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Meet Me On Monday


Hello My Sweeties,

Happy Monday!!! Welcome to the 11th Edition of Monday Mingle – My favorite number :), number 11 is a very important number, if any of you guys read about numerology you will know what I mean. But anyhow, so happy to have you here again : ).

First things first, my dear Lovies, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your kindness and support. I know that I always say that, but I just can’t thank you enough. Every day I wake up thanking the Universe that had brought all of us together, thank you so much for working out with me and sharing your progress, thank you so much for spreading the word about Loving Fit, you guys are the reason why I do this. I am so happy to share my passion with you, I feel truly blessed – Thank you!


And now… Drum Roll… Today’s Questions:


  • What is your favorite weather?

  • What is your Most Overused Phrase?

  • Glamour or Comfort?

  • Big Night Out or a Movie at Home?

  • What is your favorite inspirational movie?


My Answers:

Q – What is your favorite weather?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I love the rain, and I love it how it smells on outside while it’s raining :).


Q – What is your most overused phase?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

My most overused phrase is AMAZING! Β Cause everything is amazing to me!


Q – Glamour Or Comfort?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

It depends, if I am going out then it’s Glamour all the way, like 8 hours to get ready kind of thing. But the rest of the time I like to be comfortable :).


Q – Big Night Out or a Movie at home?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

Movie at home, I only go out 1-2 a year, I love being home.


Q – What is your favorite inspirational movie?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

Not so long ago I saw a Documentary ” Ballerina” it’s about Russian ballerinas from Bolshoy Theater, wow what a discipline and passion, these women practice for hours and hours a day, they live and breath Ballet. Before I saw this movie I have to admit I didn’t appreciate Ballet very much, but once I saw what’s going on behind the scenes I was like WOW I woke up to a whole new understanding of it – Amazing!

Let’s Mingle My Darlings!




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  • gymlafrance


  • saretta

    Good morning everyone!
    1. My fav weather is sunny and warm, but not hot.
    2. My overused expression is probably: Did you do your homework? Well, at least my sons think I say that too much!
    3. I am not the glamorous type, though I like to dress nicely outside of the house. Between the two extremes, I would have to say “comfort.”
    4. I would prefer a night out to a movie at home, if only because I am always at home, it’s such a nice change to go out.
    5. Not many inspirational movies come to mind…how about Rocky? The first one made a big impression on me πŸ™‚

    • Ha Ha Ha, I bet they always have their homework done!

    • tryste

      “Rocky’s” a classic, for sure! But the pre-jog, raw eggs for breakfast scene — ew ew ewwww!! LOL.

  • 1. Each display of weather is beautiful in its own way. My favourite is a frosty sunny day when snow glitters on tree branches like in a fairy tale.
    2. My most overused phrases are “absolutely” and “definitely”.
    3. It depends on the situation. When I go out I’m trying to look glamourous like every other girl :), but i don’t neglect comfort as well.
    4. 50/50. I like going out with my big noisy gang of friends, but sometimes movie at home sounds like the best option.
    5. “A Beautiful Mind”. I admire John Nash – a mathematical genius who struggled with paranoid schizophrenia refusing any medication. Though this movie is an inaccurate portrayal of some aspects of Nash’s life, I love this story displaying the power of human’s mind and will.

    • sus

      I absolutely LOVE when it is sunny and snowy. I love pure fresh snow glittering in the bright sun!

    • Yes a Beautiful Mind was indeed a great movie, I was actually looking at it yesterday on Netflix, I need to see the whole thing again.

  • What is your favorite weather?
    When I feel like staying at home I love rain with thunder…on the couch, reading a book and drinking a MASSIVE cup of tea.
    But usually I go out and about I love DRY weather, blue sky, not humid and cold enough for long trousers, shirt and a light coat.
    What is your Most Overused Phrase?
    ‘That is amazing’, ‘that is really nice’, ‘that is so lovely’
    Glamour or Comfort?
    Comfort, but every once in a while I crave glamour πŸ™‚
    Big Night Out or a Movie at Home?
    I really like going to the movies, which is nothing spectacular. Every now and again a big night out. But usually quiter nights
    What is your favorite inspirational movie?
    ‘Milk’. I am very much intersted in politics, sean penn is an amazing actor and I am getting sick and tired of the fact that being gay is not yet accepted. Even in my country (the Netherlands) it is merely tolerated but not truly accepted yet. The fact that we still treat people differently on something that is just a part of them sickens me. I mean we used to do that too during the second world war, having a ‘jewish appearence’ was a reason to deport you. So yeah that this is still going on sickens me, and this film tells an important story.

    • sus

      I love thunder with a cup of tea…ahhhh

    • I need to see that movie, I know exactly what you mean, when I was growing up in Russia it wasn’t acceptable to be gay, even now in Moscow it’s more common but still not quite accepted, t when I went to visit last time, some heard some people would make remarks toward gay people and it would so piss me off, cause a lot of my friends are gay. I think everyone deserves equal rights and being treated the same, I hope I live long enough to see that change happen.

    • tryste

      “Milk” was interesting for sure! I especially love the interview where he points out how idiotic it is to assume that a child who is raised by a gay couple will turn out gay, since most gay people have parents who are straight. That so needed to be said … I have strong feelings on this issue, too, and like you say, I think it’s sickening that gays are still so stigmatized. I find it infuriating that gay marriage is still such a big issue in so many parts of the world. To me it’s just a basic human right for adults to be able to make that type of commitment in the eyes of the public/law, no matter the sex of their chosen partner.

    • I think Sean Penn is one of the best actor of his generation. Milk was a wonderfully acted and moral movie.

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there..

    first of all I have to brag a little bit…this weekend I went on a seminar to get a certification to be an Body technique instructor (don’t know how to explain it)…this was first of six levels, but I am getting there

    1. I like spring, warm, clear sky, not hot…a bit of wind…
    2.phrase…they don’t have any sense if I translate them..:)))
    3.comfort,comfort,comfort…don’t wear make up, high heels, etc…like I said nature is my thing and I like to be barefoot at home…when I was younger it was out,out,out…but now…dinner, movie,few friends,home favorite movie of all times is Green mile…I don’t know if it is inspirational…maybe HOME…documentary..
    I have to run, maybe I will get my own space to do my workouts with the ladies, and I have to run now to see about that…WISH ME LUCK!!

    kisses to you all

    • Congrats Ivana!!!! Body technique instructor sound cool!

      Good LUCK with your workout!

      • 1Ivana

        Thank you Tati…and it is cool

        • This is very interesting, it’s the first time I saw something like this, very very cool!

          • 1Ivana

            This are only the basic moves, technique includes lots of props , and has some really “strange” moves, but it is very,very effective..

          • That is super cool!!!

            Do you have more videos of it? I would love to see more

      • 1Ivana

        here is just a tinny part of that..only the most basic moves..

    • Evaleen

      Going barefoot rulez :p I stay so about 95% of the time.

      And Green Mile was a great film indeed! RIP Michael Clarke Duncan, poor fella. πŸ™

  • gymlafrance

    1) Le soleil et la chaleur. Et cela, dans un ciel magnifique, comme on en voit dans les films de H. Miyazaki.
    2) probablement :”probablement”…et :”Γ©ventuellement”.
    5) “Happy go lucky” (avec Sally Hawkins).

    • J’ai vΓ©cu dans la chaleur depuis si longtemps, je rΓͺve du froid πŸ™‚

  • Hi Tatianna and hi everybody.
    1) What is your favorite wheather? Cold but sunny. Those typical winter days when it’s freezing outside and the sun is shining.
    2) What is your most overused phrase? I suppose it’s the word “funny”. I love people with a sense of humor and I love to laugh.
    3) Glamour or comfort? I guess I’d love to reply “glamour” because that’s what I like the most but I often end up being more on the comfort-side. I’m often too lazy to dress up and wear heels all day long. I’d say I’m minimalistic casual chic (no idea if this is more glamour or more comfort).
    4) Movie at home, though I can like a big night out once in a while.
    5) Lots. Movies adapted from Jane Austen’s novels (my favorite is “Pride and Prejudice”, 2005), some of Woody Allen’s movies (“Manhattan” and “Play it again Sam” in particular) and many others. But I guess I’ve mentioned the movies that I have liked very much. I don’t have one particular inspirational movie.

    • Ahh how I miss the freezing weather, it’s been so long since I’ve experienced a good cold and sunny day AHHHH

    • tryste

      Minimalistic casual chic — I like it, and I’m right there with you, girl! That sounds like how I would describe my style, too.
      Cold sunny days are great, too — the sun is so bright and cheery, but you can still snuggle inside cozy sweaters and hats!
      Have you seen the new Woody Allen film yet?

    • Evaleen

      I’d say that “minimalist” is my approach too– I love classy-cut but modest clothing (nice-fitting and made of comfy materials), small/delicate pieces of jewelry, no garish colors (like hot pink or yellow), and if I wear heels they’re always a moderate height and thick enough to walk comfortably in.

      I guess we both like a good compromise. πŸ™‚ Love your term though, “minimalistic casual chic”– I’m gonna have to borrow that occasionally. :p

  • sus

    1) what is your favorite weather? I love lightening and thunderstorms (as long as there are not tornadoes). I love how everything looks after lightening. All the nitrogen in the air make everything beautiful!

    2) What is your most overused phrase? Oh wow…ha

    3) Glamour or comfort? Comfort. I do love to get glamorized when going out, but that isn’t often.

    4) Bug night out or movie at home? Both! But I would say I like the movie at home with my husband more.

    5) What is your favorite inspirational movie? The Blindside. LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie. So sweet and such an awesome movie and love that it is based on a real story!

    Ps. 11 is my favorite number too!

    • Susu!!!

      We have so much in common, I love thunderstorms as well, love them and I also say Wow Ha, quite often!

    • I’ve heard many good things about “The Blindside”. Need to watch it!

  • I think you would like Florida, it isn’t very dry though, but HOT ohh yes, all the time! I also liked the movie with Sandra Bullock, I cried the tears of joy though.

  • Good morning girlie!

    I’ve never seen a man on fire, will definitely check it out! How is school by the way?

  • tryste

    What is your favorite weather?

    Gorgeous warm sunshine with a
    breeze, thick snow(fall) or a dramatic night-time thunderstorm! I love falling
    asleep to the sound of heavy rain on the roof.

    What is your most overused phrase?

    The two adjectives most
    commonly associated with Americans: β€œawesome” and β€œamazing”. Despite the years
    living far, far away from the country and all the Britishisms I picked up at
    university, I somehow started using these words a couple of years ago and haven’t

    Glamour or comfort?

    Generally comfort. Even my
    glamour looks are minimal and ones I can β€œthrow” together. I do wear office
    clothes and make-up most of the week, but I keep it simple and easy-care.

    Big night out or a movie at home?

    I’m not a big bar person, but
    I do love going dancing! Still, most of the time I prefer quieter evenings in.
    In addition to being a gym rat and an otherwise active and social person, I’m also
    a knitter and TV-series junkie and like to stay home and catch up on my shows
    when I can. Often, though, I’ll spend β€œmovie-time” knitting in front of the
    computer and watching workout videos, planning my next training session!

    What is your favorite inspirational movie?

    At the moment I’d have to say β€œRent”,
    because of how it inspires me to pursue happiness and focus on savoring life’s
    precious moments. Always try to look at things as if it’s the first or the last
    time, right? Also, I think β€œInto the Wild” is pretty special, if just for all
    the incredible scenes of America’s wilderness.

    • Into the Wild was great movie, I so love movies like that! I have to agree with you, Americans do love their ” Amazing ” and ” Awesome “, I think people in this country are in general very cheerful

  • tryste

    OK, now I can’t be the only one curious to know why “11” is a special number …
    If anyone cares to explain, I’ll be all ears! πŸ™‚

    • I’m curious too. Tati, please do tell.

    • It’s a very spiritual number, very important one in numerology, when we see number 11 often in our life such as on the clock or other places, it means that the universe is trying to communicate with you and you are on the right path. The more we see it, the more enlightened we become.

      • tryste

        Oh, very cool! Thanks for the quick explanation. Now I’ve got Tool’s “Jimmy” (“…hold your light, eleven lead me through each gentle step by step …”) stuck in my head and I’m thinking about it in a whole new way!

  • Zivenaberry

    What is your favorite weather?
    I love overcast, cool days at times. Yet other times I prefer the sunny fall day with a nice cool breeze. I sweat terrible, so I prefer cool weather.
    What is your Most Overused Phrase?
    Hmm… Not really sure on this one.
    Glamour or Comfort?
    Comfort all the way. I dressed up in a dress and nice shoes on Saturday and within 2 hours my feet were on fire. I am just a sneakers or flip flops girl with some comfy jeans!
    Big Night Out or a Movie at Home?
    Movie at home. I am such a homebody!
    What is your favorite inspirational movie?
    It is a dark movie, but very fabulous. American History X with Edward Norton and Edward Furlong. Absolutely a favorite of mine. Definitely not for when the kids are around, but it really made me think about how and why people act like they do.

    • That is a great movie…maybe not for very young kids, but I think teenagers should see it just for the life lesson.

    • I think we are all such homebody’s, I just love being home! My husband is the opposite, he just wants to be out

  • Galiadan1

    1. ????? ????, ???? ? ??? ??? ??? ????, ? ???? ???? ???? 25+ – 30+ ?????? 8 ????, ????? ????????? ?????, ??? ?? ?????? ? ?????????? ????? ???????.
    2. ????? ????? ?? ????, ?? ? ??????? ?? ???? ???.
    3. ?????? ? ? ??????? ? ???????? – ??????? ???????, ???? ? ?? ?????? ???? ????????, ????? ??????? ??? ????????? (? – ?????).
    4. ?????? ????, ? ?????, ????, ? ?????? ??? ?????????…
    5. ????? ?????? ????????????, ???? “??????? ?????”, ? ??? ????? ?????? “???????”.

    • Ohh Shokolad eto shikarnij film, smotrela ego raz 10, obogau!

  • 1.I’m Spanish and I love the sun and warm, I don’t like cold at all!
    2. I think my most overused phrase are “really” and “seriously” lol
    3. I love comfort but I love glamour too, if I go glamour I go glamour 100%, so depens on the occasion πŸ˜‰
    4. I love being at home, I’ve never been a party girl, so movie at home.
    5. I have a few inspirational movies cause I love movies! Dead poets society, Life is Beautiful, Under the Tuscan sun…

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    1/ favorite weather? sunny, warm, light breeze blowing, about 22 c for hiking….or sunny, blazing hot, like 35 c for floating in the bay

    2/ yah…but…

    3/ comfort all the way !!!!!!

    4/ home…home…home

    5/ movies….mostly watch the action stuff, but Braveheart was pretty intense

  • 1- Playing in the rain has always been a favorite of mine. I love to stand there in a really beautiful thunderstorm and feel the power of mother earth…. Watching the first snow fall blanketing the earth in a beautiful white while sipping on a cup of hot cocoa… Or a blue skied hot summer day laying out on a sandy beach and feeling the rays of the sun warming my body with the scent of the water… I can’t pick, I love them all. πŸ™‚
    2- Beautiful, I think everything and everyone is beautiful I guess. lol
    3-Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE getting dressed up! I love the artistry involved in putting together clothes, hair, makeup and jewelry. It’s just such a fun passion of mine that I enjoy so much. But I definitely like being comfortable when I’m home. πŸ™‚
    4-I have 4 beautiful kids that I love dearly. I enjoy staying home and watching a movie with them in our theater room but given the opportunity to go on a date with my sweetie and seeing a movie I’ll for sure go! Gives us much needed time together.
    5- nothing is coming to my mind…

  • Courtney

    1. I love the true fall weather, which we don’t get much of in Texas, when it’s between 50-70 degrees outside and it’s nice and sunny. I love to spend time outside, so I love love love the sun. But I also really enjoy thunderstorms when I’m sleeping. It’s totally weird, but they help me sleep better.
    2. “Awesome” and “Good grief”. I use the two interchangeably sometimes because “Awesome” is usually my sarcastic response for something that is most definitely NOT awesome.
    3. Comfort. I used to be all about the glamour, but the more I’ve learned about the chemicals in our beauty products and switched to au naturel the more I’ve just settled into being comfortable all the time. Sometimes I do wish I could get all glitzed up and go out Sex and the City style, but it’s just not who I am.
    4. Movie at home. I always feel pressure when I go out to a movie NOT to have to go to the bathroom. I hate to miss part of the movie and I spend so much energy concentrating on not having to get up that I usually always end up having to get up. It’s a bit ridiculous because it’s completely mental. So I definitely prefer the luxury of the pause button at home. Plus you don’t have to worry about all those talkers, or people who kick your seat, or the general people who just seem to have no theater etiquette. And I’m such an introvert!
    5. Food, Inc.

    I saw Ballerina also and really enjoyed it! It made me want to be a dancer. They’re just so graceful and I was blown away by the number of hours that they practiced a day. And all the pressure to do well and not get beat out! I would fold.

    • Ahh yes Food Inc is a great movie, I love watching documentaries like that. I suggest you also check out Food Matters.

      • Courtney

        I’ll try to find it and watch it, but to be honest, all of the food documentaries can depress me and make me feel hopelessly trapped, so I have to hold back on watching too many of them. It’s just tragic what our food culture has turned in to. Sometimes I feel like we’re making progress and starting to eat better, but then I see the line at McDonald’s and remember that it may just be me making progress and projecting my ideas onto strangers. Health food marketing is depressing too. Even my dad now has started to say “Well it’s healthier than (insert something TOTALLY not healthy and disgusting here)” just because it has a green or “natural” label. We’re so easily duped. Anyway, that’s my rant.

        I did the Booty Challenge last night with my lower body workout and my bum hurts so much today!

        Thanks, Tati! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  • Kate_CZ

    1) Ideal weather = around 20 Celsius (68 Fahrenheit), light breeze, light sun.

    2) Phrase – really.

    3) Comfort. I think (/wish) I can look “glamourly” in my comfort clothes but I never feel comfortable in glamour style.

    4) Movie at home. I love watching movies in bed.

    5) Million Dollar Baby and the amazing Hilary Swank as a boxer. But I adore Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman too!

    • I have a nickname for you – CoolestChick πŸ™‚ You’re always full of fun and adventure!

    • tryste

      Oh, I agree, Million Dollar Baby was fun to watch. At least until the end … πŸ™
      But you remind me — I wanted to check out “Girlfight” as well. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • **What is your favorite weather?**
    Depends, but I’m usually a sunny-to-partly-cloudy kind of gal. Although living in California, where it hardly rains and is mostly sunny, I do find overcast days a nice relief.

    **What is your Most Overused Phrase?**
    Ech. Probably “Absolutely!” or “Totally!”

    **Glamour or Comfort?**

    Depends! When I was single I was much more on the glamour side than I am now. I am for comfort probably 95% of the time, but when I go out, I LOVE the ritual of getting glammed up.

    **Big Night Out or a Movie at Home?**
    This is tricky…if you’re saying, what gets me more excited? It would be Big Night Out. But that’s because it’s special and rare nowadays, which is FINE by me. Movie at Home is awesome, and I love it, but that’s most of my nights now anyway.

    **What is your favorite inspirational movie?**
    When I was in my mid-twenties, just before meeting my boyfriend/partner/whateveryouwanttocallhim, I saw Garden State and just fell in love with it. It resonated with where I was feeling at that time–stuck between new home and old home, lost, not knowing what I wanted, realizing how lonely I was and wanting to fall in love again. In many ways it got me emotionally prepared to be ready to fall in love again and be willing to risk my heart. And shortly afterwards I met Gabe and fell in love within a matter of days.

    Others that come to mind: Hoop Dreams, American Beauty, Run Ricky Run, The Blind Side, and I recently saw Ballerina, too, and absolutely LOVED it. It’s a simple documentary, but there is nothing more inspiring than seeing people have a dream and going after it. And succeeding!

    • Wow, I now have to see Garden State now, sounds like a great movie!

  • Elena Kozlovsky

    Weather: There is a good old Russian song saying that Nature has no bad weather. I enjoy a little of everything: rainy days are perfect for snuggling under the blankets, snowy days are great for skiing, sunny hot days simply bring cheerful mood to everyone.
    Overused word : really
    Glamour of Comfort: Glamour for sure. Although I do have occasional days where I am all about comfort.
    Big night out or movie at home: definitely movie at home.
    Inspirational movie : The Reader – a story of dedicated love.

    • Yes, nature definitely has no bad weather, till you move to FL LOL

      I miss Russia and the cold

  • Esal1

    What is your favorite weather? – Sunny 75 degree air temp, 75 degree water temp, wind at 25 – 30 kts, and waves, bigger the better.
    What is your Most Overused Phrase? – Any political promise
    Glamour or Comfort? – LOL I am not very glam! Although when I travel I do like to stay in real nice places and eat in the best spots (some may not be very glam, but some are)
    Big Night Out or a Movie at Home? – Almost all the time I will pick movie at home.
    What is your favorite inspirational movie? – Always liked Vision Quest. Or maybe the Revenge of Yellow Dog

    • Ha Ha Ha, Ethan you crack me up with the accuracy of your weather!

  • Favourite weather – crisp sunny autumnal day with clear blue skies and a gentle breeze – I love the colour contrast of the blue sky and orange leaves and the freshness of the air.

    Overused word – awesome

    Glamour of Comfort – glamour but in flats πŸ˜›

    Big night out or movie at home – 9 times out of 10 it would be movie at home πŸ™‚

    Inspirational movie – I capture the castle – film about hope and love and eccentrics writers living in a dilapidated castle. That or Into Great Silence which is a documentary about monastic life – was very moving and inspirational to living a less materialistic life

    • Glamour in flats :), lately I’ve been wearing more and more flats, before I only wore heels, but I still only own 1 pair of flats

  • 1. A nice breezy sunny day. My perfect temperature is 15C with sunshine.

    2. So what!

    3. I lean towards a sophisticate comfort. Isabella Rosselinni is my style icon…she seem to inhabit her own skin really well.

    4. I’m a homebody, I enjoy staying at home. I love independent movies and documentaries but don’t get to see them. The only movies that come to my town are the blockbusters. The last movie I saw was in NYC 2011.

    5. I have so many to pick. Most recent one is the HBO documentary Magic & Bird. I’m not a fan of basketball but this documentary made me care for both Ervin and Larry. Its show that people can be on opposite team; strive to be the best against each other but still have respect, compassion for their opponent. I felt that these two men cared and loved each other in a very deep way that transcends basketball. I felt warm and fuzzy after watching documentary.

    • Esal1

      Used to have a major crush on Isabella!

      • What do you mean used to have…I’m hope you still have a major crush. :)))

        • Esal1

          lol your right!! What am I thinking, of coarse, why would I not!!

    • I love the Isabella comment! And this is not quite the Isabella you were talking about but it reminded me of this weird series she did on bugs, this one, specifically, bed bugs:

      • tee_w

        oh god I hate that green porno! it creeps me out!

        • HAHA I know!!! Totally creepy! I first saw this on The Daily Show.

          • tee_w

            they used to come on as late night commercials on some show I used to watch. I’d tell my husband about them and he thought I was crazy. the one about the whale was frightening! lol I don’t want to know that!

          • I want to know that..I must me sick LOL πŸ™‚

          • tee_w

            ha ha ha! sometimes I just think too much information! lol

        • I’m so into those green porno. I find the mating rituals of animals very interesting (not in a demented way)

      • I adore her more now. She always has that something something.She is in her element on those series.

  • Evaleen

    Tatianna, everything you said there is exactly why we’re so happy to support you. You’ve been such an inspiration, and above all a great friend. *Hugs* We lub you. πŸ˜€

    And okiday, here’s my answers. :p
    1. What is your favorite weather?
    A thundering and deep-blue stormy sky, with misty rain carried on strong, cool winds… and MAJOR bonus points if this takes place by the sea!
    2. What is your Most Overused Phrase?
    That would probably be “Oh god…” every time I’m exasperated about something. Which honestly is WAY too often, so I really need to kick this lame habit :/ it’s a bit juvenile lol.
    3. Glamour or Comfort?
    I’d say more comfort than glamour, but I’d prefer a compromise of the two πŸ™‚ staying unique, but relaxed.
    4. Big Night Out or a Movie at Home?
    Can’t choose, either is great if I’m in the right mood for it!
    5. What is your favorite inspirational movie?
    I honestly can’t recall seeing too many (though that Ballerina film you named does sound very interesting). I could name one that I recently watched on blu-ray, Second Hand Lions… really love it πŸ™‚ sweet and witty movie.

    • Thank you girlie, I always try my best for you guys)))

      It’s been raining here all day and I am just loving the weather, I wish there were more thunderstorms though πŸ™‚

  • Rachel

    1. I LOVE the fall and the spring! Not too hot, not too cold. Juuussst right. :))
    2. I say “Haha!” a lot. And I always sign off with “xoxo”
    3. I’m definitely a big into fashion but it really depends on where I’m going. I like to be comfortable no matter what. But I live in New York, so every day is like fashion week. Ha!
    4. I’m going to have to choose Movie at Home. Although, I do love a good party, I have spent many more nights in bed with a movie than I have out on the town.
    5. Where do I begin?!? I work in the entertainment industry, so this list could go on for days! But I’ll make it short. A League of Their Own is one of my ALL TIME favorites and has taught me many lessons about going after your dreams and the importance of family.

    This is a good one Tati! I like what you said about the number 11.. VERY true. It’s powerful number. I’m constantly seeing it everywhere – the time, reading, signs.

    Have a good night.



  • Jos

    1, I love rain ONLY IF I don’t have to go out..haha…
    2. Awesome, cool, great – for the lack of better words πŸ˜›
    3. Comfort! I only do glamour like once or twice a year
    4. At home. I’m another homebody
    5. Hmm..haven’t really watched much movies lately

  • What is your favorite weather?
    Windy, rain, thunder and lightning !!! I love it πŸ˜€ (but just when i’m at home and it should be evening)

    What is your Most Overused Phrase?
    “awesome, amazing or incroyable (french)

    Glamour or Comfort?
    Mix as example (sleeping room comfort – living room glamour)

    Big Night Out or a Movie at Home?
    Mix i like to dance but i like to do see a good movie at home too.

    What is your favorite inspirational movie?
    Not really specific because in this world we have so much things which are interesting (Natur, Human, Culture etc.).

    • I noticed so many people love thunderstorms and lightning)))

      • Evaleen

        It’s the perfect ambiance for everything! πŸ™‚

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    1. What is your favorite weather?
    I love the weather after a short summer rain. It smells so fresh and I feel full of life πŸ™‚

    2. What is your Most Overused Phrase?
    I use English phrases when I speak in my mother language, and it’s a terrible habit! It’s because all the movies I watch, or TV shows are in English and I just can’t seem to find a word more fitting for “lame”, for example, so I’ll just use it. I know I sound like a teenager who watches too much television, but I just can’t help it :)) These days, my most used phrase is “lame”.

    3. Glamour or Comfort?

    Comfort, because If I don’t feel comfortable I can’t look glamorous.

    4. Big Night Out or a Movie at Home?

    Movie at Home, I love movies!

    5. What is your favorite inspirational movie?
    There are so many, so I’ll just mention the last two I saw: Waitress (it’s a comedy but it was very inspirational to me), 50/50 (so real, but positive).

    • I speak to my mother in English too, its’ an old habit I have too πŸ™‚

  • I love these mingles – so much fun!

    What is your favorite weather?

    Don’t get me wrong, I looovvveeee sunny weather, but nothing beats a warm summer rain storm…the kind that soaks you to the bone in one instant…the kind you can go outside in in the middle of the night and lie naked in your back yard…the kind where the thunder and lightening make the air electric. I just love it!

    What is your Most Overused Phrase?
    I’m getting better because my boyfriend pointed it out, but it’d definitely “You know what I mean?” I think I’m so conscience of the fact that what’s said and what’s heard isn’t always the same thing that I’m always wanting to make sure I’ve articulated my intention, so I habitually say “You know what I mean?” – but I’m getting better! πŸ™‚

    Glamour or Comfort?
    Mostly comfort. Glamour is fun, but it’s a lot of work. I prefer the casually put together look. What, this old thing? I just threw it on. Oh, it’s look fabulous? Thanks! πŸ˜‰

    Big Night Out or a Movie at Home?
    Home all the way. Out once in a while, but I love being home.

    What is your favorite inspirational movie?
    Tough one! I recently watched “Miss Representation” – about how media and society portray women and girls as weak or sex objects and how nine year old girls hate their bodies and it really lit the fire under my own arse to do something about it, so at the moment, that movie would top my list. You can watch it free online at vimeo. Powerful stuff!

    Hey Tati – I agree about ballet. Have you been watching So You Think You Can Dance? I think 2 ballet dancers are going to win it this season. Both Chehon and Eliana are amazing!

    • Hey girlie!!!

      I just love how poetic and talkative you are and the love way you described your favorite night – Beautiful!

      I used to watch So You Think You Can Dance, It’s pretty amazing show, but lately haven’t had much time for TV, will have to catch up on my shows)))

      • Thanks for the kind words Tati!

        You know my hubby and I are getting ready to launch our own website – a women’s self defense movement (movement because we want EVERY woman to know how to defend herself) and we are reading and watching a lot about success on social media. One guy we’ve been listening to is Gary Vaynerchuck. The guy’s a genius. And his number one tip for success is CARING! Which it’s clear my dear, you have in spades. You manage to respond to all your comments and make everyone feel very special. It’s a gift – and it really makes a difference. I have been part of other online communities for years and have never felt so welcome as you have made me feel in the few short weeks I’ve been with you. *High fives* my friend – you ROCK!

        PS – We only watch shows online. If you see nothing else this season, check out the last episode of So You Think…Not sure if this link will work in the US, but give it a shot. The ballet dancers are stunning! πŸ™‚



        • Thank you so much Dheana!!!

          Yes, I agree, caring is the most important thing anywhere, people always have to come first, that’s why I always love to ask you guys for your opinion on Facebook and what things you guys like and would like me to do for.

          Let me know when your website is ready, I would love to let everyone know about it and place a link here on the site.

  • midimidi

    lets mingle! ok
    1. favorite weather me gusta calor. i like the heat. i like it like nobody’s business, muggy and humid and sunny. i am a tropical plant and prefer this kind of weather over dry and sunny or cool and sunny. the kind that makes my hair curly!
    2. i say a lot of stupid things like”like” and “totally” and hire the window which my husband hates! and I also used to say I need a which sounds like Anita.
    3. comfort for sure, uh oh..” for sure” (insert in number one). I do glamorous once in a while and knock people’s socks off! then, they realize you aren’t the hippie they thought you were. if you wear lipstick everyday you look sick when you don’t have it on. I hate lipstick.
    4. big night out. so i can dress up!
    5. my favorite inspirational movie…Fridah she inspires me to be an individual.

    • I used to love dressing up and going out, for me it was something like the whole event of getting ready head to toe, now I only do that for the biggest events only.

  • Omg my sweeties, there is so much mingling going on πŸ™‚ LUUUUVVVV

  • Hey Tatianna! I just wanted to tell you something. Today in PE-class we had to jump with the skipping rope for 60 secs and I did 153 reps πŸ˜€ I got 15 points(highest level^^) And I’ve been the best of the whole class despite the fact that I’ve never been sporty. Yeah xDDD

    • That is so awesome!!! Huge congrats to you Marie πŸ™‚

    • Kate_CZ

      Congrats!!! That must have been such a good and well deserved feeling πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah it really was πŸ˜€ It’s so cool to be stronger and more muscular than the other girls!

  • Irinochka ya oche rada chto smogla vam chem to pomoch, ya dumau mi sdes vse chto bi vdohnovlyat drug druga πŸ™‚

  • Elena

    Wsem dobrij wecher dorogie LovingfiterI !

    Ja dymaju toshe presaedenjus!
    1. Ja oboshaju osen! Kogda gyljaju po lesy, ja prosto oboshaju sapax syxix lestow i esli solnishko swetit i wokruk rasnazwetnie derewja eto prosto prelest. Wot w takyju pogody eto prosto dolshnost idi begat w les( nadejus ja prawelno wirasilas)
    2. Ja gawarju chasto slowo ” Oh mein Gott!” y menja dashe moi 6 letnij sin nachel toshe tak gawarit!
    3.Glamurnij Komfort!)
    4. Dymaju inogda i wijti kydanubyt i inogda oxota bit doma posmatret kino.
    5. Koneshno she Desperade Housewife! Oboshaju etot serial! On y nas idjot kashdju sredy i eto moi wecher!

    Wsem bolshoi priwet!

    • Ha ya toge obogau Desperate Housewives, otlichnoe show i ochen krasivo snyato!

      • Elena

        Da shalko tolko sto oni bolshe etot serialnebydyt snemat , na sledyshei nedeli bydet finale i potom wsjo.

  • I need to see this movie, everyone is talking a lot about it

    • Kate_CZ

      Yes, do it! You wonΒ΄t regret, I promise πŸ˜‰ The movie is full of passion, dedication, hard work, sweat, joy, winning but also the bitterest part of the life is there captured. I have seen this movie many times already and I always cry.

  • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

    1) What is your favorite weather? Rainy & Cloudy ! πŸ™‚
    2) What is your Most Overused Phrase? Awesome !!! πŸ˜€
    3) Glamour or Comfort? Just like your Answer ! but most of the time, I would strive for comfort.
    4) Big Night Out or a Movie at Home? That’s depends. as I’m still young I should be out of my home more often πŸ™‚ to know better the places & people !
    5) What is your favorite inspirational movie? There were lots. it would be super hard to be specific. but I love the movie called “Matilda”, Highly recommended ! πŸ™‚

    Great day my darling <3

    • I’ve heard of Matilda, but never saw it, thank you for recommending it Beth πŸ™‚

      • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

        Tatianna !!! <3 <3 <3 πŸ˜€

        Im crazy about Matilda lol πŸ˜€ When I was kid I've been reading the Hebrew version of the book like 10 times & never got tired of it πŸ™‚ ..guess what ? right now Im doing my High-Schooly book report about the English version ! so for me it's like going back to my childhood again πŸ™‚ would watch the movie again for sure ! as a very old film it was quite hard for me to find on the web, but today I got the Hebrew-subs version on my PC πŸ™‚
        So I might even upload it somewhere so that others can get their hands on it, so if you can't find it just call me & I'll do my best πŸ™‚
        <3 <3 <3
        BTWs I just sent you my Email πŸ™‚ (finally) Can't wait for you to read it !!! πŸ˜€

        • Hey sweets,

          Ahh now I know it’s you! I will check it out tomorrow πŸ™‚

          • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

            lol πŸ˜€

            Oh please check it ASAP !!! πŸ™‚

  • ??????????, ??????? ?????? ? ?????????????!:)))
    ???????-?? ? ????????? ?? Monday Mingle πŸ™‚
    ? ????????????? ?????????? ? ????:
    1. What is your favorite weather? ????? ???????? ????? ?????! ??? ???????????? ????? ? ??????:)
    2.What is your Most Overused Phrase? ?????????? :)))
    3. Glamour or Comfort? ?????? ??????? ? ?????. ?? ???????? ????? “??????” )
    4. Big Night Out or a Movie at Home? ??????????? ???????? ????????? ?????? ????, ? ?????? ??????????) ???? ?????? ????? ? ??????? ????-??????) ??????? ????? ? ????????? ??? ????????, ??? ?????? ???? πŸ™‚
    5. What is your favorite inspirational movie? ????? ??????????? “??????? ????”, “??????? ? ????????”, ?????? ????? “???????” – ????? ?????? ? ??????) ???? ????????????? ??????? ? ?? ????????? ?????…)

    ???????, ???? ?????? ????? ? ??????? πŸ™‚
    ???????? ??? ????, ????????!
    ??????? ??????! =***

    • Sdravstvujte Katusha πŸ™‚

      Ya obogau frazu “Potryasauche”, i ya toge ochen lublu film Shokolad, film skazka πŸ™‚

      Ya skoro sdelau vkog pro moi lubimi knigi, sejchas ya uge zapisala odin Vlog, ego zagrugu zavtra πŸ™‚

      Otlichnoj vam nideli Katushenka, obnimau πŸ™‚

  • Privetik Asfik πŸ™‚

    Ya ochen skuchau po pushistomu snegu, ya kogda dumau pro sneg u menya slezi navorachivautsya, ya pomnu v detstve odno iz moih libimih vremya provogdenij eto bilo smotret v okno po moim vihodnim dnyam, ya chasami sidela i nabludala kak padal sneg, takoj krasoti ya uge ochen mnogo let ne videla.

  • I love it between glamour and comfort too :)), we can have it all

  • Shadowwarrior58

    Hi. I’m new to this site and I love it already! I was once a groupie for when Zuzana was there, then after her split and she made her own website and stuff, I kind of got out of watching both her and BodyRock. Oh well. Anyway, my answers:
    1) Most favorite weather? AUTUMN baby all the way! It also has my favorite holiday which is Halloween. Can’t get any better than that! I LOVE severe, tornado chasing storms as well.
    2) Overused phrase so far? “Wow.” In an unamused tone. Well, more like sarcastic tone, but it’s all good.
    3) Glamor or Comfort? I choose comfort. But if the glamor is comfortable, then I’ll go that way.
    4) Movies at home!! I can do what I want and not have to worry about being proper in a theater.
    5) So far, my favorite inspirational movie was back in the 90’s. It was G.I. Jane with Demi Moore. She was awesome!<–another overused phrase! Anyway, those are my answers.

    • Hey darling πŸ™‚

      Welcome to Loving Fit! I am so happy you are joining us πŸ™‚