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Meet Me On Monday


Happy Monday My Lovies!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend and had lot’s of fun!  Welcome to the 13th Edition of Monday Mingle, a question answer game we play every Monday to get to know each other better.  Guys, I am so happy we started this tradition, I really love our mingles :).


And now today’s questions:


  • Do you believe in the myth of number 13?

  • What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies?

  • What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while?

  • What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore?

  • What is your favorite thing about this year so far?


My Answers:

Q – Do you believe in the myth of number 13?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

Nope, not really, I used to live in a building where they didn’t have 13th floor, it went from 12th to 14the, I though it was quite silly. Does anyone know how this myth got started? I would love to know, cause for me number 13 had always been lucky.


Q – What is your favorite Classic movie or movies?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I love ” Gone With The Wind “, ” Gentlemen Prefer Blondes “, ” Sever Year Itch “. I think all classics are such beautiful movies, ahh the old Hollywood Glamour, what a beautiful era of movies.


Q – What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

That would be collecting berries and mushrooms in a Russian forest. I haven’t done that in many many years, now I just watch videos on Youtube of other people doing it. I think here in US if you go to a forest to collect anything you first have to pay to get in, and they definitely don’t have berries and mushrooms you can take home and eat.

Q – What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I was a Little Bo Peep :). I still have this beautiful costume and unfortunately not one picture in it. I might have to wear it again, it’s the most cutest thing ever.

Q – What is your favorite thing about this year so far?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

My most favorite out of all the favorite things that happened this year is meeting and connecting with all of you guys, right now I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. When I started Loving Fit, I wanted to meet people from all over the world and I wanted to share my passion, and now thanks to all of you guys my dream came true. Gosh I’m getting all teary eyed… I think if I were to meet all of you guys in person I would cry the crocodile tears of happiness!


Let’s mingle my darlings!




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  • Do you believe in the myth of number 13?Nope. its just a number.
    What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies?uuhhmmm I dunno. I dont think I have ever seen old movies. I guess the oldest movie I have ever seen is ‘The Sound of Music’. I do really love that one though.
    What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while?Living abroad
    What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore?We dont celebrate halloween over here in the Netherlands, so I have never done that.
    What is your favorite thing about this year so far?Starting a PT course, taking a salsa dancing course, quitting my job + focus on my graduation and allowing myself more time for going out

    • I am so happy about your PT course :), I know you are gonna make an awesome trainer!

  • Do you believe in the myth of number 13?No))) here in Russia we don’t get crazy over this myth))))) I honestly wanted to write here about the myth by checking it out in web but I really didn’t get it) It’s a mess for me) lol)
    What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies?I like Russian classic films such as “Brilliantovaya ruka” (Diamond arm) and almost all movies with amazing Russian actors starring such as Mironov, Leonov, Yakovlev, Nikulin, Vizin and Papanov.
    What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while?I miss partying with my friends. Since we’ve moved to another city and got kids it became really hard to meet with them.
    What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore?Unfortunately I have never celebrate the hallween. But if I were I would be a catwoman))) lol)
    What is your favorite thing about this year so far?The favourite thing that happened to me this year is getting a freelance job. I’ve been dreaming of it for a long time and now it’s happened))))

    • Congrats on your Job Maria, I know how amazing it feels to do what you love!

      By the way, I love Brillyantovoya Ruka too 🙂

  • gymlafrance

    2)”la belle et la bête” (cocteau), “dersou ouzala” (kurosawa) “2001, l’odysée de l’espace”.
    3) je devrais aller plus souvent me promener en Espagne!
    5) ma fille vient de trouver un emploie, qui lui plaît!
    (la photo de Paris, que vous présentez, est trés belle!)

  • Kate_CZ

    Good Monday Morning everybody!

    Tati, I love eating mushrooms and berries, yet I´m not patient enough to collect it often. I can´t imagine watching somebody collecting on youtube though! The idea itself seems very funny to me. You must miss it a lot, poor girl. If I could, I would send you a package with some mushrooms and berries express. And add a hug to it because I think your desire is very modest and cute 🙂 I had no idea it is so complicated in US. In the Czech republic it is often complicated too, because all people are doing it and I always come late and there is nothing left (nothing what my eyes can see)…

    Miksu (that´s “mingle” in Esperanto, hehe):

    1) 13 – I decided that if I ever get married, it will be on Friday, the 13th in May (it is likely to believe that a wedding in May brings bad luck). The earliest chance will be in 2016. Considering I´m single right now, I should probably start doing something to accomplish this mission 😉

    2) Classic Movie – I have no idea if these are old enough to be called classics, but they are surely great:
    —> Someone Like It Hot (1959),
    —> Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937)
    —> The Sting (1973)
    —> 12 Angry Men (1957)
    —> The Magnificent Seven (1960)
    Also the everlasting classic – yours Morozko from 1964 😉

    3) What do I miss the most that I haven´t done awhile? … hmmm… tough one… Burpees! It´s a long time from yesterday 🙂

    4) Costume – not a haloween tradition in here. Last time I went to a fancy costume party I dressed up like a Firefox (a fox with a huge Earth-like-ball glued to my belly). Next time I can challenge myself with Google Chrome 😉

    5) My favourite thing in 2012 is yet to come! 😉

    Have a nice day everyone!

    • Esal1

      Grooooaaaarrrrrr!!!! BuuuuuurrrrrpppeeeZZ!!

    • Alenka

      Oh, The Magnificent Seven, I love it! Almost wrote it down too.

      • Kate_CZ

        I was so in love with Yull Bryner 😉

        • Alenka

          Hmmm, I will check him out 🙂 then.

    • You are so adorable girl, I just love your positivity and energy! I miss the berry collecting times so much, life seemed so simple back then when I used to visit a Russian Village.

      I love Some like it hot too, what a great movie.

  • Isa

    Good morning!

    Aww I love foraging in the wild for food. Such a shame it is so tightly controlled in the US. It has been the tail-end of the blackberry season here in the UK so on the weekend with the dogs, we do lovely walks along the hedgerows picking blackberries trying to fill as many tupperware boxes as poss! We tend to come back with blackberry juice all over our face and hands but it is the herald of autumn for me 🙂

    1. No 13 – just a number
    2. Classic movie – Black Narcissus – Deborah Kerr as a Nun in the Himalayas getting tempted…
    3. What haven’t I done in a while that I miss – salsa dancing – am far too shy to go without a partner – quite sad really!
    4. Halloween costume – a full furry cat costume my mum sewed for me when I was about 6. I felt so awesome in that.
    5. Fave part of this year – seeing a group of friends I haven’t seen in many years

    • Hi Isa so happy to have you on board at Loving Fit!

      You know I’ve never tried Salsa Dancing, but when I watch it, I love it, I love that style of dancing.

      • Isn’t salsa dancing part of the test you take before you’re allowed to marry a spanish fellow…lol

  • Kharla

    Morning my favorite lovinfit girl, and lovinfitters 🙂
    Here my answers:
    1) 13 not my favorite number.. but I believe the only one whose make your own luck is: yourself 😀
    2) The House of Spirits my fav. movie/ not that old 1999 version of Isabel Allende’s famous novel.
    3) I miss dance 🙁 never had too much chances while I was single.. later nothing ….
    4) Will sounds awkward but just last year was my first time that I dressed up for Halloween( was my boys Halloween party , and they also asked parents to dress) so I decided to be a high school girl (made my own with Goodwill clothing) 😛 guess was fun!
    5) The most important things will say about this year( continuing studying and evaluate my professional and personal life) and having the guts to move out of my comfort zone with Cross fit classes :). I have more confidence about myself
    Thank you for sharing with us Tati, and also let us share with you a lil about ourselves
    blessings my girl!!!!

    • Hi Kharla :)))

      The House of Spirits, sounds something I would enjoy, gonna definitely check it out!

  • Rachel

    Hi Tati: I love these mingles too!
    1. If anything I see the number 13 as being lucky and having spiritual significance.
    2. When you say old movie I’m going stick to anything before the 80s. This is a tough one but here a few top favorites. Harold & Maude, It Happened One Night, His Girl Friday, What’s Up Doc?(If you haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend it. Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’neil. Comic Genius! … I could go on but I might have a hard time stopping.
    3. I miss going on adventures when I was a kid. We found such joy in the simplest things. I also miss performing on stage. I used to do rhythmic gymnastics.
    4. I have big dreams of dressing up as something very outrageous and memorable each year but I often wait until the last minute. The idea of Halloween is always on my mind but it tends to stay as an idea.
    5. My favorite thing is that I’ve been able to work on amazing projects and have met some truely wonderful, talent and amazing people.

    Going to do the force of muscle workout later today! Excited.



    • Alenka

      HI Rachel, thanks for a memory of childhood times. Playing Indians is one of my favorite. Or stealing ripe goodies from peoples gardens, and even the getting caught. LOL yes we did it, out in the country. 🙂

      • Rachel

        Hey Alenka. That’s great!! We used to do the same thing. I used to
        love playing make believe, or going into the forest and getting lost for
        hours. That may be my autumnal resolution – “make believe” more
        often. We must keep our imaginations alive. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” How great!

        • Alenka

          So true…

    • Hi Rachel 🙂

      Wow Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful sport, I love watching it ( I know exactly what you mean, I miss performing too, I should of included that as well, that feeling is incredible ). My husbands’ uncle is married to a rhythmic gymnast, she was a olympic silver medal winner in 96 I believe, I used to love watching her train when we used to work together, I wish I could be that graceful.

  • Hi Tati and hi everybody, here are my answers.1) Do I believe in the myth of number 13? Not really but I’m not completely indifferent either.2) What is your favorite classic movie or movies? I love Woody Allen’s movies, I love adaptatons from English classics, I love most of the movies directed by Martin Scorsese and Clint Eastwood. 3) What do I miss the most that I haven’t done in a while? Walking a dog.4) What is your favorite Halloween costume? I have never had any because we don’t really celebrate it in my country.5) Lots of things, I can’t decide. Perhaps meeting an old friend again and re-becoming friends.

    • Hi Vanessa?

      Where do you live?

      • Ok Tati. I’d love to reply straight-away but, in order not to provoke diplomatic incidents with Ethan here (who asked me the same question yesterday), I’ll have to ask you to guess 3 times which is what I did with him. :))

    • Esal1

      You had better make her guess 3 times Vanessa or I will be miffed! LOL

  • JB

    Ok let’s see:
    1. Don’t believe in the myth of 13.
    2. Gilda is my favorite classic movie and I also like The Godfather movies
    3. I miss riding horses – I used to show American Saddlebreds for about 15 years. Miss the whole horse show scene
    4. Don’t celebrate halloween but when I was little, my mom made me a lady bug costume that was so cute!
    5. This one is tough b/c it’s been a really rough year for me so far. I would have to say that I am most greatful that my dad didn’t pass away – he has been really sick and in the hospital for a couple months now. Thought I was going to lose him a couple of times, but he is a fighter and is rallying back – so that is my favorite thing about this year…more time with my dad 🙂
    I hope everyone has a great day!

    • All the best to you and your dad, Jennifer.

      • JB

        Violet – thank you so much!

    • Alenka

      Lady bug is my favorite “animal”. 🙂

      Glad your dad is ok, cherish the time you have still ahead. I lost mine in May, no real warning, I am sad to know our last talk was disappointing him rather than something about loving him.

      • JB

        Alenka – Thank you for your kind words. I am so sorry to hear that you lost your father. I am hoping that eventhough your last talk with him wasn’t about loving him, that he knew in his heart that you did love him.
        I also love, love, love lady bugs – where I live we have a “lady bug” season (that’s what I call it lol). Every early spring, our house gets “attacked” by lady bugs – they are everywhere!!! It always makes me smile 🙂

      • Alenka

        JB , and I thank you too. I hope he did. And if not, he does now :).

        When I was about 4, we went to vacation in north Germany, and they had lady bug over population that year! They were everywhere and in everything. There were so many, that on the beach, it almost looked like you are walking on lady bug beach, not on sand. It was freaky too, their lady bugs were biting! Never knew such before then, LOL. I still like them, they are just too cute for some reason.

        • JB

          I had to LOL at the biting lady bugs – that had to have been really freaky!!! It sounds like it would be a good scifi movie 🙂 Now next time I see a lady bug, I will laugh and remember your story 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Alenka

            See, I never forgot, and it’s already been “few” years ago. 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I am glad you’re dad is OK, I bet you are a big part of that, I think when we feel the support of our loved ones’ we tend to recover faster. Family is a beautiful thing.

      • JB

        Yes family is a beautiful thing! The power of love is so amazing – I agree that when loved ones feel supported, it makes all the difference in the world!
        Thank you so much for your thoughts and taking the time to write back. Keep doing what you do so well!!! This site is amazing and I really appreciate what you are doing to help me and others with their health and well-being (physical, mental and spiritual 🙂 )

  • 1. Nah, not one to be superstitious.
    2. Cassablanca or Lawrence of Arabia but growing up, I loved Grease 🙂 gotta love John Travolta.
    3. Skidooing (snowmobiling) Grew up in an area that was very cold and a lot of snow. As a kid that is what we spent our time doing, camping, skiing and on the skidoos.
    4. Don’t really recall a favorite halloween costume
    5. Well, not to sound too cheesy, but just waking up alive and healthy every morning to be with a healthy family. Just being fortunate is my favorite every year.

    All the best to you, Tatianna and to all you LovingFitters, have an amazing day and awesome workout.

    • I love how positive you are Violet, I agree, just waking up every morning healthy and have your family is beautiful, I always wake up with words of appreciation for my life.

  • sus

    1) Do you believe in the myth of 13?
    No. That’s crazy.
    2) Favorite classic movies? Citizen Kane, If A Man Answers (LOVE THIS ONE), Maltise Falcon, Casablanca, Mr. smith Goes To Washington, and His Girl Friday…I love classic movies!
    3) What do you miss most that you haven’t done in a while? Picking mulberries and currants at my parents growing up, running (it’s still too humid! Ugh)
    4) Halloween costume? I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I love roman and Grecian costumes and of course cleopatra!
    5) Favorite thing this year? I don’t even know. This year has been great! I found you tatitat! And whenever I’m in Florida, I’m going to search you out and say hi to you! Lol

    • sus

      4) I forgot Pocahontas…love her!

    • I would love to meet you in person Susu :), that would be so cool!

  • Esal1

    Do you believe in the myth of number 13? – NopeWhat is your favorite Classic movie or Movies? – Invasion of the Body SnatchersWhat do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while? – Competition at a high level.What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore? – I went as one of the 3 Musketeers and wound up more of a Pirate considering the amount of rum consumed!What is your favorite thing about this year so far? – This has been a year where my fitness has been regained. I have met a bunch of amazing people on this box! Odd how important they are to me I know, but there it is.

    • Hi Ethan :)))

      I was reading your post on facebook the other day and you were cracking me up!

  • Alenka

    I will take a little detour first. Tati, Crocodile tears, LOL, love that saying!
    But further more – with mushroom “hunting”, and berry picking in forests in Czech. I have missed those for years too. Then I moved in a place that has about 30-40 pine trees in front of it = like a little forest, and it is walkable! I seen “not-edible” mushrooms there, so I just knew, Some good should grow there some day some how. And they did! Just this one kind I was really confident with, but it enough for what I needed. There is this dish I just WANT so bad this time of the year, it is l kind of like scrambled mushrooms with eggs, garlic, onion, and caraway seed. Glad I just ate.LOL. Since then whenever driving somewhere around, I live in the country but right outside of the town, I look for the right forests. Some places I went on my own taking chances, like around churches, public stuff, or where there is nothing around for miles. But there were couple of times, where I went to a house beside this Huge perfect forest, assuming they were owners, and asked those people, if they would mind for me to go mushroom hunting on their property. Imagine the initial looks I got, LOL. It was fun, turned out into nice little chat with few members of the family, and then I was good to go :-). Did not find anything there, so I did not go back yet, but it was awesome, to even be there. This was unlike most forests here very walkable. So if you anybody drive through Memphis area, and see weirdo in hat, and rubber garden boots, carrying woven basket, feel free to join me :-). Tati if ya go and try, make sure to double check the mushrooms 🙂 for edibility here.

    Now to mingle:
    1) The # 13 is a lucky number for me, because my names day (similar to birthday) is on august 13th. 🙂 So I just never looked at that number in negative way. I was protected, 🙂
    2) Favorite classic movies – any with Josef Vlastimil Burian, who was kind of like Charlie Chaplin to us as kids.
    3) What I miss I haven’t done in a while – Fishing. I love fishing, and camping for that matter.
    4) Female police officer, because that is the only costume I ever wore.
    5) Favorite thing about this year? Without trying to be a butt-kisser, I am SO lucky and happy to come across this site. There is so much still to learn, and room to grow here But most of all I like the way Tatianna shares her passions = from the bottom of her heart, and that is something very rare to come across lately. TY young Lady!

    • You are so funny girl! ( ” butt kisser ” LOL we use that expression in Russia too ). That’s amazing how brave you are of asking people if you can go through their forest, but you sound like a very bubbly and happy personality and I’m sure the owners gladly let you go through their forest.

      I’ve never been fishing, but I heard it’s very peaceful to the mind, someday I want to try it, It sounds like something I would enjoy.

      • Alenka

        Well I don’t know about all that, but… I just wanted “hunt” for mushrooms soooo bad. I guess I was either hardheaded, or determined. Probably the first, because I never once gave a thought the danger of going to some house in the middle of nowhere….you get the picture. My mom always tells me, this time of the year, how much they found and made this favorite dish, sometimes she shows me pictures…. and I drool all over my keyboard :-). This year she was the one who was drooling, lol.
        Fishing is exactly that, so peaceful, perfect time to reflect/meditate, so it does not matter if you catch fish, or just a runny nose. If I can recommend, best for this is where you don’t constantly cast and reel in. Cat-fishing is perfect for me. Plus I like water, to even be by it and watch. It’s magic to sit by water when sun rises, water seems smooth like mirror, “world” is still asleep…. Fishing is just a nice extra.

        • Alenka

          Haha, and if there ever was Anything bubbly in me, it was quick gone when I did your Magnetic sweat workout. LOL Loved it (and hated) at the same time.

    • I need to pick your brain about picking wild muchooms. I’m scared to pick the wrong ones.

      • Alenka

        I am scared too. There is just one kind I have tried already many times, and the only edible kind I found so far too, until this year. It was like Christmas to me, when one day I found 4 other kinds I knew from CZech! 🙂 Who is to say, they are the same? So I hoped back home and to the pc and showed them to mom. She said they all were fine. I trust her. – By time I cleaned them all, I ended up throwing away all those “new” ones I was soo excited about away, because I just was not sure. I either gotta find some encyclopedia of mushrooms, otherwise I am chicken. 🙂

    • aaah what a lovely comment 🙂

      • Alenka

        🙂 Thank you Marilyn.

    • Kate_CZ

      Ahoj Alenko!
      I have a good friend of mine, who is also called Alena, so she has obviously the same nameday 😉 and she was even born on the 13th (of january). So she picked numebr 13 as her lucky one too. She playes volleyball and it´s on her dress.
      Go, Alenkas, go! 😉

      • Alenka

        Ahoj Kacenko?
        Wow, that is cool! Mom tells me I was named by a song she heard on way to hospital to have me. Alenka V Risi Divu 🙂 (Inspired by Smokies – Living next door to Alice). By your CZ I presume you also are from CR. 🙂 Otherwise I applaud to writting it right “Ahoj Alenko” and please excuse my Kacenko. I was born on Jan 23rd, so that’s close enough, LOL.

        • Kate_CZ

          Ahoj Alenko v ?íši div?! Ano, moje CZ opravdu znamená, že jsem ?eška. Hurá, ráda “poznám” další krajanku se stejnou vášní. Ale asi nežiješ v ?R, že? Nebo ano?

          • Alenka

            T?ší m?. Obzvláš? p?i takovéto p?íležitosti, jako je prima webstránka o cvi?ení. Už asi 14 let žiju v USA, Memphis v Tennessee. A Ty? Tak m? napadá, jestli Ti to nevadí, jestli by asi nebylo vhodn?jší se vrátit k angli?tin?, a? lépe splyneme s okolím. 🙂

          • Kate_CZ

            Yes, we should switch back to English, you are right.
            Wow, 14 years in USA already, huh? Wonderful! I´m still living in our beautiful country full of horrible politicians. But my brother has recently moved to NY. I definitely plan to visit him soon. It´s gonna be my first time ever out of Europe. So excited!

  • ???????

    ??????, ??????!!!!
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    2. ??????? ?? “????????? ??????”, “??????? ????????”, “????? ? ???”- ??????????.
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    5. ? ???? ???? ?? ??? ??????? ????, ???????? ? ?? ?????? 7 ???.
    ??????? ??????!!!!

    • Ya pomnu vremena v detskom sadike, ah kak ya po nim skuchau, inogda do sih por dage pomnu zapah v detskom sadu.

      Ya kstati v etom godu nashla svoego brata, po papenoj storone, ya ego nikogda ne videla no mi stale obchatsya v Kontakte, eto tak zdorovo.

      • ???????

        ? ?? ???? ????? ????! ? ???? ?????? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ?????))) ??????? ?? ????????? ? ??? ? ?????!!!

  • Hi Tati & others! 🙂

    I love your message about foraging. Looking back I was a really lucky kid because my parents always took me out to remote places to forage for morel mushrooms and wild blueberries. I had no idea how lucky I was because I’d be pretty hard pressed to find those places now!

    Do you believe in the myth of number 13?
    – Not at all. Though if a person DID believe in it I’ll bet they’d attract proof to back it up. 🙂

    What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies?
    – Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Despite the pretty derogatory depiction of asians, which is hard to get behind, I do love Audrey Hepburn’s style and grace.

    What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while?
    – I was just thinking LAST NIGHT how long it’s been since I’ve gone out dancing…and not just safe, normal, move to the music dancing but the kind of lost-in-the-beat spontaneous surrender where you lose and find yourself at the same time, you know? Man! That’s good for the soul!

    What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore?
    – A few years ago I had a friend that was working for the theatre and brought home burlesque costumes for us to where out for halloween. It was the year Moulin Rouge came out and mine was this gorgeous lavender brocade with gold accents. The other girls were dying in their corsets. They couldn’t breathe. One girl actually fell down and couldn’t get up because of her costume! But mine felt like a dream to wear! I just loved it and never wanted to take it off!

    What is your favorite thing about this year so far?
    – Gathering up the courage to go to a nude beach! I know to some it would be no big deal and to others it would be “not in a million years!” but for me, having battled pretty serious body-image issues my whole life, it was really freeing to be out there thinking “well, this is me – no hiding it!” and learning to just relax in to that. Pretty liberating! 🙂

    – PS – finding you and – also a pretty significant high point of the year so far! 🙂

    • Hey Dheana,

      I am very curious about the nude beach my self, I’ve never been to one, I would love to go and check it out, it is definitely liberating and different.

      It’s been a while since I’ve been out dancing too, this year all I’ve done was work work work, but then again I love my work so much that I just can’t stop. Maybe one of these day I will get out and dance the night away.

      • 1Ivana

        Oh my…FKK beaches are the best…I am a nudist for almost 10 years, and it is so great…the best thing about it is that people are just who they are, they don’t have anything to hide under, and they are so open with the body and the mind…
        It is really nothing strange, or pervert, or even sex related…we were all born this way, and the clothes and the stuff we have sometimes are the wall…
        I don’t really know how to explain this, but 10 years ago I worked in an FKK camp, and when I learned that people who are nudist are so much more open minded about life and excepting people for who day are I learned that I am more open to except of who I really am..does this make any sense to you?

        • Kate_CZ

          Hmmm… I have never felt the need to visit those beaches. But after reading your point of view I would really like to try it. Thank you!

          • 1Ivana

            I totally understand, before I was like that…I didn’t have anything against people who went there, but I didn’t felt the need as you said it..
            And then, I worked there, and it was too much form me for first 10 days..and than, it was like whole new world opened up in my head…
            I really think I wouldn’t be this person if I hadn’t went there…
            My best friend often tells me that I was rebirth there..:)
            It is really not about nudity, it is about open mind!

  • annebelwind

    Tati, you are the sweetest.. Love meeting you to.. Feels like I know you true all of your video’s.. <3

    Do you believe in the myth of number 13? No…
    What is your favorite Classic movie or movies: I don't know if it is a classic, it is to me: The dark crystal from Jim Hanson.. And of real classic: wizzard of oz.
    What do you miss the most that you haven't done in a while: MEDITATION!… something needs to be setteld before i can..
    What is your favorite thing about this year so far? Started singing lessons to get rid of the fear I had for singing.. And getting much better..

    • Lately I’ve been meditating every day, It totally centers me and I feel so happy and at peace after.

      Congrats on your singing lessons! I love to sing too, and when I was little I always performed in school, but now I enjoy the production part of it more.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    Morning….Tatianna, you are sounding so happy….glad to see it, and glad that your dream of meeting and connecting with people around the world is coming true.

    Number 13? just a number, right after 12 and right before 14

    Classic Movie….hmmm…I’m an action movie fan….don’t judge me…lol….Terminator, Braveheart…then there are all of the movies I love, but really see the book playing in my head like Gone With the Wind and The Lord of The Ring movies

    Miss the most and haven’t done in a while? 2 things, although I did get to do one recently…..sit down with my brother and just shoot the breeze…..and go for a long walk along the beach in Oregon or northern California

    Halloween costume? nothing stands out in my memory, so guess I didn’t have a favorite

    Favorite thing about this year so far? my physical and mental fitness levels, the true friends that I have “met” here, and that I am content

    • Ha Ha Ha action nice! I love some action movies, I actually also enjoyed the Terminator movie, I’d say my favorite moves on the action side is definitely Matrix Trilogy, I’ve seen it 10 times at least.

      Lord of the Rings I haven’t seen yet, but definitely need to watch it.

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        the best way to do the Lord of the Rings is to wait for an absolute shitty winter day, get up early and start at about 9 am….watch all three in a row, high definition, directors cut….it will take you all day to do it, but well worth it…we have an awesome TV room, surround sound, 65 ” flat screen, beer fridge right around the corner, nice and dark like a theater….I loved the books growing up and read them until they fell apart, they did a real good job on the movies I think

        • Sounds great! Thanks for the tip Gerri, I will have to find a full day off for that, but still of course take little peaks at you guy’s comments 🙂

        • I devoured those book as a newly arrived teenager in Canada with no friends yet because I was waiting to attend high school.

        • Lindsey Shepard

          Have you read Game of Thrones Gerri? What about The Name of the Wind? I loved Lord of the Rings and those two series’ are just as awesome 🙂

          Gladiator is one of my favorite action-y films.

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            not the Name of the Wind…yes Game of Thrones…used to run a second hand bookstore and sci fi/fantasy is my read

          • Lindsey Shepard

            Oh, you should check it out. It’s by Patrick Rothfuss and the second one is called the Wise Man’s Fear. Waiting on a third and final to come out. I couldn’t put it down. It’s another sci fi/fantasy. Awesome!

  • sedindriuke

    im missing picking berries and muchrooms as well in Lithuanian forests or gardens!!!! OH I understand you sooo much!!!!!! Natural flavour!!!!

  • Diana

    Hi Fellaz :),
    Do you believe in the myth of number 13?
    Absolutely not… 🙂
    What is your favourite Classic movie or Movies?
    Hmmmm, maybe not as classical as Gone With the Wind, but I love the (older) James Bond movies. No idea why. I just like them. 🙂
    What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while?
    I don’t remember the last time I went out with friends for a crazy dancy night. I really miss those parties…
    What was your favourite Halloween costume you ever wore?
    In Hungary we don’t celebrate Halloween but we have a “carnival” in February. When I was 4 my Mum made me a butterfly costume. She sacrificed her wedding veil to make me wings… I think that will be the most memorable costume in my whole life! 😀
    What is your favourite thing about this year so far?
    I am really happy that I found fitness this year around Jan-Feb… and more happy that I found Lovingfit in May. 😀

    • Wow you live in Hungary? Super awesome, it’s so nice to find out where all my sweeties live, what a beautiful thing that we can all connect here in one place 🙂

      • Diana

        Hehe, yes I am a bit far away from Florida. But sooooooooooon if everything goes well, I will switch to Canada and I will see that most up-to-date LovingFit things in real time!:D

  • Skippie22

    Do you believe in the myth of number 13? Not even a little bit.
    What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies? Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Sound of Music (Getting to play ‘Maria’ in the musical for 25 performances was the highlight of my life (like, I can die now!) 🙂
    What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while? Madrigal Dinners in University–we were dressed in Renaissance dresses and would sing Christmas songs and play handbells before, during and after a fancy dinner/feast in a beautiful hall.
    What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore? Halloween…not sure. But I ‘cosplay’, so I wear costumes to conventions with my husband. They are all my favorite, but I feel ‘prettiest’ dressed as “Natalia Kassle” from Danger Girl (she is a comic book character, and she’s a Russian knife-throwing Special Agent!!). pic here:!/photo.php?fbid=468520109836175&set=t.613247194&type=3&theater
    What is your favorite thing about this year so far? We’ve had the longest stretch of nice weather in Seattle that we’ve had since moving here four years ago!! Gorgeous every day, fall colours, just *beautiful*!

    • I miss fall colors so much, I heard Seattle is gorgeous, I’ve only been at the airport. Here in FL it’s only one season and the picture is always the same.

    • Esal1

      Hi Deanna, as the “moderator” of our page I see all your pics that go up and “wow” is all I can say. You should let people know what you do for workouts, we see you every once in a while, certainly not enough! Plus, you are right Seattle is amazing right now! Can you believe it!

    • Kate_CZ

      Great costumes!

  • Naomi

    So sad you can’t go foraging – it’s the best feeling when you come home with buckets of berries! I think foraging is so satisfying because it is an ancient instinct. I got a little emotional reading that your favorite thing this year is meeting us. Glad to have been a part of it! 🙂 Now, to the questions.

    Do you believe in the myth of number 13? – No. I actually heard it was a lucky number in ancient Egypt, but the Europeans turned it the other way around. Asia is superstitious about the number 4 because the markings for it also means “death”.

    What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies? – I have trouble naming favorites. Anything that makes me feel like it made a difference in how I think and feel about life.

    What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while? – Stuffing myself with Korean food – it’s just not the same in other countries…

    What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore? – LIttle Red Riding Hood in elementary school because my mother equipped me with a basket full of goodies and soft drinks! (We were not allowed to bring any, but it was part of my costume). 🙂

    What is your favorite thing about this year so far? – Finding a sensible and more healthy approach to fitness through LovingFit and the very level-headed audience here. My brother finding his path in life. Realizing I love my job and want to work in this field until I become old and crooked.

    • I’ve never tried a real authentic Korean food and I so want to, I love to taste authentic foods, but it’s so hard to find places like that.

  • He He He ” Devil “

  • Sarah, I am so happy that you’ve decided to ditch the desk job and go after what you will love! It has been a true blessing in my life, I used to hate waking up every morning and now I can’t wait to wake up every morning, I am so happy you are too following your dreams!

  • Yeah I’ve heard that in some places they have forests like that, but I have’t found any here in FL

  • I bet you had some amazing times as a kid, that is so sweet that your mom made your costumes, a Unicorn, I think that’s what I’m gonna dress up as this year if we go out, so I can tell people – Yes we do exist :)))

    Congrats on your progress and weight loss!

  • Hi Tessu,

    It is very nice to meet you! I am happy you are going to join in working out with us, let me know if you ever have any questions 🙂

    • Tessu

      Thank you so much. I certainly will! =D

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    Hi Tati,
    I am so glad that you are happy for connecting with us. I feel the same since I have found your blog 🙂 I truly feel happier and more positive. Thank you for everything, kind and loving people like you are rare and I am so glad I found you.
    Now, lets mingle 😉
    1. I am not superstitious, at least I try not to be. I have never considered 13 as an unlucky number.
    2. I love movies with dancing, like Footloose, Dirty Dancing and Saturday night fever 🙂
    3. I miss talking to my grandmother, she passed away almost 4 years ago and I really miss visiting her, eating her food and chatting.
    4. We don’t celebrate Halloween in my country and I have never worn a costume. I have thought about it but I still haven’t found or made a costume I would really like to wear.
    5. I loved this summer 🙂 I spent time with my sister, I went to the mountain many times, I spent a lot of time with my boyfriend and we hosted couch surfers from France, Lithuania and Romania. I really had a lot of fun 🙂

    p.s. I am going to visit my sister this Thursday. I’ll be staying with her in Maribor (Slovenia) and I’ll be taking some time off (7 days exactly). I know I’ll miss your routines but I haven’t taken more than 2 days off for a long time, so I guess won’t feel too lazy 🙂

    • OMG girl, take that break and enjoy it! I always recommend to take 5 days off every 6 weeks for recovery, it is very important not only for our body but our mind. Have fun with your sister!

  • **Do you believe in the myth of number 13?**
    No! I think to believe seriously in superstition just lends power to it. I like the fun of it, though! But I always try to make Friday the 13th, for example, a fun day. 🙂

    **What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies?**Oooo great question! Philadelphia Story. His Girl Friday. It’s a Wonderful Life. Gone With the Wind I love too! It has always been my Mom’s #1 favorite movie, so I grew up watching that from time to time. I even made a couple of the dresses from the movie for Barbie dolls and gave them to her as Christmas presents. :)I love classic movies too. I love that they are so much simpler, so you really have to focus on good storytelling and the acting. No distractions with CG, action sequences, things blowing up, etc. I like that stuff too, but only when it’s earned.
    **What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while?**SKIING! Every winter I think, “I HAVE to go this winter!” and time goes faster and faster and it escapes me…so maybe THIS winter I will!
    **What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore?**I was Dorothy when I was 8 or 9–that was really special. My dad helped me make the ruby slippers and they looked absolutely gorgeous–he just spray painted them red and then dipped them in red glitter, but to me they were as good as having the real thing! I played with them all the time. I went through a Dorothy phase.
    **What is your favorite thing about this year so far?**
    The biggest thing is kind of unspecific, but it’s an elevated sense of freedom and joy. I’ve ventured inside more, and developed a lot greater sense of peace, of purpose, of letting things go than ever before, of confidence, and of my sense of self. I’ve been able to tackle some bad habits head on, but peacefully and without guilt, and realize what purpose they served, and found the freedom from them and the subsequent joy from that. I’ve also become more confident, which is also helped by the fact that I’m in the best shape I’ve been in either since I was a teenager, or since EVER. And Tatianna, you’ve helped SOOO much with that, through your workouts, your advice and your kindness. I’m very thankful I have this site, you, and this community to look to!

    happy Monday Mingle! 🙂

    • Ahh girl, I am so so happy to have met you! I want to meet you in real life, I think you are so much fun and you are an artist which I find so fascinating. I am happy you have found your inner self and confidence, it is so important to have. I saw this quote today that I loved ” The best thing a woman can wear is her confidence ” that is totally true!

      • Oooohh my GOSH, are you kidding me? It would be amazing to meet you in real life! Same country, different coasts, but if you’re ever in Northern California, hit me up! 🙂 Thank you for the kind words. It’s funny because I don’t think of myself as an “artist” exactly, just a person doing what I love to do. Although I think we’re all artists, or at least CAN be. Expression of ourselves is one of the most important aspects in achieving happiness, in my experience, anyway. There’s infinite room for creativity in this world, in every business and aspect of life. Such as your workouts and blog! 🙂 Thanks, Tatianna.

        • I totally agree, there is a great book about that called the Artist Way, I really love this book because it’s a way to awaken anyone’s creativity, and everyone is an artist deep down.

          When I am in California I will definitely let you know, I would love to meet you!

    • I’m glad you found your peace. May your journey continues. <3

  • tee_w

    hi guys!
    myth of number 13 – doesn’t it come after 12? lol
    favourite classic movie – It’s a wonderful life, Miracle on 34th street and Wizard of Oz
    what do you miss the most and haven’t done in a while – can’t say that online!
    favourite halloween costume you ever wore – I am very uncomfortable and self consious when I dress up so I don’t do it, but I absolutely love Halloween, I decorate my sundeck every year for the kids to come trick or treating, my favourite costume I made my kids was a furry skunk costume – it was so cute!
    Favourite thing about this year so far – my switch in diet which has made me feel fabulous and much more energetic! thus my fitness level has improved and my strength has improved, and best of all I actually feel rested after sleeping and can wake up on my own without an alarm, most days!

    • Tee I just love your sense of humor 🙂

      • tee_w


    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      Tee……….is it X rated????? LOL

      • No! not X rated…difinately XX rated.Tee, I so missed you the past month.

      • tee_w

        ha ha, couldn’t think of anything so thought I would give you all something to think about! lo

  • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

    Do you believe in the myth of number 13? No.. but it is a good # maybe there is something about it :)What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies? The Goonies !!! :DWhat do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while? mmm.. doubtlessly, LOTZ. Video Editing, Comic Drawing, Writing.. Im really working my way to try & make time for these during my week, just to keep the creativity up !What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore? Clairvoyant/Fortune teller :)What is your favorite thing about this year so far? A LOT ! Unfortunately I can’t pronounce everything on the paper, but I can briefly tell it realtes my my health & fitness which have been SKYROCKETED in this very last WEEK !!! (& I know that for a fact!)

    • Wow Beth,

      It is so wonderful to find out that you love being creative, I love video editing too, drawing i’ve tried and I can honestly say that it’s the only thing that I totally suck at, I’ve even went to school for it when I was a kid but I sucked so bad at it that the teacher told me I shouldn’t even wast my time.

      • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

        That is as well the reason I abandoned/left drawing.. my mother told me the same stuff :/
        (“can’t make a living” & stuff)

      • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

        Believe me- in today’s world we should sometimes FIGHT for our creativity !
        wer’e being exposed to so many Innovations.. we sometimes got to make an effort to keep a creative original approach ! 🙂

  • Hi Folks,

    1. No, Its just a number.
    2. Not a hugh fan of classic movies, but I like
    – The good, the bad and the ugly ( the theme music by Ennio Morricone is the best ever).
    I’ve a thing for Clint Eastwood’s westerns.
    – To sir, with love.
    – It’s a wonderful life…It’s played almost every christmas on tv.
    – Guess who’s coming to dinner
    My favorite movies of all time are;
    – A pure formality.
    – Shank shank redemption.
    – Cinema paradiso.
    – My life in pink
    – anti mary atit
    3. Making a time consuming meal.
    4. before locking my hair, I dress as Pam Grier character Foxy Brown.
    5. I loving very thing so far, but I’m extremely jazzed about living at the farm come December 1.

    • Alenka

      Hi, I love Ennio Morricone’s music. That man is simply briliant.

      • I get goose bumps from his music.

      • Evaleen

        Oddly, every time I see his name I get Enya’s ‘Spaghetti Western Theme’ stuck in my head. :p

        • Alenka

          LOL Love her music as well. Not a spaghetti fan :-D. Ludovico Einaudi or Paul Collier are also awesome.

    • Lucky you girl, I love the farm life, it’s strange that I do cause I came from Moscow a big city, but in my soul I feel like a farm girl.

      • I thought I was a city girl too, but I’ve always dreamt of country living. I have a very romantic view of country life, so this move might just cure me of that.

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      love Clint movies, both acted and directed….westerns are amazing

      • He was my third crush as a kid. I enjoy a good western movie.

      • Kate_CZ

        me too!

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      did I see that you are in Alberta Lvette?

      • Yes for now, I’m moving to eastern Canada Dec 1.

        • tee_w

          awww, I thought you were moving to a farm in Alberta! I thought you were going to be closer to us!

          • Can’t afford a farm in Alberta with the booming economy, we had to go to Nova Scotia.

          • tee_w

            went across Canada when I was 17, loved Nova Scotia, very pretty and everywhere we went – nice people.
            too bad its not closer, alberta was making me feel like we were neighbours! lol

  • Evaleen

    #1- Can’t say that the number 13 means anything to me. In fact, it drives me a bit crazy that so many things get a meaning assigned to them based off… rumor, whim, doubt, fear? It’s like the belief that everything happens for a reason, but to the point that a milk spill on the counter-top can hold some kind of significance lol. It’s just too much. :p

    #2 – The Lion in Winter, for being a great and timeless example of a dysfunctional family. xD

    #3 – Wow, too many things to count… most of all though, spending time with family that I rarely got to see when I was young, but now haven’t seen in years and years.
    And you watching others forage on YT, gosh that’s sweet lol. Am so sorry though that these ridiculous regulations here in the U.S. have to hinder you from the real thing 🙁

    #4 – I LOVED Catwoman from the Tim Burton film, so I was super excited to get her suit as a costume (I don’t think it was even Halloween at the time). My 2nd favorite though is a gypsy outfit that I put together, it was special because I wore it for the one and only time I ever got to trick-or-treat.

    #5 – I think for sure, getting to know Tatianna 🙂 and the positive influence she’s been to me.

    • Hi honey, I leaned a new word today – forage, now I know there is a word for it and I love it! I’ve never head of The Lion in Winter, sounds beautiful gonna look for that movie. Where is your family now?

      I only see my mom now, I have’t seen my grandma in 3 years, and my other grandma and my dad in 15 :(, I found out the other day that my grandma passed away, I was very sad that I didn’t get so see her, but in the region where she lived I wasn’t able to travel because it is all blocked right now and have been for a while, some kind of government issues.

      • Evaleen

        Am so sorry to hear Tati, this happened only recently? 🙁 Hope you have some peace with it, though these things just take time. *Hugs* for you sweetheart.

        And well, besides my closest family who live near me, the rest are scattered around NC and SC (where I live). So not an unmanageable distance, but it feels much, much further cause of strained relationships… some are even irreparable. This is what makes me miss those times so much, because I was young, happy, and unaware of the extent of betrayal that had occurred (on both sides of the family).

      • Evaleen

        As for the film, I’d call it rather tragic: a family at constant war with each other. But it’s also brilliant and poignant, with the likes of Catherine Hepburn and Peter O’Tool… plus a young Anthony Hopkins and James Bond– oops, I mean Timothy Dalton. :p

        I actually only know of this film because one of my parents watched it repeatedly when I was younger… said it reminded them of their childhood! Ha.

  • Elena Kozlovsky

    Oh, Tatianna, you make me smile lol I simply couldn’t leave your comment about berries and mushrooms unnoticed. Similar to yours, I spent days of my childhood in the forest back in Russia picking berries and mushrooms – foraging. To date I am yet to find something that taste as great and flavourful as wild strawberry (zemlyanika), not to mention that wild blueberry tastes nothing like the store bough one that you can get here. There are tons of mushrooms in the forests here in Ontario, Canada, but with all the “no mushroom picking” signs around them my husband and I look like criminals leaving the forests with the baskets full of those.

    • Yes, the Russian berries were the best ( zemlyanichku ya obogau ), I miss it so much.

  • Hi there welcome to Loving Fit! so happy to meet you 🙂

    I think it’s so important to have a creative outlet, it is a huge stress relief, I hope you can find time for painting soon 🙂

  • Courtney

    Yay Monday Mingle! Let’s do this!
    1. No, I do not believe in the myth surrounding the number 13. I think it’s silly to skip the 13th floor, because calling the floor #14 doesn’t actually make it the 14th… 2+2 do not equal 5 no matter how many times you say it does.
    2. My favorite classic movie is South Pacific, but Oklahoma! comes in second. I love Rogers and Hammerstein.
    3. I miss playing the oboe. I would do it, since I’m no longer worried about the judgment of others, but I live in a duplex and I’m not sure my neighbors would appreciate it. 🙁
    4. I was the Pink Power Ranger when I was little. My mom made the whole thing. I remember I was disappointed that the boots weren’t actual boots. They were just felt cover ups made to go over my white shoes.
    5. Favorite thing so far? Hard to say. Finally moving was nice. And getting a promotion at work was nice. But fall and winter are my favorite times of year, so I imagine all the good stuff is yet to come. 🙂

    • I used to love Power Rangers when I was a kid, they were so crazy popular, it is very cool that your mom made your costumes.

  • Hi Tatianna,
    Okay….1. No I don’t believe the myth surrounding the number 13.
    2. I love inspirational movies where people succeed despite difficult circumstances, like Facing the Giants, Fireproof and the Blindside.
    3. I know this sounds corny but I really miss Kickboxing with an actual person taunting me to jab, cross, and kick the targets their holding. It’s so crazy and intense. I get such a rush from it! Before I start, I get that nervous, shaky excited heart pounding feeling, like when your about to get on a roller coaster! I need to find a good place and get back into it.
    4. I really do not have any Halloween memories, but my teenage daughter has worn a really cool Marionette costume for a production.
    5. My favorite thing about this year so far is finally taking the plunge and having the guts to go back to school. I’m 39 and my dream is to get my degree. I felt like it was too late for me and I was fearful and kept putting it off. I’m soooo happy now, I have a ways to go but I am determined to do this. Oh and finding your site of course! 🙂
    Have a wonderful evening!

    • It’s never too late to learn. Great that you went back for your degree. Wishing you all the best 🙂

    • I am so with you with the kickboxing thing! I just switched gyms and this gym does not do the contact part of kickboxing. :S
      Great to hear you started your studies. Its hard work work and you probably want to quit …but its well worth it. I wish you all the best with your studies 🙂

  • Do you believe in the myth of number 13? Not at all!
    What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies? The Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Watch it with my Mom all the time! And I also love The Dark Corner. It is one of Lucille’s serious roles.
    What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while? Going shopping with my Mom once a week. We now live in different states.
    What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore? It’s is a tie. Last year I was a creepy zombie. Then 2 years ago I was a cop.
    What is your favorite thing about this year so far? Meeting my best friend’s son! She is like a sister so it was like I was meeting my nephew.

  • From reading most of the post, I think we can form a world wide berry/muchroom picking briage or an hippy commune. :))))

  • Lindsey Shepard

    Long-time reader, first-time mingler 🙂 hehe
    Do you believe in the myth of number 13?No, I’m not really superstitious at all. I remember I got my braces on in 8th grade though and it was Friday, October 13th! What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies?Oh, I have to agree with you Tati on Gone with the Wind. I also love Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman. I know they’re not as old but I still think of them as classics 🙂 What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while?Long-term camping. We haven’t been in about 2 or 3 years (pre-baby). I love hanging out around the campfire at night and then waking up to a cool brisk morning 🙂 Short-term… RUNNING! You never miss it till you can’t do it (at least that’s how it is for me)What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore?Kid costume – She-ra, warrior princess… it was AWESOME! My mom made it so that made it even cooler. Adult costume – Palm Tree 🙂 I wore all brown and made green leaves and coconuts to wear on my head hehe. Being a sheep was a close second… I made that one too and my husband was a shepherd (our last name is Shepard) – I’m cheesy! What is your favorite thing about this year so far?This is a tough question. I don’t know that I can choose one. Obviously, my daughter would be my number one choice. She turned 1 in April so that was cool. I love everything she does so SHE is definitely my favorite thing of this year. Taking her out of the picture it would probably have to be my fitness level improvement. I started the year not being able to do a single full push up and now I can do elevated push ups! I feel a lot stronger so that’s my favorite… other than my baby 🙂

    • Lindsey Shepard

      Reading through more of the others I can’t believe I forgot about The Wizard of Oz! I’m actually excited about the new movie they’re making about the witches 🙂 I love Mila Kunis, I think she’s gonna make an awesome wicked witch. Speaking of, I know this wasn’t a question, but something I want to do this year is SEE Wicked the Broadway show 🙂

    • Evaleen

      Welcome Lindsey! 🙂 Congrats to your beautiful girl, and the awesome strength gains. 😀

  • Jos

    1. Hmm not really but I do admit I had some bad luck happened on Friday the 13th last year..both hubby and I lost our job at the same time..From what I’ve heard the unlucky #13 came from the bible where one of Jesus’ disciple betrayed him..something like that..He had 13 disciples.

    2. The Sound of Music. I love the songs in that movie..all of them..very catchy and I am not a fan of musical music but this one is an exception.

    3. Going for a hike! I missed it..there was a time couple years ago hubby and I hike Mt. Wilson which was about 12 miles round trip. It was fun and that time we weren’t as fit as we are now

    4. Never really worn any Halloween costume before so can’t say much.

    5. Working out with you, finding my own balance between life, work, fitness and health.

  • I enjoy reading what you have written. I feel connected to you as well. You are different and I can tell and feel it from the first I started following you in FB/your workouts/Blog. Please don’t ever change. Love, Pauline.

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  • Do you believe in the myth of number 13?
    What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies?
    °Many I don´t know.Sometimes I like to watch old film version of fary tales
    What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while?
    °climbing!! (about 8 month now)I started yesterday- I´m in love again 😉
    What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore?

    What is your favorite thing about this year so far?
    °paragliding in Austria

  • Do you believe in the myth of number 13?

    What is your favorite Classic movie or Movies?
    °too many I don´t know. Sometimes I like to watch old film version of fairy tale

    What do you miss the most that you haven’t done in a while?
    °climbing! I started yesterday-I´m in love again! 😉
    sometimes I miss my evening walks at the river -now I do meditation in the morning instead. if I look back for years it would be definitely jogging in nature. but my technique is too bad now. I also would like to have a sauna on regular basis again. …. I stay with some habits and leave some old behind so I be simply a new version of mine 🙂

    What was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore?

    What is your favorite thing about this year so far?
    °paragliding in Austria

  • daybelis garcia

    A little late but I’m here… I just miss you guys so much especially your routines Tati. Anyways here I go:
    1. I do not believe n this myth . Actually 13 is my lucky number
    2. Favorite classical movies: little women, gone with the wind, Casablanca, to kill a mockingbird, Grapes of wrath, and lion king. I just love watching classic movies, think they were much more unique and versatile. Movies now in days are all repetitive.
    3. What I miss the most that I haven’t done in a while are your split routines but oddly my body is significantly showing improvement now that I’m sprinting and doing full body routines. I also miss my nature walks, it really helps me distress and I need that now.
    4. My favorite Halloween costume ever was dressing up as lady gaga lol I went all out and created my costume….it was so cool. I felt different but that’s just what she is:)
    5. My most favorite thing of this year was combating anorexia, finding yu, and graduating from high school and attending such a well known proud of myself and despite the struggles I try my best to keep a smile on.