7 Interesting Facts About Me and Happy Monday

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Meet Me On Monday


Hello my beautiful Lovies,

Happy Monday! May your week be filled with positivity and happiness!ย Today for the beginning of the week I wanted to post something fun, so I decided to make a post of 7 interesting facts about me ( 7 is my favorite number because it’s my birth number ). I would also love if you guys post 7 interesting facts about you selves :), it can be anything you want. So, here are 7 interesting facts about me:


When I was a kid I only ate meat and sausages, my breakfast always consisted of 1kg of beef sausages with nothing else. I hated any other food, and almost never ate things like veggies, or even candy or ice cream. My mom used to call me by a nick name ” Kolbaska “, which in Russian mean little sausage.


I don’t like phones and I don’t have a voicemail. I almost never use my phone to talk to anyone, because I don’t like the idea that anyone can get hold of me so fast. I also cannot stand it when I used to have a voicemail where the message was: Please don’t leave me a voicemail because I never listen to them. But people still left them to me, so I took down their ability to do so. Call me crazy, phones are just not my thing, but letters are :). ย When I really want to talk to someone I write them a letter.


I do not follow trends or fashion. I do things the way I do them because I like it and want to do it, but never because something is in style or it’s a hot trend. If fact, when someone tells me in a store that something is now in a trend, I run the other way.


If I ever have a son I want to name him Antuan-Napoleon ( to which Miguel strongly protests, he thinks it’s stupid, I think it’s brilliant ๐Ÿ˜› ).


I am a big kid, I love dolls and plush toys. I would pick a new doll over jewelry as a present at anytime. Antique dolls are my favorite, and the weirder the doll looks to others the more I like it.


I am allergic to my own sweat ( this is a bit personal but funny ). Every time I sweat too much and if its’ dripping on my body for too long without me wiping it off, I start getting severe hives unless I wear clothing that absorbs it.


I do not own a wrist watch, I’ve never liked watches. The idea of time running makes me feel imprisoned. ย But I do have a very accurate internal clock.


I would love to know all the interesting facts about you my sweet Lovies,

Have a wonderful week and I hope that all of you guys are going strong with the Abs and Core Challenge!



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  • oberlee

    This is a GREAT Monday post–I LOVE it! I laughed at most of them, especially the sweat thing. I will definitely come up with 7 facts, just not now. I will start compiling them in my head.

    • I will be waiting for yours :)))

  • I like it, too! Didnยดt know that you can be allergic to your own sweat. I experienced similar reaction with my skin and thought it came from food intake or cloth.
    Your Saugage story is funny! My niece like to eat chicken all day.

    Have a good day!

  • taltul73

    this is so funny..and more that 2 of what you wrote a exract opposed form me

    1. when i was a kid i was like a tomboy i was climbing trees and getting in trouble for doing things i should not. i would like to see how things look inside like watches …but i could not put them back together..LOL

    2. i love phones – only with friends – I can talk for hours… i do not like voicemail but im talking since the day i was born and im still talking until now. i can talk on any subject, funny or serious,and i talk fast!!!

    3. i have a wrist watch and i love it!! i sleep with it. it does not come off.

    4. i love to dress comfortably and i do not care what’s in fashion. the second i get home i change my cloths to “house cloths”.

    5. i love cleaning and its relaxes me. i clean my house – all of it – few time a week. and if im feeling upset on something…. as i clean room after room i stop been upset. – but that’s makes my husband crazy.

    6. i love superheroes – i got the bag from my husband, he is a big fan – and i love all DC animated movies and series.

    7.when some one tickles me..i cannot move. like a shark that been turned over on his back…

    i just becoming like a rag doll. my girls love it and use it . ๐Ÿ™‚

    • How adorable! I wish I could love cleaning, OMG my husband would love that. But, I like cleaning out drawers and organizing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Julia Loginova

    Tanusha, this is a very beautiful picture! And you are so tender and romantic on this photo!!! Love it very much! I give you a huge hug! From Russia with Love!

  • Lili Suke

    The sausages made me laugh :))) he -he very cute :))

  • Happy Monday everyone. This is fun…my attitude to phone and fashion is very close to yours.

    1. I was sent home my first day of grade 1 because I told my teacher I was God, so I didn’t need to say the lord’s prayer.
    2. I refused to wear any clothing that was not a pantsuit or a long maxi dress from age 9…this lasted almost 4 years; then my grandma banned my mom from buying me new clothes.
    3. Ten years of swimming lessons and I still can swim (I love the feel of the water.) The moment I leave the water, my mind is blank and I have to start all over again next time.
    4. I only got a cell phone and joined face book last year. I stupidly signed a contact when I got my cell, so come 2015 bye bye cell phone.
    5. I only wear makeup for parties.
    6. At 13 years old, I was teargas, spent 8 hours in adult prison for stabbing my neighbour.
    7. Not a fan of taking pictures.

    • oberlee

      OMG Lvette, your list is crazy! I love that you told your teacher you were God–HAHAHAHA!!! Priceless! What do you mean you were teargas? You stabbed your neighbor? Or there was tear gas involved? So confused…

      I need to think up some good ones now!

      • It is a long and crazy story…I stabbed my neighbour first, and I’d locked myself in our bathroom when the police came to arrest me. After an hour of trying to get me out of the bathroom, they shot the teargas through the barbed window to get me out…took 4 of those suckers and the threat of real gunfire to get me out (welcome to growing up in Nigeria). The cops are willing to do anything as long as someone bribed them…the boy I stab father gave the cops money to do that to me.

        • oberlee

          Wow!!!! I didn’t know you grew up in Nigeria. Crazy story!

    • OMG girl, I love you! You told your teacher you were GOD!!!! I did something similar when I was brought to church when I was little, but I just said why are all these people on their knees ( in Russian churches they do that ), don’t they know we are all God?

      You’re so funny, I can totally picture you at 8 years old!

  • Marie- T. Heigl

    1. I speak 6 languages and I am currently learning portugese with my phone and plan to learn Russian a well.
    2. I often count the numbers of letters of all kind of words.
    3.When I am bored I search my hair for split ends.
    4. I love the fashion of the greek and roman antiquity and of the 20ties (that actually sounds really weird)
    5. I often lack self confidence and I am never satisfied about the way I look.
    6. When I was younger I wished I was a boy and wanted to become a professional football-player (or soccer-player in American english)
    7. I can’t take compliments serious.
    Love your post Tatianna! Did you colour your hair by the way?

    • OMG, WOW 6 languages, that’s quite amazing!

      I used to do the hair thing before too, I even carried scissors with me ๐Ÿ™‚

      ( I did color my hair, but it’s been over a month and a half since I’ve done it )

  • oberlee

    Here goes!

    1. I have a weird penchant for 19th century British novels/stories. Thomas Hardy is one of my all-time favorites. I also scour Netflix for BBC/PBS miniseries based on 19th century novels. LOVE IT. I think it has to do with the modern age emerging from such a tightly wound societal/moral structure. Plus the fabulous clothes.

    2. I love the sensation of being squished.

    3. Every time the subway train comes, I brace myself in case someone were to push me in front of the train.

    4. I was breastfed until the age of 3. My mother did it to provide antibodies and to prevent allergies, which, I don’t really have except for stuff everyone does (like mosquito bites) and my skin is allergic to nickel. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the breastfeeding or not.

    5. I don’t believe in science. Haha…that’s a bit misleading…I believe science has been elevated to a religion-like status, and I don’t believe in true objective reality. (For reference, this is more in line with new-agey stuff and Law of Attraction–NOT religious fundamentalism.) It doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s valuable, but I don’t think the scientific process is the ultimate end-all be-all.

    6. I absolutely LOVE America’s Next Top Model. I have seen every single episode ever made, plus some from Britain as well. I’m not a reality TV fan–it’s just that show. It’s my absolute favorite, even when I don’t like it.

    7. I see static everywhere, like on a tv screen (before the digital age). Lots of people do, but some think it’s a disorder, others think it’s prana/chi/energy in the air. I don’t believe it’s a disorder, and while I’d love to believe I see prana in the air, I’m not convinced of that, either. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I don’t take a lot subways, but I do the same thing too when I have to ride the subway.

      • oberlee

        LOL…my boyfriend says he does it too. He thinks everyone does. So, maybe that point isn’t too unique, but I always feel like a paranoid freak when I do it. But then I think, “better a paranoid freak than smooshed like a bug!” Plus, I feel imaginary satisfaction when the person who tried to push me sees how grounded and strong I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • lionhawkforest

      Heh. I like ANTM too. It’s like a “guilty” pleasure. I watch, sometimes even thinking “Sheesh this is so stupid and manipulated. I can’t believe I’m watching this,” but I continue on.

      • oberlee

        LOL I know! But it honestly gives me joy like no other TV show does…weird! I think I really relate to the journey of trying to be successful and trying to rise to the top, plus the degree to which someone can be successful without experience in the field is larger than in other fields (like, say, clothing design, singing, playing an instrument, etc.). And the hopes and dreams of the girls is really addictive to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I love 19th century as well, it’s probably because we both lived there in the past. Usually when people have attachments to certain era’s, they lived there in the past and it reminds them of it.

      I also don’t believe in science so much, to an extent but very little extent. Science to me is too much about logic, and I’m definitely not a logical creature.

      I also see energy everywhere, but it’s in designs of different kind, like shapes that turn into other shapes, they are quite beautiful when I focus on them, the more I focus the more beautiful they become. I used to think it was a disorder, until I’ve learned that it wasn’t. Right now the energies of this world is shifting to higher frequencies, so most people begin to see through the vail ( which was never really there ). So, don’t worry girl, you’re seeing things are are actually there ๐Ÿ™‚

      • oberlee

        ๐Ÿ™‚ Jealous! Trying to see more myself. Trying to see auras more… Yeah, what I have is called “visual snow” by some people and they call it a disorder…which was another step on my way to what I currently believe now, which is…I don’t think I believe in disorders. I think that sometimes it’s helpful for people to classify things as such, absolutely, but we all see things differently, and I honestly wonder if there isn’t another way to view what we call “mental illness.” I wonder if we don’t make people feel bad for not being “normal.” I also have experience with a very special young lady in my life whose other family members keep trying to classify her as having “disorders,” which I think is bogus…

        I would totally love to visit the 19th century for like, a week. I’d probably get fed up with everything, but I have always loved it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • You are truly unique Tati, I’ve never heard of a child wanting to eat nothing but meat or being allergic to their own sweat. And the name of your possible son, sooo weird :))
    Here is my list:
    1. When I was a child I learned songs by heart so that I could sing or recite to our guests or my classmates.
    2. I didn’t have many friends growing up, because of my weight, so that gave me a lot of time to analyze myself and others. I had a very powerful imagination and I would spend hours just lying in my room, imagining all these stories in my head.

    3. I don’t wear anything with a pattern made of geometric shapes, like circles, squares, triangles. I also hate to wear stripes.
    4. I use makeup very rarely, I just don’t like changing my face features.
    5. I love taking long walks by myself, I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. I often go out an hour early so I can take a walk.
    6. I used to love cats and I’ve always had one or more at home. My last cat died when I was in high-school and I loved him so much that now I just can’t connect with other cats. I can’t imagine having a cat now.
    7. I don’t like going to the beach when it’s sunny. I have pale skin, I burn easily and I’m not a good swimmer. So yeah, I’m not much fun during summer holiday :))

    • So many interesting people here, I love finding stuff out about you guys. I love long walks by my self as well, sometimes I take 2 hour walks at 12 am, cause nobody is around and there are less cars.

      Imaginations is great, I think if all of us grow up and held of to our imagination same way when we were kids, this world would be a very different place. All of the great people in history always said that imagination is more important than knowledge because it’s limitless.

  • lionhawkforest

    I’ll play! I can relate to some of the things others have posted. In no certain order:

    1. I have built and lived in a cob house.

    2. I don’t deal well with failure. I don’t like going to the dentist, not because I’m afraid of the pain or whatever, but because I feel as if I’ve failed if I have a cavity.

    3. I’ve never felt like I fit in anywhere. Even growing up with my family, much as we love each other I always felt like odd person out.

    4. I have a strong distrust in the medical community and big pharma. which has led me to:

    5. My natural childbirths. My last child was born safely at home assisted by a fabulous team of midwives. I also nurse my children until a point of mutual weaning. My 3yo is still nursing for bedtime, comfort, and during illness.

    6. I count stairs as I ascend or descend, almost compulsively. I won’t respond to a person if I’m in the middle of counting a set of stairs, even if I know how many there are already. I also like odd numbers, especially if they are prime.

    7. I put my socks and shoes only in this order: left sock, right sock, left shoe, right shoe. I tried doing it differently once and had to take them off and start over. I get in a quandary if my kids are facing me when I put on their shoes. I debate whether to do their left first or my left first.

    • Wow, you are so interesting!

      I also have a huge mistrust into the medical system and big pharma. When I have a baby it will only be natural child birth ( so nice to meet people who think alike ).

    • Hi lionhawkforest,
      I’m very interested in earthen houses. Just wondering how long it took to complete the cob you lived in? Did you’ve previous experience with building cob houses or you learned while building yours?

      • lionhawkforest

        haha, it’s still a work in progress. I wish I could say I was living in it right now. We moved in before it was completely finished then after a couple of years realized we just couldn’t do what we needed to do while we were in it so moved back to the mobile home we had already on our property.

        The only experience we had was from a couple of short workshops we attended. Other than that, we were learning from books and on the fly. We worked on the house for five years before we moved in. We took a break at one point to have third child so didn’t do much work during that time. That pregnancy kicked my butt compared to the other two.

        Overall, it was a huge learning experience. We made a lot of mistakes in design. It’s an extremely labor intensive and time consuming process. There are a lot more resources now than when we first started our project. Temper everything you read about it with the fact that life does happen. In some books I think all they had to do was build houses. They didn’t have other jobs or kids or families that required part of their time. Too many enthusiasts give a romantic idea of what it’s like to build an earthen house.

        We started out loving The Hand Sculpted House by Ianto Evans, et al but ended up really preferring the newer books Building With Cob: A Step-by-Step Guide by Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce and Building Green by Clarke Snell and Tim Callahan. That last book really gives a practical perspective on several different alternative building methods.

        Let me know if you have any other questions!


        • Thanks for answering and I’ll get those books. I fall amongst those with a swayed romantic view of building these types of homes. Most of the earthen homes we’ve looked at are completed and built with the help of volunteers and contractors. I’m thinking of taking a workshop sometime next year.

  • TessuCroft

    Hello! I love your little details about you, thank you. =D

    Ok, here are mine:

    1. If I translate my real nime to English, it means “fairytale” or “legend.” Although it does not sound as pretty with my own language. =D

    2. One of my biggest dreams (I know, Iยดm lame) just came true: we have now a completely new kitchen in my childhood house. OMG, how much I wanted that! (The old one was like… old.) And now itยดs there! And Iยดm the one who designed everything, itยดs like a dream kitchen now. =D

    3. We have a 19-yeard old cat. Everybody thinks itยดs a kitten, because the poor thing is so tiny.

    4. Iยดm currently reading one my of favourite books from my childhood: The Chronicles of Narnia. I still love it. And Iยดm 32 years old. =D

    5. Iยดm a very ironic person. And I always assume that everybody gets that.

    6. I love coffee. You can take the sugar, but donยดt touch my coffee! =D (Actually, I just was without the sugar about six weeks. It went very well.)

    7. My favourite tv-show is Doctor Who at the moment. It is so awesome! There has been lucky weeks lately, because our national TV has been showing The Doctor a season after season. =D

  • Ricky 29

    although I seldomly post my workout scores and comment on your posts I do a lot of your workouts and go to your blog almost everyday. so here are seven facts about me

    1) as a child I was a real tomboy. short hair, playing just with boys, always outside climbing trees and stuff. I HATED skirts and dresses. one of the worst things that happened to me at that time: my mom made me wear a PINK dress for my first day of school. Ahhhhh! Luckily all photos of that day are black and white ๐Ÿ˜€

    2) I love love love my red hair. naturally I’m blond, a very light blond actually. but being a blonde I used to feel like the nice girl, underestimated, people thought of me as the naive, harmless girl. even collegues called me “girl”. but one day I found out that my employer didn’t plan to extend my contract. I thougt it’s enough. in the first place I just wanted to have this reddish blond of Nicole Kidman. but the hair dresse made a mistake and it turned out the colour as seen in my picture. now it’s a lot darker but still shiny red! and it makes me more confident, it makes me look fierce and my blue eyes seem to be more blue then ever! a lot of people tell me it gives more character to my face.

    3) I loved to go to school. I love learning new things!

    4) I’m very in to the topic of sustainability. I try to rethink all my actions and purchases. Do I really need another shirt? Can I do this travel by train instead by car? I try to buy local and organic food and so on.

    5) I’m sure my husband is my soulmate. Often we think about the same things in the exact same moments. He senses every little change in my behaviour or mood. He always knows what’s bothering me. And I feel at ease and secure in his embrace.

    6) I would love to publish a crime story one day. I have a lot of storys in my mind!

    7) In my teenage years I was an athlete (sprinter). 5-7 times training per week. sometimes twice a day. After finishing school and university I was struggeling with my body, with exercising, with my body image. I gained a lot of weight. I had a lot of injuries (i.e. a lot of strained muscles). It was hard to learn to exercise for fun, for health, for strenght instead of performance or new personal bests. I’m still not where I want to be but I’m on the right way. And you are helping me a lot! Thanks Tati!

  • Cool post! 7 interesting facts about me:

    1. I am studying to be a doctor of physical therapy. One of my personal vendettas is to find an effective treatment for tendonitis because I struggle with it all the time!
    2. I have a sleeve tattoo, but you would never guess it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ when I have it covered up I look like the girl next door ๐Ÿ™‚ people are always shocked when they see it for the first time.
    3. I am fluent in American Sign Language
    4. I love science but I believe in the law of attraction–I think there’s too much evidence that it is true to deny it’s validity
    5. I absolutely love the color purple. All of my accessories (purse, phone case, wallet) are purple
    6. I’m a social networking fiend, but I have issues posting regularly on a blog (trust me I’ve TRIED) because when people start to expect my posts, I subconsciously resist the responsibility. Lol
    7. I drink black coffee for the taste–the caffeine actually tends to make me sleepy so I can’t drink it to wake me up in the morning ๐Ÿ™

  • Alice

    I hate watches too! I just don’t get this obsession for knowing the exact time every moment.

    1. I have the same hairstyle I had as a child, hip lenght, slightly wavy, very dark, and I’ve been to a hair saloon only two times in all my life. I’ve tried different colors and cuts in the past, but I did it myself.
    2. I love children, but I totally lack of maternal instinct. I just like to have fun togheter with them.
    3. I’m obsessed with cats and they’re obsessed with me, too. Even cats that hate strangers usually like me.
    4. I started school one year earlier than the standard age (I was 5). I already learned to write and read, I was bored and wanted to learn new things.
    5. I hate the idea to live all my life in one place. I’m planning to live in as many different places as I can.
    6. I have some particular obsession with food. For lunch and dinner, I have to eat no less than three different things. “Mixed” foods, like salads, count as one, no matter how many ingredients are in them. And I need my cup of green tea or coffee after every meal.
    7. I love “long” coffee but I don’t like expresso… I’m italian and I’m supposed to love it to death ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Diana Kitty Slavcheva

    All of you are cute and funny ๐Ÿ™‚ Love it!

    1. I love red hair. Mine is currently copper red just because strawberry blonde is too light for my skin tone.

    2. I’ve never eaten McDonalds. I was raised with home grown veggies and mostly home prepared food. When other children got McDonalds I got exotic fruits. And I’m soo thankful to my parents now!

    3. I love animals so much that I’m a vegetarian. I just don’t see food, I see a dead body.

    4. I can draw, write short stories and bellydance. I learned that all by myself.

    5. I overthink and analyze everything I do, especially my emotions. I know a lot about psychology and I like to learn from what I obsereve in other people’s lives too.

    6. I prefer reading a book to watching a movie.

    7. My behaviour is normally too harsh for a girl. I curse, I speak straight out and I’m unpardonable. Whenever needed / most of the time in public / I can behave normally or even like a lady.

    • Evaleen

      I adore strawberry-blonde! ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad it’d look all wrong on me though. :p

      • Diana Kitty Slavcheva

        Same here ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Evaleen

    I almost let a whole week pass before taking the time to participate– shame on me! Okay then…

    1. First of all, I think I’m obsessed with black coffee. It’s not the caffeine content, as I have just one cup a day anyway… but I practically LIVE for that cup lol. It’s the first thing I think about every morning (even all day), and I’ll spend 15+ min manually grinding fresh beans for just the right flavor. I could linger forever simply smelling the aromas that seep from the bag, and if I’m ever playing a video game where I find what ‘looks’ like a mug of coffee sitting on some desk, I’ll become fixated on it o_O haha. I currently have about five packs (different flavor blends)… I mean ya never know when the apocalypse might hit, right? Gotta keep stocked. xD

    2. I have endless nicknames for my cats: biscuits, biddies, boo-boo’s, bobbins, prechies, pies, shmittens… it’s a very long, random and hugely stupid list lol.

    3. I’m a brunette, but I’ve always wanted to have red hair. Preferably a darker shade, rich and vibrant like ruby.

    4. I don’t drink alcohol, hate it in fact. Never smoked either, but in the last year or so, it’s started to appeal to me o_O I wouldn’t dare start though!!

    5. Not proud to admit this, but I used to be quite the ‘rage gamer’. Though for the most part I’ve moved on from this behavior– no more online gaming helped with that. :p

    6. I used to have a bad fear of writing, and still do somewhat. Though after obtaining net access many years ago, joining and learning to write/post on forums, that practice really helped my confidence. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I still get bouts of anxiety and this is why I ‘go quiet’ for short times… and the longer I’m out of practice, the worse it gets.

    7. I can also get high-anxiety before my workouts. For example, if I have a hard workout planned two hours ahead of time, my heart won’t stop beating until then. :/ I’m glad to say though that this hasn’t been a problem for a while, because of following a consistent and familiar plan. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Diana Kitty Slavcheva

      I love coffee too. I live for my morning coffee and it’s surely not the caffeine..
      When it comes to the endless list of nicknames… I do this to my son ๐Ÿ˜€ Good he still doesn’t understand me ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rosalmeida

    I’m allergic to (my, of course :D) sweat as well (and extreme dry heat which leads to the sweat XD – and that unfortunately is a very common type of weather here at Summer) so, curious that we share that ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t like phone calls that much myself too. Your first fact is pretty peculiar! Fun (crazy? :)) fact about me is that I speak / talk to myself a lot *-) Also, I crack all of my joints but mostly my finger ones (I avoid to do that because it’s like a tic). I like fashion in general but I also don’t follow the trends, I always create my owns ๐Ÿ˜‰ (P.S. – I’m sorry but I’ll have to agree with Miguel XD ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Estefania Puigdemont

    I’m allergic to my own sweat too! Actually I’m allergic to any change of temperature especially cold, in winter I have hives over my body and they hitch a lot, and in summer when I go to the beach and swim I have to do it for not to long, otherwise I get hives and hitch everywhere.

  • Yady Colindrez

    So interesting you are unique !! Great !! Tell us some more please !!! ??????????????????????????