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Abs Workout


Today I did a circuit workout which wasn’t very explosive as my usual routines. You will absolutely be able to beat my time, because I was not pushing my self as much as I should of, the insane humidity was choking me up.  Seriously, my water bottle got warm after 10 minutes of taking it out of the fridge.  I use to love summer so much, but ever since I moved to FL summer is a dread, makes me miss a cold as hell Russian winter :). In a few weeks it will get much cooler so get your self ready ;), because I will start making some crazy hard routines, they will also get a bit longer – it’s time to re-focus :).


Sexy Slender Muscle Workout Video



Workout Explanation


This workout is a combination of 5 exercises with the total of 4 rounds. You will need a workout mat and a chair. The reason I turned the chair towards the wall, is because the difference in the grip.
Set your timer Gymboss Max as a stopwatch, you will do this workout for time. Don’t rush, pay attention to your form ( I wasn’t doing that very well in this workout ).



  • 1. Two Jump Squats & 2 knee raises ( this counts as one rep ) – 10 reps

Notes: When you raise each knee, use your abs. On the standing leg, squeeze your glutes.

  • 2. Touch Down Lunge & Kick Up – 15 reps on each leg

Notes: On the touch down try to keep your back straight ( It’s a bit tough, so do your best ).
When this exercise is followed by the jump squats, it will absolutely burn up your glutes and legs.
On the kick up squeeze the glutes of the standing leg.

  • 3. Bear Push-ups – 15 reps
Notes:  If you are a beginner, do just a regular pus-up off your knees.
  • 4. Reversed Chair Dips – 15 reps
Notes:  Don’t rush with this exercise too much, focus on the triceps.
  • 5. Side Jack Knives – 10 reps each side

Notes: If you are a beginner you can bend your legs in this exercise. This will make much easier to do.

If you are a complete beginner you can decrease the reps for this workout in half. Don’t rush and do it at your own pace.


My Time for this workout was 26 minutes and 47 seconds.


PS – If you are having a hard time viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.



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  • Vivi

    I am in a big hurry today, so I pushed through this workout as fast as is possible while trying to ensure proper form. I have trouble keeping balance on my right leg, so I wobbled on most of the touch down lunge and kicks for the right side and some of the kick ups were not as I high as I usually strive for and accomplish when I slow down (grimaces in embarrassment). During the side jack knives in the last round I was distracted by the ringing phone and ended up doing 15 reps for one side and to make things even I did 15 reps for the other side as well. I completed this workout in 20:10.

    Thank you Tati!! I hope you have a marvelous day! xoxo

    • Thank you for sharing sweetie :), I hope you were a good girl and kept a good form 🙂

  • isalia_c

    I did a variation on this one yesterday. I added 30 seconds of either high knees or jumping jacks after every exercise and used my sliders to do plank angels instead of the jack knives. Came in at 3 rounds in just over 30 mins – was wiped out at the end and didn’t need to do any extra cardio – really enjoyed it – thank you for sharing!

  • Six more routine left for me to do from the full body line up…whoot!
    Warm up: LovingFit Basic Warm up Routine. 5 mins Dynamic stretches
    Total time to complete routine: 27:34
    Cardio: Real time Cardio #1
    Cool down & Stretching: 10mins