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Hello My Lovies!!!

I know I’ve already said Happy New Year to you guys, but today is the actual last day of 2012 so – Happy New Year!!! Welcome to the 26th edition of Monday Mingle, our last mingle of 2012, a question answer game we play every Monday.


Today’s Quote:

Do not educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy. So when they grow up, they’ll know the value of things, not the price.


( I’m not sure who said that, but I found this quote in on of the Facebook pages I follow ).


Today’s Questions:

  • How Do You usually celebrate New Year holiday?

  • What were your highlights of the year 2012?

  • What ice-cream flavor you DON’T LIKE the most?

  • What are your favorite things about your culture?

  • What do you think makes a person beautiful?


My Answers:


Q – How Do You usually celebrate New Year holiday?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I used to celebrate New Year in a such a huge way, because in Russia it’s the biggest holiday ( we don’t celebrate Christmas on the 25th like they do here in the US ). So I would usually take about 8 hours to get ready and the outfit would be prepared a month in advance if not more. Then I would go out to a party somewhere nice, when I say party I mean nice lounge with great wine ).

This was me in the past. This year I am only gonna take about 1 hour to get ready, and we are going out to our friend’s house, he will have a small get together.


Q – What were your highlights of the year 2012?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I had quite an amazing year, I had a few bumps in the road in the beginning, but as the year went along It got better and better. I met all of you guys and I get to do what I truly love, which is a dream come true.

I also had a huge spiritual awakening which shook me to the core in the beginning because my mind got completely turned inside out, but now I am in my final stages of acceptance and it feels pretty good to wake-up. I have to say that 2012 is one of my favorite years so far, and I have a feeling that 2013 is gonna be even more AMAZING!!!


Q – What ice-cream flavor you DON’T LIKE the most?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I absolutely cannot stand and I truly hate it with passion is chocolate and strawberry ice-cream.


Q – What are your favorite things about your culture?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I technically have two cultures which is very cool. I have to say that I am very American because I’ve lived in US for about 15 years now, but I also feel a deep connection to my Russian roots, I am very Russian at heart and soul.

What I love about a Russian culture is how brutally honest Russian people can be sometimes, because in America people are are always sugar coat everything. But in Russia they tell you how it is. In Russia people are also very driven, nobody sits around, it’s always go go go, get things done 7 days a week. I call Russian women superwomen because most of them carry everything on their shoulders, kids, husband, good job, cleaning, 5 star cooking while looking like a supermodel ( because Russian men will have no less LOL ).

What I love about American culture is the freedom of expression of one self. When I first came to this country I was in shock that people were open about their sexuality, or beliefs and they weren’t afraid what everyone else would think of them. They did and said what they wanted. I loved that!!! In American culture people are always smiling and greeting each other, saying I love you, I find it adorable, people are definitely very warm and open here.


Q – What do you think makes a person beautiful?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

When I was younger I used to think that beauty is only on the outside, oh how wrong I was. I was actually quite young when I realized otherwise. I remember meeting this beautiful girl ( I was 18 at the time ), I was smitten by how gorgeous she was. But on the same day I got to know this girl and this is when I learned that beauty on the outside alone was nothing if you the inside doesn’t match. After that I never looked at that girl the same, I didn’t see beauty anymore, even though her appearance didn’t change, I saw a very unattractive person.

To me beauty is many different things, but all these things have to go in synch with each other. Beauty is first of all kindness, intelligence ( to me this is a huge one ), spirituality, creativity, uniqueness and drive to be the best version of one self.

We don’t need to compare our self to others, each person is born unique for a reason and that’s beautiful.  The only reason why some people have such fixated and distorted version of beauty, is because they’ve let the media brainwash them to create that belief system. Don’t fall into that trap, it’s just that – a trap. Create your self, not an image you see on TV or a magazine.  That is true beauty!


Let’s Mingle My Darlings!!!




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  • Diana

    Happy New Year Guys!

    How Do You usually celebrate New Year holiday?
    I normally stay at home, watch comedies on TV and eat snacks (I know… :D) and drink champagne at midnight… Nothing interesting. I dont like when I “have to feel crazy and happy” on a specific day… I think I am the New Years Eve Grinch… 😀

    What were your highlights of the year 2012?
    Hm…. When I lost all the evil kilos I got during my illness and that I transformed my will to lose weight to a lifestyle: workout is part of my everyday thinking. (…when on one of my hardest exams the teacher praised me how clever I was… all of a sudden :D)

    What ice-cream flavour you DON’T LIKE the most?
    I dont really know… Maybe nutty tastes? I dont eat too much ice creams… 🙂

    What are your favourite things about your culture?
    Is that we are so passionate but pessimistic at the same time. It is a really strange mixture (they say we brought this from Asia/Mongolia and we somehow kept it in Europe… :D) and sometimes it is not easy to be Hungarian… 🙂 Anyways, I love our Easter traditions (guys visit all the girls in their family and “water” them with cologne with a specific poem). I love our gastronomy, literature… and I love our capital city, Budapest. It is wonderful in any seasons…. 😀

    What do you think makes a person beautiful?

    I think what Tati wrote is completely true: intelligence that is mixed with kindness. Then can come the outer-beauty… 😀

    Have a wonderful party everyone!:) (and take care of the dogs cos are really afraid of the blowing up New Years Eve rockets…)

    • OMG girl, you have no idea how many snacks I’ve ate on the New Years.

      ( I like the New Year Grinch 🙂 )

      Congrats on you weight loss!

      I want to visit Hungary someday, I’ve seen lot’s of photos, it’s truly a beautiful country.

      • Diana

        Oh well… It is so good to hear that even such a fitness lady like you can have snacking holidays 😀
        It would be so amazing if you ever came to Hungary. If you do so, I can show you around… 😉

        P.S: I love your new logo!!!

  • katerina_w

    Happy New Year to everyone!!!

    I mostly spent the 31st of December on the mountains in a tent, absorbed by the cold from outside and by the warmth from inside. Those mornings are ones of the most beutiful ever.
    This year I must have stayed at work, so no mountains for me. I think I will have just a normal eve and if I oversleep the midnight, nothing happens 😉

    2) 2012 HIHLIGHTS
    Nothing so significant. It was a good year.

    Does something like that even exist by me? Hmmm… Very hard question. Maybe it could be an Absinth flavour. I have never tried it though, so I can´t be sure 😉

    The rough times past decades has tought Czech people to take even the worst life situation with humor. That´s what I admire the most.

    A simple smile! Smile is the most beautiful makeup that anyone can wear.

    • keterina you’re a ice cream lover to boot…no bad flavour 🙂

    • OMG girl, if I could spend New Years on the mountains it would be a dream come true!!!

      I’ve never tried Absinth flavor ice-cream, I’ve tried Absinth once but didn’t do anything for me.

      I think you are so adorable and full of adventure 🙂

  • eliza

    1. I too used to go to big parties and drink and dance all night….and as I got older it just seemed to hold no attraction to me anymore, now usually a house party and champagne toast at midnight. 2. 2012 was a tough year emotionally for me (many changes) and I am hoping for a more tranquil 2013 3. I don’t eat icecream (no dairy) and the cold always gave me a wicked stomach ache! 4. I have lived in Canada for most of my life, but immigrated from Poland. I still carry on some food traditions on holidays, and just like Russians, Poles are brutally honest…maybe that is a “european” thing! A Polish person will not think twice to tell you that you have gained weight or are not doing a good job etc etc….I know a lot of people think this is rude if they are from North America but it is truly just how they are. 5. The older I am the more I reallize the need to see something special in someone to really see beauty.

    • Hang on there girlie!!! I think last year was somewhat emotional for many, but this year will be much more tranquil for all.

      I totally agree with you, I think it’s European thing, people here think we’re rude but in our culture it’s just how people are. In Russia people also won’t think twice to say you’ve gained weight, my mom is always on my behind about it.

    • Yes, some people think it’s rude, but I find that kind of honesty refreshing. Also, the intention behind it makes a huge difference. Usually people who are honest like that don’t say things with meanness behind it, just honesty. I think it’s nice; makes me know I can trust someone! I find duplicity MUCH harder to stomach.

  • SuSu

    NEW YEAR: I usually just stay up and watch the ball drop on tv. Then I go to bed…boring!
    2012 HIGHLIGHTS: I moved to a different state, met some really great friends this year.
    WORST ICE CREAM: strawberry. That nasty generic artificial flavoring…ewwww. And then cookie dough.
    MY CULTURE: I love freedom, creativity, how blessed we are in America. I know people may be down in this economy, but in the entire world, even the poorest of the poor here, have more than most of the entire world.
    BEAUTY: who you are in the inside. Like you said tatitat, I also know people who are beautiful on the outside, but are mean, hateful, and ugly on the inside. So the outside no longer matters because what is on the inside shines through any outside beauty. I think a persons smile is beautiful too.

    • I wish more Americans would realize your #3 answer, but I guess when someone is down on their luck telling them they’re not the worst in the world is hard to understand. Enjoy watching the ball drop…do you watch the countdowns from other part of the world too?

      • SuSu

        So I totally missed the ball dropping because I forgot to calculate time zones right. Oops. And I wish more Americans realized how blessed we really are in perspective to the rest of the world. There was this website I found one time where you put in how much you make in a year and it tells you what % in the world you are. Even those in “poverty” here in America are in the top % in the world. I wish I could remember the website.

      • SuSu Makes you appreciate all you have.

    • Yes the culture here is definitely like you said, even the poorest of the poor still have it very good in comparison to other countries. I love that here the government takes care of the elderly, in Russia they don’t, and most of the older people are always begging on the streets because their pension is like 50 dollars ( something small like that ), it breaks my heart so much.

  • Happy New Year Tati & Miguel – and all your beautiful peeps!

    My hubby and I have both been sick over the holidays so I’ll be surprised if we’re even awake at midnight tonight! LOL

    I’ll actually be happy to see 2012 go. It wasn’t the easiest year for me but there were some “gifts in the garbage bag” as a friend likes to say. Through injuries and weight gain, I found a really great place of total acceptance and self-love with my physical body, through relationship challenges I’ve come to a place of equanimity and acceptance that’s made my relationship the best its ever been and through work challenges and stress I’ve found a more solid resolve to make 2013 the year to share our gift and get our self defence site off the ground (started shooting videos yesterday in fact!).

    I can’t think of any flavour in particular, but I’m generally not much for anything that’s artificially flavoured because all I taste is chemicals. Bleh!

    They say Canadians are known to be polite and I think it’s a good quality. I also think overall we tend to be quite humble, which I appreciate. We don’t sit on top of the mountain waving a flag and shouting that our country is the greatest in the world.

    I think when a person has a connection to their Source it makes them more beautiful; it’s something that shines through their eyes and magnetizes them. People like that tend to me kinder and more loving, more accepting and considerate. Those qualities I think make anyone infinitely more beautiful than any super model.

    • Yes I think emotionally wise it was a roller coaster for most of the humanity, it will just keeps getting better from now on.

      Contrats on your website, please give me the link and youtube channel, I would love to give you a shout out here on the blog.

      I know what you mean Connection To The Source, it is such a beautiful thing!

      • Thanks Miss Tati – that’d be great..! We’re getting closer and closer – hopefully by the end of this weekend! 🙂

  • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

    1) How Do You usually celebrate New Year holiday? It’s a celebration with all the family

    2) What were your highlights of the year 2012? Finally getting myself up on a program.. 4CS that is 🙂
    Helped me to find the Balance..
    3) What ice-cream flavor you DON’T LIKE the most? Don’t know much of ice-cream flavors so I can’t really name one.. lol :}

    4) What are your favorite things about your culture? Praying, Seeking for God, Courtesy.. many!

    5) What do you think makes a person beautiful? Energy & Behavior/Attitude

    • SuSu

      Hey Beth, I just noticed you changed your name to Fitlover! Yay!!! I love your number 4. You are from Israel right?

      • ? FitLover ? Beth ?

        Hey SuSu ! 🙂 What do you mean “your #4” ? 🙂
        Yeah I am from IL ! Howdayanow ??!?! 🙂

        • tee_w

          Hi beth, I think she means she likes your answer to number 4 question. I do like your new name as well!

          • ? FitLover ? Beth ?

            I’m LOVING it !!! 😀

          • SuSu

            Did it used to be on your profile at I feel like I saw you were from IL somewhere. I absolutely love your country and hope to visit it one day.

          • ? FitLover ? Beth ?

            Ohhh so that mean your’e a former Bodyrocker as well ? :)))
            Well there are a variety of people, cultures religions & places here 🙂
            So where do you come from?

          • SuSu

            I am from USA. I did brtv for a year before they split, but found Tati early 2012. It has been nice seeing familiar faces over here now!!!

    • OMG girl, you don’t know ice-cream flavors, that is a great thing!

  • Hello there….

    1) I am pretty boring when it comes to New Year Eve. I am perfectly happy sleeping in the new year. Everyone in my family complains, and I ask no one even call me at midnight because I just want to sleep… I told you… boring!

    2)This year I finally took the step to go back to school to get my degree. I was always so chicken and had every excuse in the book. Now there is no looking back 🙂

    3) I don’t like butter pecan 🙁 … i think mostly because it brings back unpleasant memories.

    4) I love loud family get together’s, eating traditional dishes, playing games, and dancing to Spanish music.

    5) I believe a person’s attitude is what makes them beautiful.

    Happy New Year!

    • Good on you for going back to school.

      • Thank you! It’s my dream to get a degree, I only wish I had gone back sooner, but that’s OK I’m pursuing this full force now 🙂

    • It’s OK to sleep during the New Year as long as you’re happy doing it!

  • Vera G

    This is my first post on monday mingle, so here goes ….

    1. I spend the new year holiday with family & friends. That’s what gives me more pleasure, a good time with the people I love

    2. I had many ups and downs in 2012, but the balance is positive, though. I discovered lovingfit 🙂 I made many changes in my way of being and thinking and finished my course of Osteopathy. Now i’m waiting for more positive changes in 2013 🙂

    3. Banana!! Which is weird because I LOVE banana … I’m weird!

    4. The Portuguese are very peaceful and calm. In the north of the country (where I was born and live) people are very sincere and welcoming, they are truly good people, with good soul.

    5. I believe everything is energy, so good energy is fundamental, right attitude and good humor 🙂

    Happy New Year!!

    • Welcome the the first Mingle!!!

      I’ve never tried banana ice-cream, but it doesn’t sound too good.

      • Vera G

        No! I do not recommend … 🙂

      • SuSu

        Anything banana flavor to me is so gross! But I love bananas.

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    Last post on Monday mingle this year 🙂 Here are my answers:

    1. When I was younger, I celebrated New Year with my friends. We would usually get together at a friend’s house. Now it is very similar, I still celebrate it with my friends but we usually get together at my boyfriend’s house.

    2. This year, I got a chance to teach, which is always great for me 🙂 I had to travel twice a week to a different town. It was hard, because public transport in my country is horrible, and last winter was extremely snowy. Still, I got to meet new people and I got a chance to see some really beautiful landscapes while listening to my favorite music. I think that this year I managed to be more grateful for what I have and I managed to make the best of it.

    3. I don’t like kiwi and fig ice cream. The color looks so artificial and they taste like plastic to me.

    4. I love our sense of humor and I also believe that my people are very musically gifted. I live in Macedonia, a small country in the Balkans and I think that our ethnic music expresses our culture in the best possible way. It is famous for its very complex rhythms.

    5. I think that a person is most beautiful when he or she is happy and fulfilled. If a person is comfortable with who they are and they accept and respect themselves, they will always feel beautiful.

    • SuSu

      I would love to travel to your country. I need to look up your music. It sounds interesting.

  • The final count down to 2012…have fun everyone.
    1. When we’re not at my mom’s we usually get invited to a party. I always leave the party before mid-night because I like ringing in the new year in my own home. Once it 12am, I toast with my husband then call my mom to toast with her. Afterwards,my husband and I try to get drunk etc. This year there is no party invite in our new home…we’ll be boozing it up ourselves.
    2. You all know it so I’ll try not to repeat it. THE FARM! THE FARM!! I can’t help myself. lol
    3. Chocolate and bubble gum.
    4. I love the value placed on family relationships (this is starting to be much less these days).
    5. I see the beauty in everyone just because they are humans. Now, this doesn’t mean that I always like or accept what people do. On pure physical level, the people that I think are drop dead gorgeous are not the norms in society.

  • Hello my sweeties,

    I’m running around today, so I won’t be able to read through your answers till tomorrow morning. I’m gonna dedicate a few hours to reading through all of your answers because I would love to know what you guys’s thoughts.


  • Kim Oldenburgh

    How Do You usually celebrate New Year holiday? I stay home and go to bed early. I don’t like to stay up late because I pay for it for days! Today, I went for a 2 hour snowshoe in the woods, did some ab work, got ready for school (I teach 2nd grade), and vacuumed! Pretty exciting, huh?

    What were your highlights of the year 2012? I found out I’ll be a grammie in 2013 and I’m SO excited!

    What ice-cream flavor you DON’T LIKE the most? I really just like plain kind of ice-creams and I don’t like any ice-cream that has chocolate chunks in it because chocolate should always melt in your mouth!

    What are your favorite things about your culture? Traditions.

    What do you think makes a person beautiful? Beautiful people love themselves and smile a lot!

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there..

    first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR..
    and now THE mingle…haha..

    1. I usually celebrate New year with a group of friends…nothing spacial but we always have fun..
    2. highlights of the year..I started my own job, resolved some health issues, went blond..hahaha
    3.vanilla…can’t stand it..
    4. favorite things about my culture..people,food, humor, history..
    5. big hart and big smile…

    kisses to you all

    • SuSu

      I went blonde once…I hope your experience was much better than mine. Mine looked horrible on me. I only kept it for 2 weeks. I just couldn’t pull it off.

      • 1Ivana

        oh no!!
        I have great experience with blond…about 10 years ago I went blond for the first time and had period of 3-4 years periodically blond..but my hair was very short..kind of Annie it is not a big problem..
        and this year I wen’t back to blond for a few months..also short hair (not so short like before)
        but on a long hair, I didn’t dare, maybe just some highlights..

  • Karmalife

    Hi Tatianna! I love Monday Mingle and this one especially.

    First, I’d love to respond to your answers with my thoughts:

    1. First off, 8 hours to get ready for a party? I can’t even imagine that! Why did it take so long and can you post an old pic of an outfit? I’m soo curious 🙂

    2.Your spiritual awakening sounds so amazing. Do you write about it anywhere on this site? I’d love to read more. I feel I’ve been slowly awakening over the last few years of constant self evaluation, and self-help. I have been trying to better myself for so many years right now but haven’t had one moment or year that really changed me (at least not that I can pinpoint). I’d love to know your experience. Do you meditate? If so, what would you recommend as a starting point for someone like myself who would like to start?

    4. I love knowing that about Russian women. I always thought they were strong but now i have a totally different idea of just HOW strong they truly are. Very cool…

    Now for my answers:

    How Do You usually celebrate New Year holiday?

    Well, now that I’m a Mom (this is my 2nd new year’s with a baby), life is very different. In my 20s I used to go out to clubs or parties and get trashed, In my early 30s I spent a lot of New Year’s alone when I lived in Florida and didn’t have a lot of close friends. Now, at 36 I spent the evening eating Thai food with my husband and watching the live show on tv. I had a glass of wine but I’m getting over the stomach bug so even that didn’t taste as good as usual. I was falling asleep on hubby’s lap but made it until midnight which was a stretch! I got in bed as soon as the ball dropped. I’m a bit tired this morning from staying up so late 🙁 (I sound like an old lady!)

    What were your highlights of the year 2012?

    2012 was a very interesting year. It was my first full year as a Mom and a wife and boy have I learned a lot about myself, relationships, patience and communication! It was almost my first year not working so I have learned how to keep myself busy and emotionally sane while raising my son at home. I also discovered, after having almost 20 years of gym memberships, that I can get an awesome workout at home. I have really changed my body and challenged myself by doing yours and other workouts at home and am in better shape than I’ve been in all of my 30s. I’m striving to get in even better shape in 2013 and finally see that permanent 6 pack!

    What ice-cream flavor you DON’T LIKE the most?

    Anything fruit based like strawberry. Yuck!

    What are your favorite things about your culture?

    I am Greek American so I would have to say that Greek music has a very special place in my heart. The emotion, the poetic fire behind the words are something that can give me chills. I can’t even think about the Greek culture without feeling the presence of the music. It is just something else.

    What do you think makes a person beautiful?
    Compassion and empathy. The ability and choice they make to understand and care for others without any hidden agendas. Beauty is selfless and giving..


  • HEY, ADVICE PLESE so years I binged all day overbate on the31st and morning of am today intill and I never drink last time I drinked was last new years eve smoked a ciger thats.not be. Haha so wanted to.know if this will affect my week of hardbwork and wentbto sleek at 6:30 am stopped eating can I.workout because I.want too today how.many hours should I.waiy? Simce.I.ate bad tosay at the am too what should today ? Thankyou for reading my.craziness.but.need adviceafter deinkimg.a whole.lot and eating.

    • So was bad of 31st. And jan. Morn am bad…so any tips how long to wait to workout or to wait … going back to sleep soon but need tips thanks.

      • Hangover …i think ….but please reply thankbyou ..thinking if starting fresh tomorrow not sure

        • Getting a good sweat on helps get some toxins out! I know if I’ve had a lot to drink, working out makes me feel better. 🙂

  • Jos

    How Do You usually celebrate New Year holiday?
    Nothing in particular. We both don’t like crowds so we just stayed home and and do usual stuff. Besides tomorrow we have to go back to work so we treat this year’s New Year holiday as usual Sunday.

    What were your highlights of the year 2012?
    I’ve met Tati & LovingFit, joined a health minded fitness FB group, started my KB training 🙂

    What ice-cream flavor you DON’T LIKE the most?
    I don’t eat much ice cream, so can’t say much but I’d say I’d never ever want to try cookies and cream because I know it’ll be like eating a rock sugar!

    What are your favorite things about your culture?
    In SE Asia, people are less individualist compared to American. Sometimes it’s good because it feels like there’s someone out there watching over you. But on the other hand, it could be on the verge on being nosy.

    What do you think makes a person beautiful?
    His/her attitude and personality.

    Happy New Year!!

    • SuSu

      Yea cookie dough ice cream is not good at all.

  • Hello! Happy New Year!

    Let´s mingle. =D

    1. New Year holiday? Nothing special for me, I just stay at home and eat naughty stuff. =D Although I was very active yesterday.

    2. Highlights of the year 2012? I got my first short story published on a magazine; I started my own book review blog; I moved out from an appartment I didn´t like anymore; I found you Tati, and stepped to another fitness level.

    3.. Not favourite ice-cream flavor? Well, I haven´t tasted all the flavors in the world; I have a feeling I would not like pistachio ice-cream. But if we keep the basic, maybe just plain vanilla. It´s a bit boring.

    4. Culture? We Finns are not very conservative people, and that´s what I like. Also, we are quite straight and honest people like Russians; what we say, we really mean it. Small talk is not our thing.

    5. A beautiful person? When a person is nice and calm, without being boring or stupid.

  • Mary Lou

    Happy New Year!
    1.) Was never much of a night owl, so when my daughter was born on 12/31/99 my life changed for the better. She wanted sushi for her birthday dinner, so that’s what we had. With ribs, shepherds pie and fricasse on the side with lots of games to boot. I can’t believe she’s 13 already…
    2.) Highlights: Found Tati, of course, and got my health back.
    3.) Ice cream? Well I don’t go that route anymore, but I can’t stand watching the kids eat any ice cream with gummie bears in it. YUCK!
    4.) Culture? Even though I was born and raised in the Boston area, I appreciated all types of food, especially asian and mexican.
    5.) A beautiful person is one with an open mind. I have learned SOO much in the past few years as well.

  • Haha! I love big fat Greek wedding 🙂 my family gatherings are similar… always loud and with a lot of food! lol!

  • How Do You usually celebrate New Year holiday?
    °there is no usually. everytime a little bit special! 😉

    What were your highlights of the year 2012?
    °paragliding, steve maxwell, BiGu (spiritual grow), biketour,

    What ice-cream flavor you DON’T LIKE the most?
    °pepperpint/choc, baby blue, strawberry/choc

    What are your favorite things about your culture?
    °Brazilian (50) : food, music(samba, axé), fashion; German (50): safety, nature, men 🙂

    What do you think makes a person beautiful?
    °self-confidence, open heart

  • Wow, I love your book!!! You are such a positive beautiful person and I can tell you are very wise, because as you said even if you have a bad day, just take a look around and you will smile.

    Congrats on the accomplishments of your kids! You’ve been living here for a long time, even longer than me, but insides we always stay attached to our roots that’s for sure.

  • I’m late!!! But here, finally!!! Happy New Year! I am so excited to put 2012 behind me…

    **How Do You usually celebrate New Year holiday?

    I don’t have a normal way of celebrating, exactly. But New Year’s used to be so anti-climactic for me when I was younger. I will say, it feels very differently living somewhere that’s relatively warm in teh winter. When I lived in Boston, me and my friends would go to First Night, which was an all-day-and-night celebration with free performances all over the city. It was always SUUUPER cold but super fun, too. Now, we usually just go to a party, or have some wine at home. We went to a friend’s party this year.

    **What were your highlights of the year 2012?

    I got an award, which was AMAZING and I still am so surprised and honored by that. I had some great progress in conquering or at least working with some bad habits. REALLY great, actually, so I’m happy about that. Also personal relationships are just getting better and better. 🙂 Got to visit home for the first time in 3 years!

    **What ice-cream flavor you DON’T LIKE the most?

    I love them ALL!!!! Tatianna–HOW can you not like chocolate ice cream?!!?!?! 🙂 I think I remember you saying you didn’t really like ice cream in general, though, right? I’ve been having chocolate sorbet lately, and I love it because it’s non-dairy and light and decadent in its own way. My least favorite flavor is probably banana, since I love bananas but not banana-flavored things. haven’t tried the crazy flavors like bacon or lobster, however (yes, I have been at locations that served them!!). However, ice cream is ice cream and I love it all!

    **What are your favorite things about your culture?

    I like, too, that American culture is a lot about individual expression. However, I think the flipside of that is that it’s also important to remember that we’re all in a community to varying degrees (small–family, to large–nation and world), and sometimes that gets lost by people. So I try to remember that on my own. I also am from the East Coast, which has a slightly different culture than the West Coast, and I like things about both. I like the definitiveness and matter-of-fact attitude of East Coasters. However, I love the openness and sensitivity of West Coasters. Both qualities are great, but a balance is good. I also miss certain things about Boston that I don’t necessarily LIKE, but are local quirks.

    **What do you think makes a person beautiful?

    When I was little, I remember thinking that I couldn’t tell the particular beauty of a face by itself, however, I knew that others COULD tell this. And because in my storybooks all the princesses and ladies that were “beautiful” usually had long hair, I would use that fact to tell if someone were externally beautiful. But it was just an indicator for me, because I really think I couldn’t see external beauty like I can and do (albeit subjectively) now. What I REALLY saw as beautiful, however, was how all children do, which is from the heart, and if a person is kind and good-hearted. There is lots of beauty, however–being in theatre, “beauty” is a word I use a lot when someone is portraying someone honestly and truthfully and openly, even if that character is flawed. Of course, that’s the beauty of the actor shining through, and their ability to be open. So I’ll go with that–someone being honest and open to themselves and the world around them. That usually incorporates a lot of kindness and compassion, but it also allows for the beauty of someone having flaws and willing to work through them. 🙂

    Oh–and nice eyes. Throw the above out–it doesn’t count unless they have beautiful eyes.

    (just kidding…) 🙂

  • Evaleen

    Well late to the party again– as usual! Haha, I really need to stop getting so side-tracked…

    #1 – My New Year is generally spent as a quiet gathering at home. I don’t mind crowds, just not really a party person. 🙂

    #2 – Highlights of 2012: first of all, discovering Tatianna, learning from her and being inspired so much 🙂 and letting go of things that I was too emotionally invested in, that weren’t good for me. Other many highlights are small but memorable experiences that’d make sense to only me. :p

    #3 – For some reason orange cream has always turned me off, though I love real oranges. But I’m sure I’d hate all sorts of strange ice cream flavors if I tried them, like deep-fried/pickled bacon or something lol. Though I would like to add, this year I tried rum raisin for the first time, and strangely (as I highly dislike the flavor of alcohol) it was rather appealing. 🙂

    #4 – Not exactly sure just what my culture would be, as I’ve always lingered between city and country life here in the southeast. But I’ve always been fond of many southern traditions, like the warmth and homeliness, and priority of family.

    #5 – Traits I find beautiful, personality-wise: kindness/compassion, sense of humor and the ability to just have fun, creativity/intelligence (or better said, openness and the desire to learn). And physically speaking, it’s the sparkle in someones eyes, how sweetly they smile, and the warmth in their voice and laughter that always draws me… I’m especially fond of the last, even to the point of infatuation just from hearing how someone sounds (this was mostly during my online gaming days lol).
    I really can’t sum it up though, or put into words how “beautiful” people make me feel when I’m around them. I just know that after really getting to know someone, there’s countless things that I’d describe as beautiful– both inside and outside– that’s uniquely theirs. 🙂