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Meet Me On Monday


Hello my Lovies,

Happy Monday and it’s always a beautiful day! ย Welcome to the OMG 22nd edition of Monday Mingle, a question answer game we play every Monday to get to know each other better. Each week I ask 5 questions, we all get to answer them and mingle around.

Quote of the week: ( I saw this quote on Facebook the other day and this is exactly how I feel about things ) :

“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kind. “

~Dalai Lama


This quote really touched my heart, I feel like so many people are living in this illusion of trying to be the best, greatest, smartest etc, we spend all of our life working on our status, with constant chasing of success, not realizing that the greatest things in the world are free. ย This is not our true purpose here on earth, and being the best at something is not part of it.

I believe true happiness and our true purpose exists in connection and help to each other, because only through this connection we realize who we are inside, not the Ego Self, but the True Self, there is no need to be the best because we are all the best. We are all here for the exact same purpose, to become aware of the True Self, the one and only consciousness.ย 


And now for today’s questions:

  • How do you take care of your skin?
  • What is your absolute daily nutrition must haves?
  • If you could eat all the food in the world for 1 day as much as you want without gaining any weight or feeling sick the next day, which foods will it be?
  • If you had to pick one kind of weather, really hot or really cold which will it be and why?
  • If you can create a holiday, what kind of holiday will it be?


My Answers

How do you take care of your skin?


Meet Me On Monday


I take Hair Skin Nails vitamins, I use a lot of face masks ( mostly natural, but I also use store bought masks as well ), most of the time I make my own face tonic and sometimes i buy it. ย I use a really good skin cream. I definitely invest into my skin cream the most.


What is your absolute daily nutrition must haves?


Meet Me On Monday


My absolute must have daily is spinach, I eat at least 2 big portions of spinach per day, always, ( this way I can somewhat justify my latest addiction to chocolate covered raising ).


If you could eat all the food in the world for 1 day as much as you want without gaining any weight or feeling sick the next day, which foods will it be?


Meet Me On Monday


It will only be desserts, all kind of desserts, I would probably go to one of those European bakeries and try every dessert they have, and I would have desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner and no real food :P.


If you had to pick one kind of weather, really hot or really cold which will it be and why?


Meet Me On Monday


I would pick really cold any day, preferably snow, lot’s of snow. Hot weather exhaust me.


If you can create a holiday, what kind of holiday will it be?


Meet Me On Monday


It will be a Creativity Day. I think we need more creativity in this world, I would love for people to take just one day and go crazy with creating something fun, celebrate art and inner child within them selves.


Let’s Mingle my Lovies!!!

Lot’s of Hugs,



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  • First!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I’m headed to bed… Talk to you in the morning.

    • Yep, you were first! I’m heading to bed too, just wanted to post this early.

  • tee_w

    How do you take care of your skin?
    I was with water lol
    Absolute daily nutrition must haves?
    Hmmm…pastured eggs, bacon lol, avocado, coconut something, sweet potatoes, grass fed meat or pastured pork, mushrooms, and some icky vegetables and of course dark chocolate and dried pineapple! Thanks to whomever it was who suggested green & black! Yum! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Food? I also love desserts, anything chocolate & creamy, ice cream, cheesecake, nanaimo bars!
    Holiday? Hmmm… I don’t know. I do like your creativity day, though not particularly creative myself

    You keep sneaking these in sunday night! Lol

    • tee_w

      Oops missed the weather! I guess if I had to choose it would be cold as I cannot handle really hot weather, and you can always come inside and cuddle by a fire in the cold!

    • Tee you’re are so adorable and I love your sense of humor!

      • tee_w

        thank you sweetie!

  • LanaSar

    Hi Tatianna!
    This is my first Mingle and … am I going to be the first here? ))))

    1.How do you take care of your skin?
    I don’t do anything special, just day cream, night cream, cream for eye area in the evening. Once or twicw a week I use scrub for my face and in the evenings I clean my face with mint cleaning gel.

    2.What is your absolute daily nutrition must haves?
    I think it is liquid – water, green tee and camomile tee.

    3.If you could eat all the food in the world for 1 day as much as you want without gaining any weight or feeling sick the next day, which foods will it be?
    Cheesecakes. All kinds of cheesecakes. A lot of cheesecakes))))))

    4.If you had to pick one kind of weather, really hot or really cold which will it be and why?
    As you Tati, I would choose cold and snowy weather. Heat is killing me… I live in hot climate for 6 months and it sucks all my energy. Also for me it is easier to run away from the cold – just grab hot tee, a warm blanket and a book))

    5.If you can create a holiday, what kind of holiday will it be?

    It would be a tolerance day. People are getting angry and selfish, I would like us be calmer and kinder to each other. Ahh, sarcasm is something very annoying, this is just a smart version of agression))

    Have a nice day everybody!!

    • Welcome to your first mingle! I think we should all work on our selves with being calm and kind to others, I believe if we start within our selves first, we will start seeing the change in the world. I’ve been doing this daily, it’s definitely not always easy to be calm, cause I’m so emotional, but I’ve gotten much better at it.

      • LanaSar

        Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LanaSar

    hah, I was not the first)))

    • tee_w

      Glad you joined the mingle! I thought I was first too but didn’t write it! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • LanaSar

        Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought about not writing it, something at the back of my mind was telling that by the time the comment would be published I might be far from first))))

  • Always inspiring <3

  • kate_cz

    Good Monday Morning!

    Tati, I love the idea of a Creativit Day! Just pick a date and I am in ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1) SKIN CARE – I use water, a marigold cream and a lip balsam.
    2) NUTRITION MUST HAVE – At least a little piece of chocolate (=my drug indeed!)
    3) ONE FOOD – Rare beef steak. Yum yum.
    4) WEATHER – Cold. I can always put on more clothes but I am not able to undress from my skin.
    5) HOLIDAY – A Burpee Day!

    • 1Ivana

      hahahah..a burpee day!!

    • tryste

      LOL, I love the idea of a Burpee Day as well!
      Marigold skin cream sounds interesting, too.

    • Lili Suke

      Burpee day on a Burpee street ๐Ÿ™‚ Would be great to meet there once ๐Ÿ™‚

    • SuSu

      Ooo love the Burpee day!

    • You know what would be cool, if we can create a creativity day here on LovingFit, I’m gonna think about some ideas and see what I can come up with.

      • kate_cz

        To create a creativity day sounds very creative ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • hahahhaha creativity day would be fun!
    How do you take care of your skin?
    I take care of my skin to not really care for my skin. My routine is very simple: I wash my face with a neutral shower cream and my moisturiser is *no kidding* a baby moisturiser. My theory behind it (but I dont know if its true since I am not a chemist or dermotologist) is that baby products must adhere to very strict standards. Therefore the moisturiser must be of without aggressive ingredients and safe. Usually the more ‘claims’ the products makes (anti aging, vitamin C, revitalise, etc) the more aggressive s(&(* is added. I do not want to develop an allergy to such ingredients.

    What is your absolute daily nutrition must haves?
    Hot chocolate (pure cocoa powder with 0% milk, no sugar or artificial sweeteners)

    If you could eat all the food in the world for 1 day as much as you want without gaining any weight or feeling sick the next day, which foods will it be?
    Ice cream
    If you had to pick one kind of weather, really hot or really cold which will it be and why?
    well I hate both and dont function properly in both circumstances, but I would choose really hot weather, since hot weather allows you to stay inside or go outside. When it is really cold you are more home-bound.

    If you can create a holiday, what kind of holiday will it be?
    yoga day. The world would be a better place if people were more relaxed.

    • LanaSar

      Marilyn, I agree with you about baby products, I believe in this theory, too. From time to time I use baby shampoos and body moisturisers for babies ๐Ÿ™‚

    • agneszs

      I’m with you in the Yoga day! Let’s make that happen!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • well 2 people are in…lets use that ‘pay it forward’ idea ๐Ÿ™‚

    • SuSu

      I agree on the baby products as well. Although I was looking at some baby products that still have bad ingredients in them. ๐Ÿ™

    • I also use baby products :), I actually have a friend and she is a chemist, she knows so much info about face care and ingredients, she has a youtube channel as well, anyway, I’m gonna ask her about the baby products, but I also believe that they must be very strict with ingredients.

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    well.. care..I think I could be more caring to my skin..some days I just forget..but, washing, cream, mask,tonic, sometimes scrub..( sometimes I use coffee sediment for the scrub for whole body, and it is great)

    2.nutrition must have..hmmm, I don’t think I have something that I eat every day..but maybe banana..? to eat…Pasta!…neither..I like spring time, hot is making me sick, and cold..well it is cold..! kind of crazy day, or childish day, and the whole world and everybody will just be little and honest and playful, and crazy..but good crazy, like doing faces, and singing out loud with no tone, and laugh…

    kisses to you all

    • I love coffee scrubs, I make my own scrubs about 95% at a time, I actually have a few recipes here on the site.

  • Lili Suke

    Hello Tati

    Happy Monday mingle ๐Ÿ™‚

    1) How do you take care of your skin

    – after listening to your skin care videos, I changed many of my old skin care habits. I made some of your home-made scrubs and I love them! I also use only natural cosmetics. At night I wash and tone my skin with a natural product and don’t put face cream. In the morning I wash my face only with water and put cream on it . I also use the scrubs from time to time. I still have many acne on my face (I have this the last 3years and I am 31 now..) I dont really know what to do with them anymore :(( I think it is coming from digestion of a certain food, but I havent figured out why. Perhaps someone has a good remedy? ๐Ÿ™‚

    2) What is your absolute daily nutrition must haves?
    Toast with peanut butter and banana! I start every single morning with this…and I cant imagine a better breakfast :DI am just happy to wake up to have my peanut butter banana toast :)))

    3) If you could eat all the food in the world for 1 day as much as you want without gaining any weight or feeling sick the next day, which foods will it be?
    it would be Hungarian dumplings with some fruit in it, or quark dumplings ..I love dumplings :))

    4) If you had to pick one kind of weather, really hot or really cold which will it be and why?
    I love 4 seasons, and in every season something special. I used to live in Canada in -30, so I cant say I prefer cold :)) I think I prefer spring, when the nature starts to wake up and everything becomes green again. I love the smell of autumn and the snow in winter ๐Ÿ™‚ Its hard to pick one;)

    5) If you can create a holiday, what kind of holiday will it be?
    I would create a HUG holiday..hug your colleagues, your friends and enemies and tell something good about them ๐Ÿ™‚ could be called “The big HUG and friendship day” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ah, I like your Hug Day idea. Hugs are good. Did you know hugging is actually good for your immune system?

      • LanaSar

        I heard kissing is good, too :-)))

        • Lili Suke

          hihi, thats also true…but it would be maybe more difficult to kiss “everyone”, than to hug them :)))

          • LanaSar

            ohh, that would definitely be more difficult, even challenging :-)))))

          • Lili Suke


      • Lili Suke

        Hi Dheana

        No, I didnt know , thank you for telling ๐Ÿ™‚ But I have read once that everyone should be hugged at least 3x a day ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 1Ivana

        I read that small babies can die without human touch…sometimes I feel like I would die too…
        I am a big big big huger,lucky for me I can hug people even in my job..:)

        • One of my bosses is a double-kisser (he’s French) but sadly no one at my job hugs too much. I can’t imagine how much it would revolutionize the workplace if everyone did. We should all be like you! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Lili Suke

            I’ve just imagined going to work and hugging all my collegues, who are mostly men :)))) I imagine their surprised face would be funny ๐Ÿ˜€

          • They are all too scared of sexual harassment to hug in your line of work …academia.

    • I love the Hug and friendship day, I think the world needs more love and hugs!

      ( about your acne, have you tried wild yam cream? It’s a natural hormone cream that you use on the body twice a day, it goes through your pores and balances out hormones, which can prevent acne. Also Maca Powder is another great thing that can help )

      • Lili Suke

        Thank you for the advice, I will try to find here these products ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you again for the time you take to answer and make all these posts for us ๐Ÿ™‚

        ๐Ÿ™‚ love and hugs ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mary Lou

    Hi all!

    1. Coconut Oil! That’s it, nothing else. It saved my life and skin, literally.
    2. Coconut Oil, again! Loads of awesome saturated fat. Vitamin D3 is a must too.
    3. GUACAMOLE! Te quiero mi molcajete.
    4. HOT! HOT! HOT! Being hypothyroid with Raynaud’s Syndrome (yellow fingers/toes in cold) the cold hurts big time.
    5. Any kind of holiday with lots of food, especially GUACAMOLE!

    • Lili Suke

      Hi Mary Lou… I am having some issue with pimples on my skin..have you had that? What did coconut oil saved on your life? :)))

      • Mary Lou

        Long story short: Being hypothyroid made my skin so dry that my hands were cracked and bleeding. I was putting on lotion every 15 minutes and going INSANE with the pain and annoyance of having the hands of a 100 year old lady. I discovered all the chemicals in our soaps, shampoos, lotions, makeup, etc were actually causing the problem, so I ditched them ALL and started using only coconut oil. It took but a couple of days and now I have normal hands! My oldest daughter has used coconut oil on her face to get rid on some pimples too. Good luck Suke!

        • Lili Suke

          Thank you for sharing. I will try it :))

    • SuSu

      Yes to the guacamole!!!! I also use coconut oil on face but mix it with organic caster oil.

    • You’re so funny!

      I also use coconut oil for everything, what an amazing product.

    • LOL!!! I love guacamole, too! Actually, this morning I put frozen avocado slices under my eyes. It de-puffs AND moisturizes!

      • Mary Lou

        Sounds good Kendra, but with me they’d end up as popsicles!

  • tryste

    1. I wash my face in the morning with a gentle cleanser and then use a moisturizer + sun protection for sensitive skin (my two favorite brands so far are Avene and Weleda). I’m usually too lazy to wash my face at night unless I’m showering after an evening workout, so I just remove my makeup with face-wipes. I make sure to use an organic/all-natural brand, though. Other than that I also make it a point to drink TONS of water and herbal teas, and of course get all my vitamins and a decent amount of sleep.

    2. A nutritional must-have for me would be greens, i.e. salad of some sort. I’m lucky to have an AMAZING salad bar right around the corner from where I work, and I make the most of it practically every day. Even though you can get other fresh and tasty food there, I find that by the afternoon my body still just wants a big bowl of greens, protein and fresh veggies — so I give it what it wants. Also, I get a CSA box every week that always includes at least one variety of salad green, and I end up using that for my evening meals.

    3. I’m with Tati on this one — if I could eat anything I wanted for a day, it would be desserts and pastries. Bring on the baked goods, both sweet and savory! Also, I’d have to have a round of ice-cream, so I’d make a stop at the gellato place right next to the Pantheon in Rome. There would have to be some Ben & Jerry’s as well — their oatmeal flavor is my favorite!

    4. I’d go for the cold day as well. I’m a mountaineer and I love exploring the worlds of snow and ice, layering up in cold-weather clothes to go outside, and then coming inside to warm up with hot drinks!

    5. If I could create a holiday … I think it would have to do with massage, where everyone would give and get a shoulder rub!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Happy Monday everyone!

    1. SKIN
    I used to spend a lot on skin creams, but a few months ago I started using coconut oil on my skin head to toe (including my face) and I love it! I think it’s too soon to tell if having any dramatic positive effect yet, but it smells good, absorbs well and I like knowing I’m not putting chemicals in my body through my skin.

    I canโ€™t go a day without my green smoothies.I love them! I use lots of leafy greens, cucumbers and avocado and then I add: spirulina powder, maca, probiotics powder, flax powder, MSM powder, bee pollen, nettles, turmeric, ginger and cod liver oil. It takes me about 20 minutes to put it all together every morning, but itโ€™s worth it. Itโ€™s the best thing I put in my body all day.

    Oh Iโ€™m with you on this one Tati. Dessert all the way. Ice cream, cheesecake, crรจme brule, pumpkin pie, short breadโ€ฆdroolโ€ฆ.

    Since you specified โ€˜VERYโ€™, Iโ€™d have to say cold โ€“ as long as I can dress up warm. I love playing outside in the snow if I have the proper gear. Being too hot though, I agree โ€“ exhausting!

    BTW, I love the photo you chose for this oneโ€ฆso magical!

    5. HOLIDAY
    Love your idea of a Creativity Day! But when I first read the question the first thing that came to mind is a Silly Day. A day when you canโ€™t take yourself so seriously. I work in Academia and those people take everything seriously.
    The other idea that popped to mind? A Nude Day! LOL Same general effect. I think everyone would be a lot more down-to-earth and a lot more accepting of others if they had to spend at least one day a year with no clothes on! …maybe that’s just my silly creativity talking ๐Ÿ˜›

    • kate_cz

      Letยดs combine #4 and #5 –> A Nude Day in a very cold weather -> That would definitely end up as a Silly Day ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • 1Ivana

        hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahha…best holiday ever!!!!

      • He he he…either that or a Sexy Day since everyone would have to huddle close for warmth! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 1Ivana

      yes yes…silly day, I was thinking the same thing…
      and a nude day…BIG BIG YES..I was working in FKKs and people there are cool and funny and down to earth and all those things..( I am a nudist too..:))

      • Nice! My hubby and I found a really beautiful nude beach this summer. First for both of us! I was pretty nervous at first, but I was really surprised how liberating it is. So natural (duh, right?!) LOL

        • 1Ivana

          Yes at first it seams strange, but when you think about it it is only thing that is NATURAL…
          I discovered it 10 years ago, and now when I have to put my bathing suit on it is strange…
          I work as touristic animator and I work with kids, and also I do some workouts for two group of women, and I hug them…(not while I am nude…hahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

  • agneszs

    How do you take care of your skin?

    Products I use may change from time to time, but the routine is the most important: cleaning (2x a day), hydrating (moisturizer and drink lots of water) and very important (maybe the most important)- watch what I eat!! I never would have thought what a huge difference can a right eating pattern make on my skin!

    What is your absolute daily nutrition must haves? Green vegetables (because I know they are healthy, haha) and all sorts of nuts (because I’m addicted)

    If you could eat all the food in the world for 1 day as much
    as you want without gaining any weight or feeling sick the next day,
    which foods will it be? Mixed nuts (cashews, almonds, macadamia etc.) and dried fruits. I don’t think I could ever stop eating them!

    If you had to pick one kind of weather, really hot or really cold which will it be and why? Definitely HOT for me! I can’t stand the cold, I’m freezing most of the time and that affects my mood.

    If you can create a holiday, what kind of holiday will it be? A holiday that lasts 3 days and it would be about healthy eating! It freaks me out how many people (even in my close family) tend to take holidays as an excuse for overeating

    Have a nice week everyone!

  • Happy Monday, it’s my first mingle too ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I wash with grapeseed oil at night and water in the morning. And I use Cetaphil cream.

    2. Spinach and ground flax seed…I can work those two into almost any dish.

    3. Pizza! If I could eat the gluten w/out stomach trouble. And if I ate cheese (have been vegan for about a year). But yeah, hypothetically, I would do serious damage to some pizzas.

    4. Hot weather, for sure.

    5. I can’t come up with anything better than Tati’s Creativity Day. That sounds amazing! I’m imagining 24 hours with no other distractions…you just have to create something. Sign me up for that.

    • LanaSar

      Glad to see another newcomer in the mingle!!

    • Lili Suke

      Hello Abbie ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey there, Lili! Just read your idea for a hug day, that’s a keeper holiday too. ๐Ÿ™‚ The world would be a better place!

        • Lili Suke

          ๐Ÿ™‚ I am glad you like the idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Skippie22

    How do you take care of your skin? I’ve fought acne from age 11 to 3_ (ahem), and though finally cutting grains/sugar to (almost!) zero has conquered the acne, I am now dealing with scarring. SO, nope it’s not natural or organic or cheap or anything, but I use the Obagi line of products and I have the best skin of my whole life (well, I don’t remember it at age 8!). Considering that I was completely prepared to go the surgical/laser route…this way does seem “healthier” ;o)
    What is your absolute daily nutrition must haves? Coconut Oil, Whey powder and BCAA powder
    If you could eat all the food in the world for 1 day as much as you want without gaining any weight or feeling sick the next day, which foods will it be? Toasted Multigrain baguette with BUTTER (so thick you leave teethmarks!….I learned that in Denmark there is actually the term “toothbutter” which describes this exact thing ;o) haha)….and also dark chocolate truffles filled with liqueur-flavored ganache.
    If you had to pick one kind of weather, really hot or really cold which will it be and why? Cold. Same reasons as everyone else: you can always wear more clothes, and HOT CHOCOLATE ;o)!
    If you can create a holiday, what kind of holiday will it be? Hmmm I know some places do this on random days, but I’d love a mandated day where people celebrate their “region” or city or state or whatever….do the activities of the area, eat the local foods, dress like something historic/typical, etc.

  • ???????

    Hi Tati! It’s my first Mingle

    1. Cleaning every morning and evening with natural gentle face gel by Neobio Magnolia; apply natural face cream day or night by Living Nature, Neobio or another one; once a week I do gentle peeling with Dado Sens Peel-Mask, Cream-Peeling by Logona, and Mint mask by Logona; and eat just right food

    2. Buckwheat with olive oil,fresh salad, fruits (especially apples) are my must have

    3. Maybe ice cream?

    4. My favourite season is spring

    5. All day laing on a beach (Bali the best place in the World)

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  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    42’nd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL this is my Sunday, and the only day of the week I don’t work out, get to sleep in and not have to go to work : )

    1/ take care of my skin? I use a very mild foaming cleanser in the shower, face cream, one with SPF 15 in the summer, I wear minimal makeup, but enough that I take it off in the evening with a makeup remover cloth, then more face cream before bed….I use Lancome and Clinique…my skin is very sensitive and these lines don’t bother it

    2/ have to have nutritional foods? a banana and some form of raw veggies

    3/ eat anything for a day? hmmmmm I think I would have to go for something like pasta, steak, shrimp, crab…, heavy foods

    4/ really hot or really cold? when you put the word really in there I don’t want either…lol….both tend to trap you in the house and i hate that….much prefer being outside….guess i would go for really hot…can always find some shade and a nice cold drink ; )

    5/ create a holiday? no idea….don’t really celebrate the one that have already been invented

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    1. I have really dry skin, so I use moisturizing creams for my face and my hands, especially during winter time. My skin is very sensitive to the sun, so in summer and spring I use products with high factor.
    2. I eat cabbage, cucumber and carrot every day. It gives me so much energy. I prepare a salad and I eat it at work. During weekends I usually have just cabbage salad, fresh or sour, depending of the season.
    3. I agree with Tati on this one. I am definitely a dessert person. I especially love desserts with dark chocolate, peanuts and raisins.
    4. In my country the weather is extreme. It is very cold or very hot. This summer was so dry and hot, so I guess I am kind of looking forward to the winter (at least until it drops below 20 degrees Celsius).
    5. I love your idea for a holiday ๐Ÿ™‚ I would like to create the same holiday.

  • Evaleen

    Love your intro writing and the quote, couldn’t agree more ๐Ÿ™‚ to me, real success is what friends and loved ones build up together. Though I’ve found the downside to feeling that way, is that solo efforts can be pretty lonely… might sound like a lame excuse but it’s one big reason I’ve always struggled with keeping a healthy diet and fitness.

    Anyway, questions:
    #1 – Other than organic lotion for my dry hands during the winter, I don’t use anything else. Just hasn’t felt necessary, I rarely have any skin problems or get too much sun exposure (have good genetics too I guess).
    #2 – My only staple is plenty of water. Then it’s some good protein and fresh produce, nothing specific.
    #3 – Desserts for sure, but if had to choose just one, ice cream. ๐Ÿ˜€
    #4 – I’d pick the cold, cause the heat totally screws up my head and my breathing. It’s also much easier to get warmed up than to cool down.
    #5 – I have no idea really, but I agree that a day dedicated to creativity would be great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SuSu

    How do you take care of your skin? Oil cleansing method. Hot water and steam to open pores, baking soda to exfoliate, apple cider vinegar to tone, caster oil and coconut oil to cleanse,cold water to close pores.

    What is your absolute daily nutrition must haves? Veggies ( I know that’s very general) and tea

    If you could eat all the food in the world for 1 day as much as you want without gaining any weight or feeling sick the next day, which foods will it be? Fruit!!! All kinds of fruit…especially berries. I could eat berries all day long.

    If you had to pick one kind of weather, really hot or really cold which will it be and why? HOT! But not humid…like Arizona or southern Cali weather. I love the sun and the warmth. I love winter and snow too, but if I had to pick one, it would be dry heat for sure.

    If you can create a holiday, what kind of holiday will it be? I don’t know, but I love the creativity holiday…I totally agree. We can all be kids again in art class…my favorite subject!

  • **How do you take care of your skin?

    Sleep and water, and I still use your oatmeal/milk/almond cleanser twice daily. I also use your chocolate mask once or twice weekly. I love the smell; I want to eat it.

    **What is your absolute daily nutrition must haves?

    Fresh veggies, bananas. Water. When I”m on top of my game, it’s avocado, coconut oil, green smoothies, maybe fresh, raw juice from my juicer.

    **If you could eat all the food in the world for 1 day as much as you want without gaining any weight or feeling sick the next day, which foods will it be?

    Ice cream!!!!!!!!! Gelato, to be specific.

    **If you had to pick one kind of weather, really hot or really cold which will it be and why?

    Oy. I think I would pick really cold. But I’m also biased because I have lived away from cold weather for over a decade.

    **If you can create a holiday, what kind of holiday will it be?

    A holiday that’s about being kind to one another and making an effort to honestly see the world through another person’s eyes. And I like your idea of a creativity holiday, so maybe there’s an element of that thrown in there, like everyone has to make at least one display of creativity at the holiday party. Although, all of this could be Christmas in an ideal world, come to think of it.

    Happy Monday!!! Thanks, Tatianna!

    • 1Ivana

      Ok, I have to ask…I have read here that you have ice-cream, and you gave gelato…so what is the difference? Because, gelato is italian word for ice -cream, any ice-cream, and I live in a place where we all know Italian,and even older people are speaking Italian at home…
      So what is it???

      • Hi Ivana! You’re right–gelato IS just the Italian ice cream, but they make it a little differently than American ice cream–it’s better. Gelato generally has a richer flavor and a smaller ratio of cream. The flavors are also very authentic, and in the best gelato, completely natural. But generally, American ice cream is creamier with less flavor punch. Also, fruit gelatos are dairy-free, whereas American ice cream has cream in everything. The frozen treat without dairy is what we call sorbet. But here in America, we have gelato and ice cream sold as separate items. We have shops that specically sell gelato as opposed to ice cream. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • 1Ivana

          Ok, now I understand…so we in Croatia have gelato…we are very near Italy..(by car I am in Italy in less then hour and half, normal driving, normal road..and we have a big influence on the cooking too…and we have mediterranean kitchen too..
          so all in all a good place to live in..(except for the political stuff..but…)


          • Ahhh! Croatia! I was wondering where you were from. you said people speak Italian, so I thought maybe Switzerland. I know very little about Croatia, but one of these days I want to travel around central/Eastern Europe. I must say, I’m jealous that everyone in Europe is so close to all these wonderful and beautiful cultures and countries.

          • 1Ivana

            Croatia is wonderful wonderful place..we have best sea, and mountains, and “pampas” in such small place, we also have a long history and culture..and we are some how in the middle..:))
            You should come..

  • inmotion

    โ€œThe planet does not need more successful people. The planet
    desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and
    lovers of all kind. โ€œ

    ???????? :P?

  • Jos

    Skin – I use coconut oil ๐Ÿ™‚
    Absolute daily nutrition: eggs, bacon and roasted broccoli ๐Ÿ˜€
    Food: I love savory and crunchy snacks like potato chips
    Hm…I’d love a calm and quiet holiday where we could all just chill and relax..eeeh not so much imagination ๐Ÿ˜›
    weather – I love cold weather

    have a great week.

  • steffi_dk

    I totally forgot, that it was monday again, it always surprises me:-D

    1. I have an expensive creme, but I barely use it. Sometimes I use some almond oil, instead of creme.

    2. That changes. Lately, itยดs been a lot of Zucchini and bananas

    3. Nutella, Nut butter of all kinds and more Nutella…I never buy that stuff, it comes directly from hell ๐Ÿ˜‰

    4. Cold! I get headaches when I try to be active in hot weather. We have a lot of snow right now:-)

    5. I love holidays, but I donยดt care for their meaning, maybe a worldwide vegan day, that would be peaceful

    • 1Ivana

      hahaha..Nutella comes from hell..:)

      • steffi_dk

        Donยดt you suffer from the Nutella issue? Itยดs evil;-)

        • 1Ivana

          well, my luck is that I don’t have cravings for sweets..I am not a fan of chocolate, it is not that I think it has bad taste…I am just more of “salty” cravings person…
          but I can totally understand..

          • steffi_dk

            Wow, I canยดt even imagine, how that is. I forget to put salt on my food all the time:D

  • This is my first monday mingle ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I wash it with water in the morning and at night, and every night i put a cream in my forehead and other places were acne may have appeared. (I shouldnt use it, its full of chemicals but ive been using it for like 6 years and i have no acne thanks to it… the moment i stop using it i get a break out)

    2. Hmmmm veggies, yes spinach, i eat alot of spinach, but tbh i dont have a specific one. Eggs too. ๐Ÿ˜€

    3. Something with chocolate, a brownie with melted dark chocolate inside it…. or organic almond butter

    4. HOT! (not humid) i hate cold weather and using lots of clothes, im a fan of shorts, i cant stand jeans.

    5. Cant think of any right now, but i do like your idea!!

  • Our first kink in rural living…setting up wireless internet service. It`s Tuesday 7:23pm in Nova Scotia, here are my answers to 22nd Monday mingle.
    1. I`ve been using your oatmeal mask as a cleaser, an organic moisturing cream for my face. I use coconut oil daily on my skin and sometime a little on my face.
    2. I eat about 3 apples per day.
    3. Tiramisu. I will eat this morning, noon and night.
    4. I`ll pick cold, with cold a person can dress in layers. Extremely hot weather could posibily lead to a bunch of naked people running around…my eyes can handle that much nudity.
    5. I`ll love to create “Slow down day.“ the reasons for this holiday is obvious, but this quote by Mohandas K. Gandhi says it all.
    “ There is more to life than increasing its speed“

  • Alison

    1) I take care of my skin by drinking lots of water, always wearing sunblock and taking my vitamins. I also love, love, love patchouli goat’s milk lotion and I slather it everywhere!

    2) A ‘have to have’ food is fruit… preferably a cherry or berry of some kind. If I don’t have fruit, I drag all day.

    3) If I could eat anything all day without any consequence, it would be soda, gummy worms, Cherry Garcia ice cream, Oreos and more Oreos!

    4) Extreme hot or extreme cold? Hmmm… living in Michigan I am fortunate to have the best of both worlds. However, I would have to say extreme hot so I could swim all day in Lake Michigan. :0)

    5) A holiday that I would make up would have to be ‘Alone Day’. Everyone brings a backpack of goodies with them to their favorite spot in nature and stays there all day… by themselves… alone. (

  • How do you take care of your skin?
    ยฐDrink a lot of water. Aloe vera body lotion, alumina face cleanser

    What is your absolute daily nutrition must haves?
    ยฐwater, fruit meal (seasonal), Herbs

    If you could eat all the food in the world for 1 day as much as you want without gaining any weight or feeling sick the next day, which foods will it be?
    ยฐpan de queso do Brasil ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you had to pick one kind of weather, really hot or really cold which will it be and why?
    ยฐboth is extreme and let me know how good the opposite side is. (hot ->enjoy/feel the cooling shadow,water….. cold ->enjoy/feeling heat, fire. a balance of both is good. anyway when sun is around me it doesnยดt matters! I loooove snow, too !! ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you can create a holiday, what kind of holiday will it be?
    ยฐadventure!! mountain climbing/hiking, surfing, paragliding,… connect with nature, meet different cultures

  • masterpiecemirna

    1. I wash my face, I used to only use bar soap and now that I am getting older I use a mild cleanser and lotion. I also make sure my foundation that I use has SPF.

    2. My daily nutrition must have is just to make sure that I am eating regular meals. I tend to get busy and forget to eat, if this happens I can get really bad migraines… so I make sure I eat, and eat before I get hungry.

    3. I love dairy, but I can’t eat it because I am lactose intolerant, I would probably eat it all the time if I could, but it would be nice to also be guilt free AND not have tummy problems.

    4. This is hard, I love being hot and enjoying sunny weather, but I sleep best if I am a little bit chilly… I think being hot still wins out. It means that there is sun, which makes me happy!

    5. I think we need to celebrate more women, so I would love to have a holiday just devoted to a notable woman in history… like Mother Teresa.

  • Rachel

    Almost a week late but better late than never.

    I use Pro-active, wash, toner and moisturizer.

    2. I can’t live without coffee, Emergen-C in my water, and Bananas!

    3. Nutella on toasted bread with bananas, lemon merengue pie, apple/berry/pumpkin any kind of pie.

    4. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I would choose The Cold because there’s a really great beauty to layering and covering up. This answer could be influenced by the fact that I’m watching HBO’s documentary In Vogue:The Editor’s Eye right now. (It’s brilliant, btw)

    5. It would be called the Day of Magical Thinking where everyone would have to pretend like the worlds of Harry Potter, JRR Tolkien & Narnia really existed!

  • MaiCarInMtl

    I’m only getting around to this on a Friday – quite typical of me these days!

    How do you take care of your skin?
    I did some changes to my face-care routine a few months ago. I switched from regular cleansers to the “oil cleansing” method. I love the results and will never go back to a regular face wash. I make my own oil cleanser (a bit of olive oil mixed with jojoba and camellia oil and a hint of castor oil. I then add a few drops of tea tree and lavender essential oils). I wet my face with hot water, rub this in, let it sit a few minutes and then rinse off (or steam if I have a few moments). I use it as a moisturizer and also as a makeup remover. I do put on an SPF moisturizer though, just to give extra protection. The breakouts I used to have are a thing of the past.

    What is your absolute daily nutrition must haves?
    I don’t really have any must-haves but I really am crazy about nuts. I also quite like having 2-3 Tbspn of this homemade sauer kraut I made a while back. Stank up the kitchen for a few days but I love adding it to salads.

    If you could eat all the food in the world for 1 day as much
    as you want without gaining any weight or feeling sick the next day,
    which foods will it be?
    Probably cookies and raw cookie dough… and maybe a really juicy burger and a poutine along with it. Mmmm… *sigh*

    If you had to pick one kind of weather, really hot or really cold which will it be and why?
    While I complain about the cold here and there, at least I can bundle up or go inside to escape it. You can’t really get away from the heat, and I’m not a huge fan of air conditioning – I only turn on our window unit when it’s really needed to take out the humidity and make things more bearable.

    If you can create a holiday, what kind of holiday will it be?
    Religiously? None – we have 2 and that’s the way it’s supposed to be (we’re not supposed to add on to it).

    Non-religious statutory holidays: I wish they would make Remembrance Day an official holiday. I think we don’t show nearly enough thanks and appreciation to our veterans for the sacrifices they did for us. Then again, I think everything should come to a standstill for that moment of silence – I highly doubt that will ever happen, given the pace of life we live.