamon and a touch of dark chocolate, lol

      • Mary Lou

        Hi Tee! I like the cinnamon too. On vacation over the summer I found this place in Lewes, DE that roasts their own cinnamon coffee and it is great. The owner told me cinnamon coffee is the ONLY flavor that can be made with real cinnamon and not some chemical junk like everything else.

  • steffi_dk

    You really didn´t eat much, but it looks good. Hope, you feel better!

  • Thanks for sharing Tanya! Hope you already feel better!!! Here in our city everubody get sick as well((( I really love dried rolls too)) My grandma used to make it out of apples) The recipe is plaint. You should take apricots or plums or apples, pitted, rinse them, cut into halves, pulse in the blender or food processor, squeeze extra juice if you have some through the cheese cloth, then put the thin layer (not more than 1 sm) of fruit mass on the parchment and dry it in sun (for 2 days) or in the open oven 100C for 4-6 hours. Or you may use dehydrator if you have one.

  • rito

    I’ve tried IF for almost a year now. I also eat 6-8 hours a day, it’s great for me that I can eat a really big dish but I experienced break out and hormonal change. Do you experience these things? I don’t know if IF caused break out but I hardly to back to normal meal, eat throughout the day.

  • Elena

    Tanj priwet! ashto sa Apricote roll ??? kak ego delat i dlja chego on polesen?

    ja w poslednee wremja opjat sapytalas w ede, motiwazia ymenshelas i opjat nachala est mnogo nepolesnix weshei. ochen rada sto ti sdelala takoi food diary!