Modern Ideas Of Beauty

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Modern Ideas Of Beauty


The other day I found the picture above by a complete accident, I still don’t know who the author of that picture so if you know who it is, please tell me so I can give them credit. This pic started an enormous amount of thinking on my part, something inside of me just shifted. Seriously look at it! When did we become so blind? I completely understand that with every generation things change, such as style, ideas and taste, but c’mon when did skin and bones became attractive and stylish, ohh ok I remember the 90s ( LOL ).

From my own personal experience, when I was 17 years old I got to the point of 95 lbs and I still thought I was fat and I am 5 ft 7 in. I am not even going to describe what I looked like, but i’m sure you get the idea. You know why I thought that I was fat? Because looking at magazines and overly thinned actresses and models I just didn’t understand why I didn’t look perfect like them ( I didn’t know about photoshop at that time ). Now when I look back I think, what da hell was I thinking!!! I don’t want to look like that, I love meat and muscle on my bones!!! But as many other women and young girls in this world I have to admit I was heavily influenced by what I saw on the glossy covers, and that obsession turned into years of emotional struggles, I am sure I am not alone here.


The absurd ideas of the media

The other day I was watching TV and I saw one very popular designer talk about an actress who is obviously very unhealthy ( but just a few years ago she was to my opinion in an amazing healthy shape ), and here she was few years later looking like skin and bones, and the designer kept saying that she looks like a work of art. I also want to mention that same designer said he only eats protein bars instead of regular food, and I don’t think I even want to comment on that.


The reality

As women we are generally very hard on our self, we are always one way or another trying to strive for physical perfection. There is nothing wrong with that and I am not saying don’t try to better your self, I am just saying we have to know where to draw the line. In order for us to know where that line is we have to find out who we really are on the inside. We spend a lot of time working on our outside shell, but we spend very little to no time on our inner world, sad but true.


Overcome the illusion

Personally to me, fitness is a much bigger word then just exercise. It goes beyond physical, because being physically fit will take you to the limit, in order to go beyond that limit we have to have a mind that is strong and fit as well. We have to start working on our selves from the inside to overcome the illusion that the media and fashion magazines are trying to cover our eyes with. We have to figure out our individual personality, not something that others want us to be.  Next time you are thriving to look a certain way, ask your self a question, how did you come up with this idea? Did this image that you hold in your mind truly came from you and your own opinion? Answer that question honestly, and this will be the first step, the true step you will take towards a better life and health.



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  • Hey Tatianna!

    In my family, if you don’t have a little meat on your bones, then people start asking, if you’re alright.  People will say, you need to eat.  

    The media sends the messages to people about what is beautiful and what is not and unfortunately people buy into it.  

    Being fit is the key.  When you are fit, then nothing can stand in your way.

    Nice post!

    • Thank you Evelyn :), yes I am all about healthy meat and muscle. I love when women look like women. I just had one of my readers share on my facebook a really funny video of photoshop and celebrities. I was like an and for an eternal youth, seriously funny.

  • I know Tat has loads of female readers, so for those reading this article, please take it from a man: Don’t become the upper row. Most of us really don’t dig that! 😉

  • I know Tat has loads of female readers, so for those reading this article, please take it from a man: Don’t become the upper row. Most of us really don’t dig that! 😉

    • Ha Ha Ha, totally! I am a girl and I don’t dig it either!

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  • Anonymous

    I had not seen my brother in a while and I ran into him at the store one day this summer…. He came up to me (my brother is extremely loud-opposite of me!) and said, “OH MY GOD ASH YOU ARE TOO SKINNY. HERE LET ME BUY YOU SOME CANDY!” I was humiliated. I came home and asked my boyfriend who said he knew I was strong and have been training for a race but that I shouldn’t allow myself to go farther. That was eye opening for me. My friends have told me I look in the mirror and see something different than everyone else but it took humiliation to shake it to life- even though I am healthy and strong and runners are kinda skinny…

    I wasn’t accounting for my increasing mileage with food. I was at a big deficit calorie wise. I took from this that you have to look at the Whole You. For me, not just running…

    Thanks T 🙂

    • Heeeyyyy, you have a picture 🙂 yaaaai!!!

      I think we have so much in common Ashlie, I had a situation like that in my life as well. I got to the point of being 95 pounds and I looked scary. I finally realized it when I saw pictures of my self in a swim suit, that totally opened my eyes. After that I started eating everything that came my way, it took me a while to get back to being balanced.

      • Anonymous


  • Thank you so much Melanie for such kind words.  I agree with everything you say and I also believe and always teach others that fitness will improve your life, relationships, self esteem and not only physically but on a much deeper level as well.