Darkness Is An Opportunity For Wisdom

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Happy Monday my Lovies,

May this week bring you happiness, productivity and joy! Today I have a written talkchology for you guys. I found a quote that I really liked and I wanted to share it with you guys, as well as share some of my personal life’s wisdom and thoughts.

“It is precisely because we resist the darkness in ourselves that we miss the depths of the loveliness, beauty, brilliance, creativity, and joy that lie at our core.”
— Thomas Moore

What I want to talk about today is very beneficial to our inner as well as outer world – the dark side of our selves. From my personal experience and my intuitive higher perspective I realized that this is the side of us which helps us evolve on all the aspects of our life the most, this might not sound very fun to our physical self but to our all seeing and all knowing self it’s an opportunity to grow. There is no physical being in existence  that can always be light, and always be positive 100% at a time, because to know what light is, we need know it’s opposite, in fact we choose it our selves, but that is a whole other story.

Now, most people when they begin to experience dark moments of them selves they try to do everything possible to fight what they are experiencing. I’ve done that plenty of times my self, but what I’ve learned is the more you try to escape and fight against your dark side, the more it persist on being there, and it gets worst overtime, and worst and worst, until you stop fighting and allow it to happen, allow it to run it’s course with full acceptance.

A good example for me was when I used to deal with severe panic attacks, the more I tried fighting them and covering them up with medication and distract my self from them in every possible way I could, the worst they got. I was at my breaking point, a very low period of my life when I decided to stop running away and try something different. I knew I had to face the facts, and stop resisting. I started asking questions, digging deep within my self, I had to face all my fears and denial. It was one of the most painful experiences for me, because my panic attacks were only the side effects of everything I was trying to cover up. From that experience I’ve evolved into a whole new being. Once I made a decision to allow things to just happen and I stopped fighting, that was the moment my life began to change instantly, my panic attacks became less frequent, now I cant’ even remember when was the last time I’ve had one.

Now, I live in quite a bit of awareness, of course I fall out of it from time to time because I am still a human in a body, but now I completely understand how struggle works and every time something happens in my life, I know exactly how I’ve attracted that into my experience and why.  Every time I’m faced with something dark, instead of fighting a negative situation or a feeling, I ask my inner guide questions and I just allow it to happen. This helps me dig into deeper layers of my self and bring them to the top, work through them so to speak.  I started looking at negative situations as an opportunity to learn something new about my self and the world around me, I take it as an opportunity for personal expansion.  The world is quite different when you take off the pink glasses and begin to see it form a perspective of your soul. Everything around you is just a reflection of your inner world and thoughts, the outer world mirrors your personal struggles, problems, deep rooted beliefs, insecurities etc.

When we get in touch and align our selves to that life creating stream, in other words the perspective of our soul, we begin to see outcomes to many different situations all at once, without struggle, without resistance, so you begin to deal with things we call “the negative” much differently, because you understand why it’s happening and why you attracted this experience into your life in the first place.

With that feeling you also become completely aware that you are exactly where you need to be at each moment of your life, there is no more questioning am I doing the right thing, you just know you are.

I wish you a beautiful week my Lovies,



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  • Eryka Daemons

    Thank you Tati for posting this. Life has been very hard for what seems like a long time and your article let me know I’m still on the right path.

    • Yes you are sweetie, you are on the right path, at all times. Trust that, listen to your intuition, try not to rationalize things on a physical level, because our physical sides are limited, but when we go beyond that, life begins to make complete sense.

  • Ekaterina Z

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    • Ochen rada chto mogu bit poleznoj, kogda ya budu delav boltosofiu na Russkom, ya obyasnu etu statiu a takge mnogie drugie vechi s kotorimi ya hochu podelitsya.

  • Thanks! I know this to be true, but right now I needed your reminder in this post in a big way. 🙂

    • Glad I could help my sweetness 🙂

  • Karina Akopjana

    You write so beatiful! Thank you very much! You see, I knew all that and I totally agree with you, but somehow I`m standing so close too my “wall” and I can`t see anything behind it. I read all this books and agree with all your thoughts and believes, but some how I find my self in helpless situation, I understand that I get my self there, in my breaking point, but I can`t help my self to get out of it. Maybe it`s just not right moment yet.

    • Don’t worry too much about trying to get out of it, just let it be. Cause if you’re always trying to figure out how to get past that wall, you will become more and more resistant to it, and what we resist will keep persisting. Just allow things to happen and relax knowing that you are on the right path no matter what, and you will see that if you do that, you will intuitively find your answers.

  • Kara

    Really loving your website and the fact that you focus on all aspects of wellness, not just physical, but the emotional, mental and spiritual as well. All are interconnected and balance of the body, mind, and spirit is essential! Thank you for all your inspiration. 🙂

    • Thank you for your support Kara 🙂

  • denisehendrickx

    Thx for the great read Tati! I also Like Mooji’s view on anxiety attacks ( fear = bluff of the mind)


    Denise Hendrickx

  • oberlee

    <3 Great post, Tati. Also a great reminder to not WORRY so much, even when things are bad. I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to not be where we are "supposed" to be, or where we "thought" we would be. But it's all a journey, and it's so refreshing to learn and be reminded that our demons are always in our control. 🙂

  • Lili Suke

    Thank you Tati for the post and your advice. The other day I saw on facebook you have commented on this post: “Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, becasue the world outside you iis only a reflection of the world inside you” . I’ve always had a hard to time somehow to imagine this. If something bothers me on someone else, it is basically how I feel inside.. how can I see what it is in me what has caused this reflection? Perhaps this could be some rally good subject for a next vlog :):):) I mean perhaps explaining in more details how practically one can understand why the negative happens and what has caused it to happen.
    Thank you :))) xxxx

  • Guest

    Hello everyone! I’m from Ukraine and I love the blog Tanya)), I am writing to request more or less with interest, I would like to chat with girls from different countries, your English and share experiences, as in my country very few people truly care about the health of (. text that I write through Google translator, since English is not know. so the girls who would be interested to share experiences and just chat, write me, please) will be very happy get to know new people. Tanya, and you and I would be just amazing to get to know)))

  • Daria

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  • Julia Sakhno

    Thank you so much Tati!

    This post became a true inspiration to me. Recently I’ve become very depressed because of constant fails in my private life. I do want to have my own family and kids but I don’t have a boyfriend. So I decided not to wait for a miracle and to invite cute guys on dates by myself. I felt not very comfortable about that but I needed to find a husband. And every time when I invited somebody, it appeared to be that the guy had a girlfriend or didn’t want to go out or was too busy or anything else.
    I’m 26, I’m a good looking girl and I feel my time is passing by … and I can do nothing about it, every my attempt fails 🙁

    Thank you once again for your support, let is be as it needs to be.

    Hugs from Ukraine <3