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Meet Me On Monday


Hello my Lovies,

Happy Monday!!!  Welcome to the 24th Edition of Monday Mingle, a question answer game we play every Monday to get to know each other better. Each week I ask 5 questions and we all get to answer them and mingle around.


This week’s quote:

You are not within the World, the World is within You. That is why, You are the Creator of your reality.


And now today’s questions:


  • Coffee or Tea?
  • What was the best vacation you’ve ever had?
  • If you had to pick one which would you pick: The ability to fly or the ability to turn back time?
  • What workout equipment would you like to get for Christmas?
  • Where do you see your self in 20 years?


My Answers:


Q – Coffee or Tea?


Meet Me On Monday



Most of the time it’s Coffee, but I am also loving my tea. So Both 🙂


Q – What was the best vacation you’ve ever had?


Meet Me On Monday



It was about 4 years ago, me and Miguel went to Cancun, Mexico. Since Miguel offered to perform in a few shows for free at the resort we got to stay for 2 weeks in all inclusive resort for free. I had the most amazing experience, the food was unbelievable, there was even free alcohol all day long, ( but at that time I didn’t even drink wine so that was quite useless to me) . There were 3 amazing restaurants, the people and the service was so incredible that I can’t even describe it, and our room was very magical too. It was 2 weeks of Wonderland.


Q – If you had to pick one which would you pick: The ability to fly or the ability to turn back time and why?


Meet Me On Monday



I would definitely pick the ability to fly, imagine that…  Because if I had the ability to fly then I could go anywhere without needing a car, which means I won’t be wasting gas and polluting the planet.


Q – What workout equipment would you like to get for Christmas?


Meet Me On Monday


I’m not really focusing on Christmas gifts this year cause I feel that Christmas shouldn’t be about gifts, but if I was to want something it would definitely be Bosu, ahh I would love Bosu. But I can’t justify it’s price, it’s pretty ridiculous.


Q – Where do you see your self in 20 years?


Meet me On Monday



I stopped planing the future completely, I now give my self fully to the universe and my higher self. So what I would love to say that in 20 years I would love to see some real changes to this planet and humanity. I want to see peace, unity and support between people, I want to see enough food and shelter for everyone. I want our food system restored to the natural way, the way that it’s safe not only for the people but for the planet. And most importantly I want for people to have more spiritual awareness and be driven by love and not materialism.


Let’s mingles my Loves!!!



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  • tee_w

    Hi guys!
    Coffee or Tea? Usually neither, but lately I have been drinking coffee before my workouts. But I don’t really like either
    Best vacation ever? When I was in grade 6 my mom took our whole family to Hawaii, including my gramma. My dad had told my mom if she wanted to go there then she had to get a job and pay for it herself. So she did, we all had a great time, even my dad!
    The ability to fly or to turn back time? Hmm turn back time so I could re-enjoy my kids childhoods again, sometimes you just miss that funness when they are small!
    What workout equipment would you like for christmas? I’ve asked for kettlebells, and I could use some 25lb dumbbells
    Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Wow, I don’t think I want to think about that too much, I’ve never thought of myself that old! Still working out and feeling good I hope, thats why I do it now!
    Have a great monday! (Since it’s not even monday yet! Lol)

    • steffi_dk

      25Ib dumbbells?! Wow, you must have some biceps, I asked for 10Ib dumbbells…now I feel kind of weak:D

      • tee_w

        I have 1 lbers and 2 lbers too! Lol. I also have 5’s, 7.5’s, 10’s, 15’s and 20’s. If I’m doing something like deadlifts or bent over rows the 25’s would be good. I use the 10 lbers and the 15 lbers the most.

        • steffi_dk

          Thanks, I feel better now:D It´s cool, that you use 10&15 Ibs the most, so maybe that was a real good wish. My heaviest are 16.5 dumbbells, but I don´t really like them. For bent over rows I prefer my sandbag.

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    Hi, here are my answers,

    1. Definitely coffee, I just love the smell!
    2. My best vacation ever was my trip to Paris. I spent 3 amazing weeks there, and I went to Disneyland twice! :)))
    3. I’ve had dreams about flying for as long as I can remember and I don’t like living with regrets about my past, so I would definitely choose the ability to fly.

    4. For Christmas, I would love to get a pair of 4 kg dumbbells. I always seem to need new ones with different weight 🙂
    5. In 20 years from now, I see myself as a mother. I have always wanted children and I really hope that I will be able to start my own family in the near future 🙂

  • agneszs

    Coffee or Tea? Only tea. I stopped drinking coffee two years ago.

    What was the best vacation you’ve ever had? It was a road-trip from Germany to Madrid, with my loved one. We included lots of spontaneous stops at different points. I loved it!

    If you had to pick one which would you pick: The ability to fly or the ability to turn back time? I think I would turn back time. The first thing I would change are the food choices I made and the way I was taking care of my body and health

    What workout equipment would you like to get for Christmas? Some nice workout clothes and shoes! I own some… (I’m almost a collector, haha) They keep me motivated! I don’t really use any real equipment for my workouts, I just get creative and it works for me so well!

    Where do you see your self in 20 years? I thought we well be all gone on the 21th of December! (Joking) LOL

  • Lili Suke

    hello Tati, thanks for the Mingle 🙂

    1) coffeeee…I love coffee, however I read that it is one of the most acidic drinks we have, which is really not good..

    2)I have 2best vacations 🙂 My first one was in the Bahamas, where I visited my girlfriend. I stayed with her family and we traveled to 2 different islands. The island life was very slow and relaxed. I have never seen so beautiful beaches in my life and so nice people. The other holiday was last year with my boyfriend. We went canoeing for a week on a river in Czech republic. It was great, no PC, no phone, only the nature around us. it was amazing and very relaxing!

    3)I would choose flying. I am afraid of height though :))

    4)I would love to get the equalizer, or a home made version of it 🙂

    5)in 20 years.. What I know for sure, that i will continue with exercising and healthy eating and really try to show my children and family members this way of life. Unfortunately, in my family I am really the only one who is living this life style. Sometimes it is hard to see the ones I love making harm to their own body. Actually, it is very hard to see. I would love to help in some way others to loose weight, and live healthier.
    Thank you 🙂

  • huhu

    1) Coffee in the morning and after lunch always, tea sometimes 🙂
    2)I hadn’t vacations, so i dunno. I traveled to germany one time for 3 days because a friend and after 1 year i quitted my country to live with my french guy now in france. Put i hope that i will be soon able to have any vacations.
    3) I would like to turn back the time, im much interested about the time before, to be in this time and to discover all this things in real is anything exceptional for me. Moreover that i would like to give myself better advice :o)
    4) I would like to have a sandbag (i’m using a very old big handbag which is even sometimes very unconfortable !!!)
    5) I hope that i will worked already in france and that my language is almost “perfect”. Maybe im even to get a baby i dunno. I would like to live in Canada in the near of Quebec, maybe i will be there 😀 there are so many things i would like to plan. But life throw many times stones into your way, so i will see 🙂

    Have a nice day

    • That is so awesome that you live in France, I really want to go there someday, it’s one of the places to which I have a very strong connection with.

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there,


    1) I drink coffee only in the morning, can’t imagine starting a day without it..but I looooooooove tea..and I always drink fresh tea, not from the bags, for years now..actually I am drinking Tahebo right now

    2) vacations…well to be honest, every summer I work, but somehow I have so much fun, and go to wonderful places, so I have best working vacations..really, and they last for few months 🙂

    3)I don’t want to mess with time, everything happens for a reason and it you go back..hmm, not good..flying..OH YES..but I wish I have an ability to teleport..

    4)TRX.!!!, and a versafit bag

    5)life is wonderful because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, or where will we be in a in 20 years I just hope to be happy..:)

    kisses to you all

    • You can make a VersaFit bag, since mine broke I am going to make the new one my self.

      • 1Ivana

        Oh I know but..I have seen this picture and I just feel in love with it, and I don’t have that fabric etc…here is the picture

        • 1Ivana

          p.s. I have made my own sandbag, and lots of my furniture, and I use walker for a dip station, and I strongly believe in recycling…but this I just love love love..hihihi
          and I found a guy who makes TRX for 3 times less money from the original…:)

  • I love your quote today Tati. Reminds me of another of my fave’s:

    ““All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.” ? Kabir”


    I’ve tried to give up coffee many times in my life, but you know what they say “If it comes back to you it’s yours forever” LOL…So even though I love my various kinds of tea, my organic, free trade cappuccino with almond milk foam is there to greet me every morning. J


    My best vacation is yet to come. It would involve a combination of culture, adventure, good food, sea-side massages and white sandy beaches.


    It’s tempting to want to turn back time but I try not to live in the world of regret or “what if”s. I think it’s dangerous territory and (outside of this little exercise) wasted energy. So I’d have to flying. I dream a lot about flying and always wake up invigorated about the experience.

    Tati I love how planet-focussed you’re becoming (or maybe have always been). I work in a Faculty of Environment at a major Canadian University with many talented and passionate people working on these very issues.


    I have a BOSU and love it. But like you, we’re not focussed too much on pressies this year. If I were to pick one more thing to add it would be a versa bag (my sandbag is rough and scrapes me whenever I toss it on my shoulders) or a kettlebell for swinging (insert your own joke).

    20 YEARS

    I believe the changes you spoke about Tati are coming and that 12-20-2012 represents the ‘tipping point’ where more of us are awake that asleep, where there is slightly more positive than negative in the world. For me, I just want to be part of that shift; contributing my truth, living simply, happily, and openly with other like-minded people.

    • Beautiful quote Dheana! I do wish more people would know and understand that.

      It is so nice to know that there are other people who are focusing on the planet, we are part of it and we came here to take care of it, this awareness had been growing in me for a while. Me and Miguel are both becoming more and more aware daily, and we do everything in our power to help.

      Yes, the changes are here, I can feel it too. Where before there was more negative than positive now as you said it’s the tipping point, it’s more positive than negative, and I know that from now we will just keep awakening and growing more and more as humanity.

  • Coffee or Tea?

    Tea, i rarely drink coffee even though i like it. I drink alot of plain ginger tea, also black and green.

    What was the best vacation you’ve ever had?

    Im not sure, I guess last year going to the beach during summer. It was relaxing and calming and i met a wonderful person.

    If you had to pick one which would you pick: The ability to fly or the ability to turn back time?

    Fly definitely, the freedom and fun you could have! on the other hand, turning back time could be dangerous and could lead to obssesive behaviors, we could be able to control ANYTHING!

    What workout equipment would you like to get for Christmas?
    Many,,, but the ones i mostly want are an equalizer and a sandbag but i wont get them anytime soon 🙁

    Where do you see your self in 20 years?
    This one is really hard. I cant visualize myself in the future I prefer to stay in the present or i get too stressed thinking about what i wanna do in my future… though i could see myself killing zombies :DDD

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      Isidora the zombie slayer……..has a nice ring to it 😉

      • 1Ivana


      • woohoooo , my future job!

    • Zombies sounds like so much fun now, but once we actually have them here it will probably get quite frightening, but trust me it’s definitely gonna happen in the future, cause movies always show us the future.

      • yayyy you just gave me more hope! ill probably regret it in the future though… =D

      • Don’t say that!!!! I. Hate. Zombies… we used to watch the Walking Dead before bed, but I started having nightmares so we stopped. I’ll take vampires any day.

  • I. Tea mostly. I started drinking coffee in 2009…I joking say that I drink my milk with coffee because when I drink coffee, I put a tablespoon of instant coffee in a cup of milk.

    2. So far, the best vacation is India. We rented an apartment for a month in Visakhapatnam in the Southeast coast of India. We enrolled in a yoga university and did yoga 7am and 6pm, it was pure bliss …the morning practice of kungal kriyi took awhile to get use to. I loved everything aspect of India, the people, culture, food, noise, smell, heat and the chaos. It took me about a week to balance the polarity of India, and then I was able to go with the flow and enjoy myself.

    3. Flying will be nice, but if I can change all of the entire past terrible world events/things humans have done then I want the ability to go back in time.

    4. Dumbbells or kettlebells

    5. That’s too far ahead. I know for sure that I’ll be content with the life I will have at that time.

    “Time is just memory
    Mixed in with Desire.”
    ? Tom Waits

    • OMG my dream is to go to India and do what you did, me and my husband both want to go there, it does sound like pure bliss. The other day I saw a documentary about of of India’s spiritual leaders and they showed India in the morning a lot, just watching the peace and how quiet it was there, people were meditating and exercising on their roof, just beautiful.

    • Wow a trip to India for month, that’s amazing.

  • Mary Lou

    1.) After a hiatus from both, it’s now bulletproof coffee in the morning and a green tea later if I feel like it.
    2.) Disney World with the kids a couple of years ago, although the honeymoon cruise was awesome!
    3.) Flying. I’ve seen enough Star Trek to know that you can’t fix it or make it better, only worse.
    4.) I would like my homemade dip station to convert into Leibert Equalizers.
    5.) I’ve also learned that planning too far ahead doesn’t accomplish much, so live in the now.

    • steffi_dk

      Ha ha, I love Star Trek:)

      • Mary Lou

        Spock may be the only exception though, right?:)

      • 1Ivana

        Me to..

    • I’m still talking to by husband to build me a Leibert…hoping he will get sick of me asking and just go build it.

      • Mary Lou

        I know! He built me the dip station so he has every thing he needs, he just has to ‘cut and paste’ a little. 😉

    • Ha Ha Ha, I need to see some Star Trek, I’ve never seen it and I know it’s very popular.

      • 1Ivana

        never?not one episode if not movie? I used to go to my brothers home every day at same time, he would make a lunch, and we watcher re-runs…:))

      • Mary Lou

        If you can suspend the disbelief, it’s a ton of fun. Here’s a timeline (one of MANY) for you: The last film was fantastic, but I don’t know how much you’d appreciate it without some background knowledge. Start at the beginning, I say.

    • 1Ivana

      OMG..I am a big Trek fan…!!!

  • steffi_dk

    1. I like the flavor of tea, but i´m terribly addicted to coffee

    2.The best vacation…Prague was pretty cool, I was there together with very nice people and we had a lot of fun. But I also had a great backpack trip through Southern Tirol(Italy), where we just hiked all day long through wonderful nature until our feet wouldn´t bear us longer

    3. Flying, I think:) Every action we take has consequences, that´s part of life and we have to live with that. We learn through that.
    4.Lol, I actually wished a workout equipment for Christmas! I had many in my mind: a better Pull Up Bar, a weighted west(thanks for putting that in my head GL), but I ended up wishing some 5 kg dumbbells, which aren´t rounded, so they don´t slide away, when I try to do Push Ups on them:D
    5. I have no idea, but I see my new 5 kg dumbbells near me 😉
    Have a nice monday everyone:)

    • I like the fact that you hiked until your feet could’nt bear it…sounds like a whole day long affair.

      • steffi_dk

        Yes, it was a whole week of walking only. It was pretty tough, because it was in the mountains and my backpack was way to heavy, but it was an amazing experience, very challenging, but also very meditative.

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      the vest is a great piece of equipment

      • steffi_dk

        😀 I don´t doubt that, but it´s an expensive piece of equipment. And for now, I have a weighted Fat West;)

    • What a nice vacation, I would love to hike all day long!

      • steffi_dk

        I bet, you would love it!! We loved it so much, that we did the same thing in Norway last year. Next year, I want to ride my bike across Southern Germany along a river called Donau. Those kinds of trips are not only the cheapest, they are also much more intense than lying at a hotel pool with a cocktail by your side(that is not bad eigther of course:D)

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    good morning all :))))

    1/ coffee or tea? I’m a tea girl now….I alternate green tea with jasmine and oolong for my morning tea. Used to be addicted to coffee, but it started to give me heart burn, so tried green tea about 6 or 7 years ago and haven’t looked back….it’s funny, I used to be non-functioning without my morning coffee, but now i work out before i even have my tea, so I don’t rely on it at all to wake up anymore. I also drink at least a litre or more of herbal tea everyday. mint and ginger peach are my favorite right now

    2/ best vacation? I really enjoyed the one I had in August, got to spend 8 days with my brother and his family in Berlin, first time my husband had been there, so it was great to see it fresh through his eyes. And 12 years a go, we packed up a RV and headed south in January for three months…went down the coast all the way to San Patricio in Mexico……….great time…..didn’t want to come back

    3/ Flying !!!!!!!!!!! I still have dreams that I can fly. It has the most lovely feeling of freedom in my dreams.

    4/ toy wish list? I’m not into the whole commercialism of the holiday myself……….but, if I had to add to my toys it would be a complete set of kettle bells, nothing too light though, 12 kg for the lightest….I only have a 70 lb one now, and I would like a step too, using a chair, a brick, a bench and a coffee table right now

    5/ where am I in 20 years? no idea, would like to be retired on a beach somewhere, but as long as I’m healthy and happy I don’t really care

    • I am a definite coffee addict, I tried cutting it out for 2 months, and it was the worst 2 months of my life, I was always tired, cranky and had headaches, AHHHH love my java 🙂

  • Evaleen

    #1 – Definitely coffee, even though I enjoy both but restrict my coffee intake much more.
    #2 – Any time I got to travel to the coast… I miss the ocean so much.
    #3 – To fly, that’d be so awesome. 😀 Besides, getting to turn back time is a “cheat” I’d be tempted to use too often.
    #4 – There’s nothing I want a whole lot, so maybe a kettlebell since I don’t have one of those.
    #5 – I have no idea, and not sure that I even want to haha.

    • I think I’d like a kettlebell too, a heavier one, I have 15lbs one, but it’s too light for me.

      • SuSu

        I got a 25lb kettlebell on clearance a few months ago for $11. Totally bought it. I love my kettlebell.

  • # 1 COFFE, i tried to drink green tea but i jsut cant :/ ewww lol

    #2 I would go back to Cancun , b-cuz i got engaged there 🙂 <3

    @ 3 i would try to fly so i could get away wih my luv one 🙂 …. Going back in time its not an option for me,b-cuz whatever happened in the past happened for a reaason, n every choice we took got us where we are now.

    #4 Iwould like a pull up bar!!

    #5 Isee my self with my partner married with 2 kids, a gorgeous house, with greats jobs, ,, having such a perfect happy family <3

  • Mel

    -Coffee or Tea?
    Definitely Coffee I can not survive the day without my Coffee.

    -What was the best vacation you’ve ever had?
    Sounds crazy but the best vacation I ever had was a spur of the moment road trip my partner and myself decided to take one Christmas to Byron Bay Australia, We both had 2 weeks off over work and were looking at a boring Christmas alone so we borrowed a friends station wagon 3 days before Christmas and drove from Melbourne the Byron then spent the week sleeping in the back of the car waking up at dawn and swimming in the beautiful ocean at byron and surrounding areas all day every day, We were totally free and unrestricted with nothing but the sunshine and the beach, it was so much fun.

    -If you had to pick one which would you pick: The ability to fly or the ability to turn back time?
    I would choose flight, if I could fly I would be travelling all over the world all the time.

    -What workout equipment would you like to get for Christmas?
    I would love Santa to bring me a sandbag, I have wanted one for so long and its such a versatile piece of equipment.

    -Where do you see your self in 20 years?
    I am not someone who plans or looks to the future, I live life as it comes and believe in letting life happen and taking all that comes as it comes.

    • Ha Ha Ha, you’re like me, I can’t live a day without coffee

      • Mel

        I have an addiction lol
        I have cut down to only one a day now I save it and have a homemade ice coffee with ice as my post workout reward 🙂 ill go back to my hot coffee drinking in winter.

  • SuSu

    COFFEE OR TEA? tea…all kinds of tea, everyday. I absolutely LOVE it.

    BEST VACATION? any vacation that is spur of the moment. I have not been to a lot of places, I lvoe Washington DC, but I love last minute, unplanned weekend getaways so much! They are so spontaneous and adventurous!

    FLY OR TURN BACK TIME? fly…that would be amazing!

    WORKOUT EQUIPMENT? I would love a lebert or a sandbag, but probably a sandbag more since I have a dipstation. And maybe some more heavier free weights too.

    ME IN 20 YEARS? oh my…ummm not sure really…I am not a very long-term planner. I can do 5 and 10- years, but so much life happens, there is absolutely no way of telling.

    • Susu what is the best tea I can find and where do I buy it?

      • SuSu

        I get all the new teas at my local grocery and I shop online since it is much easier and I can find a better variety of organic teas. I like,,, and any kind of tea at the grocery! I always have green tea, but I love this tea I used to get in Chicago at a local shop. It was strawberries and cream. It was dehydrated strawberry pieces with black tea leaves, blackberry leaves and raspberry leaves. And then i would add a little cream. It was so good.

  • Hello Tati and everyone in Lovingfit.

    I hope you have an excellent start of the week 🙂

    Tati, you deserve your Bosu, it is very expensive but after all the work you do, I think you need it, It is also good to challenge your body with new equipments since we always work at home or parks.

    1. I prefer Coffee in the mornings and tea in the afternoons or nights.

    2. My best holiday was in 2010 in Viena, it was my family, my boyfriend and his brother. Viena is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been, also the coldest. It was a great opportinuty to bond altogether, It was in december, so all the magic of christmas was present, the lights, the food, the cold, even thou I am not such a christmas person, I really felt it, so cozy.

    3. I would love to fly, then I would not need to pay for expensive tickets to come to Mexico, and I could come whenever I wanted lol. Also to enjoy the nature of course and see the most wonderful places.

    4. Workout equiptment. LOL I need everything, I would like a sandbag, or an uggi ball, this one is pretty expensive. I am not sure if it is really necessary. Maybe only the sandbag.

    5. In 20 years I just see myself enjoying of my life with the people I love, very healthy, Trying to do something meaninful. Actually I dont want to wait 20 years to do something meaninful or all the above.

  • 1) Coffee or Tea? Coffee please 🙂
    2) What was the best vacation you’ve ever had? All are the best! Has it’s own bitter and sweet. Vacations can be tiring and draining to me.
    3) The ability to fly or the ability to turn back time? Fly of course. I would not need a ladder. I won’t be afraid of falling.. ever!
    4) What workout equipment would you like to get for Christmas? 5kg Dumbbells.
    5) Where do you see your self in 20 years? Still working and earning, still exercising, still enjoying life and food… living humbly, happily with a grown up kid… 🙂

    • I love how simple and sweet you are 🙂

  • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

    1) Coffee or Tea? -I try sticking with my Herbal Teas 🙂 but I also liek having me some coffee on my Cheat Days, Post-WO with a whey protein shake !
    2) What was the best vacation you’ve ever had? -Hard to name one.. but I really liked the last one in Hispin 🙂 It was like living Heaven on Earth !!!
    3) If you had to pick one which would you pick: The ability to fly or the ability to turn back time? -The Ability to fly. I think that whatever was happened in the past stays there, & there’s always different ways to learn from it. But Flying gives you the ability to explore the world & see the reality in different places of the world, gives you a better view to make your mind about your FUTURE decisions..!
    4) What workout equipment would you like to get for Christmas? -Defienetely, the “Human Trainer” !!! (
    5) Where do you see your self in 20 years? -Exploring the world, enjoying me some good times of dreaming, writing, maybe even bolgging. I’m just floating with my imagination all the time.. would like to have some kind of creative & exciting work in the future.

  • **Coffee or Tea?
    Both! But if you mean in the morning, I love love LOVE my coffee. In the afternoon, I like green tea sometimes, and in the evenings I often drink herbal tea–like I am at this moment (chamomile). I overdo the coffee, though, so I would like to limit my intake to only one, maybe two cups a day. Right now, it’s like…2-4.
    **What was the best vacation you’ve ever had?
    Good question… I haven’t had many vacations in my life, but the ones I have had have been really good ones. I think I’ll go with the 3 week vacation I took before I spent a semester in Padova, Italy. I wanted to travel to England, Scotland and Ireland, and I invited my cousin, and we had an amazing time. I was 21, and I remember feeling really free and open during the whole process. We didn’t plan ANYTHING–we winged the whole thing, which is how I like it, and how I feel that those special moments really come. And she’s a lot more outgoing than I, so being near her helped me find a lot of courage to talk to strangers and meet new people. Italy was after that for me, and it was amazing too, but not really a vacation–I was in school. But I had lots of mini-vacations all over Italy that semester.
    **If you had to pick one which would you pick: The ability to fly or the ability to turn back time?
    Definitely flying. Turning back time always feels like a BAD idea. Plus, it wouldn’t help me learn to accept things the way they are, which is important. And I love going places, so flying would suit me. 🙂
    **What workout equipment would you like to get for Christmas?
    I want a sandbag or a bulgarian bag, or, even better, some combo of the two. Don’t know if that exists, though. My sandbag is made of plastic and duct tape and it’s falling apart, plus I want to up it from 35lbs to 40lbs.
    **Where do you see your self in 20 years?
    I don’t worry or plan much for the future, and I know I should do more, probably, but in thoughts I think of it always very optimistically. So, my 20 years from now is my dream life… Really, my life now but amped up on the success and the financial freedom. I just want to do my art, come home to my own house with my loved ones in it, and not have to worry about money or about finding ways to make it in ways other than doing things I really, truly enjoy.

    😀 Happy Monday!!! This is a really nice part of the week for me, seeing these posts and sharing and reading everyone else’s. Goodnight!

  • sharon

    *coffee – no debate there

    *motorbike trip thur Laos with my best freind my husband. (Laos is a BEAUTIFUL place, still untouched, food is incredible)

    *flying for sure

    *a equalizer bar

    * retired and spending my free time travelling the world to see all it’s beauty… and seeing where i can make a difference to other peoples lives. like volunteering.

    Speaking of Holidays, would you consider making a holiday workout routine?? something we can take on holiday with us to keep us on track.

  • -Coffee or Tea?
    None, I can’t drink anything with caffeine or I’d dance samba all day long, I drink rooibos tea, so I go with tea but my favorite drink is water.

    -What was the best vacation you’ve ever had?
    I can’t choose one, I have had great, good and not so good vacations but there was always something beautiful about them, I remember when I was a kid and we spend summer on the beach, my mum never go swimming (don’t ask me how she can handle 40ºC in Spain without getting in the water but she can) but one day she said, I’m going to swim, and we went together, I was like 6 years old, maybe 7, but I said to her “Mum, this are the best vacations of my life” just because we swim together lol

    -If you had to pick one which would you pick: The ability to fly or the ability to turn back time?
    I’m scared of height but I’ll go with the ability to fly just because the past is in the past, it doesn’t exist anymore, the present is the only thing we have, no need to go back to past.

    -What workout equipment would you like to get for Christmas?
    I’d say a dip station or equalizer but I could never afford it.

    -Where do you see your self in 20 years?
    Omg, I don’t even know what I’m going to do this weekend lol,

  • 1) Always have coffee first thing in the morning but tea is my hot drink of choice throughout the day.
    2) Well it wasn’t really a vacation I guess, it was an R&R in the military. I did a tour in Africa and we got to do a Safari. It was absolutely beautiful and amazing. Met the Masai Mara tribe and we got chased by a hippo 🙂 Definitely a trip I will talk about for years.

    3) Definitely chose to fly. Had the chance to do it once, would love to do it again.
    4) Well I did throw it out there to my family that I wanted a medicine ball, so I guess medicine ball it is.
    5) In 20 years I see myself travelling the world and constantly visiting grandkids 🙂

    • I’m sad to say I’m from Africa and I never done a Safari. A couple of my friends went and they said it was a life changer for them.

      • I am sorry to hear that dear but there is always a chance you will make it on one. And, yes, it is definitely life changing, one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

  • EmiliaR

    Hi Tati!

    This is my first mingle! I’m excited to do it…

    1) Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon
    2)That’s funny, my best vacation ever was also in Cancún. While I was an exchange student in the US, my host family decided to go to Mexico for the Hollidays, and they took me with them! It was amazing, I had so much fun swimming, dancing, scuba diving… many things I never dreamt I would ever be able to afford and experience.
    3) Flying, of course! Although I think it might get cold if you go too high, lol. Also, turning back time would turm me into a little dictator I guess
    4) A medicine ball! crossing my fingers so someone actually takes the (not very) subtle hints I’ve been giving on this matter.
    5) Tough question. I have a problem with planning, I guess most good things in my life have come unexpectedly. Although I guess I would like to be a proffesor, no idea where though.

    Tati, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and also doing your workouts. Thank you so much for being so honest, creative and fun to follow. I hope we can keep reading each other from now on!!

    Greetings from Chile!!

  • Coffee or Tea?

    What was the best vacation you’ve ever had?
    °Porto Seguro (Brasil) with my mum and sister

    If you had to pick one which would you pick: The ability to fly or the ability to turn back time?

    What workout equipment would you like to get for Christmas?
    °dipstation or boxing sandbag

    Where do you see your self in 20 years?
    °living in place with lot of nature, mother of 2-3, have my own company- helping other people