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Hi everyone,

Today I have a very fun little lesson for you, how to improve your push-ups. If you follow this program exactly day to day as how I am showing you,  I will guarantee you that within a week you will gain strength in push-ups and increase the number of reps that you can do.

When I was a figure skater my upper body was so weak that my trainer didn’t even bother to teach me how to do push-ups, she told me it was useless and that I was never going to be able to do it, and that I should stay focused on my jumps which were the best in my group. But I’ve always dreamed of having a strong upper body.  Years later when I joined my husbands trapeze group I started from complete less then zero, my upper body was so weak that I couldn’t even hold on to a bar, not even for a second.  But my husband assured me that if I follow his advice I will get strong.  Three weeks later I was doing 5 pull-ups by my self and 15 push-ups ( in good form 😉 ). The moral of this story is that anyone can build strength, if you want it you will get it!

I can show you the way but you have to do the work. In the video below I go over the program that I’ve created as well as the proper form of the push-up.

There are some rules that I want you to follow

  1. When you are doing this program, I don’t want you to do any other upper body workout for the entire week. You will only focus on this program
  2. After you take your second test ( a week later ), I want you to take 3 days off from training your upper body completely.
  3. You have to follow the program exactly as how I’m writing it.


The Program



Today I want you to take your push-up test. This is how you are going to figure out your own level of push-ups or as I call it – your base. Set your timer for 1 minute. Within that minute I want you to do as many push-ups as you can either off your knees or the regular push-ups. If you can only do 5 regular push-ups, do so then get on your knees and keep going until the time is up. If you can only do push-ups off your knees then do as many as you can, stop for a second if you have to but keep going until the minute is up.

Now you know your the base of your push-ups :).



Today you are going to do 5 sets of push-ups with 1-2 minutes break in between. Beginners can do 2 min, more advanced trainees should rest for 1 minute only.

The first set of push-ups you will do will be to failure. Failure means you will do as many as you can until you can’t do anymore. Take a minute to 2 break. Then you are going to do 4 sets of your base with 1-2 minutes rest ( your base is the number you came up with on Monday )



Today I want you do do 6 sets total of your base but throughout the day whenever you find a minute available. Not all at once like we did on Tuesday. You will do 1 set at a time, until you reached 6 sets throughout the day.



Today you will do 2 sets to failure with 1-2 minute break in between, then you will do 2 more sets of your base adding 2 extra reps to each ( and trust me you will be able to do it ). And all of this you will do at once ( Not like we did Wednesday )



Today you will repeat the same thing you did on Wednesday, 6 sets total but throughout the day. Also if you can and I know you can add 2-4 extra reps to your base.



Today you will do 4 sets to failure with 2 minutes break in between.



You will take a complete day off.



Today you will take your test again, and I guarantee you are going to beat your old scores from previous Monday.

Make sure to take 3 days off after you’ve completed this program. You can do this type of program every few month’s to keep increasing your strength. But be careful I don’t want you to do too much and go crazy, please pace your self because if you don’t you will overtrain.

And always always always watch your form – abs tight, back straight and hump free.



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  • Mariasole Verdi

    thankyou again for this precious post. i like you stressing out for our proper form, cause nobody does like you do and this means that you really like what you teach and you care. that s what distinguish you from other trainers ive met, damaging the back with improper exercise form is the first and important thing a good trainer should state to their followers and few of them are taking it seriously like you do. that s what captured me most at the very beginning (hope i expressed well my thought i good english). ive been working out for 6 months with exercises that included push ups but still was thinking something is wrong in doing them cause i am still weak, is it possible? maybe the first approach was not correct that s why i did not improve and also maybe my abs are still weak, however i am going to start next monday with your program and i am sure i can improve 100%. ciao tatianna!

    • Hi Mariasole, 

      Of course you will improve, but you have to stay consistent and push your self to do it.  Trust me it’s much easier then you think, I wasn’t able to do it before at all, and then whoop I did it, even I my self couldn’t believe that I was doing push-ups.  And you will to 🙂

  • Shift_717

    So, if my base number was 8 regular and 13 push-ups next time i do sets i repeat that exactly or i do 21 on my knees? I just wanna be sure. Push-ups are something i am really poor at (right now but will get better) so i’m really excited for this!

    • Hi, 

      Next time you repeat exactly that 8 regular + 13 off your knees.  But on a Thursday you will add 1 extra regular and do 9 and one extra off your knees which will be 14.

  • Di

    Amazing post. Thank you so much. How do you think, Tatianna, could i use the same program to improve my one leg squats ( i still can’t do them without assistance) and pull ups? 

    • Hi Di, 

      You can definitely use this program to improve your pull-ups and one leg squats, but with one leg squats there is a technique on how to do them correctly. How are you doing them right now?

      • Di

        I’m using a chair behind me. I extend my arms to keep my balance, go all the way down till i’m sitting on the chair. Without a chair i chair go all the way down but then i need to grab something  to push myself back up. Is it normal if on the way back up i feel a pain in the free leg?

        • Tatianna

          Are you bending the free leg or keeping it straight? Have you tried not using a chair but holding onto a chair instead?

        • Are you bending the free leg or keeping it straight? Have you tried not using a chair but holding onto a chair instead?

          • Di

            all the time i try to keep the free leg straight but on the way back up sometimes i have to bend it because of the pain in  the muscles. And with holding onto a chair it’s easier for me. Actually i need to hold onto it just when i push up this is the hardest part))) It would be great if one day you could right a post about this particular exercise))) Thank you, Tatianna, for your responses. I can imagine how busy   you are and i appreciate it even more. Thank you for everything you do for us.)) And have a great weekend))

          • Hi Di, 

            I am going to do this for one leg squats as well.  For now when you do them bend the your free leg one the way down and when you come up slow down. Later one you can extend your leg but for now bend it. 

  • Jenny the Swede

    OMG. I was actually very inspired just now! To do push-ups! One question; in the beginner push-up you let your bum stick out so to speak. I’ve always tried to “flat out” my hips, so I would be straight from the knees to the neck. Is that wrong? Should I bend the hips? It looks like it would be easier to get the arms and back right, if you do like you do them.

    • Tatianna

      Hi Jenny,

      My butt is like that because my back is naturally curved that way, and sometimes it visually looks like my butt is bigger then it really is, but it’s only the back. You have to follow the form of your back, cause everyone has a different structure. You can definitely bend the hips just a bit.

    • Hi Jenny,My butt is like that because my back is naturally curved that way, and sometimes it visually looks like my butt is bigger then it really is, but it’s only the back. You have to follow the form of your back, cause everyone has a different structure. You can definitely bend the hips just a bit.

      • Jenny the Swede

        Ok, I will try different positions. I’m thinking that if I do it with hips bent, the form of my body becomes more like it is in push-ups from feet. 🙂

        • But then for you to do that it places more pressure on your knees, I tried it and I can feel the pressure on my knees.

  • jt

    This post is great and fundamental!! I have been searching push-up videos in the past but yours explains a lot of things that others completely lack!
    BTW today when seeing my physio I asked him about my form and first thing he saw was my bum on the top lol (I STILL do them off my knees), so awful form, he said I should aim to touch the floor with my cuadriceps when doing them off my knees so that’s the whole bodyweight doing the job (he also showed it to me, I had never realized of that mistake!). And seeing your video it looks so evident now! 🙂
    Now with your program, startin tomorrow, I foresee improvement!! 😀 Will let you know how it goes! THANKS!!! So grateful :)))))

    • Tatianna

      You are very welcome darling :), I am so happy to be helpful, let me know your progress 🙂

  • Bananatania

    Wow wow wow GOOD post … I like you my Florida friend ;)) thank you for beeing you simply! do

    • Ahh I like you too my Bananatania :), you are always welcome 🙂

  • Amazing! I always wanted to improve the form of my upper body. My arms were very weak, I could not do even 1 regular push up. Then when I started doing workouts for upper body (beginner’s level), I improved to intermediate, but still want to increase the number of regular push ups done in a proper form. So going to try it 🙂 It’s the first really well-structured program I’ve seen. Tatianna, u r the best, as always 😀

    • Thank you so much Tatyana :), please update me on your progress 🙂

  • WorkItOutYourself

    Ok, this is just plainly amazing. I will do this next week. This post is what sets you apart from all the others out there. Honestly, I thought I just had weak upper body and that’s the way it is. And then you come up with this and tell me in one week I’ll kiss the floor on a correct full push up. Which just proves that if you have a good plan, you can achieve anything.
    Now I wish you would make a post like this for one leg squats and for pull ups.
    Tatianna, hat off to you lady !

    • Hi Work It 🙂

      I can’t wait for your full push-ups :).  I am going to make a post like this for pull-ups and one leg squats. With pull-ups the concept is very similar except you will be doing them off the chair to start with and focus on the negative movement. ( On the way down ). 

  • Bibi

    This is so cool! Thank you! I managed to do 23 regular push ups.

    Actually I am a student but work at the bar of the local theatre and I am the only woman who can carry two beer crates upstairs…. I couldn’t do that before your workouts! Great!!!

    • Bibi I that makes me so happy!  23 push-ups that’s a great number!

      • Bibi

        Well, I know have to do even more push ups the next days… oh my gooood :D!

        • Since you are already strong, you can definitely get to the next level quite fast 🙂

  • Tatiannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
    Thank you very much for this awesome video!!!!!!!
    I just checked it out!!! I wasn’t online for a couple of days, it was my bf’s birthday and then we spent the whole day out and the next day as well!
    But, I’m back! I’m always back to your blog! Love it!!!
    Thanks again for taking the time to do this for us!! <3
    All the best,

    • Elizabeth, 

      Thank you so much for such kind words 🙂

      • You’re so welcome my dear!! Hoping you’re having an awesome weekend!!

  • OneMillionthGuest

    Did the base test, I tried hard to do them properly, straight as possible and slower on the way up… unfortunately it’s been many weeks since I’ve done push-ups consistently (if at all), but I managed 23 regular.

    Also, I have the same question as Di concerning a similar program for pull-ups… I’d be very grateful for anyone who could give me some advice on how to build strength for them, as a female who’s never been able to do even one. I had wondered if doing the full move (say, from a dead hang) with one foot on a chair would be a proper way to do that, or perhaps I’d need to employ some other techniques?

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  • jt

    MONDAY AT LAST!! 🙂 I was able to do 9 push ups total off my knees with proper form (I had been able to do more this way… but BAD FORM, my bum was high!). I had to discard the last two (10 & 11), as I fell off to the floor lol. As it happened, I tried the push-offs with proper form, ahhh harder than one thinks!

    Then I did this lower body workout which fitted perfectly for this week’s purpose 🙂
    I cut down some reps as this should be my active recovery week 🙂 Then 3 min of skipping only (I’m still at that point of doing 10 min as max and feeling my feet fall apart). Keeping it sensible 🙂

    • Awesome Jt!  It’s a good thing you reduced your reps on that bodyweight workout cause it was a hard workout, I was so crazy sore after it. If it’s your active rest week, don’t do any strength exercises, you can do some light skipping but only on the 3rd day.  You need some complete time off. 

      • jt

        Maybe I got confused, it’s my first week after taking 5 days off as I had not taken a proper rest for months 🙂 Yes it was such a routine! Those bridges were fantastic (burnnnn!), and loved the challenge of balance in the other ones 🙂

        • JT, you kept trying and trying that’w what counts, and that is how you will build the strength!!!

        • jt

          Thursday… (this sounds like ELO’s “The diary of Horace Wimp” :P). My body seems to be magically “curing” the massive soreness I had yesterday. Or maybe it’s that I had a lot of protein yesterday (a scrambled egg on breakfast, a veggie omelette for lunch, a protein shake, chicken for dinner…). Anyway, today’s part didn’t hurt as much as yesterday’s. All you’re saying is absolutely SPOT ON!! 
          First failure at 10, second at 13. In the next 2 rounds of 11 reps I tried even harder. Today I feel much more confident in completing Friday’s part with a better performance 😀

          • See I told you!!!  It’s also great that you are eating the right way for recovery, that is very very important!!!  Make sure to drink plenty of water too. 

          • jt

            Thanks for the water advice!! 🙂 I drink about 1,5L a day (I did the test one day, to make sure I was having enough in a regular day), sometimes a bit more. Since I started to work out, I pay a lot of attention to what my body says. Sometimes it says let’s have some butter or bacon and hey, he’s the boss lol

          • Ha Ha Ha, yep we all have that!

          • loll

      • jt

        Tuesday update (still off my knees)… my “failure” level was at 8, if I count until I first fall to the floor xD At the 10th, I couldn’t push myself up, so I think it was the 8th anyway. I took 2 minutes between each set.
        The second set felt difficult, and surprisingly, the 3rd felt quite good! As if the muscles had warmed up. Easier to keep good form and good pace. The 4th was very hard again. The 5th, MASSACRE!! It all feels sore right after doing it, can’t imagine how will it feel tomorrow..! 

        Before that, I did the warm-up, a bit of very light stretching and 2 rounds of the most basic planks as described in your abs article. Could hold the whole minute the first round, failed twice in the second. After the push-ups workout did the planks again and failed 4 times in the second. Stretching and now off to do an aubergine lasagna 😀 (instead of using pasta).
        Have a nice day!!

      • jt

        Wednesday update… the first set was almost impossible. So terribly sore I am!! 🙁 Moving arms for the warm up was a challenge itself..! I did the second, did what I could, not full ROM, almost, I can’t lower any more 🙁 And I’m a little behind schedule, so gonna have to hurry and do the 4 remaining sets each hour. It’s gonna be TOUGH 😉

        • Hey JT, try to separate it a bit, do it every 2 or 3 hours.  It’s normal for you to be sore, because right now your muscles have micro tears in them, but trust me on Monday you will be much stronger! 

  • sus

    Will do this later today after work.  Then I think I will run after or do a lower body workout. I am pretty excited about this challenge. Thanks Tati.

    • Yay!  I will be waiting for your results 🙂

      • sus

        16 regular. I was just getting ready to go to my knees when the timer beeped.

        • That’s pretty good Sus, but in a week it will be even better!

          • sus

            Cannot wait!

  • sus

    Today’s push up challenge was brutal.

    • I can’t wait for you to finish this week so you can share your progress 🙂

      • sus

        Okay I did the 1 minute countdown for push ups and this weeks I did 24 regular push ups.  Last week I could only do 16 regular! YAY!!!!!!

        • I’m so proud of you!!! See all you needed was a good program to follow 🙂

          • sus

            Thanks Tati!  You created such an excellent push up program! Thank you so much! Saturdays challenge was torture, but I loved my day off Sunday. 

          • Sus, I am so happy to be helpful, comments like this make my day!

  • WorkItOutYourself

    Tatianna, today was really tough. I barely made it through and all of them off the knees. I really hope I can do a proper one by the end of this week…

    • You will Work It!  

      Don’t focus too much on what’s in front of you at the moment, our current reality is only what we allow it to be.  You are the only person in charge of what you can and can’t do. You have to know where you want to be, and you mentally have to be there.  Weakness is only an illusion, it’s a trap, once you realize that you are in charge that illusion becomes your past.  I know you can do this but you need to know that as well!!!

  • Blubb

    Dear Tatianna,
    My all time dream: To do real push ups! I’m gonna try your programm soon, but please let me ask: What should I do or how should I train, to be able to make real push ups, not the ones I do (on my knees)? How can I evolve in this? Thanks for your advice!

    • Hi there, 
      The week that you do the program don’t do any other upper body workouts.  But after you will be stronger, and when you train you will now do as many push-ups regular as you and then when you can’t do any more don’t take a break just keep going and do them off your knees. 

      • Blubb

         I start tomorrow! I simply cannot wait for the next Monday. 🙂
        Thank you!

  • jt

    I think I didn’t update on Saturday… anyway… my “failure” levels were rather stranger lol… They begun at 7 (9 was my base) and then added one more on each round (!!!). Sunday was day off and today…

    Mondayyyyy!!!! So excited to see the improvement!!! 🙂 And it was unbelievable!!!!!! My base was 9 as I said before (off my knees)… Today I did… 19!!!!!!!!! Yes!!! 10 more!!!! And in good form!!! (I mean, still off my knees but my bum wasn’t up there lol, the depth was as supposed to be…).

    So to sum it up for people wanting to do this program, I could feel the development of strength along the way. Wednesday was strenuous, arms were so sore that even stretching felt like torture, but Thursday was like a magic healing day, Fairy Tatianna seem to have passed with her magic wand while I was sleeping lol ;), like all the soreness had disappeared almost completely! Didn’t experience any soreness from that day on. Let’s see what happens tomorrow after 10 push ups more than I could do lol 🙂 Anyway, a 3 day rest is mandatory 🙂

    Thanks a million Tatianna!! 🙂

    • I am so happy JT!!!  You can repeat this program in 3 weeks again and keep increasing your strength 🙂

      • jt

        Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! 🙂 Yes definately!! 😀 Let’s see how many cycles it takes to lose the knees 😀

        • 🙂 Also every time you do a workout right before the workout try a few push-ups and definitely keep trying to do a regular one, it’s all about practice.  Keep trying every day,  a lot of it is in the mind as well :).  Once you believe you can do it, you will 🙂

          • jt

            Yes I usually picture myself like super strong, but then I’m like “GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” and hear my chest and arms scream ohhhhh!!! ;D But I’ll try the regular ones, I haven’t tried that for a very long time 🙂

  • Mariasole Verdi

    hi tatianna i start today with this challenge. i did 8 regular and 13 on my knees. for tomorrow i did not understand if i have to set the timer for 1 minute and do my pushups until i fail? thanks sorry if i dont understand sometimes

    • Hi Mariasole, 

      Tomorrow you will do 1st set to failure but without timer just as many as you can and push really hard.  Then the rest you will be doing your base with 1-2 min break.

      • Mariasole Verdi

        thank youuu for the quick and kind reply

        • Any time, I try to watch the comments all the time cause I don’t like to make people wait, but sometimes if I didn’t reply quickly it’s usually means I’ve away from the computer.

  • Yuliya it sounds pretty impressive to me!  And I am so proud of you, I love to hear about your results and I am so happy that I was able to help!!! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  • Tati, last week I wasn’t feeling that good so I just trained twice, but I still got to do my little cardio in the mornings in an empty stomach as you suggested with my mini trampoline, and let me tell you that I’ve seen a good difference! I’ll keep that routine up in the mornings! Thx again!!
    Today, I’m feeling full of energy, and I’m starting this awesome program, I’m so excited!! My base is 17 push ups (2 regular push ups and the rest from my knees). I’m eager to see my results next Monday!!
    Stay blessed!
    All the best,

    • Hi Eli, 
      Last week I also trained only twice, I’ve had a pretty crazy stressful week, but this week I also started fresh 🙂 with a nice lower body workout that I am editing right now :).  You will definitely have a big progress with your push-ups, I guarantee it !

      • Tati,
        I’m so glad you’re starting this week with the right food!!
        Wooohoooo… New workout!! I can’t wait to check it out!! So, I can add it to my week plan!

        I know, I will!! I’m happy with the results other people here got from this challenge! So, I can’t wait to see mine!!!  Even my bf want to join this challenge! Yay!!

        • That is so cool I can’t wait for both of you to gain some push-up strength!  I finished editing the routine and will begin to upload it as soon as I wake-up in the morning 🙂

          • Tati,

            We just did our second day not too long ago, I know it is kinda late,  but we had a long day!

            Anyways, it was…  HARD!!!  It was almost funny watching my bf doing it! loll But, I can’t say I was any better! 🙂 

            I didn’t feel sore my arms sore from yesterday, but today, after doing my 5 sets I feel my arms tired, let’s see how I wake up tomorrow!

            Thx for this challenge! It is tough,  but I love it!

          • Hang in there Eli, it’s gonna get easier on Thursday, you just have to get through the first few days and that’s the challenging part 🙂

          • Tati, you were right!!
            My challenge is almost done!!!! Yay! And to be honest today I feel less sore than yesterday and the day before (I was sooooo sore) but, I didn’t give up and I’m so glad!!! 
            I can’t wait for Monday to take my test again!!

            PS: Unfortunally my bf didn’t continue, he stopped on Wednesday, he said he was too sore and didn’t want to continue 🙁

          • Being sore is actually a phase that we just have to push through, that is part of the challenge.  If we push through that phase then you will get the results.  

          • Exactly what I told him, because I remembered you said that with this program we will not get over trained, because it was designed like this!  So, I guess he’ll give it a try next time I hope! He doesn’t train in a regular basis, as I try to do.

          • Yes, if he doesn’t train often then it’s better he start training just a bit, because it can be hard for someone who’s body is not use to the training. 

  • Mariasole Verdi

    ciaooo tatiana! cant believe my improvement! i just did my test today these are the results:
    last week test results: 8 regular – 13 on knees
    today’s test results: 20 regular (cant believe 12 moreee.!!) – 10 on knees

    have a beautiful day!

    • These are some great results!!!!  So proud of you 🙂

  • Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaati!!!!!
    I’ve finished my challenge today…  And, I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! With my results!!

    First Monday I did: 17  (2 Regular & 15 on knees).
    And today I did: 26 (18 Regular & 16 on knees).

    Woooohoooooo!!!!! Loved the challenge ad my results even more!!
    Thx again!! <3

    • That’s wonderful Eli 🙂 see I told you, you can do it 🙂

  • Wow I am so happy for you!!!  I love it when you guys have progress, thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  • Hi there,

    Welcome to Loving Fit :). Of course you can use this program but instead of push-ups you can do pull-ups.  But try to do the assisted pull-ups in the beginning. 

  • Evaleen

    Going to restart this program tomorrow, to improve my strength and form all over. I realized some weeks back (using a mirror) that my chest sunk too much on my push-ups. I think though that’s from trying to keep a perfectly straight plank, cause if I have just a slight upward bend in my hips, then the weight gets shifted back to my arms. But anyway, need to practice and get some consistency back.

    Had a couple questions though… first, if I can do all reg push-ups for my base, will I have to do the same when I’m cranking out consecutive sets? Say, if I feel too weak/sore to do a straight set, is it better to go to my knees to finish them (so I won’t need a break), or take brief breaks till I complete all reg? Just wondered which scenario was intended, or if it mattered. 🙂

    And I was curious: how do you keep up your own strength for push-ups? Or chin-ups/pull-ups as well… like, do you have weekly “practice” sessions (besides your regular workouts) to keep in shape for them?

    • Hi Evaleen, 

      You should do as many regular push-ups as you can then go on your knees.  Or you can take a few seconds break and push for the regular, both ways works good.  

      I keep up my strength with regular workouts, but I also have my pull up bar installed in my office so sometimes when I walk by I would do 5-7 pull ups and 10 leg lifts, this actually builds my strength even more. 

      Since Ethan recommended me hourlies I realized it’s an amazing way to build strength and right now I am trying to come up with a way to incorporate them the right way, then I will share it with you guys :).

      • Evaleen

        Thanks! And looking forward to when you do, would be a great help for when I try that myself. 🙂

        • Yes it’s so fun, I’m really loving the hourlies, it’s also perfect if you are busy throughout the day and can only do few minutes here and there, it shows we can still complete a full workout even if we don’t have time.

  • Hi Nicole :), 

    I am glad that you are at your goal, this makes me very very happy 🙂

  • Evaleen

    So my base a week ago was 28 regular– I was surprised with that, and pleased too until I realized… I was gonna have to do sets of those all week! So glad though that soreness was minimal this time, I had a cringe-worthy amount of that on my first attempt at this program (I had been getting back into working out regularly).

    Today I completed 36 regular push-ups in one minute, even got two straight chin-ups in a short while later too. I feel very good about these little accomplishments, but it’s a bitter-sweet feeling right now… have been so uplifted lately with my strength and endurance gains, but some very bad news late yesterday (about a close family member, one I love very much) has brought that feeling of mortality back home. But, I’ll keep training, do my best to stay positive, and pray this news won’t mean an early death warrant. But I don’t know what to think or feel right now, so I apologize to all if that’s reflected in my words… want to give my best though, no matter what.

    • tee_w

      my heart is with you, best wishes for your family member!

    • Evaleen, don’t ever apologize!!! We are all here to support and help each other in every situation and I am very glad that you share this with us. Because now me and everyone here will be sending you positivity and love. I am so sorry that you are going through a hard time at the moment, it’s one of those things in life that will happen to us over and over again, but this is something that helps to grow our spirit. We are all sending you love and positive light, and I will be praying for you. Please do share with us and update with everything. Love and Light <3 Tati

      • Evaleen

        Thank you so much Tatianna, you truly are a wonderful soul *hugs*. And I think this community is the most nurturing I’ve ever been in, though only been a short time since I’ve known it. 🙂 Life troubles may take me away at some point, so I may be quiet, but not gone… I love this place too much to do that.

        And thank you Tee_w and Itwin for your thoughts, you guys are so kind. I know I’ll keep my head up best I can, though right now I’m thinking of this person’s spouse and children– they’re all such kind-hearted people, and love each other a lot. But I believe in miracles, and if prayers are answered just short of receiving one, then I’ll still be grateful. Love and family (and our health) really are everything, don’t know what I’d do without mine… I’m truly blessed in that respect.

    • ltwin

      my thoughts are with you Evaleen and your family member… Keep beeing strong and all the best for you!!!

  • I just started this routine this week. I am on day 3. My base was 30 (19 regular, 11 from my knees). Do you know how many push ups I have to do every day? Too many. I dread hitting that floor for my next round. I hate you sooo much (so says my arms).

    • Ohh I see you are on the EVIL day 3, that’s the hardest, on day 4 your will feel less sore :), just make sure to hang in there! The results will be worth it!

      • The most pushups I had ever done (in regular form) was 25.

        When I began this challenge I was able to do 19 regular push-up and 11 from my knees for a total of 30 in one minute. Today, during my test, I did 30 regular push-ups, and 8 from my knees in one minute. A significant improvement. hooray!

  • AlishisPhillips

    I have to start over. I did great all the way to day 4, then day 5 came, the day that I had to do 6 throughout the day…well, I did 2 sets for the whole day, and that was it. I have no place at work to stretch out and do pushups so that was a fail day for me. Then I was back on track for the next day and then and then after that I don’t know what happened, I just lost it. I have no idea what happened, but this was a fail project for me. I gotta start over. I’ll re-do my test on monday and see where I am and restart maybe in the fall. Tatiana, I know you live in Florida which is way more humid than NY, but I gotta ask you…how do you workout in this nasty humid and hot air? I’m originally a Northern California girl, so this humidity and heat wipe me out before I even begin. Where I used to live, it was on average 55 year round, with an occasional “heat wave” of 77 🙂 Any coping tips from anyone are most welcome!!

    • Hey Alishis, 🙂

      It’s ok, you can definitely start over. Yes I live in Orlando and it’s crazy hot here and when we film it’s even hotter because we use lighting. When we filmed last workout it was pretty crazy I was pouring. What I do is keep a glass of really cold iced water near by and I take sips between rounds. This really helps me to stay cool. But I need to come up with another trick, I think I will start keeping an ice pack near by.

      • AlishisPhillips

        Yesterday I kept a cup of ice. Just ice. As it melted I would drink it between rounds. It helped. One time I soaked a rag and tucked it into my sport bra strap and left it draping across the back of my neck. It was heaven. If you did that on camera I would totally understand =) I’m sure the rest of middle america would understand too, what a crazy heat wave going over this country. I think your other readers in cooler climates may think you’re crazy though! LOL

  • Nicole Pitts

    I started on a Monday and was able to do 6 regular pushups and 9 off my knees in one minute. I followed your program exactly and one week later I was able to do 10 regular pushups and 19 off my knee in one minute!

    • Awesome!!! In 3 weeks or so you can repeat this program and keep improving 🙂

  • Hi Tatianna 🙂 so i did this program. my base was 10 regular and 4 on knees push ups. after your program i did 20 regular push ups in 1 minute. I actually could not believe this. i didn’t do any other workouts at all besides working in village all farm related stuff. :)) Thank you so much :))))

    • Wow that is great! You are so lucky I love doing village farm work as well, but I haven’t been in a real village in at least 15 years, I miss it.

  • saretta

    Hi Tatianna! Well today was my test day. I improved a bit from 4 regular/10 on knees, I increased to 7 regular/9 on knees. Not spectacular, but an improvement. Maybe I improved less than others because I am 50 and have been weak longer!

    • Hey Saretta,

      Don’t worry about the number so much, it takes some people longer than others, but you still improved 🙂

  • Hi Cat,

    Congrats on your progress!

  • I suggest you keep going on your knees, because doing them half way is limiting your range of motion.

  • EspeRH

    I’ll try this program tomorrow, wish me luck!! I’ll post my improvements next week, I’m so excited!!

    • EspeRH

      Well, I improve my initial score: first test I only was able to do 1 regular push up and 8 from knees, and today after the program, I do 4 regular push ups and 14 from knees!! I’m so happy, thanks so MUCH!!

  • HI Tati, I just started this challenge today (Monday 29th October). I haven’t been working out for like a month now (maybe only two days in last month), and that is a huge difference because I used to workout every single day!! I can feel a lot of my strength is GONE and I have to regain it again… I need to, I have to work for it :))) I only did 14 regular proper pushups in today’s base test. I hope I will get better soon, I love doing your workouts, they make me feel bad ass :))) Thanks!

    • Hey girlie 🙂

      So happy you are working out with us!!! Don’t think too much about the lost strength, you will gain it all back in a very short time, and it’s good that you took a little break, it’s good for the body and the mind.

      With the program, get ready cause the 3rd or 4th day is usually the hardest, but once you overcome that, it just gets easier.

      • Yay, thank you so much :))) I did my day2 just now.
        Just one question about going to failure – am I suppose to do pushups in a row without any break until I can’t go anymore (even if that is just 10 pushups for example), or am I suppose to do as many as I can and am allowed to stop for example for 5 seconds (10pushups, 5 sec. break, 5 pushups, 5 sec. break, 4 pushups, 7 sec. break for example) till I can’t go anymore?

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  • Marianne Rose

    Hi Tatiana,

    I need to share my excitement with sbd. Last monday I could do only 5 regular push ups and 8 on my knees. But, today, a week after I did 22 and a half :p regular push ups and 5 on my knees.
    I cannot believe that I actually did more than 10 of them let alone 22 and a half. :))))
    I always had really weak arms and it took me over 5 months to do 5 regular ones, but with your program, I mean, 20+
    Sooo, thank you very much for this and keep up the good work you are doing with your site.

    Hugs from Croatia

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    an interesting discussion about variations in push ups. Applying variations
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  • Guest

    Hello, Tatiana!
    I really suck at push-ups. Recently I’ve started working out with your routines only and there’s so much progress with my strength, especially as to upper body – my arms are much stronger now. But not enought to do full push-ups though, unless I do those from my knees.
    Today is Monday, I had my lower body workout so I still have time to start this program. I’d love that A LOT, but I have two questions I’m super concerned about:
    1) why is any upper body workout not allowed during this program? can’t I do both within a week? or can I at least replace the workout with HIIT + cardio?
    2) if for a week I drop my upper body workouts, won’t my upper body muscles somewhat be lost and/or neglected too much because there are no exercises other than push-ups?