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Aug 5, 2013 by


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Happy Monday my Lovies,

I wanted to wish you guys a beautiful week and share a short video with you that I saw the other day, Miguel and I both watched it and we were both amazed after watching it, I cried because it really touched me. In this video a mom is trying to feed her 2-3 year old son, and on his plate is octopus, potatoes and rice. He asks his mom what is the food that she is giving him, after she replies to him what it is, he asks if the octopus isn’t real. What he says next will amaze you, so here is the actual video:




Have a beautiful week my Lovies!



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  • lionhawkforest

    That is very touching. I love conversations with children. Their reasoning is so pure and uncomplicated.

    • Yes, I love talking to kids as well, I think when I have a baby I will let him or her teach me and I will listen to them instead of the other way around.

      • oberlee

        🙂 Yessss!

  • Lili Suke

    thank you for sharing it…very touching. makes me really think to eat more animals as well. I have been cutting down meat a lot lately, and i feel amazing, very calm and relaxed. This video only assured me in this choice. Thank you Tati 🙂

  • Karmalife

    Aw…yeah, this video has been circulating in the vegan community for a couple months now. I hope it does make some people stop and think about what it truly means to eat another animal. Children are so innocent and they are the only ones not desensitized to the cruelties of this world.

  • Cute!

  • daybelis garcia

    OMG Tati thanks for posting this … It’s so beautiful and proof of true innocence. I tested up as well because it’s amazing how a little human being can have much more feelings and morality than many adults now in day. Happy Monday love<3

    • I was thinking same thing, every time I see this video I get very emotional.

      • daybelis garcia

        Thank you for posting again love

  • ? FitLover ? Beth ?

    It really is touching ! the way he asks these questions & wondering about everything around him in a world that’s so new for him… So innocent & Conqueroring…!

    Absolutely amazing. Once again, thanks Tati !

  • thankyou Tati it´s my mothers language and I love it. In Brazil the people eat so much meat. As a kid I loved fruit all day 🙂 and I keep that love.

  • nejuzamr

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