Sharper Abs In A Month Challenge

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Hello My Lovies,

This is our first and official Ab Challenge! Not sure if any of you guys noticed, but if you go to Exercises & Workouts and scroll we now have “ Challenges ” section. All of the exercise challenges will be posted there. I am very hyped up about this challenge because I’ve been a bit lazy with my abs lately and it’s time to pick it back up!

Many years ago, I didn’t have abs at all. When I started training for aerial silks my husband made me do this challenge to gain strength in my core, and in a month I got abs, it’s pretty powerful stuff ;).

This challenge is going to last 1 month, you can extend it for longer if you like, but to see a great improvement, a month is what it will take.

All you will kneed for this challenge is a Pull-Up bar, a medicine ball ( but your don’t really have to use a medicine ball, you can just do a different plank variation, but it has to be difficult enough for your fitness level) and a chair or an elevated surface of your chose.

You can also use your Lebert or a dip station, but make sure you lift your legs all they way up as high as you can.


The Challenge



We will be doing this challenge 3 times a week, it shouldn’t take you more than 7-10 minutes to do. You will be adding this after your regular training. During this challenge you can skip on planks before and after your workout, because this challenge already includes planks.



Plank Variation – 1 min ( you can do the one I showed in the video, or you can pick a different variation, from the ” Plank Variations Video ” below.

  • Slow Leg Lifts ( try to keep your lets as straight as possible ) – 10 reps
  • 10-15 second hold on the 10th rep
  • Slow Side To Side Leg Lifts – 10 reps
  • 10-15 second hold on the 10th rep
  • Take a break if you need to but no more than 1 minute, and repeat the whole thing 2 more times.


To Kick it up a notch: Hold your legs for 5 sec on the way down every rep.



There will also be 3 rounds but you will use variations that I showed in the video, like this:

  • Elbow Plank – 30 sec
  • Regular Knee Raises – 10 reps
  • On the 10th rep hold your knees up as long as you can
  • Side To Side Knee Raises – 10 reps
  • On the 10th rep hold your knees up as long as you can.

Plank Variations Video



Have fun with this challenge Darlings, I know I will!!!



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  • Hi Tati

    This looks like so much fun, Thanks for putting together another great challenge ! I have the 6 pack already as you can probably see in my profile pic but usually I neglect strengthening my “lower abs” as I fatigue fast, lose form and my hip flexors come into the movement too much. This one will really test my core strength over the next month 😉

    • Hey girlie,

      I’m just like you, I’ve been neglecting my lower abs a bit, and it’s time I sharpen them up

  • Kostennikova Tatyana

    ??????, ???????, ??? ?????????? ??????? ?????? ???? ?????????? – ??? ??????????? ????? ???????, ? ??? ???????. ?????? ???? ?????? ??? ?????????? ????? ????????? ))) ??????, ? ????? ???? ???????? ?????? ? ????, ? ????? ???? 15-18 ????? ???? ? ???? ???? ??????? ??? ??? – ???? ?? ???????? ???????? ?? ????, ??? ? ?????.

    • Sdravstvujte, konecho mogno :). Obyazatelno delajte komplex do bega.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    will be on it once I get back from holidays !!!!! one more sleep !!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so EXCITED Been three years since i saw my brother and his family !!!!

    • I am also exited for you to see your brother, It’s so nice to see family and catch up. I really miss my grandma

  • Diana

    Challenge accepted!:D (right after vacation… lol)

  • Katerina

    I still don’t have a pull-up bar and I improvise. I plan to take the next week off, I definitely need it, so I’ll start improving my abs right after. I plan to do planks, like you suggest in the video. I want to do this the right way, and by improvising instead of using a pull-up bar, I just think I’ll waste my energy on not hurting my palms, instead of actually working on my abs.
    I will start with doing 3 minutes of the beginner variations, before and after my workout, and see how strong my abs really are 😉

    • sedindriuke

      i have no pull up bar (yeah i have one but i have stupid doors and decorations around it so i cant put pull up bar on it… yeas i do wanna have nice back but i cant witout pull ups… 🙁 ) so i do my knee raises in the corner of two cupboards :D:D

      • Naomi

        Maybe you could look for something to hang onto outside of your home? While on vacation I did pull-ups everywhere. On playgrounds, from roof ledges, on a ferry, on a bus. Most places have something you can hang onto! I probably look like a human monkey, but at least I have fun being one.

      • As long as you do something, also try just using 2 chairs as a dip bar.

    • Hey Katerina,

      It is definitely possible to improvise, if you don’t have a pull-up bar or a dip bar just use two chairs, place towels on them that way your hands wont’ hurt.

      • Katerina

        I have a home made equalizer, so I was thinking I could do the leg raises on it, but I now they are a lot easier that way. I usually love improvising and making my own equipment, but I just can’t hang that long without slipping or hurting my palms. I use a part of a wall for the pull ups and I can’t pull myself up without a jump or a chair.
        Anyway, I did 3 minute elbow planks before and after my workout today. The first time, I only took 15 seconds of rest in between and the second I just had to give myself 25. My abs are definitely not as strong as I thought, and my arms were shaking as well 🙂
        Thank you for the great video about different plank variations. I’ll keep on doing them until I am stronger and I’ll do the hanging challenge after that.

  • Naomi

    I’m in, I’m in! Exactly what I need. I hate the plank and have neglected doing it, but it looks like fun with the ball. Your strength is amazing, Tati. I can not get my legs that high up without momentum.
    Will it be okay to do this challenge two days in a row (since I do my lower and upper body workouts on consecutive days)?

    • You do 2 lower body workouts 2 days in a row?

  • sus


  • Brandi

    I don’t have the pull-bar either. I do have a dip station, which is similar to the equalizer. Can you let me know how I would modify this? THANKS!! Excited to try this. 🙂

    • Hi Brandi,

      What you would have to do is try to raise your legs a lot high than you normally would for leg lifts on a dip station, your body will look like a really small V position. It should feel quite difficult and you will really feel your lower and upper abs burning.

  • saretta

    Excellent! I’m excited about this challenge, 🙂

    • Glad you are joining as well!

      • saretta

        My arms are killing me from the hanging! I think this is an arm challenge too, for me anyway!

  • I’ll be two weeks behind on this challenge. I’m starting pull-up and pistol challenge on Monday , follow by days off. This will be a good way to ease back into regular WO after rest.

    • Hey girl,

      Thank you so much for your comments on EvilCyber, that guy was just so stubborn with his ideas someone else just needed to step inn. Thanx darling 🙂

      • I think the guy was more interested in an argument than a discussion. Of course, we can push our bodies to its limits almost all the time. For me, the real question is whether that’s the best and healthy thing for the body in the long run.

  • I’m really excited to do this! I can’t do any pull ups, but I should be able to do the leg lifts from the hanging position. I used to hate ab exercises and now I love love LOVE them! I’ll start this tomorrow or Monday. 🙂

    • I’m super exited as well girlie, I will be starting Monday cause tomorrow I know I will need one more day off.

  • You guys are so sweet, thank so much for your kindness girlie, you are always so sweet to me, hugs

  • Jos

    Great Ab Challenge! I will add this to my workout routine 🙂 So elbow plank is pretty much for beginners? In your Plank variation video, all planks are done on guess for intermediate and advance, are we supposed to do the planks on our palm hands instead elbows? I don’t want to put too much pressure on my wrists for now so I think I’ll keep doing the elbow planks but with the variations as you shown 🙂

    • Hey Jos,

      It’s the basic plank for 30 sec for beginner, but if you were to hold it for 1 min or more than it’s gonna be more challenging.

      In the video I showed plank on a ball, just to add another variation. Just as long as it feels difficult enough, you can do which ever plank you like.

  • jt

    Thanks Tati and to your husband too, I’ll be sure doing this sometime next week!! 🙂

    Maybe you could add the “Improve your Push-Ups” article to the Challenges section? 🙂

    I need to get a pull up bar, a month ago or so I hang from the door and my man was mad about it xD

    BTW Tati and girls and guys, are you following the Olympics? 🙂

    • Hey J,

      That is a great Idea, I am going to add the push-ups, one leg squats and the pull-ups to the challenges section.

      My husband is watching the olympics, I only saw gymnastics and swimming:)))

      • jt

        I love Gymnastics too, but have to catch up 🙂 I liked very much Victoria Moors (CAN) on floor, I know nothing about scoring etc but her routine was beautiful, she was one of the most expressive I’ve seen. Then I liked Catalina Ponor (ROM) on that long bar, she was so confident, it looked like she was jumping on the floor! And she’s no spring chicken, eh! (
        I’m saying that in a positive way, such an achievement). And Diana Laura Bulimar (ROM) strikes me as a 8 year old girl, not a 16 one..! When I saw her in the Europeans recently I couldn’t believe that either! She’s soooo small!! 🙂

    • OH darn I just realized I don’t know how to add the push-ups and other programs to the challenges without changing the url, cause it’s in a different section. And I don’t know how to use redirection plug in. Usually I just change the category but here it’s in a completely different section. Do you have an idea how I can change it?

    • Christian

      Yeah i follow the Olympics, my daughter love the Gymnastics. Today we watch the Marathon, it was amazing! After that my hubby went for a 10k run! They really makes you want to run!

      • jt

        Whoa!!! I bet lol!!! I need to catch up, I have watched a decent amount of Gymnastics too, but missed most of the finals…

    • Usually I do, but not this year. I like watching track & field events. So far, the broadcast is very late here for those events.

      • jt

        Yes, I can imagine, I remember China 2008..!! But thanks to the internet you can watch whatever you like anytime 🙂 But it’s like more exciting to watch it live, isn’t it?

  • Christian

    Cool challenge. I’m really excited to do this. I don’t think i can pull my legs all the way up like you but gone try my best. The Slow Side To Side Leg Lifts looks very hard! My goal is after 4 weeks to be able to lift my legs as high as you.

    Have a wonderful Sunday dear!

    • Hey sweetie, I’m getting to your comment a day late. Even if you can’t raise your legs straight, do the best you can, eventually you will work up to it.

  • Jos

    I just did this Challenge today after my workout using my dip station. Boy, I couldn’t lift my legs straight in 90° let alone keeping it up for 10 secs so I just did knee raises – beginner’s version. Side straight leg raises are tough as well so for now I’m just doing side knee raise..hopefully by doing this 3 times a week I should see some progress 🙂 Thank you for creating this challenge, Tati!

    • Hey Jos,

      Do the challenge before the workout, trust me! It will be easier and it will give you a warm up for your core as well.

      • sus

        That is a nice helpful hint.

      • sedindriuke

        oh before workout? Yes Lady then! 🙂

      • marienchenkaefer

        Thats good to know for next time. Combined it today with the Trendsetter and Abs Inferno (loved the Russian Crab!!), main problem was that my arms were like pudding and told me they really dont like to hold me once more ^^ Yet I kept going through the 3 rounds, unfortunately without my station- improvised in the middle of two tables and could hold it for 4-6seconds. Thanks for the great challenge idea! I am gonna follow it for the next month too 🙂 Yet I kept looking and still can’t see where exactly you have been lazy with your abs lately 😉
        Btw ate a piece of cake for you at my fam party this weekend, spoilt for choice..

        • Thank sweetie :), I haven’t had any cake in a few weeks, im totally due for it. But trying to be good cause if I have one piece I become a glotter and want more LOL

      • Jos

        I tried it again this morning as part of my warm up prior my upper body WO and it was a bit better! Straight leg raise hold still hard but I tried my best! 🙂

        • I did it again today and It was very hard, but I am so happy I finished!

  • DiBi

    Oh my god! An abs challenge!!! I looove you for doing it! Great :)!!!
    P.s I used to be “Bibi”, but finally, Disqus allowed me to change my password and use my old account again 😉

    • Dibi aka Bibi – love both names 🙂

  • Naomi

    Anyway, I did day 1 of this challenge today after the Tip Top Booty workout! Man, I am definitely needing some core work! I am beginning to see why I don’t have those killer abs that I want. The medicine ball plank killed me, and I felt like my dinner was coming up during those leg lifts that barely came up to 90 degrees and decreasing… Had to do the side leg lifts on a dip station because the pull-up station is awkwardly shaped (with side bars and a back pad). The last 10-15 sec hold was probably more like 7-8 secs… I think I will try this before the main workout the next time.

  • Courtney

    This is going to hurt, but I’m so excited! My abs have been needing this. I don’t have a pull-up bar, so I’ll be doing this on my Equalizers. I’m hoping to work up to straight legs by the end of my month. Thank you so much for creating these challenges!

    • Hi Courtney,

      Make sure when you are raising your knees up, do so as high as possible almost driving the hips up, that will really get your lower abs.

  • AlishisPhillips

    Tati, this was great! I showed this to my husband and he will add this into his workouts too. I got confused and did this wrong. I added this onto your most recent full body workout, the one with the jump lunges and by the time I got to this challenge, I was brain dead! I completely forgot about the planks, and I just messed up all together on the rep count for the side lifts. Next time, i’ll have myself together.

    • Hey sweetie,

      Do the challenge before the workouts, that’s what I did today. It will also warm up your body quite a bit because of the planks. Cause right at the beginning your are full of energy, if you wait after the workout your juices will be way squeezed by then.

      • AlishisPhillips

        Oh, that’s a good idea. Thank you, I will do that. Have a great day 🙂

  • When you do the raises squeeze your abs.

    • Petra

      Thanks for responding! My upper body is pretty weak. About a week ago, I completed the push up challenge. I’m I better off focusing on the pull up challenge and then coming back to this? My arms are in so much pain. I’d really appreciate if I can get your advice. Spasiba!

  • sus

    I only did 1 round of this since I forgot until you posted a reminder on facebook. I did leg raises on my dip station. I tried on the pull up bar to do the legs to the ceiling thing but my core isn’t strong enough for that yet. I will be doing all 3 rounds after today, but I know it will be challenging. Excited about this challenge!!!

    • Tomorrow is my day 2 of the challenge, I am doing it ever other day :). The first one was rough! I will post it on facebook again 🙂

  • sedindriuke

    I used two chairs and was able to do just knee raises….. impossible to raise legs more higher, but my arms were killing me while hanging on chairs after planks 😀 really 6 minutes of planks… (1 min before exercise, 1 minute after… ? 2 times per round? yes?:))) i added lying leg&butt raises to make sure i killed abs 😀
    need to try today to do knee raises whil hanging on the doors (Zuzana in old Bodyrock used to do it wehn she lived in Malta :D) …
    today i feel geat and will do your ‘Bodyworks and more workout’ (did it in June 1st time) and many planks 🙂

    • Hey darling, why did you do 6 minutes of planks? In the challenge there is only 3 :), but if you like it you can leave it at 6)

      • sedindriuke

        haha now i got it 😀 1 minute just before all leg raises? 😀 i did 1 min plank (legs elevated, hands om the medball ) before leg raises and 1 min after leg raises. then 1 min plank again, leg raises, 1 min plank, then 1 min plank, leg raises, 1 min plank 😀 So that’s why i thought why my arms/shoulders were dead :)) next day i wasn’t sore. Today my day 2 (yesterday just did Bootyworks and more workout (not first time i’m doing it) with 20×5/25 s Low jacks/knee raises) plus 3×15/45s planks. I was like in the swimming pool 😀 as always after your workouts… it is tough, Girl, tough!

        • I am so happy you are enjoying your training with me :). I did the challenge again today, so happy to be done with it. Next time is Friday 🙂

          • sedindriuke

            Oh when I found you I left here (also my friend found your link in the comments in BR page) and I am very happy I found you.
            Today i done proper Challenge, with 3 planks just haha 🙂 Before the Im flexin workout. Thanks for advise to do it before as I would haven’t been able to do afterwards as it was killer for upper body (despite there werent so much sweat). You roolz Girl! 🙂

  • I tried to do this today and petered out before one round was over. But I looked at your comments, and you say to do it BEFORE your workout. My problem is that I did try to do it right after, and I was pretty pooped. I was feeling discouraged about it, but hopefully that will make all the difference, even if by the 3rd round I have to do knee raises.

    • Ohh yes, definitely do it before a workout. The challenge will go pretty fast that way, I can’t even imagine doing this right after, there is not much energy left after the workout.

      • Okay! I did it! It was rough! But I guess that will get easier, right? I timed myself to get an idea of how long it was taking. Each round of the lifts took 2-3-ish min (not including planks). I ended up compromising…I could do the straight legs like you, all the way up, touching the bar. I could do those. Could not do those right after for the side to side ones, so I did them either half up or, in the last round, side to side knee-ups. My holds were barely 10 seconds.

        But here’s the thing–it was REALLY tough on my forearms. that made me stop more than anything. Does that get easier?

        The planks are the easiest part, LOL! You know that means TROUBLE! 🙂

        • It definitely get’s much easier, next week you should be able to do straight legs, but listen to your body of course. Today it was even hard for me, I can’t believe how I use to whip out 20 straight leg lifts in a row and then hold for 20 sec, not it seems like crossing a huge mountain, I really want to get back to that ” Aerial ” level that I use to have.

          • Ooohhh goodie. Can’t wait until this is a little easier. My lower abs are sore today which feels pretty amazing, I must say! Makes me wish the ultra-low-rise jeans a la Britney glory days were still in fashion.

            I think tomorrow I might have to split this up differently from my workout and do this in the morning. It’s pretty taxing. Then I can do my workout in the afternoon without fear of going too late. Or of pooping out! 🙂

          • Ha Ha Ha, you’re so funny :), you can bring those jeans back in fashion!

  • Mary Lou

    Fantastic! It took me 11 mins after a pretty intense 24r 10/50 interval workout. I can hold the feet elevated straight arm plank for 1 min, the leg lifts were only ‘L’s’ and the side to sides were basically knee ups but the holds on the end were about 12 secs. Love it!

    • My comments keep getting lost, I keep posting a reply then my comment is gone 🙁

      • Mary Lou

        No worries! I just did it again today after still feeling it from the first time. I wish I had read your comments first, because I did it after my workout as well. On Saturday, I will do it before the workout. This could be called Sharper Abs in a Week…

  • midimidi

    i am going to try to do these three times this week starting today. I love your challenges because they seem to really work.

    • This is a really cool challenged Midi, your abs will start looking darn awesome in a month! And the most important thing of all is that you are gonna get pretty strong with those leg lifts.

  • AlishisPhillips

    On the side to side leg lifts, are the 10 reps made of up 10 left 10 right for a total 20? Or is it 5 left and 5 right for a total of 10? Does this question make sense? Sorry, I have to have everything spelled out for me or else I get all confused 🙂

    • Ohh no, it’s 10 all together. Even I can’t do 20, that would be way too much at least for us, right now, by the end of this challenge we will probably easily knock out 20 but for now it’s only 10.

  • Elena Kozlovsky

    So I started this one…….. I now know for sure that I will have abs after this one. It burns so good.

    • I’ve already done it twice this week 🙂

  • lmnop1090

    I started this today too; I’m excited! I did it before my regular workout which today was zwow 29. Is it important to do it after the regular workout like it says in the explanation above?

    • You can definitely do it after, but I’ve been doing it before my workouts and I like it better this way.

  • I have just started this today, I’m doing the knee raises on my dipstation. Hard work!

    • Aoife Brennan

      Go Karen! I’ll let you know how I get on. Can’t wait to see your buff abs 🙂

  • yboog

    I am a week late…but next week it’s on!

  • meebrbey

    the pull up bar hurts my hands so i’ve been wrapping my hands with athletic tape for the pull up bar leg lifts and that helps a lot.

    • I just got some thicker gloves, but it is normal for the pull up bar to hurt the hands a bit, eventually you will develop rougher skin on your hands.

  • marysunny verdi

    hello tatianna thanks for this challenge i will start next on monday. within 2 weeks is going to be my rest week. what should i do with this challenge? should i stop or continue? hugs

    • Hey,

      Definitely if it’s your rest week you should just rest, I recommend you to start this challenge after your rest week.


  • Hi Tatianna, I have been reading your blog for quite some time but this is officially my very first comment. I’m gonna give the abs challenge a try…looks kinda scary but definitely worth trying. Am I too late for the Monday Mingle or should I join in the next one???

    • Hey Vanessa :),

      You can join any Mingle you like, we always go through all of them :). I’d like to give you your official welcome to LovingFit 😉

  • Day 3 today! I don’t plan to post every day, but I did want to say that I have found it incrementally easier each day. Of course, it’s still really hard. Today I switched the leg lifts so that I did the side to side ones first. I was always tiring my abs out and couldn’t even try these by doing them second, so I did that and it was nice to see that I CAN do them, but the second set each round is much more difficult. I try for straight legs going up, but when that fails (pretty soon) I do a knee tuck and then straighten them, and I’ve been controlling on the way down. When I can’t straighten up to the bar, I go as far up as I can. Oh–and all these are hanging down below, not holding myself up.

    So today, while I didn’t count, I know I got much more up to the bar with straight legs or tucked nad then straightened. And I can DEFINITELY feel a difference in the holds–it’s much easier to hold for 10 seconds than it has been.

    Followed with cardio. I haven’t taken a picture yet because today I ate french toast for breakfast…it was yummy, but I want to do it when I feel lighter. 🙂

    • Yam French toast :P, last time I had one was very long ago, but I love them 🙂

  • My first go for this challenge. I did the 1 min plank variation, but did the beginner version for the rest on my dip station. I took a minute break before doing my third round. Afterward, I did Tati’s full body stretching routine.

  • Lindsey Shepard

    Hey Tati, I plan on starting this Monday. I broke my foot Tuesday night (BOO!) but it looks like I can do this challenge with no problems. Do you have any workouts posted you could suggest that could work or at least be modified for one leg? I’m also worried about my leg atrophying from lack of use (I’m not supposed to put weight on it for a month). Thanks lady!

    • Hey Lindsey, I’m sorry about your foot, but don’t worry you can still do upper body and abs. Just pick any workout from the upper body section, I did that when I injured my knee.

  • I now get to do this challenge as it was meant to be done. I’ll count this as my first day for the challenge. I did this as my Ab routine for my advance workout plan after the main part of my workout this morning. Cool down and stretch for 10 mins afterwards.

  • midimidi

    today is my 2nd week at day 2. i do one extra set
    3 rounds
    1. 10 slow leg lifts
    15 second hold
    2. 10 side to side
    15 seconds
    3. 10 slow leg lifts
    15 seconds
    plank 1 minute
    it is definitely helping me a lot with making my abs more cut.
    next week I am going to cut the sets down to 2 sets for three rounds but I will try to do them from the upper bar position. i can do a few of these. I went from not being to lift my legs and hold when I first started working out with you to being able to do it easily!

  • Those holds are brutal!

  • marysunny verdi

    i started yesterday. did the exercises for the beginners. on my pull up bar. that was really tough my abs are crying louder today :-)lol. this is going to be a serious challenge with myself, going to push through my limits. thanks tati. next time ill do it after warm up

  • Jos

    Woohoo today is my last day doing this challenge but I am actually going to keep doing this as part of my warm up.

    Question: If I do this everyday as my warm up, is doing 1 round good enough or I still should keep doing 3 rounds? Thanks!

    • For a warm-up if you are adding other things then 1 round is good.

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  • Skippie22

    So I have been following Rusty Moore’s Ab Blueprint for a little over two months — his moves/recommendations are *very similar* but I’m eager to try yours now for a month to change it up :-). Thanks so much for the tougher variations, because it’s frustrating when you feel like you’re mastering an exercise (or at least, it’s getting a little easier), but you’re not *really* impressed with the results! Rusty states that these moves build *density* to your ab muscles, which make them show up more even if your bodyfat percentage doesn’t get incredibly low…I’m excited to try the format of your routine, and I LOVE the plank suggestions!
    One thing though: Rusty talks at length about how you *NEED* to add bridge/full wheel to the end of this ab routine in order to mitigate back pain. I have found this to be very true for me…when I reach new levels of reps/sets for hanging toe touches/swings (what he calls those moves) but *don’t* do a long enough session of bridge to finish, I will get stiffness or soreness later in the day. When I do at least 3 minutes of wheel (in 1 min. sets!), and even another set later in the day, my back feels great. Just wanted to add this in case others are experiencing any back-related issues.
    I appreciate you so much Tatianna. You’re phenomenal and such a wonderful trainer, and I love the care and attention you give this site and all of us :-). Thank you. ~~~ ???

  • Evaleen

    I’ve finally gotten on board with this challenge, though it really helps to have everyone’s tips at hand before starting. 🙂 I don’t think it’ll change the look of my abs right now, but I greatly need to improve my core strength… so I look forward to progressing. 🙂

    • tee_w

      I will join you but I’m going to do leg raises off floor to start as my ab strength sucks!

      • Evaleen

        Know what you mean, I seem to be a beginner level too. :/

        So what will you sub for the side lifts? I thought of Kyla’s “mermaids” as a good option, if you’ve seen that move… it looks difficult though, not so sure I could do it either.

        • tee_w

          well, when you do leg lifts your hold is at the bottom, so I just thought I would lower off to one side then the other. at least that’s what I did a few weeks ago when I went to start this challenge. I just kept forgetting to do it! I will pencil these into my workout log so I don’t forget!
          I don’t know the mermaids though. might have to check out kyla!

  • tee_w

    Ahhh, I hate having such weak abs! 🙁 I only made it through two sets today of leg raise off floor, I’ve finally got my abs strong enough I can do them without arching my back. I still can’t make a minute plank though, keep trying!

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      hmmmmm…not sure how to help you on this one…like you say, keep trying

      • tee_w

        awww that’s OK just venting my frustration! lol but I can finally do them straight legged all the way down! up until a few months ago it was bent legs and only halfway down before my back would come off the ground. so that’s something!

  • SuSu

    I re-started this one since I never finished it when you originally posted. Excited!

  • omg I just watched the top video and YOU ARE STROOOOOOOOOOONG GIRL!! 😀 I know it is obvious, but I just had to tell 😀

  • Karen O

    I’m using a dipstation and it kills my hands. But, I have done this challenge before and know it gets easier on my hands. Doing 1 minute planks now, in a couple of weeks they will be elevated. I love progress 🙂 x

  • Alora Caldwell

    Hi! I just found your site, and it’s amazing! I’m 15, and I’m turning 16 in 2 1/2 weeks. Long story short, I’m having a party at a water park, and I want to tone my core by then and feel comfortable wearing a two-piece swimsuit that shows my stomach. Do you have any ideas for me to achieve that?? My main problem is that I can’t do planks, my shoulders dislocate easily, but I know many core workouts use planks? I don’t have to have a six pack by then, just more of a tighter core, pretty please??