Star Power Training Workout

Nov 16, 2012 by

Lower Body Workout


Hello my sweets!

I hope you are ready for another awesome lower body workout! In this routine I was using just dumbbells, and a lot less weight than my usual sandbag weight, but I was using a lot more repetitions. This workout was very steady, no breaks and it was just flowing, it is one of those sneaky routines that will won’t feel too intense but you will get quite sore few hours later.

Guys, I want to tell you one more time and I know that I always repeat my self over and over, but I just want to tell all of you a huge thanks for being part of my life, part of Loving Fit and huge thanks you for your support, comment and love that you send me every day!


Star Power Training Workout



Workout Explanation


If you are new to Loving Fit, I suggest to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post, there I went over how I put together workout routines for different fitness levels.

Make sure you do a really good warm-up, since right now is winter time, I suggest your warm-up to be just a bit longer than usual, that way you will have all of your muscles nice and ready to train, while preventing injuries.

Always remember to watch your form, because proper exercise form is more important than anything and that is what will give you the results you want! Time is alway secondary.

All I was using in this routine was my 20 lbs dumbbells ( 10 lbs each ) and my Gymboss timer.

Set your timer as a stopwatch. Complete 2-3 rounds of the following. I completed 2 because remember there is still a Bum and Thighs Of Steel Challenge we have to do, but if you feel like you can do an extra round do so.


  • Weighted Split Squat Right Leg – 20 reps
  • Bodyweight Side Lunge Flow Right Leg – 25 reps
  • Weighted Split Squat Left Leg – 20 reps
  • Bodyweight Side Lunge Flow Left Leg – 25 reps
  • Weighted Jump Lunge Combo – 30 reps
  • Drive Squat – 30 reps


My time for this workout was 24 minutes 6 seconds.


Have Fun Training!

Hugs and much Love,


Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • Tatianna

    First!!!! Ha Ha Ha GL :) Tee Where are you guys? :P

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      NOW they show…lol….beat me by a minute…but you know when it goes live ;)

      • Tatianna

        I posted it on Facebook first to give you a head start :), then I waited 2 min :)

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          2 minutes…lol……if I was sitting here maybe…night

    • tee_w

      I had to go back to work, last I checked it said you were editing! Oh well, do have to work for a living can’t sit on the computer all night! Lol

      • Lvette_1

        Are you on permanent night shift?

        • tee_w

          I work afternoon shift. 2:30 – 10:30 pm

          • Lvette_1

            More bearable than night shift. You get to be human and do stuff during the day.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    woo hoooooooo……FIRST………………….LOL…will look in the am Tati, I promise <3

    • Tatianna

      He he he I got you this time! :)

  • Yolandi Van Der Vyver

    Wow! Looks so hard!! Cannot wait to try this one, I am still recovering from a broken toe, so no lunges and squats as yet :(. But I am doing it mentally! Does that count? Haha. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Tatianna

      Sure :), it will be your mental workout! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Lindsey Shepard

    That picture is super cool :)

    • Tatianna

      Thank you :)

    • Hendrickx Denise

      Yes it is supernice athletic body in action !

    • SuSu

      Totally agree. Very nice. Love the definition in her arms and the muscle in the back. Very very cool picture.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    no fair…the comments aren’t even showing yet….LOL…did have a peek…might do it in the am along with some glute training…sleep tight darling

    • Tatianna

      It’s all Disqus, they have been slowing some comments lately.

  • taltul73

    hey Tati. thank you for another great workout. this first exercise was hard.. did not look like that in the start… i have to say… i love the way you workout.. your form…not rushing throughout the movement…this why your site its keep growing and more people finding you… you are the only one on the net that its so amazingly professional and keeping to your truth…
    much love

    • Tatianna

      Tali thank you so much,

      You have been with me for a long time now, practically from the beginning, and I want to thank you for your support :)


  • Nelly

    Another fantastic workout Tatianna, I feel amazing after it :))

    • Tatianna

      That makes me very happy!

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    in and done….started with one round of the superman leg lift thingys…25 per leg…not doing the plie squats though, for some reason it makes my right knee (the bad one ) really hurt under the knee cap…weird.

    did the routine just like you did with 2 x 10 lb weights, it took me 19:22

    then I did some glute training

    2 sets of 20 x-band walks
    3 sets of 8 squats w/ 90 lbs
    3 sets of 6 deadlifts w/ 110 lbs
    3 sets of 15 glute bridges w/ 110 lbs

    have a super Friday

    • Tatianna

      Thanks darling :)

      Have a wonderful Friday as well!

    • Lvette_1

      I like your glute routine:)

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        still tweaking it…will take a while to get it down right

  • Tatianna

    I am very glad you love them :)

  • shelley

    i love your workouts and I hate to be demanding of a free site but you haven’t done a full body in such a long time, could that be possible to incorporate some full body workouts again? thank you and you are amazing!!

    • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

      There are a ton in the archives! I haven’t tackled them myself, but I want to try more. :)

      • shelley

        oh yes i know. I’ve done about 90 % of all the workouts ha.. i mix and match and create my own, i just wanted something new since it has been awhile

        • Lvette_1

          Well done Shelly, I wish I was in your position of almost completing the old routines. I’m trying to work my way through them, I’ve only done 50% of the routines.

  • Lvette_1

    It looks like a good one to come back after my crazy two days.

  • Dumanska Olena

    is it true that the quality of video is less better? ??? ????? ??????? ??? ? ????? ?????????????? ???????? ???????????

    • Tatianna

      Eto problemi s youtube, ya zametila eto na mnogih video na poslednej nedeli, oni pomenyali kakieto nastrojki, ya nadeus chto v skorom vremeni vse vernetsya na svoi mesta.

      You can also switch it to HD setting then the quality get’s much better.

  • Lvette_1

    Done!! Warm up: 10mins; Good Posture Challenge: 3mins

    I did 3 rounds in 37:23 using 8lb dumbbells.

    Day 2 of Week 2 Bum & Thigh Challenge
    Cool down & Stretching 10 minutes.

    • Tatianna

      I need to get back to good posture challenge too, I always notice when I do it regularly my posture gets so straight, if I stop doing it I start seeing the hump on my back.

  • steffi_dk

    Next time I´ll take you more serious, when you say “Don´t bring your pillow”!!

    • Tatianna

      Ha Ha Ha, yep I mean it!

      • steffi_dk

        Yes, I can feel that:D

  • KaviinKrumlov

    This took about 29 minutes. My phone died so I had to go by the time on my monitor. The good news is that I didn’t die! This was my first Tati workout in a long time. Everytime I’ve worked out hard I develop mild mastitis. Perhaps TMI but I wanted to share in case any other nursing moms have experienced a similar reaction. Anyways! My older daughter was awesome. She came in near the end of the second round – I only did two. After round one which I did in 13 + minutes I stretched for a while as well which is included in my time. She counted my reps for me and said – you almost done Mama! You can do it! That’s motivation!

    • Tatianna

      That is so adorable!

    • tee_w

      hi kavlin, I remember those days, your body won’t like too much stress, so depending on what other stresses you have, working, lack of sleep, not enough food or drink etc. hard workouts might be too much. its OK to take it down a notch! your older daughter is sweet!

      • KaviinKrumlov

        hi tee_w. thanks for the advice. you know, i think you’re right. this workout didn’t trigger any symptoms but a month ago when i was having lots of trouble it was a super stressful time. since then i have also been making an effort to stay hydrated. and you’re also right about working out at this level. i have to pay attention to the signs of strain. thanks for the reminder that’s it’s okay to do less. there’s so much pressure to get back in shape after a baby. she’s just 9 months. she’s crawling and pulling up and is busy busy busy and by the time i get to a workout at the end of the day i’m pretty tired. i need to pace myself. i’ve lost most of my baby weight but it’s hard not to fall into the trap. working out is kind of my only me time right now but i have to find a balance. thank you so much for your kind, wise words! best, kavita – and thank you! she is a sweetie.

  • Naomi

    Feeling tired today… After my warm-up I did two rounds of Star Power using 5+5 kg dumbbells. Does anyone else have slippery hands? I have to stop all the time to wipe my hands because all my sweat seems to pool up in my hands (gross) making the dumbbells slip. Anyway – lots of wiping included – I did 2 rounds in 27:11. Then I did the Booty&Thigh Challenge just to keep going – my calves are shaking so bad during the plie pulses, but I feel the pain mainly in my lower quads – am I doing it right?

    • jt

      have you tried using fitness gloves? they might be useful for you :)

  • Mary Lou

    2 rounds in 29:37 with 2 – 10lbers followed by wk 2 day 1 of Bum & Thighs of Steel. YOWZA!

  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Aaaahhhh….this felt goooood! I like workouts like this, with low weight and high reps. It also brings in a nice cardio element. It also was nice because with all my stupid ankle and knee problems, this workout didn’t have any issues for me. It brought a nice burn, in the bum especially.

    I didn’t know if I’d do 2 or 3 rounds, but I am lonely at home alone tonight, so I tend to stretch my workouts out when that’s the case. I finished 2 pretty fast, and it was good, but I decided to do a third and thus forego doing 10 min of cardio like I had planned. I did one round in 9:36, two in 20:49 and three in 32:29.

    I wanted a tad bit of cardio after, but not a lot, so I did 12 rounds of 10sec & 10sec and did jump lunges and mountain climbers. It adds up to 4 minutes, and it’s a nice little cardio booster.

    I warmed up with Evil Abs, as I like to once a week, and I’ll do the B&T challenge while I watch TV. :)

    Thank you for sharing all this with us, and thank you for always switching up your workouts! I LOVE that you change the kind of workouts, from bodyweight to heavy weights, from one round to 3 or 4 to 10 or so, from interval to circuits to different parts that are a combo of everything. I LOVE exercise, but only when it’s a new adventure each time. When you start thinking about the workout and you know how much more there is to go because you’ve done it a million times, it’s so hard to keep the desire up. And in my experience, drive and excitement about it all provides the best results! :)

    • SuSu

      I also really love the variety in workouts.

    • jt

      yesss I also have trouble with some WOs due to my knees, and was as surprised as you were that this one wasn’t hard on them. My thighs were screaming though! So we could say (I think) that this workout is even GOOD for people with knee problems, as it will sure strengthen thighs (one of the best things one can do with bad knees!).

      • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

        Yes! I agree! And this one is sneaky–I was feeling it the next day, and the next day after that! It definitely did its job and then some. :)

  • Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Wait a second!!! I just realized something…what exercise are you doing in the photo for this workout? I thought that would be part of it, but it doesn’t seem so! :)

    • kate_cz

      That´s what my dog usually does when he wants to play :)
      (let´s pretend that Tati´s right leg is a wagging tail ;-.)

  • Tatyana Lavrinenko

    Really great workout to step into a training mode after long illness! It was harder than i thought to complete it after a month break, but I’m so happy my body, my muscles still remember how to work out :) Thank u, Tati! And wish sound health for everybody!

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    This workout went by pretty fast, but when I saw the stopwatch I was amazed! It took me 34 minutes and 26 second to complete it! I used 5 kg weights in each arm, which is not quit so little for me.
    I really loved the second exercise, such nice stretch.

    Thank you Tati, very creative as always :)

  • SuSu

    I just finished this one in 23 min 57 sec. I used 8lb dumbbells and didn’t use them for the jump squat combo. I really enjoyed this workout. I also did the bum and thighs challenge and abs of steel challenge as well. Thank you so much for a great workout!

  • Elena Kozlovsky

    Did this one today. Completed 2 rounds. I really enjoyed the switch to lower weights with more repetitions. It adds that little kick of cardio to it. Finished with the round booty and thighs challenges and some abs work. I know I will hurt tomorrow. Thank you, Tatianna!

  • Lili Suke

    I loved this workout Tati. As you said, you will feel the burn later! and today I am thinking of you each step I make and sit down :) because it hurts everywhere :)) Thank you tati for another amazing, challenging and much fun workout!

  • Christian

    First of all, love that pic.
    I did this cool WO, this morning and loved it esp the second exercise!
    Thanks for making WO so much fun & enjoyable!
    Have a wonderful day dear!

  • Lili Suke

    Hi Abbie

    Nice meeting you :)) I still feel my legs and it is already Wednesday :)) I also liked the workout, because it didnt feel so hard at the time, but after …ouh boy :))

    I was also a former Bodyrocker…or lets say Zwarrior :) I left the bodyrock team after Zuzana left as well. I still do her workouts as my cardio a few times a week, when I still have some energy after Tati’s workouts :) I also love Tatianna’s professionally set up workouts and all the details she is explaining. I’ve learned a lot about good posture and proper exercising from her:) Good luck to you too :))

    • Abbie

      Nice meeting you, Lili :) Me too, still sore second day after.

      Sounds like we took the same path. I still do ZWOW’s now and then. But had started to plateau after a year and a half and needed something more…with Tatianna I busted right through that plateau. So happy.

      I think I’d figured out proper form, more or less, before coming here. But slowing down and really paying attention to the movements just feels right. Like everything “clicked”. Viva la Tati! haha

      • Lili Suke

        :) its funny, because with me is the exact same thing :)) it’s nice meeting people, who are doing the same thing, because around me there is noone else :))
        btw I see that you are a designer? how interesting! :))

  • Tatianna

    Hi Kenz :)

    Welcome to Loving Fit! Glad you have you here)))

  • jt

    boy oh boy..! I could only do 1 round of this one!! My thighs were shrieking!!! Today I have sore muscles as anticipated :)))
    This is one of those great workouts for lower body to do from time to time and check your progression. I loved doing it!! Thanks Tati <3 <3 <3

    • jt

      oh and the last exercise… SO DECEIVING!! I found that one to be tiresome!!

    • jt

      I had done some beginner variations the first time, but yesterday I did it again, “full version” and could complete 1 round too, but today my inner thighs are sooooore too :) Next time I hope I’ll be able to complete 2 rounds. I did 500 skipping afterwards, was beaaaaat! kisses Tati!

  • Isidora

    This workout was evil! much more cardio than i expected/wanted! Plus i forgot to breath correctly so my right shoulder and upper right abs started hurting (that pain you get when u jog and dont breath correctly) I used a pair of 6kg dumbells (3kg each). And i did it in kinda supersets, i thought i would die….. :D

    before starting:
    Ab mini workout (9:45 min)
    60 bridges

    1# 3 rounds
    weighted split squat R: 20
    Bodyweight side lunge flow R: 25
    Weighted split squat L: 20
    Bodyweight side lunge flow L: 25
    time: 23:22 min

    2# I was gonna do 3 but ended up doing 2.
    Weighted jump lunge combo – 30
    Drive squat – 30
    time: 10:38 min

    cool down: 3 rounds
    15 one leg elevated bridges with 10 sec hold on last rep
    30 sec tight booty lift

    then: 50 shoulder width calve raises and 50 parallel calve raises.

    omg…. thanks for the killer workout!

  • Evaleen

    My time was 29:15, but during the 2nd round I did just half of the split squats with weight (two 10lb DB’s), and none at all for the jump lunge combo (did only 10 weighted reps in the 1st round for that as well). I spent about 10-12 min for leg lifts and planks before the workout, so that tired me a bit… plus my glutes were already sore lol.

    And about the Side Lunge Flow, the part where I swing my hands up, lift my leg and squeeze the glute, kept causing lower back strain on that side… anyone else got that??

  • Estefania Puigdemont

    OMG!!!!!! I don’t know how I’ve been able to complete 2 rounds, my legs
    are shaking and my butt is burning, I was about to quit after the first
    round but I made the second with bodyweight only, oh my…BRUTAL. Thanks God I had a super breakfast :D Tati, you are a genious! BTW took me 43 minutes lol

  • KirryKaatje

    I’ve just finished this one. Pffft… so much tougher than it looks! I did two rounds and forgot my time, since I got a phonecall in between that stopped my stopwatch. ^^
    I finished the routine with 30 weighted calves raises, 30 crowns and 50 cook lifts.

  • oberlee

    Did this tonight again–really great workout. It’s actually very challenging. It’s very dense. All the exercises use the legs and butt especially, and consistently throughout the whole thing. And I enjoy just doing 3 rounds and skipping cardio. I also did a pre-bonus which was part 1 from Sunshine Pop. It was calling to me. :) So I started with that and then did this with 2x10lb dumbbells like you and I finished in 33:10. I have a photoshoot tomorrow for new headshots, so I wanted to get a good workout in tonight so I feel good tomorrow. :)

  • Alejandra Nader

    OMG!!! Freaking brutal! I did 3 rounds not for speen, proper form… 31:24 so hard but feels soo good at the end. Love this one!
    Then I did 10 min moderate cardio, jump rope 10/25 18 rounds
    Now up to work, study and go through the day feeling incredible!
    Thank you Tati sooo much for your amazing blog, life and workouts!

  • Lv Girlie

    My legs were jelly at the end of this…my second try at this routine…still one of my top 20.
    Warm up; Basic warm routine , followed with 120 reps weighted bridges using 20Ibs sandbag.
    The three round took me 34:35. I was hoping for a better time, but I’ll take this for sure.
    I then set my time for 16 rounds 15 secs/20 secs interval alternating between Isometric Bridge and Sandbag Swing with 20lbs.
    Finisher was a 10 minutes light jog, then walk for 4 minutes to cool down. Stretching was 10 minutes.

  • Cassidy Croskey

    Like-…the hardest LovingFit workout I’ve ever done. Those jump lunge combos KILLED ME. x___x
    My time was 32:28…I can’t fathom finishing that in 24 minutes. Tati, you’re amazing.

    • Cassidy Croskey

      Oh! And that was three rounds. :)