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Meet Me On Monday


Hello my Lovies,

Happy Happy Monday my sweets!!!  Welcome to the 23rd edition of Monday Mingle, a question answer game we play every Monday to get to know each other better. Each week I ask 5 questions and we all get to answer them and mingle around. Today’s questions were all your help, and I would like to give a shout out to Daybelis, Lvette, Gerri Lee and Pauline for helping me to come up with the questions.


Today’s Quote:

” Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold  ‘ ~ Bob Marley


I love this quote!


And now todays Questions:


  • Who or what was your FIRST fitness inspiration?

  • What is your weirdest food combo that you like?

  • How old/young do you feel you are? ( write down the number )

  • What are your top 2 things on your bucket list?

  • What are your goals for the New Year?


My Answers:


Q – Who or what was your FIRST fitness inspiration?


Meet Me On Monday


I think you guys already know this, but my first fitness inspiration was Anna Kournikkova 10 years ago.  When I saw this blonde Goddess on TV I thought she was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever saw, and she was fit, super fit.


Q – What is your weirdest food combo that you like?


Meet Me On Monday


You are gonna laugh at this, but I love eating salami with nutella :), yammy!  It might sound pretty gross but it actually tastes great :).


Q – How old/young do you feel you are? ( write down the number )


Meet me On Monday


I have to say I feel about 14 years old, I love feeling like a kid, I love creativity and walking around in Toy’s or Us.


Q – What are your top 2 things on your bucket list?


Meet Me On Monday


I would love to visit Indian Ashram for 10 days of silence and meditation.  And I would love to travel the world and help people in poor countries.


Q – What are your goals for the New Year?


Meet Me On Monday


I want to keep evolving spiritually.  I believe we are living in a very powerful time, the time of great spiritual change for humanity.  I came to a lot of realizations in the last several months,  you could say I really woke up, it hit me in the head, hard.  Now I can’t turn back and live in a dream world like I used to, I have to keep expanding my knowledge and work on my self from the inside.  Life is so much bigger and so much deeper then most perceive, we are so caught up in our daily things that we don’t even notice the real world.

I would also love to keep creating the most fun and creative routines for you guys, I want to get real crazy with my creativity and I want to invent a style of training that’s never ever been done before.


Let’s mingle my Loves!




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  • Who or what was your FIRST fitness inspiration? Kerri Strug. The Olympic gymnast.

    What is your weirdest food combo that you like? A little slice of pepper jack cheese wrapped around a blackberry. Sounds weird, but the spice of the peppers and the bitter sweetness of the berry match well.

    How old/young do you feel you are? ( write down the number ) 12! I still watch cartoons!

    What are your top 2 things on your bucket list? Travel outside of the US. (I would love to see Japan.) I would love to own an animal rescue or set up my home to foster animals looking for their forever homes.

    What are your goals for the New Year? Get my certification to become a fitness trainer. Finally get serious about cleaning up my diet. (I have way more “cheat meals” than I care to admit. I’m so weak!)

    • Yammy I would love to try this new food combo :), sounds so good 🙂 ( I watch cartoons sometimes too, I love my old Russian cartoons )

    • Ah, I love that you want to do animal rescue. I opened my home to foster animals a few years ago – through an organization that retrains ferrel street cats to be pets. It was so rewarding! You’ve obviously got a good heart! <3 🙂

  • Who or what was your FIRST fitness inspiration?
    Sarah Michelle Gellar. She is an actress but she was really into martial arts and one can see that in ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’

    What is your weirdest food combo that you like?
    Hot coco with pure cacoa powder and milk (without sugar) and I eat an apple with it.

    How old/young do you feel you are? ( write down the number )
    What are your top 2 things on your bucket list?
    – Living in London
    – Getting as many people as possible on renewable energy. Our current energy system (fossil fuel based) cause so many more problems, such as political instability, conflicts, environmental problems, health problems, water shortage, food production problems.

    What are your goals for the New Year?
    – To (re)learn German (I dropped the subject after secondary school, which is a shame, because I was pretty good at it)
    – Make that career shift, and get into to energy sector
    – Finish my MSc.
    – Keep enjoying life

    • I dream of the change in the energy system as well, and our whole system in general. It’s definitely broken, things have to change.

  • steffi_dk

    1. First inspiration to do smth. for my body: my physiotherapist, first inspiration, how to look alike: Zuzana Light(she looked slightly less muscular back then, I liked her look more at that time)

    2. weirdest food combo: I don´t know, I eat a lot of weird things, maybe Nutella&Pickles

    3. How old I feel: Sometimes around 8, sometimes more like 80…at least my body does, but a fit 80 year old lady 😀
    4. Top 2 on bucket list: Travel a lot, get in great fitness condition
    5. same as 4.
    Have a nice monday everybody!

  • kate_cz

    Goooooood Morning, Vietnam!

    1) V?ra ?áslavská – czech gymnast – she is the only gymnast, male or female, ever who has won Olympic gold on every individual event. Lately: 2) Barbora Špotáková – czech javelin thrower – she is the current Olympic champion, as well as the world record holder. 3) Adam Ondra – czech young climber. The best climber in the world, imho!
    I admire them all not only for their breathtaking achievements but also for their pure gold characters.

    I love weird food combos 🙂
    For example – chicken steak with fruit jam, cheese + nutella, salty crackers + chocolate, chocolate + wasabi… and I can drink milk to anything.

    Sometimes 150, sometimes 10 and sometimes even 27 which is my actual age.
    Once I measured myself on a special scale and it told me that my metabolic age is equivalent to a 12 years old child 😉

    – To climb on some 6.000m mountain (or higher ;->).
    – To do a muscle up.

    I don´t set any… Just be happy and respectful.

    • Today I’ve learned all kinds of weird food combos I would love to try!

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there..


    1. Inspiration…I always admired JANICA KOSTELI?, but the one who actually made me get up and start was Zuzana Light..

    2. food combo…I don’t know, but I can put GARLIC in everything!!!
    ( brother eats nutella and salami too..) depends…sometimes I feel like 7…sometimes 27..,I looooooove cartoons too!!! ( I am actually 35)

    4.bucket list..
    travel,travel, travel,travel

    5. goals…as I have finished one big chapter of my life 3 months ago,and I am entering a new one ( in my professional life) I just want to soak all in, and be best that I can…

    kisses to you all

    • Kisses sweetie!

    • taltul73

      so im not they only garlic freak… did you try toasting your bread put mash garlic with Tuna and yellow cheese… its heaven…

      • 1Ivana you are not…I just love it!!! and I have low blood pressure and garlic is not so good for me (it lowers it) but I don’t have big problems so I eat it with everything…
        I tried some garlic toast bread..but I have some food allergies so I don’t eat bread or cow cheese..but I can eat it fresh and cooked and baked and steamed and garlic garlic garlic..hahahaa

  • eliza

    Good morning! I have been excercising in some way,shape or form since I was very young…and honestly except for when I was pregnant have always worked out at least 4xweek, I don’t really remember having someone inspire me to do this it was just a part of my life. These days I appreciate womens bodies in all physical activities and find it so cool how they look the part….like a dancer or a swimmer….or a runner! I do love Peanut Butter and Honey all melted together on a toasted bagel! I feel my age (35), in the sense that my mind is so much ahead of my body, I have always been “an old soul!” always way too mature for my age according to friends and family. My bucket wish includes traveling to Egypt, I want to touch something that has stood there for thousands of years and will continue to be there long after I am not. I would also love to attend a Yoga retreat in Bali. My goal for 2013 is to worry less (sometimes it wakes me up at night) and I am going to start to write a book. Have a great day!

    • I just have two more things on my Bucket List, Egypt and Yoga in Bali. Egypt was one country that I’ve always dreamed of visiting.

    • Evaleen

      I love PB & Honey as well, even though I don’t like PB with jelly (maybe that’s weird :p).

      What’s your book gonna be about? 🙂

      • eliza

        they say write what you are familiar with so that it is genuine….i think i will just start and see where it goes (it is just for me anyway!)

  • Lili Suke

    Hello Tati

    Thank you for the new mingle:)

    1) Inspiration…hmm..I didnt really have an inspiration when i started to workout. I just wanted to get more fit, but I would say that Zuzana Light’s workouts were my inspiration when I started 🙂

    2)weirdest food: I could eat pasta with everything: pasta + marmalade + cocoa, pasta with quark and sugar and pasta with graded poppy seeds 🙂 so yummi

    3)Age: the first in my mind was 21 ( I am 31 now) with regards to my energy level and need for social life with friends, but I also feel sometimes as a kid when watching all the cartoons or keep on staring at every little cute thing in the shop 🙂 or sometimes my age, when i am more in my serious mood 🙂

    4) bucket list: to travel to south america, and Tahiti, or Indonezia
    to learn to dance something professionally

    by the way, one of my friends in right now on the 10day silence meditation

    5) to learn German so that I am able to make a good conversation. All my life I’ve tried to avoid learning German (the language was never really appealing to me), but of course it came back to me. Now I live in Switzerland, and although I work in English, I would like to learn German

    to make a very proper pull up :)) (the more the better)

    to be as fit and as healthy as I can

    to learn something new (a dance, a course in something different what I am working with everyday)

    to do more meditations

    to do more crafting

    Thank you
    Kisses, Lili

    • I would love to hear about your friend’s experience, she will definitely come back as a changed person.

      • Lili Suke

        I will ask her and let you know for sure:)

      • I have a friend who has done it a few times, and she always loved it. She went to some meditation center in Massachusetts. I’m intrigued, too, but right now I want to do, like, 2 or 3 days. 10 is too overwhelming at the moment, though I am sure it would seem different from the other end!

        • 1Ivana

          Well few weeks ago I was silent for almost 2 weeks (not meditating,but because of my surgery) and it was easier than I thought it would be….:))

  • SuSu

    Hey Minglers.

    FITNESS INSPIRATION: My first fitness inspiration was my sister. She is the reason I run. She was always really fast. Then my brother started running and he was fast as well, so I started running and I was slow. lol. But after that, my friend got me back into fitness because she was getting fit so I joined.
    WEIRDEST FOOD COMBO: people tell me this is weird, but I don’t really think it is that odd…I like oatmeal with a dash of cayenne pepper and cardamom. The heat from the pepper mixed with the cardamom is delicious.
    AGE I FEEL: I feel like I am 20 still.
    BUCKET LIST: I would LOVE to travel the world. I have not had the opportunity, but long to travel.
    RESOLUTIONS: I haven’t even thought of this. When there is something I want to change about myself, I start it immediately. I do not have to wait for a new year.

    Your Bob Marley quote was taken from 2 verses in the Bible. Matthew 16:26 and Proverbs 16:16.

    • Heloo SuSu 🙂

      What an nice combo for oat meal, I haven’t had a boiled oats in a really long time. I’ve been wanting to ask you a question about cardamom. I got it Organic and Whole, do I grind it? Or do I place it whole into my meals?

      Very interesting about the quote, I had no idea, but I do know that Bible is quite the amazing book, very prophetic.

      • SuSu

        I always use ground cardamom. I do know that a lot of Indian dishes use the whole pods to give flavor. You can grind them if you have a spice grinder or coffee grinder though! It really is good though!

        • I’m a fan of cinnamon in oatmeal, I’ll give your combo a trial, I tend to drink my tea spiced with cardamon.

          • SuSu

            I also love cinnamon, but I tried the cardamom in it instead and fell in love. It may not be for you, but it is worth the try right? And the cayenne is just awesome, and gets your metabolism kickstarted.

          • Evaleen

            Curious if you also sweetened your oatmeal along with the spices? I love cardamon too, not tried it yet with any pepper though.

            Lovely avatar btw! 🙂

          • SuSu

            Thanks Evaleen. Sometimes I will use half scoop of my husbands vanilla whey protein (even though there isnt much sugar in it, it is still sweet) and other times, just a teaspoon of honey. It is all up to you how you want to sweeten it. I try to avoid sugar unless it is my raw local honey (which tastes amazing!).

    • Cayenne pepper is good on EVERYTHING!!! I’ve had it on oatmeal, in hot cocoa, sometimes I just put it in water. Mmmm!!!

      • SuSu

        It is SO good in hot cocoa…to die for!

  • Who or what was your FIRST fitness inspiration?
    What is your weirdest food combo that you like?
    How old/young do you feel you are? ( write down the number )
    What are your top 2 things on your bucket list?
    What are your goals for the New Year?

    1. First fitness inspiration: This will sound weird.. It was female action movie heroes such as Lara Croft, Alice from Resident Evil… etc.. Movies and video games are one of my main inspirations for working out, i just wanna be as strong as they are.

    2. I dont find it weird at all but some people do. Oatmeal with eggs spinach and banana.

    3. 12 hahaha, i dont feel 18 at all.

    4. This was is hard, i dont really have one but i guess… Be able to do and master calisthenics movements such as handstand, planche, human flag etccc.. and i cant think of anything else right now…

    5. Do great at school and prepare well for the PSU which is a final exam in my country that determines in what university u will get in and which career depending on your score. And of course, continue being fit, strong, flexible, agile and become better at it. (and gain more muscle in the way 😀 )

    • I think Lara Croft is an amazing fitness inspiration, Alice from Resident Evil is quite amazing too, I love women who are bad ass like that!

    • SuSu

      ooo handstand…I want to be able to do a headstand by this time next year. That is a good one.

      • Yeah, my only problem with them is that i fear falling down. D:

        • SuSu

          Once your core is strong you shouldn’t have that problem. I am afraid of not doing it in proper form and injuring my neck and back. I want to learn how in a yoga class or some class, not on my own.

  • Hi folks,

    I’m happy to be mingling this Monday.

    Tati, I know you’ll continue to succeed in both your spiritual growth and creating the best routines. More brilliant ideas are coming your way and will becoming from you. <3

    1. As a teenager who ran 100 metres, the sprinter Flo-Jo (Florence Griffith-Joyner) was my first sport inspiration. She is the still the fastest woman of all time in 100 & 200 metres race, even after her death, no other female runner has come closed to breaking the 1988 world record she set for both 100/200.

    -At 20 I discover exercising that was diffrent from training for track. This happened when I saw Karen Voight "Lean Legs & Butt" video tape (my first fitness video purchase); and quickly followed with me buying her "Strong & Smooth Moves" video tape. I still thinks she is great in her field.

    2. Tahini on toast with honey or maple syrup. If I'm up late, I'm usually snacking on this.

    3. I don't feel old or young, I feel I'm in the right body all the time. I've always liked every age that I've being so since I'm 41, I'll pick 41 and I feel great.

    4. I've been told I'm weired for not having a bucket list. I just do things as they come and l want to do them. The things I've done could be considered by others as part of a bucket list, but they were not planned in that way.

    5. Continue consiciouness-based education. Enjoy Rotherdam in February. Get horses, chickens, goat, plant garden and start work on guest cottage.

    • Thank you so much for your support and your friendship my sweet deal Lvette 🙂

      OHH gosh, I so want a garden too, horses, chickens, goat these are all the things I would love some day ahhh

      • My neighbour makes goat milk soaps, she promise to teach me and help me in picking out a goat.

    • taltul73

      Tahini and honey its one of the most common foods making whole wheat muffin with Tahini and Selan (date hone) you need to try it..
      you can come over next time im making it.. hehehe

      • I like dates a lot, I get them from an Arab store near my previous residence. I’ve tried date honey and I did like it…it’s not always easy to find it.

        • tryste

          From one date-lover to another, have you ever cut them open and stuffed them with walnuts? YUMMY!

          • Way too much work for me 🙂 I’ve mixed dates and nuts in a bowl for a snack. Is fresh dates are good as dried one?

          • tryste

            I don’t really know, I’ve only seen fresh dates once and they looked a little old to my eye … I tried one and DEFINITELY preferred the dried ones! I hear what you’re saying about the extra work … Luckily here I can pick up the stuffed dates pre-made at the fruit and veg stands I go to. They’re sold all over the place here 🙂


      • Yep! I’m 41, the picture was taken 4 months ago. Thanks for the compliments:)

  • I know what you mean, sometimes I feel like I am thousands of years too, but I love to feel like a kid, gives me all the crazy creativity ideas.

    I love your goal for the new year – BE ALIVE :), yep, I’m with you here!

    • My dear Tatianna i wish we can all be children 🙂


      • 1Ivana

        buhahahahahaha…šta da?

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    Good morning to all. It snowed here yesterday, and there is snow everyday this week, but just a light skiff so far. I miss summer. Sigh.

    1/ who or what was my first fitness inspiration? As a child I figure skated and wanted to be good enough to go to the Olympics, I don’t remember the names of all of the skaters who inspired me though. As a teenager, I was inspired by the movie Conan to be strong and to this day I still want to learn how to sword fight. As a young adult, it was Rachel McLish who inspired me to start weight training.

    2/ Weirdest food combo? Don’t think I have one….as a child I would freak out if my different kinds of food on my plate touched each other……….I’m better about it now, but I do tend to eat all of one thing before moving onto something else on the plate…little bit of OCD there I think.

    3/ How old/young do you feel you are? I feel like I’m about 25, but some mornings I feel like I’m 85….all I know is that I will never act my age or grow up…age is just a number and mine is currently 43

    4/ Top 2 things on my bucket list? as a teenager I wanted to climb one of the pyramids in Egypt and just hang out on top for the day and contemplate life and the world………….now, to be honest I’m not sure, even though this was my question….lol……I guess it would have to be traveling the world and being able to spend time with my brother

    5/ goals for the new year? I never set goals. I guess to be the best me that I can be and to be happy with it 🙂

    • Good morning darling!!!

      Come to Florida, it’s summer 365, right now it’s actually very hot outside, and I miss snow so much 🙁

      • Not having seasons is not fun.

      • tryste

        If you miss snow then come to Hamburg! Winter has set in here, and glaciers are starting to form on the sidewalks 🙂

    • Gerri – I almost spit out my water laughing at your OCD comment. Mostly because I was exactly the same way. My mother used to tell me she was going to get me one of those airplane plates to keep my food separated! LOL

      • PS – my hubby could teach you how to sword fight if you ever want to re-spark that dream! Maybe next time we visit my family out your way! 🙂

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        hey Dheana, I think that’s why I like doing theses kinds of exercises….I get to count things….it appeals to the closet OCD in me

    • tee_w

      I’ve been reading everyone’s answers before writing mine because I’ve been trying so hard to remember the female bodybuilder that inspired me all those years ago. I came up with Cory Everson but she was not the original, it was Rachel something, and you just answered it for me! God we must be close in age or something! Lol. (And she was hot!)

      I laughed at your food comment as one of my sons is like that, doesn’t like his food to touch and eats all of one thing before moving on to the next! All I can say is would you like me to make you a nice casserole! Lol

      And I just love counting! 🙂 I can’t seem to be able to stop! I count everything I do! Lol. I just can’t remember the count, which could be useful!

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        I love casseroles…and I make awesome soups…. and one pan wonders….I’m all better now…lol… 😉

        • tee_w

          Ha ha, my son hates casseroles or salad with dressing, or salads in general. I used to give him a big pile of lettuce on his plate and he was all happy eating it! LOL
          Though he’s probably cured of most of that since he’s on welfare, can’t be picky on that!

          • tryste

            Oh man, don’t I know how picky you CAN’T be on welfare … when I was growing up, my mom was on unemployment and Welfare a lot of the time. We sure drank a lot of powdered milk back then! Sounds like your son still had some love of healthy things — although if all he ate for dinner was lettuce I might worry a bit about his calorie intake 😉

          • tee_w

            Ha ha ha! Yes he would eat anything we gave him pretty much except salad dressing, mayonaisse and liver. We never heard the words I’m full ever come out of his mouth! But now his stomach has shrunk, whenever he comes for dinner now, he can’t finish his meals because he’s full.

          • tryste

            I’m totally with your son on the liver (yuck, not my thing!) and I wish I could say I don’t like mayonnaise or salad dressing … but unfortunately that’s not true 😉 I think the only condiment I won’t eat is horseradish! I guess it must be a little cheaper not to have a growing boy in the house. The metabolisms they have must be expensive to feed! And hey — more for you now 😉

          • tee_w

            Ha ha, I still feed him a little as after rent he only has about $150 for everything else. But I am saving some still have 2 more teenage boys at home, but strangely they don’t eat much, never have, really really picky.

        • tryste

          One-pot and one-pan wonders — total support! For me, that’s the way to go as well 🙂

  • Zivenaberry

    1.) My first fitness inspiration was definitely Jillian Michaels. I started with her DVDs and I couldn’t even make it through a full half hour with her DVDs when I first started. I really began to push myself with Zuzana though. After I started watching and following Zuzana I bought Insanity. To this day I still use Shaun T as inspiration when I’m down. If I don’t feel like I can get through a routine alone, I pop in an Insanity DVD and he is super motivating.

    2.) Weird food combo… Don’t really have any that I can think of.

    3.)I turned 30 this year. I used to think 30 was old, now that I’m here, I don’t see it that way at all. I feel and look better at 30 than I did at 20. I don’t want to go back to 20, and I certainly don’t want to feel like I did at 20.

    4.)I don’t have a bucket list, but there are goals I have. My two biggest goals for the short term are to finish my nursing degree and to be able to buy a new home. (Both of those I consider short term because I am using roughly 5 years as short term. I will have 2 years to my degree and about 4-5 years to a new home.)

    5.)Goals for the New Year. Hmm… To reteach myself Spanish. When I was in high school I spoke it well, not quite fluently, but very well. I haven’t spoken it since, and I’d like to try Rosetta Stone to see if I can get back to it.

    • I have a spanish cd box sets that I need to that using.

    • Estudiaba Espanol por tres semesters a la universidad pero hasta que muchos anos y no recuerdo mucho. I probably messed that up big time, but it means I studied Spanish in university but it’s been many years and I don’t remember much. But I do miss it – what a gorgeous language!

      Check out Tim Ferris’s blog. He has a link to learn any language in 3 months. I haven’t done it yet, but they guys pretty brilliant so it’s probably worth checking out… Hang on, I’ll find you the link…

      • Zivenaberry

        I can still read Spanish, I just can’t hear it, if that makes sense. I will definitely check out that link, thank you!!

      • Jntte

        If you ever want to practice your Spanish, it is my mother tongue! Now you can see why do I write the way I do… LOL!

  • Jntte

    Hi friends!

    First time mingling! Here I go:

    1. My first fitness inspiration was a show called “20 Minute Workout” with Bess Motta, Arlaine Wright, and Crew. I was a kid and I just loved it! Since then on, I have always enjoyed exercising.

    2. I love the mixing sweet & salty tastes, so I can have chicken or tuna with fruits and I’ll be extremely happy =)

    3. Sometimes I feel my age (35) thanks to the maturity experiences have provided me. Sometimes I feel like a little kid, when I’m mischievous or I want to be pampered 😉 But the truth is that I’m not good making age associations since I think all of us have a mischievous kid and an old wise inside =)

    4. Travel and discover places, cultures and people!

    5. To keep growing and learning! To transform my energy and the lessons I have learnt into something beneficial for humanity, at least for the people that surround me =)

    Tati, I love your answers and I’m glad you think about us when planning your new year goals!

    • Welcome to your first mingle! 🙂
      I remember the 20 minute workout show! All the girls in their thong leotards – funny! I love your answer that we all have a mischievousness little kid and an old wise one inside – so true! Thanks for mingling!

  • Mary Lou

    Hi guys, my Sunday w/o got sidetracked so here I am today!
    1.) Fitness inspiration? When I was a kid, Fred Lynn, even though I wouldn’t say he was in great shape, who wouldn’t want to play centerfield for the Boston Red Sox? More recently, I’ve always admired Serena Williams even though I’ve never played tennis.
    2.) Weird food combo? I used to put pickles on meatball subs, but I don’t eat bread anymore (Yay!) so I suppose pickles on meatballs is kind of weird.
    3.) Old/young? I suppose I feel like I’m in my 30’s, I know I’m in better shape now than I ever was. Ever since finding HIIT and going gluten free (in the last 3 years or so) my life has changed DRAMATICALLY for the better. Never going back to long cardio or bread so I will just have to stick with 45. Things always get better with age, right?!?!
    4.) Bucket list? Travel is always up there for me too. I would love to go to Greece and Barcelona, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon.
    5.) New Year? I would like to simplify things however possible. I would love to live and work on a farm. I’m not saying it’s easy work, but sometimes I just feel like I’m being pulled in a dozen directions at the same time with all the modern day distractions. (Tatianna’s site excluded, of course!)

  • taltul73

    hello my loving fit friends..

    1. i do not know if i have on fitness inspiration.. its few of them in different times in my life..i always loved sport and i was a tomboy as a kid. now.. do not laugh.. when i saw the movie with Demi Moore G.I. Joe.. i wanted to do all the things she did….to be strong like that. than i had a gym instructor this big amazing Russian guy.. we became good friend and he trained me and was an inspiration … after few years i found cathe friedrich and i just new i wanted to be that strong.

    2. i cannot think on anything weird but i love to eat in a bowl with every thing together..the carb.. the protain and vegetables.. just mixed… and i love garlic that i can eat it with anything you can imagine

    3. im 39.. have 3 girls and most of my friend are 28 or 30..and i feel younger than them.. like im 26 . and they always say :”i forget your older than me..” when i see some one my age i feel maybe i need to be more serious.

    4. i have been one time in Australia and i think its the most beautiful place in the world.. i will love going back there and New Zealand…

    5. one of my long time dream is to live in a small farm and grow all of my food… keep homeschooling… creating wonderful food in the kitchen, crocheting and working out.. all of that i consider my therapy…

    • 1Ivana

      Garlic rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lili Suke

      i love the idea of the small farm,I also dream thats added to my bucket list:) thanks for sharing

    • You must love cooking…I hope you share some of your creations. 🙂

  • 1Ivana

    a question..where are you from??judging from your name you have to be near…I am from Croatia, Rijeka

  • I think I’ve seem everyone of Bruce Lee movies

    • Me too… im stil trying to have those abs 🙂 its not gonna happen in near future :))))

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    1. My first inspiration to really get into fitness was Rumiana Ilieva at and She is a Bulgarian fitness instructor and I found her by accident on Youtube a few years ago.
    2. I like to mix my food with cabbage in a big bowl. It does not look pretty but I just love the taste of soup, for example, and sliced fresh cabbage mixed in one bowl. I also like to eat chicken with apricots, but I guess that’s not so strange.
    3. I am so emotional, and I always feel like a teenager, 16 years old perhaps.
    4. First of all, I would do my best to stay healthy. I would also like to get a better job.

    5. Last year, I promised myself I would never lite another cigarette, and I haven’t since 🙂 This year, I will promise myself that I would free myself from negative people and thoughts, as much as possible.

    Great questions guys 😉

    • tryste

      Mmm, chicken with apricots! That totally reminds me of a recipe I used to make back in college — chicken breasts stuffed with apricots, garlic and feta cheese, wrapped in bacon and served with a tarragon cream sauce … **drool**

      • Katerina Gjorgievska

        That sounds so delicious, mmmmm 🙂

        • tryste

          I tried to find the recipe for you online but came up with nothing 🙁 All I remember was that it came on a bag of dried apricots I bought once at the grocery store in Scotland …

  • Hello! I did not mingle last week, shame on me! =D But now I mingle.

    1. My first true fitness inspiration was/still is Jillian Michaels. I bought her DVD three years ago (now I have 7 DVD´s by her) and she was the one who taught me to train hard. I have always been an active person, but Jillian brought my fitness to another level. After that, I found Zuzka, and now I have also found you, sweet Tatianna.

    2.I think my weirdest food combo is oatmeal and cottagecheese; or is it even that weird to fitness people? I eat that combo almost every day, with berries or fruit. Also, at Christmas, I like to eat blue cheese with gingerbread. Yummy! =D

    3.Sometimes I behave like I´m still seventeen, but that´s just my normal part of my personality (which I hate sometimes). I´m 31 years old and I think that´s pretty much the same age as I feel.

    4. Publish a book and go to Paris, where I would drink a lot of coffee and eat all the chocolate I could find. =D

    5. I don´t really want to set any goals for the New Year, but I´ll try to stay in a good shape and write and read as much as possible. Looking forward for your work out innovation, Tatianna! =D

    • tryste

      Hey, we have a few things in common! Jillian Michaels is an inspiration of mine, too! I discovered her less than a year ago and I feel like a total FREAK of sponge trying to take in all she’s done DVD/TV and podcast-wise. I actually found Zuzka before Jillian, though, and Tatianna after.

      I don’t think the oatmeal and cottage cheese thing sounds weird, and if I ate dairy much anymore I would give it a try 🙂 I actually saw that whole fruit/oats/cottage cheese combo on a site that explained the Zone Diet that’s so popular with CrossFit, and I remember thinking, “Hmm, that looks TOTALLY yummy and healthy. Too bad I don’t do dairy anymore, though!”

      • Nice! I did know Jillian for years – and was a fan -, but I didn´t know she had DVD´s. Then I accidently ran into her DVD online, and I was like oh yes, I want this! =D Since then, I always look forward her new DVD releases like a kid. =D A few months later, after starting working out with Jillian, I found Zuzka, and just lately I found Tatianna. Earlier this year Jillian actually replied me on Twitter and I was like, well that was cool. =D And I tweeted only a few times to her; now I´m no longer on Twitter, got bored of that.

        Oh, good to hear I´m not complete weirdo! =D Where I´m from, the oatmeal combo is quite common to people who train.

        • tryste

          Ooh, you had actual CONTACT with the goddess herself — very cool!! How did you hear about her before you knew she had DVDs? By the way, I just heard on her podcast that she’s coming out with a new book soon. Have you heard about that, too? Oh, and that she went back to Biggest Loser for another season? Sounds like it’s been a real challenge for her this time of year (hard team of contestants) and I’m really looking forward to checking out the episodes when they start airing in January.

          Where are you from that the athletes all eat super-oatmeal? 🙂

          • Yes, it was cool! =D I have been a Biggest Loser fan since the beginning and immediately “fell in love” with Jillian. I haven´t heard about her new book, that´s nice, I do have one of her books. We are so behind with the BL seasons here, that she hasn´t even left yet! =D I was very excited to hear that she has done a comeback.

            I´m from Finland, a northern girl. =D

  • agneszs

    Hello everyone!
    Who or what was your FIRST fitness inspiration?
    I had to think about this one for a while. I almost thought there wasn’t anyone who inspired me, but then I remembered : one of my classmates from school. I practiced sports before, but it wasn’t for my health or my physical aspect, just for joy. Then there was this girl …beautiful and fit , disciplined, working out consciously. We started working out together. Wow, it’s nice to remember those fun times!
    What is your weirdest food combo that you like?
    Eating mostly veggies, fruits, nuts and dairy, no matter how I combine them, still won’t be weird. If spinach+ bananas count, then that’s it, LOL! -obviously it’s the most genuine combo compared to nutella+salami , haha

    How old/young do you feel you are? ( write down the number )
    Funny, bc. every time I’m asked about my age, 24 pops into my mind, although I’m few years older than that. Guess that’s how I feel.

    What are your top 2 things on your bucket list?
    I don’t have a bucket list. Now that you brought up the question, I started wondering whether it’s weird not having one?
    What are your goals for the New Year?
    I’ve never been much on New Year’s Resolutions . If Im determined to reach something I will start doing today and Not sit around and wait for the new year

    A nice week for all of you, xx

  • **Who or what was your FIRST fitness inspiration?

    I’ll probably think of one earlier after I write this, but I came across a trainer named Tanja Djelevic through her DVD’s and I just LOVED them. She’s Swedish, but lives in the US, and she has a bunch of really wonderful DVDs that I used to really dig doing. I loved her positive attitude and her zest for life and for moving the body. At the end of her workouts she takes some deep breaths in and out, and it felt SO GOOD but at the time I was smoking and I wanted to feel GOOD breathing in and out…so she motivated me to quit smoking as well. I don’t really follow her now, though, because there are only so many times you can do a DVD workout and not get bored of it! But I follow her passively.

    **What is your weirdest food combo that you like?

    I don’t think it’s weird, but eggs and bananas. Fried! Yummm…

    **How old/young do you feel you are? ( write down the number)

    Argggh…without stating my age, I’ll just say 3 years younger than my age. I’ve had this “3 years younger” feeling for several years, though, and I think I mentally took about 3 years off when I moved in with my boyfriend and his son and adjusted to being, essentially, a stepmom. I was very immature, being the youngest, and I had a LOT of growing up to do. Sometimes, though, I feel a little younger than that. I feel like a young woman, though, and looking at my age I’m feeling like my age is entering into “not young” which I really don’t like or approve of. 🙂

    **What are your top 2 things on your bucket list?

    Have a kid. Travel with my honey. There are things that are higher in aspiration that would be great to have happen, but I wouldn’t feel sad if they didn’t happen.

    **What are your goals for the New Year?

    Get my career goals in focus. Amp up my confidence. Take over the world (figuratively). 🙂

    • 1Ivana

      Tanja Djelevic…well I think it was ?elevi? in original…that is a name from my part of the world (Balkan, ex Yu..) and she is Swedish like Zlatan Ibrahimovi?…
      It is funny for me to hear how people are pronouncing this names, and this letters…like ?, ? š. ž. nj, lj.?, dž…I think that I am funny too when I speak for example German…;)
      I will check her out

  • agneszs

    Your answers made me smile…Nutella+mayo …OMG , haha!

  • I love your answers and sense of humour. 🙂

    Her name was Ann Reipas. She taught aerobics classes in the local community centre of the town I lived in and took me under her wing when I was 19. I became her little protégé (and eventually assistant manager when she grew into her own studio. Fun times!)

    Honey and hot sauce on pizza. I don’t know, is that weird? It’s friggin’ delicious I can tell you that much for free!

    Most days 25/26…grown up but still youthful. I still get super excited about things and jump up & down clapping my hands. In those moments I’m 5. And other times, like getting up off the floor when my knees don’t want to, I feel about 80! (I’m actually 42)

    Live near the water and grow my own food. Bliss!

    1. Cultivate more gratitude.
    2. Meditate.
    3. Be consistent with my workouts.
    4. Launch our women’s self-defense site.
    5. Stay in better touch with my family.

    • Mary Lou

      Oh I like your bucket list, that sums it up for me too!

    • tryste

      Growing your own food and putting up a women’s self-defense site = really good/cool goals in my book! Very cool, hope you rock both plans 🙂

  • Evaleen

    Will try to keep it short since my answers are mostly non-answers. :p

    #1 – No source in particular, I always had an ideal in mind and saw that reflected in lots of different things… if that makes sense. Though I could name one person (from recent years) but because I naively believed in them, sadly feels like that doesn’t count anymore.
    #2 – Don’t have any really, I’ve actually been a very picker eater most of my life… still don’t even like peanut butter and jelly mixed. :/
    #3 – I guess I feel like my actual age (26), not really young nor old. I act silly all the time, but I don’t feel younger for it… just “free” to let go and have some fun. 🙂
    #4 – This is the first time I’ve heard of the term “bucket list”. :p I haven’t compiled goals like that since my teens, but one ultimate goal I’ve always had: travel anywhere and everywhere.
    #5 – None actually, cause after years I’ve realized that planning too much just makes me over-think the details, and deters me from just relaxing, living and enjoying life. I still plan and set goals, but keep them in the “background” so to speak. 🙂

    • Hello Evaleen,
      I am not picky at all but funny enough I have never tried peanut butter with jelly. I will soon 🙂

  • Jos

    1. Hmm I’d say a blogger named Fitbomb made me started get into fitness stuff since he was documenting his P90X routine on his blog ( Then I got into P90X, did it for a while, got bored then I found Zuzana on and then you 🙂

    2. Weirdest food combo: can’t even think of any at the moment..

    3. I always feel like I am 25 😀

    4. Putting together my work samples so I could find better opportunities out there and also reaching my fitness goal by gaining more muscle mass

    5. I’d say #4 can also be the answer for this

    • tee_w

      Love Fitbomb! And I’ve read your blog Jos and your food combos scare me sometimes! Lol But that’s just because I’m not asian, just typical english/canadian SAD diet most of my life! I finally tried a sardine last night with my hubby for the very first time! Lol I was freaking out and making faces trying to put it in my mouth, my hubby looking at me like I was crazy. It wasn’t bad at all! Lol

      • Sardines are so delicious, I could eat a can daily. My husband can’t stand the smell and makes faces like you when I’m eating them.

      • Jos

        LOL good job on the sardines. They are yummy to me 😀 oops I didn’t know that some of my food combo scares you haha..

  • tee_w

    Ok I’ve read everyones comments and now I am ready to mingle! Lol

    Who or what was your FIRST fitness inspiration? I was really into bodybuilding when I was in my late teens and early 20’s and I saw Rachel Mclish on the cover of a magazine. I actually still have a collage up on my bedroom wall of all those lady bodybuilders from then! ( Thanks GL for providing her name)
    What is your weirdest food combo that you like? I love nut butters so I keep trying to find things to spread them on since I no longer eat bread. So lately it’s been cashew butter on dried mango slices, I’ve also gone the cheddar cheese route with cashew butter or almond butter!
    How old/young do you feel you are? ( write down the number ) I would venture to say I feel like I’m 48, ’cause I am! And I’m all about the numbers! Lol
    What are your top 2 things on your bucket list? Um, don’t have one. I just do things if I want to, kind of live in the moment, don’t really think into the future much.
    What are your goals for the New Year? i don’t have any of these either as I tend to be based in the now, but I like to work on my health & fitness, and that of my family. I have currently planned out my Tati workouts from now until 1/2 way through January so maybe that would fit here?
    I suppose I would like to get something done around my house too, I keep planning that but never do! Lol

  • tryste

    1. My first fitness inspirations was a sport: jumprope. When I was a kid of 9 years old, I was invited to join the team we had at school and I joined. I took part for two years, coming to every practice and pushing myself to advance through the level system our team set up. I learned all the tricks I could and was part of the performance team that traveled around the local school districts doing demonstrations. We even went to state competition one year, which was pretty nerve-wracking but also fun.

    2. I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food and taste combinations, so there are a lot of things I eat that I’m sure people would think are weird. But I’ll go with two of my favorite fruit and veggie protein smoothies (inspired by your spinach, banana and papaya recipe, Tati!). I’ve combined vanilla whey isolate with almond milk and either mango and fresh basil or apple and fresh parsley.

    3. The age I feel is generally context/situation-dependent, but I think most of the time I would say mid-twenties. Maybe 26?

    4. The ultimate? Find my soulmate and have kids. The more immediate goal is climbing-related; the top of the peaks-to-attempt list is currently Gross Glockner (the tallest mountain in Austria).

    5. The most immediate goal is to obtain my Level 1 CrossFit trainer license, which I’m signed up to get at the end of March. Apart from that, I’ve got 3 mountains in the Alps I’d like to summit (Gloss Glockner, Mont Blanc, Matterhorn) and my climbing partner is pushing me to go to Alaska and do Denali/Mt McKinley with him.

    • This is the reason I enjoy Monday Mingle, I get to live vacariously through others adventure. I wish I had the gut to be a climber. How old were you when you started climbing and was it a difficult process?

      • tryste

        I hear you! I just like hearing what other people are into and being able to share ideas and inspiration with all the other Tatianna-supporters and fitness-lovers 🙂 I actually only started climbing recently, only a couple of years ago. After a few hikes back in the States in December of 2010, I decided it was a real shame that I hadn’t seen the mountains I had grown up with in Washington State. During that trip I decided that I would attempt to summit Mt Rainier the following summer, and that’s when my journey as a climber/mountaineer began. I was just shy of 31 years old then, and am about to turn 33. As far as the training process goes, it’s been a hard but do-able process. I work out almost every day, even if it’s only cycling around town, and when I’m at the gym (4 times a week or more), I almost always do HIIT and circuit/functional training combined with good amounts of time on stair machines, treadmills and LOTS of jump-rope to condition myself for what are sometimes 13-hour climbs with weight on my back. I also started indoor climbing and bouldering this past year and try to go as often as possible to work on those skills, too. Sometimes I feel I could probably train harder or more effectively (like if I went outside more and ran stairs in the local park, for instance), but I stick within the framework of what’s fun and convenient for me to do … So far it’s worked fine and I’ve managed to complete the climbs I’ve set out for myself.

  • tryste

    DUDE! I love that combo, too! Cheese and jam is AMAZING.

  • tryste

    How funny, I know a few people who enjoy salami with Nutella as well! And I totally thought you were going to say your first fitness inspiration was a figure skater … you used to be one, right?

  • I thought today was monday, I finally have a decent computer to check some things online and this blog was the first one right away 🙂
    Awww too bad I came too late, maybe next week,
    A warm hug to everyone,

  • masterpiecemirna

    My first fitness inspiration was probably my parents. They were very active when I was a kid and I have many good memories of bike rides, walks, hikes, skiing and my twin sister and I playing tennis with my dad. They are not so active now, and are both very overweight, but they instilled in me this desire to be active and try new things.

    This is not something that I eat now, but I love putting ruffled BBQ chips on PB & J sandwich. As a middle school and high schooler this was a classic go to.

    I feel young, but – as I work with high school students – I know that I have surpassed them maturity wise, so I would say I feel 23. Young and carefree, but old enough to know better.

    Two things on my bucket list are to travel extensively (I’ve only traveled the extent of North America so far) I want to see the world. I guess my other desire is the opposite of this, as I want to own my own home and feel that I have roots and a place that is mine.

    My goals for the new year are to learn to balance being myself and being a mom. I feel as though those two things are still divergent and I need to blend them more so that I don’t feel as though I have lost some of who I am as a new mom. I would also like to finally feel good about my body and my habits and stop feeling guilty about what I eat or how much/little I work out.

  • Ricky 29

    1.) Probably my mom, she is a teacher for physical education. When it comes to famous athletes, I say Merlene Ottey. I was a sprinter myself. She used to run so fast and yet elegant. I met her once when I was 14 and I was the happiest little girl that you can imagine. except for the one big pimple on my forehead 😉

    2.) Weirdest food combo? Sometimes, after I ate some salami or ham I feel some appetite for cookies.

    3.) When I think of my body and health I feel like 40 at the moment (due to some injuries and stress). But with all the creativity inside me I feel more like 14 too 😉

    4) Bucket list: going to Australia again and learning to ride a horse.

    5) I already set some goals for the upcoming year. I want to be consitent in strengthening my back. I want to start to workout again, at least two times aweak. I want to eat vegetarian and don’t drink any alcohol in january. Recently I bought a book about nutrition. There are daily challenge that forces you to analyze your eating habits. It focuses on emotional eating and helps stopping it. So I want to do these daily challenges starting an New Year’s Day. As general goal for 2013 I want to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle. Less meat, less fuel, less shopping and so on.

  • 1. Who or what was your FIRST fitness inspiration? – The girl from Flashdance movie when I was a kid, I wanted to be a dancer just like her character and Jennifer Lopez. I remember 1999, I was 16 and I thought I had to be skinny like the supermodels that I saw on tv, I was very shy and not confident about anything, and then BAM! I saw J.LO first vide “If you had my love” and I saw that booty, that strong legs, that curvy body, how she move and dance, and I thought OMG that is sexy

    2. What is your weirdest food combo that you like? I don’t like weird combos.

    3. How old/young do you feel you are? ( write down the number ) Sometimes 15 and sometimes 50, and I’m 29.

    4. What are your top 2 things on your bucket list? Beat my anxiety disorder and agoraphobia.

    5. What are your goals for the New Year? Beat my anxiety disorder and agoraphobia lol, but really, yes, be emotionally stronger.

  • Who or what was your FIRST fitness inspiration?
    °Zuzka Light in 2009 before I did not have one

    What is your weirdest food combo that you like?
    °fruit with greens

    How old/young do you feel you are? ( write down the number )
    °22, actually 26. time is passing by

    What are your top 2 things on your bucket list?
    °fruit and veggies (saisonal) , e.g. today persimmon & kale

    What are your goals for the New Year?
    °new beginning in lot of things in my life; partnership, spiritual, focus in job, skincare

    • Heather Lindsay

      Zuzana was my adult inspiration, back in 2009 till the end of bodyrork. My first one was in my teens then I stopped exercising from about 18-30years old. Z brought me back. 🙂